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Turkesterone Supplement, Side Effects, Benefits & Dosage, Before And After

Essentially, testosterone induces anabolism through boosting the levels of serum androgens, while turkesterone stimulates anabolism through instigating estrogen receptor-beta. The ecdysteroids further enhance protein synthesis and prevent hormones that impede muscle growth like myostatin and cortisol. 

Turkesterone Supplement

What is Turkesterone?
Ecdysteroids are a kind of steroid hormone that comes from insects, plants, and some marine animals. As per medical experts, Turkesterone is a plant extract that is a form of ecdysteroids in nature. While it is comparable to testosterone in properties and molecular structure, it encompasses an incredibly diverse mechanism. 

Turkesterone may have proven its anabolic effects in animals, there is a certain degree of risk involved in human consumption. It is for this reason, fitness enthusiasts can smartly switch to its natural and safer counterpart, D-bal by Crazy Bulk. CLICK HERE TO VIEW D-BAL PRICE 

Essentially, testosterone induces anabolism through boosting the levels of serum androgens, while turkesterone stimulates anabolism through instigating estrogen receptor-beta. The ecdysteroids further enhance protein synthesis and prevent hormones that impede muscle growth like myostatin and cortisol. 

Turkesterone does not connect to androgen receptors or negatively influence the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis like anabolic steroids. Therefore, its tendency to generate side effects is comparatively lower than that of synthetic steroid hormones. This, of course, makes it more promising for fitness enthusiasts keen to gain mass or reach some athletic heights.

Turkesterone studies:
The crux of Turkesterone studies is that it is not some thoroughly-researched phytoecdysteroids in the medical fraternity. However, there is some evidence that substantiates its effects in animals and very few in humans. Therefore, no researcher can say for certain that it actually works to build muscles or strength!
Some Russian researchers carried out examinations on mice in the late 1970s and determined their outcomes on the liver. As per their findings, the hormone could influence physiological health in a rather positive manner. This was, however, the first ever research on its properties, with some narrowly focused studies occurring in the later years. 

Dianabol Vs Turkesterone
A study compared the anabolic activity of various ecdysteroids or Phytoecdysteroids and steranabols in rodent models. The researchers observed the weight gain of male rats at different ages, hormonal states, and groups including castrated and non-castrated. These compounds were evaluated on the basis of their efficacy and weight gain to establish their hypertrophy value. CLICK HERE TO VIEW D-BAL PRICE

From the overall mass gaining effects, ecdysteroids recorded a 7.9, with Dianabol beating it out at 8.2. The only compound that outperformed Dianabol and ecdysteroids was Turkesterone, with an 8.5. 

Bear in mind that the anabolic steroid is a considerably powerful substrate for aromatase that falsely inflates the weight in the form of water weight. Therefore, the weight gain from Dianabol is not always lean gain like with the phytoecdosteroids. 

Ecdysteroids had a potent 27.9 action in impuberal rodents, while Dianabol had a 32.7 action. The most potent, however, was Turkesterone with 33.9, beating Dianabol by a slightly higher margin. 

The third group involved the castrated rodents that have no production of endogenous testosterone. Endogenous testosterone aromatizes into estradiol that has a damaging effect on muscle growth. So, anything that tops this group is significant as Dianabol aromatizes into estrogen and can replace that pathway of growth. 

The results of this group came as expected with ecdysteroids at 18.1, Dianabol standing at 27.8 and Turkesterone at 20.8. Essentially, Turkesterone (20.8) remains the top compound that does not serve as a substrate for aromatase. 



Essentially, Turkesterone does not belong to the category of ecdysterone. However, it shares a comparable chemical structure that gives us a glimpse of its anabolic powers. 

A 2006-based experiment assessed the effects of three anabolic compounds, namely sulfo-polysaccharides, methoxyisoflavone, and ecdysterone, with a placebo.  
It involved 45 weight-trained men who were divided into groups of each respective agent. The result of the experiment was disappointing as the examiners failed to observe any remarkable changes between these groups. 

That is, they observed no major improvements in free or total testosterone. There was no growth of lean mass or any development in the strength department. 
Another 2019-based study took a sample of 46 weight trainers to participate in a 10-week program. The sample was separated into groups, one on a regular strength of ecdysterone and the second on a higher strength. The third group was given a placebo. 

This time, the results transpired in favor of ecdysterone as the two groups showed an impressive level of muscle gain. The group on the higher dosage of ecdysterone showed an added degree of hypertrophy as compared to the regular group. 

This was an indication that ecdysterone, in fact, supported the muscle-building process. However, the study was later regarded as invalid based on some misinterpretations regarding the ecdysterone doses taken by the sample.

Upon the lack of literature, these researchers later declared the effects of Turkesterone as unambiguous in human trials. On the contrary, its effects in animal studies have been rather explicit and convincing. 
Turkesterone Benefits:
    Body recomposition
    Muscle growth
    Fat burning 
    Higher muscular strength 
    Lower stress levels
    Enhance athletic performance


Now, to what degree can Turkesterone benefits build muscle mass or promote fat loss is unclear. But subjectively, it can generate somewhere around 10-12 pounds of fat free muscle gains in an 8-week span. Moreover, you can expect an upgrade in your strength levels in addition to a higher pace of muscle recovery. 

Is Turkesterone natural?
Since Turkesterone is a plant extract, experts categorize it as a natural compound. So, it is not as aggressive as man-made hormones that basically alter the human physiological makeup. 

In fact, it is a high source of flavanoid, tannin, and triterpene that generate medicinal effects in the body. 
However, Turkesterone can generate a series of side effects. And so, there is an avid need for concrete research to substantiate a safe dose and its effects on human. 

