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The Top 5 Online Dispensaries In Canada #11

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The Top 5 Online Dispensaries In Canada #11

Online dispensaries sell the same high quality legal recreational products, but at a discount; dried flower cannabis strains are often fresher and of a higher quality. You’ll receive better products at better prices.

The days of sending encoded text messages are behind us — cannabis is legal in Canada across all provinces and territories, and much like virtually every product that’s sold in this country, you can buy weed online in Canada from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Cannabis Legalization In Canada

When cannabis became legal in Canada in October 2018, many provinces opted for an online only approach to cannabis sales; unfortunately, most of these online provincial websites were swiftly overwhelmed by decades of pent up demand for legal cannabis products. Prices were high and products were often dried out, sometimes with packaging dates over a year old, if in stock at all.

The disastrous early days of legalization allowed the legacy market — unregulated dispensaries that pre-dated legalization — to flourish, as consumers turned to online dispensaries in Canada for exotic strains, sold at bottom dollar prices. The recreational stores have dramatically improved, but the legacy market continues to have a foothold with value-driven cannabis consumers.

As much as the legacy market has attracted consumers with its low priced exotic strains, there is a better option out there, and it’s cheaper than recreational cannabis, and more trustworthy than legacy products.

Want Cheap Weed in Canada? Choose An Online Dispensary

Online dispensaries sell the same high quality legal recreational products, but at a discount; dried flower cannabis strains are often fresher and of a higher quality. You’ll receive better products at better prices.

With so many brands to choose from, you’re probably wondering about the best online dispensary in Canada: Here’s the top 5.

1.) Budder-Weedz

If you’re looking for the most affordable online dispensary in Canada — look no further. Budder-Weedz doesn’t specialize in value products, the dispensary makes all cannabis products more affordable, even premium strains. With bulk buying incentives like single A ounces for as low as $69, Budder-Weedz offers the lowest possible per gram price on cannabis of any legal supplier; it’s actually lower than most legacy market dispensaries.

Budder-Weedz also offers a huge discount on premium dried flower with top shelf ounces for just $99 and there are buying incentives for AA and AAA dried flower as well. The strain selection holds something for every kind of buyer with a variety of Indica, Hydrid and Sativa strains.

Strain diversity is a major lure with Budder-Weedz. There are award winning strains like the focused and energetic  ACV, the full bodied Comatose, and the balanced Rockstar . Of coursse if you’re looking for a cheap $69 ounce then BW has you covered too with their famous Dairy Queen and Death Bubba strains.

Dried flower is the signature offering from Budder-Weedz, but the dispensary features a colossal lineup of cannabis 2.0 products.

The portfolio of THC edibles is vast — choose from sour love hearts, sour Not Tim’s Donuts, Rainbow Flags and more!

2.)  Aurora Medical

Aurora Medical is a major player in the cannabis industry, and both a recreational brand and a medical online dispensary in Canada. Aurora’s Medical cannabis lineup includes a number of suppliers: Whistler Cananbis Medical Marijuana Corp, Medreleaf, CanniMed, and Aurora Medical. Those names might not be recognizable to most consumers, though, they represent recreational brands like San Rafael 71 and Whistler Cannabis Co.

Aurora Medical is an option for experienced medical cannabis users, intermediates, and cannabis beginners. This broad market ensures that Aurora has plenty of signups, but it also means that some aspects of their website are plain, and you don’t feel the appreciation of cannabis that you do from other dispensaries.
Information about dried flower strains focuses on effects and not all profiles provide information on the history of a strain or its parental lineage. For premium flower; buyers have Medical Glu and Organic Sour Jack from Whistler Cannabis Co., or the hard-to-find Eran Almog from MedReleif.

Aurora Medical hosts a collection of accessories; dried flower vaporizers for portable or table-top, vape pens, and replaceable parts. The company sells live resin concentrates too. All of this might tickle the fancy of more experienced cannabis buyers, and there’s plenty for those seeking to avoid inhalation.

Like its competitors, Aurora Medical has a decent line-up of THC and CBD oil tinctures, varying in strength from low to high potency. Prices fluctuate depending on quality and buyers can discover which oil works best for them by having access to premium and budget friendly brands. There are gel caps and edibles, pre-rolls, oral sprays, and pre-milled flower as well.

Aurora’s expansive appeal has made the company a success and there’s absolutely something for all kinds of cannabis users. Of course, for premium and craft strains, there are better options out there.

3.) JC Green

For cannabis consumers who really love Johnny Chronic products — there’s JC Green, the online medical dispensary for Johnny Chronic. Unlike Budder-Weedz you won’t encounter a vast collection of products from varying brands; it’s all Johnny Chronic. Fortunately, JC Green has great strains and plenty of cannabis 2.0 products.

Those who crave high-end dried flower will appreciate the offering from JC Green: Jonny Chronic’s heralded French Macaron is always available and this trichrome rich flower is colourful and potent with high THC content. Consumers can pick up pyramid — a triangle Kush cross — and incredibly unique strains like Lemon Cheese, Acapulco Gold, and a potent Cherry Bomb.

JC Green isn’t the best choice for a standalone online dispensary but consumers who appreciate Johnny Chronic products have reason to sign up. JC Green offers compassionate pricing for low-income earners — seniors, first responders, health care providers, Indigenous members, and those impacted by Covid-19.

4.) Emerald Health

Founded in 2014 — Emerald Health is a medical cannabis cultivar based out of St. Eustache, Québec. Consumers might better recognize this company as simply Emerald; a value brand on the recreational cannabis market that’s not bottom dollar but not premium either.

Medical members who sign up with Emerald Health can expect to find the same strains from the recreational market through the medical portal. There are medium potency strains like the sativa dominant Jack the Ripper, or high THC offerings such as Alien Cookies, Durga Mata, Chemdog and Black Widow.

Consumers can purchase oil tinctures through the website as well with high strength and low strength oils, for CBD or THC content, or a balance of both. These oils are taken sublingually, but if you’d prefer to mix your oil with a beverage, there are infused oils from Fuse which are specifically designed for that: Fuse Nano oils come in flavours like Apple, Mango, and Frappé, and they blend perfectly with the beverage of your choice, delivering 10 mg of THC per shot.

Emerald Health doesn’t carry edibles at this current moment, however, Sync tablets are sold through the medical portal, and they offer an alternative to edibles; they come in flavours of mint or cherry, with 10 mg of THC per tablet and 10 tablets in a package. At $20 per pack, it’s an extremely economical product and far cheaper than your average THC edibles.

5.) Spectrum Therapeutics

Spectrum Therapeutics is the medical dispensary for Canopy Growth; for those who aren’t familiar, Canopy Growth is one of the largest cannabis companies in existence, and publicly traded on the stock market. Canopy Growth hosts a variety of high-end cannabis brands, all available through the medical portal, at a lesser cost than on the recreational market.

Consumers who appreciate brands like Tweed, 7Acres, Doja, Sugar Leaf and DNA Genetics will feel at home with Spectrum Therapeutics. Because Canopy Growth represents so many brands, the dried flower collection is substantial and much larger than many of its competitors.

Consumers can purchase popular strains like Lemon Skunk and Chocolate Fondue from DNA Genetics; Doja strains such as Cali Kush Cake, Sour Kush, and GMO Garlic Breath. As well, Tweed’s low cost strains are sold through the website with offerings of Green Cush — