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Turkesterone UK Review [2023]: Turkesterone Steroid Side effects, Benefits, Before And After Results

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Turkesterone UK Review [2023]: Turkesterone Steroid Side effects, Benefits, Before And After Results

Turkesterone is a form of ecdysteroid which is a hormone found in many insect and plant species. The role of Turkesterone is to regulate reproduction and to release chemicals that allow them to repel predators.

Turkesterone UK
Turkesterone UK

Speaking of bodybuilding recipes UK, we found out Turkesterone is another widely acknowledged and used compound by the UK bodybuilders. Today we are going to explain what Turkesterone actually is and how can you buy the same compound in UK.  

It all started with the anabolic steroids and Sarms which are the epitome of bodybuilding supplements. WADA along with other bodybuilding federations in the world doesn’t really allow the use of steroids because it equals cheating. The considerable muscle growth in no time provides competitive advantages which cannot be called hardly earned. Turkesterone on the other hand is a completely different formula. Click Here to Buy Turkesterone 

Bodybuilding supplements are used everywhere and there is no shame in that. Not the anabolic steroids but several creatine or BCAA-containing supplements have been allowed in the bodybuilding arena which provides maximum support to the bodybuilders to get the best out of them.  

What is Turkesterone? 

Turkesterone is a form of ecdysteroid which is a hormone found in many insect and plant species. The role of Turkesterone is to regulate reproduction and to release chemicals that allow them to repel predators.  

The main source of Turkesterone is natural which is obtained from the AjugaTurkestanica plant. This plant is cultivated in Central Asian countries, mostly in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. There are other food sources you can obtain Turkesterone from such as yams, quinoa, and spinach but they only have a small number of phytoecdysteroids like Turkesterone.  

This is why most people nowadays use Turkesterone supplements to help them with bodybuilding.  

Turkesterone supplements are not allowed for everyone because they may trigger behavioral changes and changes in blood circulation. Turkesterone use started back when they made insecticides out of it, later on, they discovered Turkesterone is a non-toxic chemical to human which also exist in some foods that mammals consume such as spinach.  

Is Turkesterone a Steroid? 

No, Turkesterone is found naturally in plants therefore it’s not a synthetic compound like anabolic steroids. It wouldn’t revoke you from any competition but you should beware since there are not so many studies available on Turkesterone.  

Turkesterone chemical structure is similar to testosterone but it surely doesn’t work like it. In theories, Turkesterone does not bind to the androgen receptors and it is not made up of testosterone either. Because of this, Turkesterone has no substantial effects on the body’s hormone levels.  

Turkesterone supplement users claim that it works within a week by providing them with improvements in performance and physical strength. The results may vary from person to person, some may take a little bit longer than others. Within a month, Turkesterone affects muscle growth will appear which may be noticeable as we speak. 

Turkesterone UK 

There are a plethora of bodybuilding supplements in UK but the demand for Turkesterone is mildly increasing over time. Turkesterone supplements have managed to appeal to the audience after so many reviews were posted online. Most of the users show them before and after pictures claiming that Turkesterone is behind their vigorous success. Click here to buy UK Turkesterone 

Most of the time, it’s either anabolic steroids or legal steroids which are sold greatly in UK. Unlike steroids and their relatives, legal steroids have no side effects in humans and they are also being sold over the counter. Turkesterone UK is another way to put down the sale of anabolic steroids because most Turkesterone pills for bodybuilding are not harmful and can be purchased over the counter. There is no room for junkies in the Turkesterone supplement domain.  

Does Turkesterone Work? 

Turkesterone indeed initiates a cascade of anabolic pathways which triggers testosterone production in the body. However, due to the lack of androgen binding ability, Turkesterone also minimizes the risk of side effects mainly associated with anabolic steroids.  

Many studies have shown Turkesterone is a helpful compound to balance the nitrogen content in the body which prevents muscle catabolism. Reduced catabolism leads to less muscle breaking during exercise and they generate more ATP content.  

Turkesterone Reddit 

Reddit is the latest platform that acts as a credible platform for information of any kind. Turkesterone compound is discussed on Reddit and the user reviews are mixed, showing both the negative and positive sides of this chemical.  

Another user said on the same thread “After about the first week of taking the Turk, I felt like my workouts were getting a lot better. Longer, more reps in sets. Pretty much felt like the first time taking creatine again. Since I had sort have dropped my calories, I was expecting to lose some strength. Well, I was wrong. About two weeks in, I was down about five pounds but was still lifting heavy. My bench was holding steady and my squat had gone up slightly. I thought this was a placebo at first, but it kept trending this way”. 

