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Top 10 Entrepreneur Dating Sites & Apps For Rich Guys

If you're a business-savvy guy looking for a supportive and attractive partner, these top 10 entrepreneur dating sites can help you find the perfect relationship more easily.

Top 10 Entrepreneur Dating Sites

Successful entrepreneurs often struggle to find romance. With long hours dedicated to building businesses, wealthy businessmen have little time to search for meaningful relationships. That's why exclusive entrepreneur dating sites and apps aimed at rich men seeking attractive partners are growing in popularity. A recent survey found over 75% of female users on these platforms hope to date or marry an entrepreneur or business owner. And it's easy to understand the appeal - these driven leaders are not only financially stable, but embrace an exciting lifestyle filled with luxury travel and fine dining perfect for pampering a partner. If you're a business-savvy guy looking for a supportive and attractive partner, these top 10 entrepreneur dating sites can help you find the perfect relationship more easily:

  1. Millionaire Match - The World’s Largest Entrepreneur Dating Site with over 5 Million Members
  2. Hi Billionaire - The Most Popular Entrepreneur Dating Community For Billionaires and Attractive Singles
  3. Entrepreneur Date - Growing Entrepreneur Dating Site for Ambitious Professionals and Attractive Singles
  4. Elite Singles - Top Dating Site Catering to Executive-Level Professionals and Smart Singles
  5. Elite Cupid - Top Matchmaking Dating Site For Rich Professionals Seeking Serious Relationships
  6. eHarmony - Best Entrepreneur Dating Community for Casual Connections
  7. The League - A Premier Entrepreneur Dating Site For Ambitious, Smart, and Successful Singles
  8. Luxy - An Exclusive Community Of Millionaire Entrepreneurs and Beautiful Singles
  9. Raya - Most Private Membership-Based Entrepreneur Dating Site
  10. OkCupid - Popular Dating Site For Entrepreneurs Seeking Long-Term Partners and Social Circles

Read on for reviews of the best high-end entrepreneur dating sites for businessmen ready to be both boss and boyfriend.

Millionaire Match – The World’s Largest Entrepreneur Dating Site With Over 5 Million Members


Millionaire Match has been connecting successful, wealthy singles for over two decades. With over 5 million members, it touts itself as the world's largest millionaire dating service for rich entrepreneurs and their admirers. This top-notch website, respected by Forbes and CNN, focuses on individuals earning over $300,000 annually. It's designed for those who want an equal partner to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. The members include CEOs, lawyers, investors, celebrities, and others. These busy and ambitious people often find it challenging to make time for romance amidst their professional responsibilities. Millionaire Match helps ease the pressure with its exclusive membership and upscale features tailored to sophisticated tastes.

Women join seeking prosperous, generous men excited to pamper them with expensive gifts and globetrotting adventures. Men come seeking beautiful, supportive companions to share business successes and attend glitzy events. Everyone seeks genuine compatibility beyond just bank accounts. Millionaire Match encourages real connections based on shared motivations and genuine love.

Here are the key features that make Millionaire Match the best entrepreneur dating site for rich men:

  1. Mobile Apps – Millionaire Match apps for both iOS and Android let you handle your matches from anywhere, message new people instantly, and get exclusive app-only benefits. This modern convenience makes it easier for busy executives to date efficiently.
  2. FLAME Match Making – This Tinder-style feature on Millionaire Match shows potential matches one by one, allowing you to quickly like or dismiss them. This swift process helps assess compatibility based on fundamental profile details, making it easier to narrow down matches and start dating.
  3. Free and Premium Accounts – Free accounts provide basic access for exploring the site and getting a taste of millionaire dating. Going premium unlocks unlimited messaging, read receipts, profile highlighting for visibility on the site, a personal account manager to maximize results, and tons of other features.
  4. Maximum Privacy and Security - Top safety procedures for members, including a strict privacy policy, keep personal information fully confidential. Members control precisely what details are seen by whom.
  5. Celebrity Interviews and Members' Luxuries - Success stories from well-known celebrities on Millionaire Match provide motivation for aspiring millionaires. The Members' Luxuries section is where wealthy entrepreneurs showcase their extravagant lifestyles and possessions, attracting more potential partners.

Additional standout features include online chat, advanced search filters, local singles’ events and strict identity verification for guaranteed member authenticity.


