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Top Polyamorous Dating Sites For Safe Polyamorous Relationships

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Top Polyamorous Dating Sites For Safe Polyamorous Relationships

It might be difficult for some to find legit polyamorous dating sites, but our comprehensive guide will enable you to navigate the world of wonderful polygamy dating and find the most compatible matches in 2023.

Top Polyamorous Dating Sites for Safe Polyamorous Relationships
Top Polyamorous Dating Sites for Safe Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamorous dating takes you to an exhilarating world replete with romantic adventures. It helps you openly experiment with diverse romantic and connections with more than one partner in a consensual form of non-monogamy.

To help you get started with this exciting world, we’ve crafted this article to introduce you to the top dating sites in the realm of polygamy for those who are looking for the freedom to love more than one partner at once.

Don’t worry if you’re looking for casual encounters, long-term commitments, or less conventional connections; these sites will take you to a safe place where you can start your journey with peace of mind. You’ll enjoy consensual, ethical, and open love once you find new partners on these best polygamy dating sites.

So, first things first; let’s briefly see the list of sites and then review them one by one in detail.

The Best Polyamorous Dating Sites to Practice Polygamy

  1. AdultFriendFinder: Best Polyamorous Dating Site Overall
  2. AshleyMadison: Best for Discreet and Unconventional Poly Connections
  3. SwapFinder: Best for Adventurous Polyamory and Swinger Experiences
  4. BiCupid: Best for Casual and Long-Term Polyamorous Dating
  5. PolygamyDating: Best for Becoming a Part of a Polygamous Family
  6. SisterWives: Best for Finding or Becoming a Sister Wife

What is a Poly Relationship?

A polyamorous relationship, widely known as poly, is a kind of consensual non-monogamous relationship in which people openly get into romantic connections with more than one partner at the same time. The key difference between these relationships and traditional, normal monogamous relationships is that these relationships follow the idea that people can love and build meaningful connections with more than one person simultaneously.

Communication, honesty, and consent are more than critical in a poly relationship. Partners involved in polyamory must be completely willing to discuss their desires, boundaries, and expectations. This is an extreme level of transparency that will lead to trust and understanding among partners.

A poly relationship can have various forms based on the partners’ desires. Some are hierarchical, meaning that certain relationships are more significant than others. On the other hand, all relationships are considered equal in a non-hierarchical polyamory. Still, everyone involved agrees with the structure of the relationship.

There are some essential terms to understand in this regard:

  1. Primary Partner: Some poly relationships include a primary partner with a central role who is still involved in secondary or tertiary relationships.
  2. Metamours: In a poly relationship, if you’re dating someone who is also dating another person, that other person is your metamour.
  3. Compersion: This is the positive feeling of a partner when they see their partner’s happiness in another relationship, which is different from jealousy.
  4. Polyfidelity: This is a form of polyamory in which a closed group of partners date each other. It’s analogous to monogamy but multiple people are involved.

1. AdultFriendFinder: Best Polyamorous Dating Site Overall

  • Site Score: 4.5
  • Monthly Visits: 47M
  • Works For: Users who are looking for diverse relationship adventures in the realm of polyamory, especially those interested in casual encounters or alternative lifestyles
  • Why Choose It: A suitable choice for polyamorous members due to its mammoth number of users, various ways to express desires, detailed profiles, online journals, and the support for different relationship styles such as swinging experiences

AdultFriendFinder (AFF) is known as one of the largest dating platforms. It supports a broad gamut of relationships, and polyamory relationships are no exception. There are millions of users on AFF, making it an unrivaled hub for those who search for casual encounters or less conventional relationship formats.

AFF distinctively focuses on explicit desires by allowing its members to craft informative profiles and even online journals. Although it might not heavily concentrate on personality compatibility, it powerfully connects members to each other as per their intimate desires.

It should be noted that AFF predominantly works for those who need short-term encounters and hookups. Despite that, there are countless members active on AFF who look for polyamorous dating. It’s certainly a great choice if you’re looking for a long-term, committed polyamorous partner.

Unique Features

  1. See Who’s Broadcasting with Live Action

AFF provides an exhilarating feature that lets you watch members who are online at the moment and openly broadcasting their live adventures. To access the feature and see who’s broadcasting live, you can simply check the homepage.

