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Trenbolone Steroids Alternative – I Tried Legal Tren Steroid For 30 Days! Here's My Trenorol Pills Results

Every steroid gives you several advantages and that’s what captivated me to use one of the king of steroids. Before getting introduced to the bodybuilding steroids, I used to train using creatine and branched-chain amino acids for bodybuilding they weren’t just enough! Click Here to Buy Tren Steroid Online


Trenbolone Steroids Alternative

The majority of fitness geeks know about the very Trenbolone steroid, especially the ones who want to have a bigger physique in a short time frame. Trenbolone is a systemic androgen steroid that is used around the globe but it’s not legal for bodybuilders to purchase or use it. 

Every steroid gives you several advantages and that’s what captivated me to use one of the king of steroids. Before getting introduced to the bodybuilding steroids, I used to train using creatine and branched-chain amino acids for bodybuilding they weren’t just enough! Click Here to Buy Tren Steroid Online

About me


I have been a bodybuilding enthusiast for the past 12 years and I have used both original Trenbolone steroid and legal tren pills. Today, I am going to explain briefly what could be possible if you are on either Trenbolone steroid or legal Tren pills which in this case is the top-rated one. 

Some people see bodybuilding steroids as an artificial gimmick for temporary muscle gains or power which is true but not entirely. Steroids have been used for decades as a treatment for some life-threatening diseases. In fact, recent asthmatic patients are occasionally given Corticosteroids that are used to have anti-inflammatory effects in the lungs. 


It was on me so I chose Trenbolone, one of the famous steroids among Mr. Olympia-level bodybuilders.

Tren Steroids

The types of steroids for bodybuilding have both unsafe and safe steroids for bodybuilding. Steroids are widely used in a number of forms in order to treat countless medical conditions. The main reason behind the use of steroids in bodybuilding is to arouse the testosterone hormone which in men over 30 fluctuates on daily basis. Click Here to See Prices

1.    Trenbolone does its functions by mimicking the natural testosterone hormone which is also found in 2 different types. 
2.    Trenbolone Acetate and Trenbolone Enanthate are the ones that bodybuilders usually consider buying online. 

Trenbolone Acetate

Commonly called Tren A, is the anabolic steroid which has been used throughout the globe for increasing the perforamne of cattle animals. The veterinary use of Trenbolone is highlighted by scientists who discovered different other types of anabolic steroids. Nowadays, Trenbolone is available by many brand names of which Finajet and Finaplix are currently on top. 

It’s true when you’ve decided to use any of these steroids, you ought to investigate on your behalf as well. There are some serious side effects from Tren A which I am going to mention in the later part, the only thing that bugged me is the infertility issue which in the case of Tren pills are way too common. 
Trenbolone Acetate is used to improve physical performance and overall body shape. The steroid is mostly purchased from black market suppliers but you can also buy it online these days. 


Trenbolone Enanthate

Tren E is another injectable type of Trenbolone steroid which is a derivate of the Nandrolone compound. Because of having an “Enanthate” esters and a long chain, Tren E is a long-lasting version of Trenbolone which wasn’t approved for veterinary use. The compound is illegal in any country and sold only under the requirement for scientific investigation. 

My Trenbolone Results

It’s rare to see someone using Trenbolone nowadays, the information I am about to share with you is from around a few years back when I was so much into using steroids – not that I used many but I stuck to Trenbolone for a long-time cycle period. My goal was to make my physique look bigger and more significant, and here is what I found. 


Trenbolone Results in 2 Weeks

Tren steroid put a fight in you unlike anything else and that’s true because I have done almost a 12-week Trenbolone cycle. Nandrolone is the part of the chemical family that triggers dopamine levels which is often associated with lowered blood sugar. 

Some people use the Tren cycle as a part of their bulking regimen while some go for cutting. Usually, the tren effects begin within 21 days but what I noticed were more than just tren gains. 

Right after 14 days/2 weeks with the Trenbolone cycle, I began experiencing a massive amount of strength along with tren cough. That’s right, for those who think using bodybuilding steroids is simple, well it’s not! Although Trenbolone steroid is up for changing your body performance and growth. It’d be a lot easier if tren's cough wouldn’t appear so sooner. 


1 Month Trenbolone Results

The main reason for bodybuilders to use Tren pills is because it allows the deltoid and trapezoid muscles to grow in size significantly. These muscles react to the androgen receptors that are located in high numbers inside them. Because of its massive potency chemical structure-wise, Trenbolone gains would almost look photoshopped. 

With around 8% in body mass growth, I also noticed 6-7% less body fat which gives the body a striated or ripped look. 

