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Top 5 Football Betting Singapore Sites In 2023 | Best Football Betting SG

As football betting in Singapore continues to gain popularity, more locals are looking to wager successfully on soccer matches with Singapore Pools.

Top 5 Football Betting Singapore Sites

Football betting continues to gain popularity in online casino Singapore, with over half of adults placing wagers on soccer matches. Despite tight restrictions on physical casinos, Singapore's online sports betting market is projected to grow to $1 billion by 2028, according to Statista. This increasing demand has led to many football betting sites catering to local punters.

With so many options to choose from, finding the best Singapore football betting sites can be an overwhelming task. Unverified online forums offer limited insights. As avid soccer punters ourselves, my team set out on a mission – thoroughly research and rank the top football bookmakers based on real user experiences.

After testing various leading Singapore sportsbooks and compiling extensive analyses, we’re ready to share our definitive guide to the 5 highest-performing platforms for betting on soccer matches.

Backed by hundreds of hours of evaluations, our rankings cut through the clutter so you can quickly identify the top choices to maximise football betting success and enjoyment.

5 Best Football Betting Singapore Sites | Ranked by Players

Singapore has a thriving online football betting scene, with punters able to wager on matches from leagues worldwide. But with so many sites to choose from, which ones come out on top for football bettors? After extensive research and testing, we’ve picked the top 5 best football betting Singapore sites for their massive selection of soccer markets, lucrative bonuses and promotions, and smooth user experience.

  1. BK8 – one of Singaporean punters' most popular online sportsbooks.
  2. me88 – A sterling reputation amongst Singaporean football punters for offering highly competitive odds
  3. Maxim88 – Make football betting in Singapore accessible with Its user-friendly website and app
  4. 96M – Singapore Football Betting Site with Generous Bonuses and Promotions
  5. GemBet – Football Betting with Cryptocurrency in Singapore

Understanding the Best Singapore Football Betting Sites

As enthusiastic football punters ourselves, we know what features are most important when selecting a top-notch football betting site in Singapore. The sportsbook must provide extensive betting markets across leagues worldwide so you can wager on all your favourite matches. If your predictions are correct, competitive odds ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

A smooth live betting platform lets you react to events and maximise profits mid-match. And a mobile app means you can bet wherever, whenever. You’ll also want many banking options to deposit and withdraw winnings easily.

Of course, reputation matters, too. Our recommended sites have been thoroughly vetted for security, fairness, and customer service. By sticking to reputable football bookies, you can focus on the thrill of match day without worries.

Now that you know what attributes make for an excellent football betting experience, let’s examine how our top recommended sites precisely measure up. Detailed reviews will highlight each sportsbook's key features and potential limitations next.

This will reveal why we ranked them the highest out of all options available in Singapore.

BK8 – Most Popular Football Betting Singapore Sites


With its vast selection of betting markets across thousands of monthly football matches worldwide, BK8 is a soccer punter’s paradise. Bettors can wager on popular leagues and obscure competitions alike.

They offer an unparalleled range of betting markets across thousands of football matches worldwide, from high-profile leagues like the English Premier League to obscure international friendlies. You’ll find extensive options, whether betting pre-match or live in-play.

Beyond standard bets, BK8 offers exotic options like booking points and corner handicaps. Their live betting platform provides excellent in-play wagering opportunities. Unique promos like boosting accumulator odds on favourite teams and faster VIP payouts add value.

BK8 recently launched a new mobile app, making soccer betting easily accessible.

Sportsbook (Rating: 5/5)

Placing football wagers on BK8’s website and app is seamless, thanks to the intuitive design. Bettors can quickly find and wager on the abundant soccer markets. The competitive odds are excellent across all betting options. For banking, BK8 accepts credit cards, e-wallets, crypto and more. Live streaming select high-profile matches is another nice perk.

Sports Bonuses (Rating: 5/5)

New BK8 customers can enjoy a 100% cashback bonus of up to SGD 200 for all sports betting, including football bets. However, this is only for members with no betting history on BK8.

For existing members, you can bet with a minimum deposit of SGD 50 for football matches involving Aston Villa to get a maximum bonus winning of SGD 200. Besides, you can also participate in BK8’s Aston Villa Snap and Win promotion, where you snap a picture of the BK8 logo in Aston Villa matches to get SGD 8 bonus.

me88 – Reputable Singapore Football Betting Site


me88 offers a soccer punter’s paradise with its vast selection of betting markets across thousands of monthly football matches. Bettors can wager on popular leagues and obscure competitions alike. Beyond standard bets, me88 provides great exotic options, too, like booking points and corner handicaps. Their user-friendly website and app make in-play wagering smooth. A major highlight is that me88 provides live streaming for select football matches, allowing you to watch events unfold in real time as you bet in-play. The ability to cash in on live odds movements is invaluable.

