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These Are The 7 Best Low Supply Tokens To Buy On Presale!

This article highlights some of the best low-supply tokens, such as Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, C+Charge, RobotEra, and Calvaria, that you can buy in presales, which are in full swing right now.


Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Are you a crypto enthusiast who is looking for low-supply tokens to purchase at super-affordable prices? Well then, look no further because this article highlights some of the best low-supply tokens, such as Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out , C Charge , RobotEra  and Calvaria , that you can buy in presales, which are in full swing right now.

Here’s a brief list of the options we’ll be talking about today:

●    Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)
●    Fight Out (FGHT)
●    C+Charge (CCHG)
●    RobotEra (TARO)
●    Calvaria (RIA)
●    LuxWorld (LUX)
●    Polygon (MATIC)

1.    Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

A Web3 P2E (play to earn) initiative with a mobile focus is Meta Masters Guild or MEMAG. The platform's goal is to create a decentralized ecosystem for crypto-gaming. In addition, you will be able to receive incentives for your ecosystem-building efforts.


Even though MEMAG is the primary currency, there is also an in-game called GEMS that are used for rewards.

GEMS can easily be exchanged into MEMAG tokens or other digital assets like Ethereum and Tether. Unique NFTs can also be purchased with GEMS. A turn-based fighting game called Raid NFT will reportedly be among the mobile games with blockchain integration.

You will be able to execute tasks in Meta Kart Racers as an example to receive prizes in the form of GEMS. In the game, you can upgrade your kart and driver. Make sure you purchase your tokens today!


2.    Fight Out (FGHT)

One of the greatest cryptocurrencies to purchase in the 2023 presale is Fight Out. The project's main goal is to incorporate metaverse components with competitive fitness and endurance. In this project, you can win virtual currency just for being engaged.

Like P2E, this idea is known as M2E (Move to Earn) and is sweeping the cryptocurrency industry. FGHT is the utility token that drives the ecosystem. 

A gym will be built as part of the Fight Out cryptocurrency's metaverse. In this place, you may use virtual currency to pay for things like gym memberships, supplements, and one-on-one training sessions.

Your actual workouts will be tracked via the Fight Out mobile app. This will boost the avatar's stats as you progress. It will be a soulbound NFT avatar in this case. Each is exclusive to its owner and is not negotiable.

You can follow workouts that have been customized just for you with the help of the Fight Out app. As you complete workout routines, you level up. FGHT tokens are currently at the starting stages of presale and available for a very low price, so grab yours today!

3.    C+Charge (CCHG)

For individuals who are interested in carbon credits or reducing their environmental effects, C+Charge is one of the most interesting new cryptocurrencies. The project is currently creating a peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptographic payment system for EV charging stations.


The CCHG tokens, which also power the C+Charge ecosystem, will be used to pay for each EV charge. As a result, CCHG is among the top cryptocurrency presales in 2023 if you're seeking projects that care about the environment.

Utility tokens include CCHG. You will receive carbon credits in addition to being able to use them to pay for charging EVs. To charge and run your EVs, you'll use the C+Charge network and CCHG tokens.

The amount of carbon credits you will earn depends on how many C+Charge tokens you spend to charge your electric vehicles. Each time a token is used to pay for a fee, it is removed from circulation.


4.    RobotEra (TARO)
RobotEra is perhaps something you would like if you enjoy the well-known game Sandbox.

Robots are in charge in a metaverse galaxy, which is the game's main focus. Robots are the primary NFTs in RobotEra, and the web3 metaverse turns players into robots. The P2E game features seven factions, each of which has special qualities.

Within the RobotEra metaverse, you can manage your own farms, manufacturing robots, gather materials from numerous planets, and much more. You can also attempt to acquire rewards by finishing quests in the Central City.

You will have access to museums, amusement parks, performance venues, and more in this parallel reality. TARO tokens are up on presale right now and are selling out pretty fast, so purchase yours now!


5.    Calvaria (RIA)

Duels of Eternity is the name of the game, Calvaria, which provides a number of advantages. This will feature 3D characters, a story mode, a P2E marketplace, free gameplay, a mobile app, and a scholarship system. 

Three distinct factions that are at war with one another exists in the Calvaria universe.

The game's cards represent several characters with a variety of skills and traits. Fundamentally, Duels of Eternity is a game of the strategic competition.

As a result, your primary goal is to outwit your opponents and top the leaderboard. You must put together the strongest possible combination of cards in order to accomplish this. You must also decide how to play them in the best order possible while maximizing their potential.


6.    LuxWorld (LUX)

This is a system of monetary rewards and social networking. Developing decentralized social media apps and integrating them with a community of content producers are the objectives.

By purchasing luggage NFTs and checking in when traveling, members of the LuxWorld community can earn LUX tokens. Up until now, LuxWorld has collaborated with numerous companies.

7.    Polygon (MATIC)

A layer two scaling solution for Ethereum called Polygon processes some of the network's transactions away from the Ethereum chain. 

The Polygon network, which has the same design as Ethereum but can handle more transactions per second, is connected to the two blockchains by bridges.


Recent years have seen a tremendous amount of innovation for Polygon.


It's smart to invest in brand-new, promising cryptocurrencies like Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, C+Charge, RobotEra, and Calvaria because their prices are currently low but are expected to climb massively in the future due to successful presales.