Trenbolone Before and After

Trenbolone before and after results basically varies on many things, first of all, you have to make up your mind if you’re up for the bulking cycle, cutting cycle, or strength gain cycle. All these tren cycles will have different dosages that affect muscle growth, fat reduction, and recovery. 


If by the end of 4th week you notice any negative effects from Trenbolone (besides mild tren cough) it’s recommended to discontinue the use. My goal was to have maximum gains, mediocre fat loss with remarkable strength gain. 

With the help of bulking cycle exercises and Trenbolone steroid, you could easily gain 30 pounds within a 4-12 weeks cycle period. The priority is to set the cycle duration straight, some users go for 4 weeks cycle which is only adequate for keeping the side effects minimal. 

If you are up for fat loss with Trenbolone, adding another anabolic agent most favorably Winstrol would be highly beneficial. The reason for that is within only 8 weeks cycle not only you will notice remarkable weight loss but you could also gain lean muscles around 2-3%.


If you summarize Trenbolone before and after in pin-points, here these are:
•    Strength Gain to the Fullest
•    Muscle Gains that Look Unreal
•    Fat loss especially on the Deltoid and Trapezoid muscles

Trenbolone Cycle

Bodybuilding experts suggest the ideal cycle length for Tren pills is 8-12 weeks during which you can pair it with other steroids. Mostly, Dianabol, Anadrol, and Winstrol are the suggested ones, some users also develop testosterone suppression as a side effect of this stacking to which post-cycle therapy is recommended. 

Trenbolone Dosage

From the beginner to the expert, the dosage for tren pills is different. Beginner bodybuilding is a lot different than what professional bodybuilders train for and their practices also involve abusing these steroids. 


For beginner bodybuilders, Trenbolone acetate dosage should be 300mg/wee. The cycle duration here is important to remember which is a maximum of 8 weeks. 
Tren cycle for intermediate bodybuilders has a dosage slightly different. Trenbolone acetate 400mg/week, you can also add testosterone propionate in a dose of 400mg/week which aims to the bulking cycle goals. 

Professional tren cycle dosage is 400-600mg/week with an addition of 200mg/week of testosterone enanthate. 

Trenbolone Side Effects

This is the tough part in which some users may already be thinking to buy legal tren pills instead of Trenbolone steroid. The risks for the Trenbolone cycle is unfortunately real and inescapable. 


•    Gynecomastia

It’s a form of manboobs that usually occurs because of DHT aromatization. Gynecomastia is a major side effect of Trenbolone which affects every 2 in 5 users. 

•    Increased Systemic Fat

Trenbolone users abnormally develop extra body visceral fat but the steroid targets the subcutaneous fat so that’s a no-win situation here. Visceral fat surrounds the organ which can trap if stored in a large capacity. 

•    Mental Disorders

Anxiety, depression, and aggression are the common side effects of Tren pills. You may also notice highlighted mood swings or paranoia right after going through a tren cough. 

•    Testosterone Suppression


Trenbolone may assist with testosterone input inside muscles but in the long-term, it can also shut down the natural production of testosterone hormone. 

•    Acne

Trenbolone has a high androgen profile which is also responsible for increasing the production of sebum under the skin. This is one of the major causes of Acne Vulgaris which leaves the tren cycle users having large zits on their face and back. 

•    Male Pattern Baldness

With pimples, you may also notice baldness which makes it harder. Trenbolone is 5x more androgenic than testosterone which may also disrupt the pathway of DHT and increase its levels. DHT is very harsh for the hair follicles which also triggers receding hair lines and MPB in general. 


•    High Cholesterol Levels and Hypertension

If you are even slightly hypertensive, it may be harmful to use steroids like Trenbolone. Elevation in LDL cholesterol is triggered by Trenbolone which may also put hypertensive patients at higher risk of hypertension. 

How to Get Trenbolone in Stores

Trenbolone is on the banned substance list which is available by prescription only. In many veterinary-related circumstances, they prescribe injections of Trenbolone and Clenbuterol steroids which typically increase the cattle's performance and body mass. If you are thinking to buy it for bodybuilding purposes, I wouldn’t suggest going for the black market. It may sound unreal but they have their laboratories where they make the untested and unverified compounds that do whatnot!


Checking on Trenbolone’s availability in the stores nearby, here is their response. 
1.    Trenbolone GNC – Not Available
2.    Trenbolone Walmart – Not Selling Tren Pills due to the FDA-banned substance list
3.    Trenbolone Amazon – Not Available except for a few 3rd party sellers, I wouldn’t recommend this. 

