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These 8 Altcoins Are Set To Bounce Back From The Latest Dip And Rally For A 10x Gain

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These 8 Altcoins Are Set To Bounce Back From The Latest Dip And Rally For A 10x Gain

After a recent market dip many will be feeling nervous about their crypto but we think it could be a great time to get in on the ground floor before another spike.

Dash 2 Trade
Dash 2 Trade

Market dips are something we have to worry about more and more frequently in the crypto market, especially in the last year. They are of course bad for anyone holding a coin that is badly affected by the dip, but they can also present a great opportunity. Just like with stocks or property the best time to buy crypto is during a dip. The old saying what goes up must come down also has a bit of relevance going the opposite way, a dip won’t last forever and is normally followed by a correction. We can see this by the amount of buzz surrounding some different altcoins. Crypto has become resilient due to its diversification. Trading platform coin Dash2Trade (D2T), environmental token (IMPT), gaming coin Calvaria (RIA) and meme coin Tamadoge (TAMA) are all great examples of innovative crypto that are making great strides. 

Buying the dip 

As I have already touched on the key to the strategy of ‘buying the dip’ is believing that the dip is temporary and the market will correct itself. There are different ways you can approach this, as with anything to do with crypto you need to have a set game plan and keep your wits about you. The first is more long-term and safer. This involves waiting for established coins like BTC or ETH to dip and buying low. For this, we would advise you to have a set amount of money you can afford to invest and you’re aim is long-term. For this strategy the time frame has to be much larger than most crypto investing, we are letting this investment settle for up to two years or maybe even longer. The thought process here is believing in the long-term crypto market as the established coins will grow if crypto is generally successful. So, if you buy during a dip and wait you should see profits in the long term.  

Best Altcoins to Buy in the Dip 

  1. Dash2Trade  

  1. IMPT 

  1. Calvaria 

  1. Tamadoge 

  1. Sweat 

  1. Luna one 

  1. Panda elon 

  1. Baby Ape  


Dash2Trade is a trading platform coin that is attracting lots of investors to its presale. The coin has already passed the $5.5 million raised mark and it looks like the coin will continue to go through the stages of presale at a fast pace. What is appealing to investors is the platform provides all the information you could possible need to be successful at trading. They mix strategy with sentiment to give you the best buy and sell options and you even get access to the newest coins and their presales. 

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Another coin that is very new in its existence but has already raised over $12.5 million in presale is IMPT. A green coin that aims to establish connections with environmental projects and decentralise and streamline the carbon project we are expecting big things from this eco-friendly coin. IMPT is, at the time of writing at $0.023 but as we said the presale is already off to a hot start so as the coin progresses it will get more expensive. Given it has already partnered with hundreds of brands, and more are interested, we think its a great time to get involved before it fully takes off.  

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Calavria could be investors favourite gaming token of 2023. In fact, a quick google will let you know many experts are tipping it to be the best P2E gaming token of next year. If the presale is anything to go by those experts could be right. Calvaria is flying through the stages and at the time of writing is already at stage 4. Calvaria’s in-game NFT trading options mixed with users ability to transfer in-game currency (eRIA) for the real Calvaria currency (RIA) is what we believe makes them such a strong proposition going forward.  

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I have already referenced the meme coin but with good reason too as Tamadodge could soon surpass Shiba Inu and Dogecoin as the number one meme crypto. In the last couple of days the price has fallen a bit but with the success of the NFT drops and gaming projects coming soon it could be the perfect to time to buy before the price increases. It's no wonder early-door investors are so bullish about the coin's prospects.  

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Just like we mentioned with Battle Infinity, Sweat is one of those coins trying to find a unique angle in a crowded market and we think so far so good. A baby in the industry having only launched on September 12th Sweat allows you to earn coins by simply exercising. All you have to do is download the app, follow the instructions, and you’re ready to go. 

Luna One 

Another project that is aiming to take advantage of the metaverse is Luna One. Their aim at Luna is to create an NFT game that merges business, gaming and education into one fun community that also provides the opportunity for passive income for its players. Already a very popular coin on social sites like Twitter and Reddit we would advise investors to take a look while the price still may be favourable.  

Panda Elon 

A pretty funny and very interesting idea from the inventors of this coin to combine cryptos' biggest influencer, Elon Musk, and China’s most popular meme and animal, the panda. Around 1 Billion Panda Elon coins have been minutes and the price has seen a pretty sharp rise in recent weeks. So, perhaps this coin could be the new coin to take over from Dogecoin. 

Baby Ape  

Another NFT-based Crypto project that may ring a bell with some readers. Ape coin was a crypto that shot up in value a while ago and now it has a little sibling. Baby Ape will try to follow in its older brother's steps by hopefully becoming a very popular meme coin. The project also aims to collaborate with the metaverse and is also doing some great work for Gorilla charities.