Sportsbook (Rating: 5/5)

Navigating me88’s sportsbook is easy thanks to the well-designed website and mobile app. Finding and betting on the plentiful football markets is simple. me88’s competitive odds are great whether wagering pre-match or live. The 2 famous sportsbooks, CMD368 and M8Bet, are in close collaboration with me88. For banking convenience, me88 accepts credit cards, e-wallets, crypto, and more. Live streaming to select high-profile matches is a nice feature, too.

Sports Bonuses (Rating: 4.5/5)

New me88 punters can take advantage of up to 20% first deposit bonus with a maximum amount of SGD 200 to bet on football matches. Existing customers can benefit from me88’s regular reload deals, a 1% cashback bonus for crypto and QuickPay deposits, and App Loyalty Reqards.

Besides, whether a new or experienced football bettor, you can enjoy up to 10% and 15% bonus rates, respectively, with a minimum betting amount of SGD 200 with me88’s sportsbook, CMD368. However, some users have pointed out me88’s reputation for slower payout times as a potential downside to be aware of. But the pros, like robust football coverage, great odds, and regular bonuses, outweigh this drawback for most punters. Overall, me88 excels when it comes to football wagering.

Maxim88 – Football Betting in Singapore Made Easier


Maxim88 provides bettors with a massive selection of soccer markets across leagues worldwide, from popular competitions to obscure international matches. Punters can wager on standard bets and exotic options like booking points and corner handicaps. Maxim88’s user-friendly website and app make live betting smooth.

Sportsbook (Rating: 4.5/5)

Maxim88’s sportsbook is easy to navigate thanks to its well-designed website and mobile app. Finding and wagering on the abundant football markets is simple. The competitive odds are great whether betting pre-match or live. Similar to many other football betting Singapore sites, Maxim88 works closely with CMD368 and M8Bet Sportsbook. Besides, Maxim88 offers banking convenience, too, accepting credit cards, e-wallets, crypto, and more. Live streaming to select high-profile matches is another helpful feature.

Sports Bonuses (Rating: 4.5/5)

If you are new to Maxim88, you are in luck. Maxim88 is currently rolling out an enticing bonus called the “All-Games-In-One Welcome Bonus”, and you should fully utilise it. With your first minimum deposit amount of SGD 50, you can get a 100% bonus for your winning on sports betting, capped at SGD 500. This applies to all sports betting providers on Maxim88.

With its vast football betting markets, competitive odds, and an array of football bonuses, Maxim88 is a top choice. However, some users have pointed out Maxim88’s slower customer support as an area for improvement. But the plentiful soccer betting options and promotions make Maxim88 an excellent option for football punters.

96M – Singapore Football Betting Site with Generous Bonuses


Despite being relatively new to Singapore's online football betting landscape, 96M has quickly become a go-to for football bettors thanks to its extensive soccer markets, competitive odds, and lucrative promotions. Punters can bet on leagues worldwide, from the most significant competitions to obscure friendlies. 96M covers standard and exotic bets, along with great in-play wagering.

Sportsbook (Rating: 4/5)

96M’s user-friendly website and mobile app make navigating their sportsbook smooth. Finding and betting on the plentiful football markets is simple. 96M offers great competitive odds whether wagering pre-match or live. Its sportsbooks, CMD368 and M8Bet, offer insightful in-game statistics to help you make informed betting decisions. 96M accepts credit cards, e-wallets, crypto, and more for banking convenience. Live streaming select high-profile matches is another nice feature.

Sports Bonuses (Rating: 5/5)

At 96M, there is a special bonus just for football betting. It’s called “100% Soccer First Bet Risk-Free Bonus” and is exactly what the name implies. For every first-time bettor on 96M, you will have to place a minimum bet amount of SGD 100 on any soccer match.

With its vast football markets, competitive odds, and an array of football bonuses, 96M is a top new sportsbook option. As a newer site, 96M doesn’t have the reputation of more established books yet. But the plentiful soccer betting choices and promotions make 96M a great choice overall for football punters.

