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Top 20 Common Myths About Weight-Loss

Everyone gives weight loss advice based on their journey. A wide range of views covers everyone from rookies to experts. In the hustle of losing weight, people often believe and try whatever is said.

Common Myths About Weight-Loss

Losing weight could be an intriguing topic for most. On top of that, there is a surplus of information present on the internet about it. Diet plans, recipes, exercises, and quick tips have flooded the web.

Everyone gives weight loss advice based on their journey. A wide range of views covers everyone from rookies to experts. In the hustle of losing weight, people often believe and try whatever is said.

However, only some things have a scientific basis. Fact check is essential. Breaking the bars of wrong information and myths is important. In this article, we will unveil some weight loss myths.

20 Myths About Weight Loss

If you have weight loss goals, here are certain myths you need to dodge-

Snacking Is Strictly Prohibited

People consider snacking as their weight loss enemy. Snacking could be a healthier option, especially if you follow any specific diet.

For instance, if you are following a keto diet, you could choose to snack on dry fruits as is or in a roasted form. Snacking on dry fruits might not add to your carbohydrate intake. Still, it may improve the healthy fat content in your body, which is recommended for an ideal keto diet.

Other snack items during a keto diet may include fruits like strawberries, lemons, tomatoes, peaches, etc. On the other hand, several people also take help from keto diet pills to enhance the keto diet experience . These natural pills help their bodies provide a little extra push.
Only Bland Food Is Healthy

Suffering and eating bland food is not what you need to undergo for weight loss. You could add healthy toppings like olives, freshly chopped basil, nuts, and seeds to your food.

Seasoning your food with some herbs and spices causes no harm. A few studies have shown that herbal remedies could help you maintain weight. You can opt for oregano, black pepper, and saffron for food.

Adding spices like turmeric, ginger, mustard, and cumin may also extend a helping hand in the weight loss journey.

Only Intense Workout Can Help

An intense workout is undoubtedly effective in weight loss. Regardless, there are other ways to lose weight. An adult needs around 150 minutes of weekly physical activity to stay fit.

It can be anything from a walk to weightlifting. It is a myth that obese people without intense workouts cannot lose weight.
It would help if you considered exercising more, eating calorie deficit, or both. It is better to combine physical activity with balanced is better for results.

Carbs Are Unhealthy

Several diet plans have been pitching against carbs. People generally believe that carbs are unhealthy. However, it is not entirely true.

They alone cannot cause weight gain or obesity. If carbs are combined with calorie-surplus foods, it may cause weight gain.

Butter, fried, and processed food are hubs of fats. They may result in weight gain. Carbs alone cannot hamper your weight loss journey.

Some low-carb diets are linked with numerous health threats also. Complete elimination of carbohydrates for weight loss is not advisable.


Water-Induced Weight Loss

Some people believe drinking water in a particular way or more in quantity induces weight loss. It is simply not true. There are chances you will lose weight by sweating.

In such cases, it is the water weight. But for people to have chunks of fat and not water is delusional. It may prevent frequent snacking and help you stay hydrated.
Additionally, It is possible to interpret thirst as hunger. Hence, you may end up eating more. But otherwise, drinking water and weight loss may go differently.

Same Strategies Work For Everyone

Every person has a different body. What suits you may not work for the other person. Similar is the case with weight loss. Different things work for different people.

For some, it is easy to shed some kilos; for others, it might not be. People with specific health conditions like PCOS and leptin resistance make it difficult to lose weight.

Genetics plays a significant role as a weight loss determinant. Hence, you must consider all the medical conditions and your body type before you pick a weight loss program.

Skipping Breakfast Makes You Fat

Breakfast is supposed to be like a king. That is taught and believed in since childhood. However, studies have some different findings. People skipping breakfast are not prone to obesity or weight gain.

It might not be the important meal of the day. It is a matter of choice. If you skip breakfast, that is unlikely to cause weight gain.

Starving Is Necessary


Everyone has specific body goals. Pursuing them is suitable, but putting your body through harsh treatment is not the best option. Starving yourself may even cause weight gain.

It can also cause acidity and other health problems. The focus should be on a balanced and healthy diet.

Healthy Meal Is A Costly Meal

The general trend has been observed that people rely on processed food because it’s pocket friendly. Healthy food is considered expensive by many.