Is Turkesterone Legal? 

In UK and US, many companies are running online advertisements on Turkesterone. Over there, dietary supplements with Turkesterone are becoming routinely common among bodybuilders. It is legal to buy or sell Turkesterone supplements but they are not allowed in Olympic sports.  

The fact that it helped Russia win 55 gold medals in 1988 is why Turkesterone is still banned in the Olympics.  

Is Turkesterone Safe? 

Turkesterone is a naturally derived compound and is not synthesized in labs. The phytoecdysterone is a naturally-occurring compound that increases protein synthesis without binding to the androgen receptors. Many reviews have been published over the safety concerns of Turkesterone in which many users claimed they have been using a supplement with Turkesterone in them and they haven’t felt any negative outcomes.  

Long story short, Turkesterone is devoid of an adequate number of clinical studies, despite its lack of investigation many gym goers in UK are currently on Turkesterone supplements.  

Turkesterone Side Effects 

Overall Turkesterone bodybuilding reviews sum up that the compound is safer than anabolic steroids. The lack of side effects makes it even a better choice for people who don’t want to experience the dangerous steroid side effects involving hair loss, libido loss, changes in appetite, systemic side effects that affect the liver and kidneys, and dermatological side effects skin rash or acne.  

Turkesterone supplements have few side effects which can be avoided by taking the supplement in less quantity. The most common side effects related with the Turkesterone compound are: 

  • Nausea 

  • Stomach upset 

  • Digestive issues 

  • Dizziness 

These side effects can also be minimized by taking Turkesterone on an empty stomach and following the right dosage recommendation. 

Turkesterone Before and After 

Turkesterone is a legal performance-enhancing agent which got famous for improving user endurance and long-lasting ability. Some users gained over 15lbs using Turkesterone supplement with protein-containing diet intake and regular workouts. 

Rest of the results you can find after using Turkesterone pills are mentioned below.  

  • Increased Lean Mass 

Turkesterone uniquely enhances muscle growth by stimulating protein synthesis and other metabolic mechanisms that add skeletal mass to your body. The way it is done is by increasing MPS as a result of mRNA translation optimization. This instantly boosts leucine uptake by the muscle cells which in another way bolsters the amount of nitrogen muscles are holding.  

Some studies about Ecdysteroid show that similar compounds like Turkesterone produces muscle mass in the same fashion as anabolic steroids- although with minimal side effects. 

  • Aid Muscle Recovery 

Anything that provides a significant size gain must prepare it for other times too. Muscle recovery is a crucial aspect of bodybuilding and many supplements are already designed to escalate this process.  

Studies revealed Turkesterone related compounds accelerate muscle fiber recovery and affect the levels of glycogen in the body. This quickly eradicates the excessive lactic acid in the muscles which inhibit recovery.  

  • Outstanding Physical Performance 

Another before and after the result of Turkesterone is the significant boost in ATP content in muscles. Synthesis of ATP is crucial for body endurance and strength training sessions. Only anecdotal evidence is available that confirms Turkesterone is beneficial to build strength and stamina.  

Turkesterone UK in Stores near Me 

Wondering where to buy Turkesterone supplements in the UK? There are many options to choose from in the market but as we said, different companies make their products differently so it’s imperative to buy from official sources. NHS hasn’t released any statement about using the Turkesterone supplement because dietary supplements hadn’t been subjected to scrutiny lately.  

In UK, it is 100% legal to buy Turkesterone because it has no health risks associated. Currently, Turkesterone is not listed as a banned substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Click Here to See Turkesterone UK Prices 

It’s not a new thing but Turkesterone supplements have been there for decades but it wasn’t recognized as beneficial for bodybuilding. Bodybuilders never buy any supplements which is doubtful and lacks scientific research, many of them are buying legal alternatives to steroids manufactured by well-known companies.  

Turkesterone Boots Store UK 

Clean Turkesterone supplement cannot be found in Boots because Boots doesn’t sell dietary supplements. Some Turkesterone-containing products are available for sale on UK-based online websites where you can also find the ones with free shipping and money-back guarantee offers.  

The dosage in the best Turkesterone supplement is found to be 500mg/day of ecdysteroids to run the bodybuilding cycle smoothly.  

Turkesterone Walgreens Store UK 

The muscle builder category of Walgreen Store UK has no sign of Turkesterone supplements, but they do have other options. Turkesterone is not found easily everywhere and also because not every store in UK sells them openly.  

Supplements from Crazy Bulk that are named legal steroids are hardly available even though they spent over 10 years in the market. You can still find them over the counter online. 