  • Over 5 million real, successful members
  • 22 years perfecting upscale matchmaking
  • Strong identity checks ensure genuinely wealthy members
  • Website and mobile apps tailored to CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors
  • Premium features like FLAME for successful match making
  • Certified Millionaire Status Available
  • Trusted reputation with positive reviews


  • Not suited for sugar dating arrangements

Hi Billionaire – Most Popular Billionaire Dating Community For Dating An Entrepreneur


Hi Billionaire is a top-tier dating site for really rich and single individuals looking for life-long partners. It helps super wealthy entrepreneurs connect with attractive people who like their luxurious lifestyles. The site has millions of members from all over the world, and it lets both new and long-time members chat, hang-out, and find matches. For busy rich guys who want to quickly check out the good-looking models, actresses, and other admirers on the site, they can get instant access to start things off without a big commitment by registering an account for free.

Key features powering Hi Billionaire include:

  1. Free Registration and Profile Building - Hi Billionaire doesn't charge you to join. You can make detailed profiles with lots of photos, personal info, and even take a personality test—all for free. This lets you check out the big group of members and evaluate potential partners before spending any money. It's a smart way for busy high-level executives to quickly see their options.
  2. Maximum Security - The site takes strong measures against scams to keep things safe. A special team works around the clock to watch all activity. They carefully check profile details to stop fake and suspicious accounts right away. Plus, real people manually check and approve every new profile to make sure they're legit. Regular checks also remove inactive and doubtful profiles each day. This way, everyone on the site is for real.


  • Millions of attractive elite prospects globally
  • Free profile creation and core features
  • 24/7 fraud monitoring for guaranteed security
  • Every new profile is checked for authenticity


  • Strictly no sugar or casual relationships allowed

Entrepreneur Date – Growing Entrepreneur Dating Site For Ambitious Professionals And Attractive Singles

As a growing community, Entrepreneur Date is all about connecting ambitious business owners and professionals for romance. It's a newer player compared to big names like Millionaire Match, but it's gaining popularity fast, especially among mid-level entrepreneurs. The site is straightforward and concentrates solely on bringing together CEOs, inventors, lawyers, and other noteworthy professionals. With a few hundred thousand members in the USA, Entrepreneur Date caters to singles who are go-getters, looking for partners who can match their high-flying careers. These are people dedicated to turning innovative ideas into successful empires. The platform makes it easy for them to find meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

Entrepreneur Date's success is powered by its key features, including:

  1. Browse Before Joining - Before you officially join Entrepreneur Date, you can take a quick look at potential matches. You get to see pictures, read introductions, and find out about preferences. This gives you good information upfront so you can check if the platform has what you're looking for before you officially sign up.
  2. Fast Free Registration - When you're ready to start entrepreneur dating, you can create a profile in under a minute. Just enter your email, date of birth, and gender orientation. After that, you can quickly upload pictures and write a bio to get things going right away.


  • Perfect for self-made go-getters
  • 200,000+ ambitious members
  • Lightning quick signup process


  • No mobile apps available yet
  • Doesn't have the reputation of its high-end competitors.

Elite Singles – Top Dating Site Catering To Executive-Level Professionals And Smart Singles

With a global reach all over the world and lots of new executive-level professionals joining every month, Elite Singles is the go-to place for smart and serious singles. It's really popular in American cities and European capitals. In the past ten years, it's grown a lot because it uses smart matchmaking to find the best romantic matches for busy executives who don't want to settle, even with busy schedules.

The features behind Elite Singles’ big success include:

  1. Intelligent Matchmaking - Smart technology keeps getting better matches for members on Elite Singles. It uses special machine learning that adjusts suggested matches as your preferences change. It also looks at how you message your current matches and updates based on your traits. This means it regularly shows you options that are a good fit for you.
  2. Personality Analysis - When you join Elite Singles, you take a detailed personality test. This test looks at your motivations, quirks, and how emotionally available you are. By comparing the results, the site identifies the partnerships with the most potential for romantic success.


  • Hundreds of thousands of members
  • Top matchmaking algorithm
  • Strong presence across top American cities


  • Less matches in smaller towns

Elite Cupid – Top Matchmaking Dating Site For Rich Professionals Seeking Serious Relationships

Elite Cupid is a popular entrepreneur dating website with many members from around the world. It helps busy and romantic businesspeople, executives, and professionals find love with others who have similar career goals. People love Elite Cupid because it's great at matchmaking, and its good reputation comes from happy users telling their friends about their success with dating an entrepreneur. The site looks at your whole personality, not just surface stuff. So, even if you're really busy, you can still find someone who's a good match for you.