GemBet – Supporting Cryptocurrency in Football Betting

GemBet rounds up our list, with its speciality being exotic football betting markets you won’t easily find elsewhere. We’re talking wagers on match stats like booking points, possession percentage, offsides, etc. You can use their unique bet builder feature to combine multiple bets for bigger potential payouts for big fixtures.

New customers can grab a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $100 to kickstart their account. Long-time members aren’t forgotten either, with 12 Play running weekly free bets, cashback, and accumulator bonuses. GemBet also stands out for accepting cryptocurrency payments alongside regular options. Their vibrant community forums are great for exchanging football betting tips, too.

Top 7 Ways to Play Football Betting in Singapore Pool

As football betting in Singapore continues to gain popularity, more locals are looking to wager successfully on soccer matches with Singapore Pools. After years of experience, Singaporean punters have discovered valuable strategies for winning at football betting in Singapore and beating the bookies.

1. Choose the right betting market

Picking the right market is essential because some are easier to predict. Go with markets you know well and feel comfortable with. New bettors can start with basic match-winner bets. More experienced punters could try the correct score or first goalscorer bets for more challenges. Compare the odds different bookies offer to find good value. Take your time finding the best markets for you.

2. Use different betting strategies

Don’t rely on just one betting strategy. Mixing it up with different strategies increases your chances of winning. Try arbitrage betting, where you bet on both sides to be guaranteed a profit. Hedging involves bets on multiple possible outcomes in a match to lower your risk. For risky bets, only bet 1-2% of your budget following a value betting plan. Keep trying new strategies to see what works best for you and to keep things exciting.

3. Follow the smart money

Pay attention to where the professional bettors and betting syndicates are putting big money down. Their large bets move the odds, so you can spot good value winning bets to follow based on where they are betting. But be careful with this tip because the odds can change quickly when a lot of money is bet.

4. Manage your betting budget

Don’t make the mistake of betting your entire budget on one match. Only bet 1-2% of your total budget on each bet. Have separate bank accounts for your betting funds and daily expenses money. Before each betting session, limit how much you will bet, no matter what happens. Disciplined budget management prevents you from losing all your money from reckless betting.

5. Avoid trying to chase losses

It’s tempting to try aggressively winning back any losses by making more bets. But this usually ends badly. If you have a period of losing bets, take a break and reset before continuing. Don’t let frustration lead you to make poor betting choices. Stay calm and keep following your system.

6. Track records of your bets

Serious bettors keep detailed records of each bet, including how much was bet, the odds, and the outcome. Use a spreadsheet or betting app to track this. Reviewing your past bets helps you identify and analyse patterns of what works and what doesn’t. Meticulous records are essential.

7. Try betting exchanges

New bettors should start with regular bookmakers. But experienced punters could try exchanges like Betfair, where you bet against other people instead of the house. The odds are often better on exchanges. However, exchanges can be complex and lack guarantees.

In summary, pick your markets carefully, mix up strategies, leverage smart money trends, manage your budget wisely, avoid emotion-based betting, track your records, and consider exchanges once you have experience.

Using these proven tips significantly improves your chances of winning football bets in Singapore Pool.

Famous Singapore Football Betting Sportsbooks

Here are detailed reviews of the top online sportsbooks for football betting Singapore based on their offerings:


AW8 stands out for its incredible football betting market selection, allowing wagers on everything from straightforward match winners to more exotic props. Their user-friendly live betting platform enables placing in-play wagers with real-time odds. Between competitive pre-match and live odds, extensive markets, and smooth experience, AW8 excels as a football-focused Singaporean sportsbook.


With its reputation as a leading international sportsbook, Bet365 shines for football punters thanks to its phenomenal range of betting markets covering high-profile competitions and obscure leagues. Bet365 also provides live streaming functionality for an exciting in-play betting experience. Their comprehensive football coverage, great odds, and streams make Bet365 a top choice.


1xBet has become popular due to its awesome live betting platform with real-time odds updates, making for an engaging in-play experience. 1xBet also offers a strong selection of player prop bets. While their pre-match odds are decent, the world-class live betting platform is the real draw for football fans.


22Bet has earned a reputation for offering Asian handicap lines across extensive worldwide football leagues and competitions. Their user-friendly site and fast payout speeds also impress. While football odds depth doesn’t match the top global bookies, 22Bet excels in handicap wagering for Asian punters.


Betway is known for astonishing odds boosts and promos for major events like World Cup matches, with enhanced accumulator prices. Their high betting limits accommodate high rollers. With great odds, big limits, and engaging promotions, Betway excels in high-stakes football wagering despite lacking Asian handicap options.

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