It is another myth. Healthy foods are cheaper. Several pulses, fruits, and meats are pocket friendly. A combination of these makes a wholesome meal.

The weight Loss Process Is Linear.

The weight loss journey is full of ups and downs. Not only do they include problems but also weight itself. It is normal to experience weight fluctuations during the process.

You may lose a little weight and gain some the following week. These are even more common in females. Hormonal changes are common throughout the menstrual cycle.

The amount of water retained also varies. Therefore it may lead to unstable weight. Until you continue to lose some weight, these variations are normal.

Fats Make You Fat
The word fat creates a picture of something unhealthy in our minds. The reality is some fats are essential and healthy. Fats are not linked to weight gain when eaten within a healthy range.

Nevertheless, you should always avoid unhealthy foods.

“Low Fat” And “Gluten-Free” Labels

These labels are a part of the marketing strategy. They are often deceiving as low-fat labels do not specifically mention the number of fats.


The seller might be selling sugary and high-carb products in the name of low fat. It is better to avoid falling for these traps and look at the exact numbers.

Gluten-free foods may sound great for weight loss, but that might not help, as per the research.

Eating At Night Causes Weight Gain.

Many health blogs have mentioned eating at night as hazardous, but this point lacks scientific reasoning. No evidence supports late-night eating-induced weight gain.

Eating within limits and when you feel hungry is fine. Although, you must remember to keep your food intake healthy and within the limit. It will help if you avoid overeating.

Diet Plans Always Give Results

This claim lacks factual evidence. Diet plans may or may not effectively promote weight loss. Moreover, it is also possible to gain back what was lost within a year of unfollowing the diet plan.

Statistics have shown that diets lose their effectiveness with time. It is necessary to develop a healthy lifestyle. Permanent and gradual changes are better than temporary initiatives.

Fast Food Is Always Unhealthy

The fast-food market is vast and widespread. It is also highly criticized by health enthusiasts. However, with evolving times, the picture of fast food has changed.

Several outlets serve healthy fast foods like salad bowls, chicken nuggets, oatmeal, and more. Top brands like Subway, Starbucks, Chipotle, and Panera have emerged with top-notch healthy food items.

Choosing your healthy alternative and customization is also possible.

Instant Results

Several products, diet plans, and recipes promise instant results. People fall prey to these lies. It can be disheartening and demotivating when you don’t see instant results. Restlessness is normal.


Have patience. Even if you follow a dynamic plan that shows quick results, giving time to your body is better. Overburdening can kill the natural growth of your journey.

You Can Target Spots For Weight Loss

Toning your muscles through exercises is possible. It gives a slimmer look to the body part. But thinking that weight loss recipes and eating certain foods will target a particular organ for weight loss is false.

It takes place for the overall body. Trimming down belly fat or chunks from thighs with a calorie deficit diet is impossible.

It will trigger weight loss for the entire body. The belly or thighs will share a part in that weight loss.

Supplements And Surgeries Are Safe

Physical activity and diet control are much more natural and healthy than other options. Only a few prescribed diet pills are good for weight loss .

Using any non-prescribed supplement or undergoing surgery without consultation can be dangerous. Diet pills might cause numerous health issues.

Surgery is one of many options to consider. It can be crucial in a few cases. But it may only be suitable for some.

Small And Frequent Meals Promote Weight Loss

The number of meals is not related to weight loss. Small and frequent meals are different from the way to your ultimate goal. A calorie deficit meal is.

The number of meals hardly matters until you monitor your daily calorie intake.

Cheat Days Are Fine

Rewards and treatment help you stay motivated. However, keeping a whole day of eating unhealthy food may affect the process. It is better to keep small treats as cheats.

It will help in keeping calories calculated and controlled.


Weight loss has been a primary health concern. The goal can be attained by various means. It is also true that the internet is flooded with misinformation.
It would be best if you avoided these weight loss myths to advance toward the primary goal. Believing in things like only intense workouts help in weight loss is wrong.

You will lose weight until you keep moving and control your calorie intake. The number of meals and skipping breakfast don’t impact weight loss.
The weight loss journey is sometimes linear. It requires a lot of patience and control, and different tactics might work for others. Take your time and look at what works out for you. Don’t lose hope, and stay positive.

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