Monday, Aug 08, 2022
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Top 3 IDO Launchpads For Crypto – BoostX, GameFi And Seedify

Launchpads open up opportunities previously reserved for venture capitalists and other institutional investors as they enable crowdfunding through cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Launchpad
Crypto Launchpad

Crypto launchpads, also known as Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platforms, specialise in launching new coins or crypto projects and raising liquidity. They are the next big thing in the digital world, particularly decentralised finance (DeFi).

 Additionally, as IDO projects gain traction, the implications of that traction may increase the value of these cryptocurrencies, resulting in profits for early contributors. This degree of mutual benefit motivates both developers and investors to join IDOs.

So, let's take a look at some of the best IDOs on the market.

BoostX is a technology provider which is dominating the cryptolaunchpad space at the moment, facilitating the technology for an increasing amount of successful cryptolaunches on multiple blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche.

BoostX specialises in the technology needed to launch new cryptocurrencies, providing a presale dashboard system with unique features such as dynamic pricing.Additionally, BoostX also provides expert marketing assistance.

BoostX is also a fundraising platform, enabling projects to raise capital and providing safety to early-stage investors. 
This platform collaborates with a diverse range of users and organisations, including small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, freelancers, and not-for-profit organisations.

Seedify is a blockchain innovation hub and seed-stage fund powered by the DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). 
It is a decentralised incubator and launchpad that enables blockchain ecosystem’s upcoming innovations. This is accomplished through the governance-driven community and through the use of feedback, participation, and funding mechanisms. Any innovator or entrepreneur can submit their work to Seedify to have their initial fund voted on by the community. 

If you're wondering what the most recent and well-known platforms for purchasing seed capital are, they're Kucoin and Pancakeswap. 
Seedify'slaunchpad provides a platform for new cryptocurrencystartups to promote their ventures. The primary benefit for investors is that they gain early access to the launch prices of new projects seeking funding prior to their launch.

GameFi is an e-sports ecosystem that includes fantasy gaming, betting, lottery, PVP Games, and a non-financial trading platform. GameFi aspires to be a global platform where users can interact and play games with one another regardless of their country of origin.

GameFi intends on tokenising its platform. Blockchains enable faster transaction processing and more precise execution. GameFi is a unique platform in that it pays a nearly 51% dividend on stakes. It secures user data through the use of Solana blockchain technology. Additionally, it will be cost-effective and feature a lightning-fast user interface.

Since most gaming companies are not using blockchain technology, GameFi has a competitive edge. GameFi will manage all technical aspects, ensuring that players have a seamless gaming experience, ensuring transparency and fair play. Gamefi accepts cryptocurrency as payment, allowing anyone to easily participate on a global platform.

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