Turkesterone CVS UK Store 

CVS hasn’t started selling Turkesterone supplements but they are planning to add some dietary supplements. Our guess is they may need a scientifically accurate formula so they can sell without NHS or WADA poking their nose in their regulatory issue. In UK, millions of people buy medicines from CVS stores and not a single one has mentioned if there is any Turkesterone supplement they found.  

Where to Buy Turkesterone Online in UK? 

Using the best Turkesterone supplement is the main goal to go into many searches. Turkesterone is a newly introduced formula for bodybuilders which you can find at many places in UK but it may be strictly available online. Click Here to Buy Legal Turkesterone in UK 

Some physical nutritional stores like GNC don’t have Turkesterone and when they do, the quality assessment makes them less effective than many. Find a reliable company is very much important here since Turkesterone and other supplements are used on daily basis as a part of the bodybuilding cycle. Anything that you ingest should be coming from quality sources.  

Over 8 brands of Turkesterone are spread all over the internet, some of them work while some are left with poor user reviews. It would also be very helpful if you look at the customer reviews on Turkesterone supplements before buying any. 

Turkesterone Studies 

Turkesterone isn’t fully backed by scientific investigations; however, the first experimentation on ecdysteroids began in 1978 by a Russian scientist. He used mice to see the effect of ecdysterone which was provided in vitro to the mice's liver. Positive effects were gathered i.e. protein synthesis and marked recovery but the base was only ecdysteroid and not Turkesterone specifically.  

The human studies on Turkesterone came in 2019 in which they found the main effect of using an ecdysteroid.  

To find this, a group of people was supplemented with ecdysteroids who experienced significant muscle growth. This sums up the notion of why Turkesterone is highly popular for better gains as it may have fewer problems than steroids.  

How to Use Turkesterone? 

Turkesterone supplements are majorly available in powder form which is taken in scoops. The quantity of 500mg Turkesterone is taken early in the morning with water or juice, while some users take it 30 minutes before bodybuilding exercise.  

The exact way to take Turkesterone isn’t verified as different users take turkestrone supplements differently as a part of bulking cycle.  

Turkesterone cycle length should not be more than 10 weeks, after the cycle, a gap of 2 weeks is also recommended. Seeking the best alternative to Turkesterone, there are a bunch of legal supplements for bodybuilding that is similar to steroids with no side effects.  

Summarizing Turkesterone UK 

In 2023, more scientific studies are being conducted to elucidate the accurate mechanism of Turkesterone on human health and bodybuilding. Most of this evidence suggests Turkesterone is a unique type of ecdysteroid that aids muscle growth and it has no danger like steroids.  

Another reason behind this can be the promotional companies who produce and sell their products, this will make them look good because unbiased expert opinion also matters in this regard that should be taken into consideration before buying any supplement containing Turkesterone. Without positive reviews and expert opinions, no one can really judge the efficacy of the supplement. Whether they are reliable or not, the objective is to aid muscle mass synthesis for most bodybuilders.  

This can be done by purchasing legit and 100% safe supplements that are being manufactured in an attempt to provide steroid-like benefits. Legal steroids involve Turkesterone supplements but it’s the least sold one in the UK. 

Turkesterone FAQs 

Q1: Is Turkesterone natural? 

Yes, Turkesterone is a naturally occurring extract from plants, so it is considered natty. It works by optimizing hormonal levels and anabolic pathways, in favor of muscle growth and healthy testosterone production. 

Q2: Can women take Turkesterone? 

Studies have not advised women against taking Turkesterone. Because it does not increase androgens (male sex hormones) such as testosterone, Turkesterone is equally as safe for women as it is for men. 

Q3: What is the difference between Turkesterone and ecdysterone? 

Both Turkesterone and ecdysterone have very similar molecular structures and both ecdysteroids have been shown to have muscle-building benefits. The one key difference between Turkesterone and ecdysterone is that, unlike Turkesterone, ecdysterone’s effects have been investigated in human trials. 

Q4: Is Turkesterone Banned? 

As of October 2022, Turkesterone is not banned. However, it has been suggested by researchers that WADA should include ecdysteroids in the list of prohibited substances and methods in sports due to their significant muscle mass increases. 

Q5: Is Turkesterone a steroid? 

Turkesterone is a phytoecdysteroid, which is a plant steroid. It is important to remember that not all “steroids” are synthetic anabolic steroids. Although Turkesterone has a similar structure to testosterone, there is evidence that shows it doesn’t act the same. Turkesterone does not bind to androgen receptors and is not a synthetic variation of testosterone, so it will not augment hormone levels above the natural realm, and therefore will not cause steroidal side effects. 

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