Alternatively, you can choose Live Action from the menu and go with the Live Broadcasters Webcams. It provides you with an interactive and real-time connection with members who are eager to share their intimate experiences.

  1. Discuss Intimate Desires in Groups and Adult Chatrooms

If you’d like to openly and candidly discuss your desires, AFF provides a vast collection of adult chatrooms/groups. These spaces cover various topics, interests. Therefore, it would be simple to find someone with similar desires to yours.

If you have specific desires, try to build a poly relationship, or simply want to get into new adventures, these chatrooms are amazing for connecting and interacting with other members. Plus, the good news is that you can even create your own group/chatroom if you can’t find one that matches your specific taste.

  1. Read Erotic Stories that Ignite Your Desires

AFF comes with a special section that contains compiled erotic stories written by its own members. These stories range from true events to fictional narratives to provide a diverse pool of content that supports various tastes, including polyamorous dating.

Some stories may even follow a string of previous stories to build a continuous form of events shared by authors within the community. It’s like a unique opportunity for partners in a poly relationship to dive into sensual and imaginative erotic literature.


  • Large and diverse users
  • Easy matchmaking
  • User-friendly website and app
  • Free site exploration before purchasing a paid membership
  • Responsive user community


  • Presence of fake accounts, inactivity, and bots
  • Frequent pop-ups and advertisements
  • Challenges in unsubscribing from premium memberships

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2. AshleyMadison: Best for Discreet and Unconventional Poly Connections

  • Site Score: 4.0
  • Monthly Visits: 7.5M
  • Works For: Individuals or couples who need discreet and less conventional relationships, including those interested in polyamory, with a deep focus on extramarital affairs
  • Why Choose It: A unique mixture of anonymity, millions of users, commitment to discretion, attractions for polyamorous connections, and extensive features

AshleyMadison is a premier online dating platform with a deep focus on supporting those interested in polyamorous relationships and extramarital affairs. It whoppingly houses over 54 million users around the world, including 32 million from the US alone.

What differentiates AshleyMadison from other dating sites is its unconventional approach to dating. Although it’s mainly known as an amazing space for married people and couples who desire extramarital affairs, it's equally accepting to singles who are looking for compatible partners. This makes it even more appealing for the members of the polyamorous community as they can find non-traditional relationship structures with ease.

It’s good to know that AshleyMadison is an absolutely legit platform with a strong reputation backed by positive reviews from numerous members. It offers discretion as the building bone of its service as it lets members preserve complete anonymity and protects their identity perfectly.

Unique Features

  1. Subscribe with Peace of Mind Thanks to Affair Guarantee

AshleyMadison comes with an enormous promise – if you don’t discover a desirable partner within three months after you sign up, you can receive a refund. This is a new level of commitment that reflects how dedicated the AshleyMadison platform is to helping its members, including those who are looking for a poly relationship.

  1. Use the Panic Button to Immediately Jump Out

AshleyMadison offers a useful Panic Button feature that’s a great option for those who care about discretion/privacy. When you click on this button, it immediately redirects you to a generic website.

The Panic Button feature is considered a crucial tool for hiding your use of AshleyMadison from others in your immediate surroundings. This is a maximized level of privacy that’s especially important for those in a polyamorous relationship as they can easily maintain the confidentiality of their affairs.

  1. Create Enticing Adventures with Fantasy Date

In a poly relationship, it’s critical to simplify connections and dig into various fantasies. The AshleyMadison team understands this and delivers the Fantasy Date feature. This feature allows you to invite another member to engage in a virtual date with you.

The thing that makes this feature interesting is that it enables you to choose someone from various themes and locations for your virtual encounter. Those involved in a polyamorous relationship can use this feature to create enticing and imaginative experiences that eventually enrich the depth and diversity of their relationships.