Where to Buy Trenbolone Online

There are a bunch of websites that could point you to the way from where to buy Tren pills. If you notice any suspicious behavior on their website, never buy any steroid-related items from them. To buy authentic tren pills or Trenbolone injections, it’s imperative to buy them from authentic distributors. Click Here to Buy Tren steroids online


Trenbolone is not over the counter supplement in the US and many other countries so if you choose to buy it that easily you must be mistaken. 

Trenbolone for Sale

Some authentic tren pills vendors sell Trenbolone steroid at a 20% discount but it will still cost you a lot. Anabolic steroids aren’t that cheap and whatever vendor you buy Trenbolone from must have an authentic address to their labs or a 3rd party lab certification. 

Many Trenbolone brands are selling with compelling pitches but they are not designed for bodybuilding purposes. The problem with buying genuine chemicals is you have to tackle the risks that most of us simply can’t and that’s why we choose legal tren pills. 


Legal Tren Pills (Trenorol)

The idea of Trenorol is to supply the same effects without any noticeable tren cough or Trenbolone side effects. Trenorol is the best alternative to Trenbolone and I realized this right after 60 days of its use. 

Before you judge, you could think about all the supplements available for bodybuilding right? And none of them claims to be the alternative to steroids except for

Crazy Bulk and a few others. 
Trenorol enables the building of muscle fiber and helps in weight loss with marked recovery – at least that’s what I noticed from my 60 days cycle. 


Legal Tren Pills Features

Trenorol shares some outstanding features which make it the supplement closest to steroids. 
    Nitrogen Retention in Muscles

This is indeed one of the best effects you could ask for Bulking Cycle. Trenorol maker guarantees you will have more nitrogen retention in every muscle fiber which helps with the recovery process and performance during the workout. 

    Does Not Convert Testosterone into DHT

Trenorol doesn’t cause hair loss or male pattern baldness because it doesn’t allow DHT accumulation in your body. Free body testosterone will rise with greater affinity with other androgen receptors. 

    Increase Red Blood Cells


You can call it a medical effect because this is indeed best for some bodybuilders who lack RBC in their muscles. The job of RBC is to supply oxygen to the muscles which increase strength in general and power during the intensive training sessions. 

What Should You Know About Legal Tren Pills (Trenorol)

    It is made by Crazy Bulk 
    They started making supplements like steroids in 2015
    They use natural ingredients
    Claims to be legal steroids or alternatives to steroids

Trenorol Benefits to Bodybuilding

I have performed the Trenbolone cycle for 12 weeks and I could say Trenorol really does justice to its users. I must say the effects are not exactly as Trenbolone since anabolic steroids are way too unraveling in terms of power and body striation. Trenorol could still keep up with this and these are the benefits it offers. 
    Highlighted muscle gain (up to 5-10%)
    Support blood flow
    Promote muscle gain
    Support mood and mental health
    Normalize blood testosterone levels


Trenbolone vs Legal Tren Pills

Here is what I found with Trenbolone and legal tren pills use. The differences are clear and unbiased based on my personal results. 
    Trenorol is taken orally whereas Trenbolone injections are injected into the muscles.
    Trenbolone has inevitable side effects, unlike Trenorol which has no side effects.
    Anabolic steroids cause cardiovascular defects and impede the blood vessels. Trenorol has no steroid components but natural plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins only. 
    Trenorol and Trenbolone are both fast-acting but Trenbolone works instantaneously sine given through injections. 

Conclusion – My Legal Tren Pills Before and After

Bodybuilding market has tons of supplements and every supplement work differently for users. Trenbolone may be the popular steroid that bodybuilding superstars like The Rock have used in their careers. That’s why you see them having worked out traps and deltoid muscles which almost looks unrealistic.


Having the right supplement by your side is very important to nurture and improve your physique. Trenorol does both and it effectively leads to the Trenbolone mimicking benefits that are fast, close to fabulous, and the moment you will see them you’ll know it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trenorol safe for me?

Trenorol is safe as long as you have no allergies to any of the ingredients used in making it. It also remains safe when used in the correct dosages.

How long does Trenorol take to be effective?

You will ideally start noticing positive changes a few weeks after using it before working out. If you consistently use it as advised, you will be sure to have significant differences after a month.


How does Trenorol improve my body?

Because of Trenorol ingredients, you may have better blood flow, a stronger immune system, more working-out energy, and an overall boost in your health.

Is Trenerol worth my money?

Yes, it is. This is because it is a safer alternative to anabolic steroids like Trenbolone.

Is Trenerol genuinely safe and legal?

Yes, it is. Trenorol is a legal and safe substitute for Trenbolone. Bodybuilders and elite sportspeople have used Trenbolone for years as a proven steroid. However, it is prohibited in most locations and has dangerous adverse effects because it is a steroid.

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