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Top 3 Essay Writer Services: The Best Alternatives To ChatGPT

In this article, we will look at their limitations and argue why essay writing services are still the best bet for academic writing.

Essay Writer Services

Since the development of AI chatbots and tools that can interpret questions and then answer them using advanced web searching techniques, there is a chatter going around in the creative community. However, all is not well on the horizon as the more we are using these tools, the more we are looking beyond the glitter, realizing the inherent problems with them. In this article, we will look at their limitations and argue why essay writing services are still the best bet for academic writing.

Academic Essay Writing Services - ChatGPT Alternatives To Consider

We have covered what are these AI models and their limitations, but are there any other options for students? Of course! This section is dedicated to covering some of the best essay writing services in the USA and Canada. We will further shed light on why they are better than ChatGPT.

1. WriteMyEssay.Ca 🥇When it comes to quality services and products, WriteMyEssay.Ca does not require any introduction. The company has been in the business of academic work for a decade and built a strong and recognizable brand. It has a team of professional academic writers with ample experience and expertise to research, write, and proofread custom pieces of writing. The pricing is also very competitive and proportional to what they offer in terms of perks and freebies.

2. Essaybasics.com 🥈EssayBasics is another company that provides quality academic writing services to its clients. It was also developed over a decade ago and since then, they have never let their clients down. The company is proud of its writing and editing services, along with an active blog that provides tips and insights on how to become a better writer. You can also find detailed guides on how to write different types of essays.

3. CustomEssayOrder.com 🥉 is a website that offers students of all levels custom academic writing services. Essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, and other writing services are available on the website. The site's writers are experts in a range of academic subjects and are committed to producing high-quality, plagiarism-free work.

Why They Are Better Than ChatGPT At Writing Professional Essays

Let us take a look at some of the factors that make these companies a better option than ChatGPT and other AI models for writing.

Qualified “Human” Writers

Contrary to the AI mode, these companies have teams of human professionals. The individuals hold advanced degrees in relevant subjects, with additional writing experience on the top.

Dedicated Support Team

If you come across a problem with ChatGPT, there is no way to report it to the development team and get rectifications timely. On the other side, these brands have 24/7 customer support teams to help out prospects and clients.

Stringent Privacy Policy

ChatGPT uses your data, even in disguise, to learn more about the processes. This is written in their terms and conditions, as it is with other models. WriteMyEssay.Ca and EssayBasics do not indulge in such practices and keep all things confidential.

Offer Money Back Guarantee

ChatGPT works on the “take it or leave it” principle, whereas these companies are so sure of their products that they return full amounts if you are not satisfied with the finished essay. This could be the ultimate point to separate them light years apart.

Limitations of AI Models Like ChatGPT

Like any other “tool”, ChatGPT has its own set of limitations that are hard to ignore if you need quality writing. In this section, we will explore some of the most striking limitations that ChatGPT examples have shown in their short run.

False Answers To Critical Questions

At the top of the list, we have false answers. Many would find it hard to wrap their heads around the fact that an AI model can be wrong, but that is true. Since it is trained on data that was marked up to a certain point in time, it can get things wrong. The issues and errors are more consistent in complex subjects, such as Grammar, Mathematics, and so on. Also, sometimes, it becomes hard for users to let the model know that it is wrong. The reason is the ever-evolving nature of the tool.

Biased Look At Data

Like a student or a little child, ChatGPT has been trained on datasets to identify and interpret queries from users. Herein lies the issue that all other models face - data biases!

The factors behind these biases are hard to control in the training phases, such as designs of initial data training sets, teams behind those sessions, and the propensity of the model to learn over time.

Lack of Human “Touch”

Even though this model is trained by humans, it lacks much of what humans can learn and then build on that. The lack of humanity or human “touch” leads to common issues, such as literal responses, devoid of emotional intelligence, taking queries at face value, and so on.

Perhaps the most striking thing is the lack of new insights or interpretation of data through real-time barriers.

Lengthy Answers To Simple Questions

When a student is writing an essay on a specific topic, they will have to cover it from different angles, based on the scope and context.

The integrity of ChatGPT Essay

Say you are assigned a complete essay by your teacher and you need to submit it on Monday. There are only two days to complete the whole essay - from scratch - and you will have to sacrifice the weekend. And then you see the light at the end of the tunnel - ChatGPT.


That being said, these AI models cannot be alternatives to dedicated essay writers in USA and Canada, with proper training and tools.

Essay Writer Services vs ChatGPT

We have suggested two of the best companies in the USA and Canada for custom academic work. Students will find them much better than any AI model.

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