  • An active and diverse community with a focus on discretion
  • Easy to find like-minded partners
  • User-friendly interface and design
  • Options for anonymous profiles and discreet billing
  • Availability of a free mobile app without ads
  • Free registration and profile creation for all users, with free memberships for women


  • Men need to pay for premium membership or purchase credits to respond to messages
  • Confusing credit-based system

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3. SwapFinder: Best for Adventurous Polyamory and Swinger Experiences

  • Site Score: 4.0
  • Monthly Visits: 188K
  • Works For: Those interested in adventurous connections within the realm of polyamory, swingers, those who look for couples looking to add excitement to their relationships, singles who need casual encounters, and those who tend to explore their relationships.
  • Why Choose It: A unique platform for polyamorous relationships with over 40 million users, features like Hot or Not swiping, and user blogs for sharing personal experiences

SwapFinder sets itself apart as an adult dating site that houses those interested in polyamorous relationships and adventurous encounters. Approximately, 40 million users are active on SwapFinder, 6 million of whom are from the US alone. It’s indeed a great platform for members who look for casual fulfilling connections.

Swingers and couples who need to spice up their relationships will find SwapFinder their go-to platform. It also accommodates singles who search for no-strings-attached hookups and people. SwapFinder claims to offer a safe/secure medium where various desires are supported, which makes it an attractive choice for those interested in polyamory too. Although around 70% of SwapFinder’s users are males, it still hosts users with any orientation and background.

Unique Features

  1. Live Webcam Deepens Your Level of Intimacy

One of the features that elevate the adult dating experience on SwapFinder is its Live Webcam. It lets members attend live video chats as an interactive approach to building intimate connections with other users. Those involved in polyamorous relationships can use this feature to deepen their intimacy and take it to the next level.

  1. Use the Swipe-Based Hot or Not to Spot New Partners

SwapFinder has taken its Hot or Not feature inspired by popular swipe-based dating apps. As you can already guess, the feature allows users to immediately decide whether they like another member using simple swiping gestures. Those involved in polyamorous relationships can use this feature to find their additional partners quickly and build up their team based on their desires.

  1. Unique Approaches to Connecting with Blogs and Groups

SwapFinder offers an energetic community where users can share personal stories, adventures, and passions through different blogs. It's like an online journal that everyone can access for reading and commentary.

In addition, there are various groups available on SwapFinder with different themes and topics. These groups connect users who have analogous interests such as a particular passion.


  • Multilingual support, including Japanese, French, Italian, and English
  • An easy-to-navigate, simple, and organized design
  • A highly responsive community with diverse physical affections
  • Effective customer support that promptly resolves issues
  • High match ratio due to the presence of countless users
  • The option for partners to have a joint account for couples


  • Website load times can be slow
  • Messaging feature restricted to premium members
  • Limited payment options for subscriptions

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4. BiCupid: Best for Casual and Long-Term Polyamorous Dating

  • Site Score: 3.5
  • Monthly Visits: 71K
  • Works For: Those who look for casual encounters, hookups, or long-term relationships within the polyamorous community, in addition to bisexual people and others with various physical affections
  • Why Choose It: A top choice for those interested in polyamory and experimentation, mainly focused on bisexuals but supporting a diverse range of relationship options such as casual flings and committed partnerships

BiCupid was originally developed for bisexuals and couples but it’s now converted to a supreme platform for myriad desires such as LGBT adults, polyamorists and so on. It concentrates on liberty and experimentation, hence being a terrific choice to help you be a part of a poly relationship.

Couples can use BiCupid to find partners who are open to new adventures. It also helps singles with specific desires, find new partners who match their desires and interests. One of the major missions of BiCupid is to furnish a judgment-free space that helps members communicate their interests.

BiCupid is home to around half a million members who are largely from the US, with over 50,000 new members entering it each month. On a weekly basis, around 40,000 users are active on BiCupid who are predominantly men of 25 and above.

Unique Features

  1. Present Your Creativity with Bisexual Date Ideas

As the name suggests, this unique feature qualifies bisexuals and polyamorists to present their creativity by submitting their date ideas. This can lead to compelling and unforgettable encounters as the feature brings the LGBT+ community closer and provokes the members in forums to be more energized.

Users who share their dating ideas have a chance to acquire rewards in the form of bonus subscriptions and prizes. This creative feature pushes the users to think outside the box so they can make their polyamorous journey even more stimulating and lively.

  1. Discuss Your Desires Openly in Bisexual Forums

BiCupid endeavors strictly to create a supportive and judgment-free space, and you can notice this in its Bisexual Forums. These forums are where members can present their thoughts openly on a public platform, without being worried about judgment or discrimination.