Key features cementing Elite Cupid’s trusted reputation include:

  1. Personality Assessment - An extensive quiz evaluates personal values, ethics, intimacy styles and life vision. Comparing results identifies compatibility for more meaningful connections.
  2. Simple Signup - Just input your name, gender, age, email, and password to start finding matches right away. You can add photos and create your profile right after that.


  • Tens of thousands of global members
  • Matchmaking accuracy
  • Quick signup process


  • Limited communication features

eHarmony – Best Entrepreneur Dating Community for Casual Connections

In entrepreneur dating, eHarmony.com stands out as the go-to platform for those seeking more than just a casual connection. Designed for both men and women, this unique dating site caters to individuals craving meaningful relationships and long-term commitments. What sets eHarmony apart is its comprehensive approach to matchmaking. By delving into over 100 unique traits, values, passions, goals, core attributes, and interests through its Relationship Questionnaire. Attitudes, emotions, and interpersonal dynamics are all considered, paving the way for connections that go beyond surface-level attraction.

But eHarmony isn't just about algorithms and questionnaires; it's a community. The site features insightful blogs providing users with dating advice and tips on navigating the platform successfully. The diverse pool of singles, spanning various ages and geographical locations, adds an enriching dynamic to the entrepreneur dating experience.

Here are the key features driving eHarmony to greatness:

1. 2 Factor Authentication - Elevating the sense of security, this feature ensures a safe online dating experience by requiring a unique verification code sent to the user's mobile device or email during login.

2. Popsicle Icebreaker - The playful Popsicle icon on the site allows members to express interest without the pressure of commitment, fostering a lighthearted interaction between potential matches.


  • Respected matchmaking systems
  • 2 Factor Authentication for security
  • Playful engagement via Popsicle Icebreaker feature
  • Diverse user base


  • Lengthy signup process

The League – A Premier Entrepreneur Dating Site For Ambitious, Smart, and Successful Singles

Taking center stage in entrepreneur dating, The League.com, offers a unique platform for smart, ambitious, and successful singles on the quest for like-minded counterparts. This exclusive dating site values traits like ambition and intelligence above all, creating a community for individuals from diverse backgrounds, orientations, education levels, and a wide age range, including those over 40.

The League.com is committed to authenticity, ensuring that all profiles are real and authenticated. The site's goal is clear – to provide ample prospects without compromising user standards, fostering a community that's well-balanced and highly engaged through its advanced screening and monitoring system. It provides a convenient and easy way for busy entrepreneurs to explore connections and build relationships without added stress.

Here are the key features that make The League one of the most authentic dating sites:

1. League Owner - Members can elevate their experience by opting for League Ownership, unlocking exclusive perks such as expedited entry, daily stats, read receipts, access to groups, and VIP treatment.

2. League Groups - This feature allows members to create and join groups within The League's community, forming clubs and engaging in conversations about shared interests, be it hobbies, goals, or investments.


  • Selective Elite Community
  • Personalized experience via League Ownership
  • Community Engagement
  • Authentic profiles


  • Smaller user pool due to app's exclusivity

Luxy – An Exclusive Community Of Millionaire Entrepreneurs and Beautiful Singles

Entrepreneurs needing a haven for dating choose Luxy.com. The site is for wealthy singles in pursuit of love and meaningful relationships. Tailored for millionaire entrepreneurs seeking a connection, Luxy.com brings together like-minded individuals with similar financial standings. What sets this platform apart is the emphasis on authenticity – most profiles are verified with validated income, ensuring users are genuine. Luxy.com offers a unique way for members to express interest – with free and unlimited virtual roses. You can browse member profiles anonymously and see who has viewed and liked your profile.

Key features that make Luxy stand out as a top 10 entrepreneur dating site:

1. Face Me - Luxy.com takes video dating to the next level with "Face Me." Members can engage in video dates through a third-party app by pressing the 'Video Date' button and choosing to share their WhatsApp number or Instagram profile. This ensures a secure and monitored video interaction, enhancing the overall user experience.

2. Charm Score - This feature amplifies the charm factor. The Charm Score is a value-based metric that assesses a user's personality and interactions. Members with high Charm Scores get introduced to other singles through the "Charmers" menu, increasing their match rate and exposure.