Turkesterone Side Effects

Turkesterone does not connect to the androgen receptor and so, we cannot expect any steroid or SARM-induced side effects here. It does not cause hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, or masculinization in females as well. 
Minus the chances of hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity, Turkesterone, however, can lead to the following adverse effects in users:
    Dizziness 
    Confusion
    Upset stomach
    Weakening of memory
    Decline in cognitive function (led by the neuroprotective response of estrogen)

Is Turkesterone a steroid?
Turkesterone comes through plants and is not a product made in labs. It is an ecdysteroid in nature that boosts protein synthesis rather than binding to androgen receptors like anabolic steroids. Considering this, you may wonder, is Turkesterone safe? 

Essentially, the safety revolving around Turkesterone is still a question. Unless some extensive research comes forward, nothing would clear the self-made narratives pertaining to its safety. 


Turkesterone Before and After:
The popularity of Turkesterone as a performance-enhancing drug is escalating the charts these days. Many are resorting to it as a safer alternative to anabolic steroids. However, Turkesterone before and after seems to be a rather mixed response. 
For example, a user packed 9 pounds of muscle mass in an 8-week of Turkesterone cycle. According to him, he started with a 400mg/day dose and later doubled after building tolerance to it. In addition to muscle gains, he lost subcutaneous fat encompassing around the abdomen. This helped him with that puffed up look and dense gains that are not inflated through fluid retention or fat.  
Another user claims that the effects of Turkesterone are quite disappointing as compared to what most people advertise. It is more like some placebo effect with little to no gain in muscle growth or even in strength. 

Turkesterone Reviews:
Yet again, Turkesterone reviews are a mix of positive, negative, and neutral feedback from users that have followed its course. 
Some of these reviews are
‘So I had a really petite build and gaining any kind of weight is one real challenge for me. Even when I observed no difference in my strength, I packed 7lbs of mass through the doses of Turkesterone. At this point, I believe I have hit the plateau as I am no longer noticing any change in whatsoever area of my fitness’. 
Another user says:
‘Turkesterone will please you as far as you do not have any unrealistic expectations from it. It is more like an entry-level PED that may or may not help. If you have tried those real anabolics, this one will not please you much. But if it’s about some reasonable pumps and engorgement, you give it a try.  


One consumer added:
I feel Turkesterone is nothing but a waste of your time and money. At one point, you may feel that it is kicking in but at the next, your body may get immune to it. I even tried adjusting to my doses but nothing actually worked. So I guess its mere claims of this and that!

Turkesterone Dosage:
There are no specifics pertaining to Turkesterone dosage. However, as a concentration of up to 800mg a day of ecdysterone goes easy on the health. We can expect the same in the case of the Turkesterone dose. 
Some users claim that Turkesterone upsets the stomach when taken on an empty stomach. So, it’s better to divide the daily limit and take it with your meals. You can in fact, treat these as your pre and post-workout supplements!

Turkesterone Cycle:
A standard Turkesterone Cycle lasts for 8 to 10 weeks with experts discouraging its use any longer than this period. Besides, as it is a women-friendly ecdysteroid, Turkesterone for women cycle can be 6 weeks. 

Essentially, the compound does not cause virilization in females. Therefore, women can consider reaping its unproven but promising bulking effects to expand size. However, they must not consider higher doses or prolonging the Turkesterone cycle for longer than the set limit.  

Moreover, as it does not influence the HPTA in men, do not worry about your endogenous testosterone going low. But yes, its effects begin to fade after 8-12 weeks period, so you will need to follow some cycle protocols. 

Is Turkesterone worth it?

In our experts’ opinion, Turkesterone has a neutral effect and all the evidence indicating its muscle-building powers is anecdotal. While we wait for extensive exploration of its truest potential, we can consider a rather tried-and-tested option, D-Bal by CrazyBulk. 
D-Bal is a powerful muscle-building tool that creates quite a visible impact on muscularity and physical strength. It is a performance-enhancing drug that apes the muscle-building effects of the powerful steroid, Dianabol, without overwhelming the body. 
What’s interesting to note is that the dietary formula is a safer tool to unleash your real muscle-enlargement potential. It equally works on your strength, allowing you to tap into endless endurance that keeps you bigger! 

What is D-bal? 

D-Bal is a legal and very promising alternative to anabolic steroids that principally aim at muscle hypertrophy. It is a natural mix of constituents like suma root, ashwagandha, tribulus terristris, and MSM that enhance the capacity to produce testosterone and boost protein synthesis for your body to:
    Build muscles
    Gain unbeatable strength
    Recover at a faster rate
    Lower fat levels
    Avoid fluid retention
    Reduce muscle soreness and pain

Overall, this muscle booster by CrazyBulk has a very successful rate as D-Bal review is mostly convincing and in favor. Moreover, it causes no side effects and has quite a strong image in the bodybuilding community. Where Can I Buy Legal Steroids Online?

Turkesterone Vs D-Bal:
The overall Turkesterone side effects and lack of information on Turkesterone dosage make it less of a deal for bodybuilders. At the end of the day, we all seek results, or progress we can proudly flaunt. However, the mixed Turkesterone review as well as research indicates that the ecdysteroids have yet to prove their mettle.

On the contrary, the nutritional fitness-booster D-Bal by CrazyBulk has been facilitating the muscle-building goals of mass gainers and sportsmen for over a decade. This is more of a testimony that highlights the efficacy and potential to survive in this highly-competitive industry this far.

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