Polyamorists can commence momentous discussions, share their adventures, and ask for guidance when in forums. These spaces deliver a secure medium where members can unite with similar partners, trade insights about polyamory, and start everlasting connections.

  1. Find Those Who Don’t Match Your Taste with Reverse Matches

Premium members can use the Reverse Matches feature for a more in-depth polyamorous dating experience on BiCupid. The feature generates a list of users who won’t align with your usual preferences based on the facts you provide about your lifestyle, pursuits, appeals, and preferences.

This is the opposite point of the customary matchmaking strategies on dating sites. It allows users to dig through profiles outside of their comfort zones. After all, wonderful connections can sometimes arise from somewhere you could never imagine.


  • Millions of eager users
  • Active forums with a bunch of valuable information
  • The ability to comment on other users' profiles
  • A clean and user-friendly interface
  • Free-to-download mobile apps for convenient access
  • Excellent customer service


  • Free accounts limit messaging capabilities
  • Some users may find the interface too simplistic

Chat with Real LGBT Adults For Casual and Long-Term Polyamorous Dating

5. PolygamyDating: Best for Becoming a Part of a Polygamous Family

  • Site Score: 3.0
  • Monthly Visits: 13K
  • Works For: Those interested in polygamous relationships, whether trying to become part of a polygamous family or connect with those who share this lifestyle
  • Why Choose It: A unique platform dedicated to polygamous relationships, welcoming people of various faith backgrounds and those curious about polygamy, with a safe and discreet environment to meet like-minded people

PolygamyDating is a modern medium for those captivated by polygamous relationships. It fits people from diverse faith traditions and backgrounds as it comprehends the long-standing practice of polygamy in different cultures.

If you wish to uncover long-term fidelity within a polygamous family or merely tend to examine this lifestyle, the PolygamyDating platform is undoubtedly for you. You can browse personals, start exciting chats, and connect with men/women who are open to multiple marriages.

Unique Features

  1. Choose One Among Diverse Flirting Options

It’s so fun and interactive to initiate a conversation and express your interest in PolygamyDating as it offers various flirting options such as Ice Breakers, Humorous, Passionate, and Expressive. Both basic and premium members can send flirts to catch someone's attention and initiate noteworthy conversations.

  1. Member Interaction Analytics at a Glance

It’s important for PolygamyDating to make its members seriously engaged in using it. That’s why it provides members with analytics of their interactions. These profile analytics present how your messages are received so you can refine your approach and maximize the chances of finding compatible matches.

  1. Enrich Your Interactions with Virtual Gifts and Tokens

PolygamyDating delivers virtual gifts and tokens to help you enrich your online interactions. You can send these gifts/tokens to others as a means of expressing your appreciation or interest. This way, you can add higher levels of personalization and fun to your conversations so you can connect with partners more easily.


  • Support for various faith backgrounds
  • Discreet and safe environment for polygamous relationships
  • Diverse flirting options to engage with other members
  • User-friendly features for managing preferences and blocking unwanted interactions


  • Limited information on identity verification
  • Not very suitable for some types of connections other than polygamy relationships

6. SisterWives: Best for Finding or Becoming a Sister Wife

  • Site Score: 3.5
  • Monthly Visits: 30K
  • Works For: Those who look for polyamorous/polygamous relationships, with support for all other orientations such as straight, gay, and lesbian members, and for those who tend to find a sister wife, become one, or connect with the lively polyamory community
  • Why Choose It: Experienced in enabling honest connections within the polygamy/polyamorous communities since 2008, with a dedicated matchmaking system for individuals, couples, and groups seeking polyamorous relationships

SisterWives is a trusted platform in the polygamy and polyamory dating category, which was founded back in 2008. It supports singles/couples with multiple orientations to encourage meaningful connections.

If you’re considering becoming a sister wife or just have a tendency to engage with the polygamy community, SisterWives comes with a welcoming atmosphere for you. It’s equipped with a matchmaking system that has helped countless members discover their ideal polyamorous matches with ease.