  • Verified Profiles and Income
  • Unlimited virtual roses
  • Secure Video Dating
  • Charm Score Advantage


  • 24hr vouching process time

Raya – Most Private Membership-Based Entrepreneur Dating Site

As a private, membership-based entrepreneur dating site and social network app, Raya.com caters to the attractive singles seeking serious relationships, casual flirtations that might blossom into love, and those yearning for profound connections and friendships. Beyond mere dating, it's a platform where singles can network with an exclusive community, including celebrities.

Known for its exclusivity, Raya.com requires an invitation or referral from existing members for entry, ensuring a community of like-minded individuals. The application process involves screening by a committee, adding an extra layer of curation to maintain the site's unique atmosphere. Once you're part of the Raya app , you get to pick from two matchmaking functions that suit your needs, and you receive a handful of new profiles regularly. Members can make a profile that's all about pictures in a cool "slideshow" style, letting potential mates see who you are and how you look.

Top features for members who use Raya:

1. Work Mode - Tailored for those seeking professional connections, this mode helps members find individuals working in the same industry or company, creating networking opportunities.

2. Social Mode - When ready to connect and interact with other members for friendships or potential relationships, members can switch to Social Mode, enhancing the flexibility of the app.


  • Expressive Profiles
  • Varied matchmaking functions
  • Fresh matches daily
  • Private, exclusive and curated community


  • Lengthy application screening that takes anywhere from a day to a few months

OkCupid – Popular Dating Site For Entrepreneurs Seeking Long-Term Partners And Social Circles

Entrepreneurs looking for a versatile platform for dating can look to OkCupid.com. It caters to singles seeking ideal partners, social expansion, and dates that could blossom into serious relationships. It embraces a diverse community, offering over 20 orientations and 12 gender identities, ensuring inclusivity and eliminating guesswork.

Members can clearly define their relationship goals, choosing from options like 'hookups,' 'short-term dating,' 'long-term dating,' and 'new friends.' With an active user base, OkCupid.com employs a sophisticated system that matches users based on personality traits and dating preferences. Registration is quick, easy, and free. The site has implemented a new verification system to maintain the overall authenticity of the user base.

Here are the two key features keeping OkCupid in the top 10 category:

1. Selfie Verification - Most profiles undergo verification with a selfie, ensuring authenticity. The support team meticulously reviews each profile, providing members the opportunity to connect with real people. As a result, 64% of users reported being likely matched with verified profiles.

2. Stacks - Recognizing that overwhelming matches can cause anxiety, the Stacks feature allows members to categorize their matches. Whether grouping them as recommended, online, nearby, or other categories, this feature enhances the user experience by providing organization and ease of navigation.


  • Enhanced organizational feature
  • Diverse Options
  • Clear Relationship Goals
  • Effective Matching System


  • Presence of fake accounts

5 Tips for Dating an Entrepreneur

Building a romantic connection with an entrepreneur can be exciting. They bring adventures, new experiences, and financial stability. Yet, their busy schedules and stress can be tough. Here are some tips for dating an entrepreneur:

Tip 1: Share Your Needs, Be Flexible - Entrepreneurs work a lot on their passion projects. Instead of demanding a fixed schedule, express your desire for more time together. Understand that cancellations are often due to work challenges, not lack of interest. With understanding, your partner will reciprocate when they can.

Tip 2: Don't Take Things Personally - Entrepreneurs go through ups and downs. If your partner seems distant, it might be work-related stress. Be supportive, listen, and reassure them. Show you're in for the long haul.

Tip 3: Show Genuine Interest - Ask your partner about their projects, even if you're not an expert. Understanding their passion keeps you connected during busy times. Simple questions like "What achievement are you proud of this week?" show you care.

Tip 4: Avoid Comparisons - Don't envy your partner's success. Everyone has their own journey. Offer encouragement, especially when they face challenges unique to their entrepreneurial path.

Tip 5: Plan Surprise Getaways - To balance their hectic life, surprise your partner with unplanned trips. Disconnect from work and enjoy intimate moments. This shows you support their ambitions.

With patience, understanding, and clear communication, you can thrive as a couple despite the challenges. Appreciate your partner's drive without expecting traditional commitments. Be creative in finding quality time, and you'll create meaningful moments together. The sacrifices in chasing dreams can lead to a lifetime of cherished memories.

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.