Unique Features

  1. Video Chat Brings Hearts Together When You’re Far Apart

SisterWives' user-friendly video chat feature is accessible with a premium membership and enables face-to-face connections. You’ll be able to use the feature for voice and video calls, so you’ll be visually connected to your partner even when you’re far apart. It enriches the quality of your connections and helps you avoid suboptimal matches.

  1. Know More about Others with Their Detailed Profiles

When you’re creating your profile on SisterWives, it guides you to answer the main questions about yourself and your desired partner(s). It’s critical to provide honest responses, even if you’re unsure about some details. That’s why SisterWives’ profiles are detailed and help you dig into various features before you decide to purchase a premium membership.

  1. Fun Ways to Interact and Chat

SisterWives is far more than a typical polygamy dating site as it offers various interactive communication options such as one-on-one messaging, group chats, commenting on photos, and even creating personal blogs. Members can share their adventures so they can find partners with similar interests.  


  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Live chat
  • Established platform with a trusted reputation
  • Report spam profiles


  • Lack of identity verification
  • Limited anonymous payment methods

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Is Polyamorous Relationship Legit? Why?

The short answer is “Yes, polyamorous relationship is undoubtedly legitimate.”

Consensual, ethical, and open love and commitment are the basic rudiments of a poly relationship. Those who are in such relationships have romance and affairs with more than just one partner, which makes it so exciting. Everyone involved vividly knows what they’re doing and has no problem with it.

In general, the factors that prove the legitimacy of a poly relationship are:

  1. Consent and Communication: This is different from cheating. The essence of polyamory is acceptance and open dialogue.
  2. Freedom of Choice: All sides in such a relationship are free to pick their partners and relationship format as per their values and what they like.
  3. Emotional Honesty: Partners will talk about their emotional situation honestly, which will lead to more resounding relationships.
  4. Diverse Relationship Structures: Polyamory appreciates all desires as it welcomes both hierarchical to non-hierarchical structures.
  5. Supportive Community: The prosperous polyamorous community is also a sign of its legitimacy.
  6. Legal Recognition: Although marriage laws mostly favor monogamy, poly relationships are not illegal.
  7. Historical and Cultural Context: Polyamory has rich historical and cultural origins.

Polyamorous Dating Sites FAQs

Q: How Can I Confirm Whether a Polyamorous Dating Site is Best or Not?

A: To discover this, you have to check out different factors such as how many users are active on the site, its prestige, and its features. Wonderful sites house a diverse/active community of polyamorous members. It’s a good piece of advice to read user reviews/testimonials to evaluate the adventures they’ve had on the site.

Furthermore, you should certainly inspect the site’s privacy and security features and make sure it allows you to describe your relationship intentions. Ultimately, it’s necessary to choose a site that matches what you want from your relationship, including casual dating and serious devotions.

Q: How Can I Find a Polyamorous Match Safely?

A: It all starts with communication. To find a polyamorous match safely, try to be open/honest about your limits and expectations. Use a well-known polyamorous dating site with strict safety and privacy measures.

Spend enough time to know a partner both online and offline. Listen to your instincts and detect red flags. More importantly, don’t underestimate safe practices and regular STI testing.

Q: How Can I Keep a Long-Term Polyamorous Relationship?

A: It takes consistent endeavor to keep a long-term polyamorous relationship healthy. You should regularly check in with all partners and talk about your concerns. Spend time to amplify your intimacy and enhance your connections beyond physical pleasure.

You need to be patient when in conflict and find the best resolutions. See if all partners feel priceless. Besides, try to be flexible with the relationship structure to find ways for growth in your relationship.


You already know that the planet of love is limitless, and even those who tend to have a polyamorous relationship can find multiple partners of their dreams simply with these comprehensive polygamy dating sites. They guide you toward a path where you can construct consensual, ethical, and open relationships that are replete with natural love.

The six wonderful sites we talked about today will undoubtedly provide you with a safe/inclusive space where you can commence your polyamory adventures with peace of mind, no matter what your relationship objectives are. They empower you to navigate the intricate zones of love with genuineness and affection as they offer chances for communication, trust, and understanding as the building bones of polyamory.

Therefore, don’t waver to initiate your new adventures and uncover the exhilarating possibilities that wait for you on these sites and the planet of polyamory as a whole.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.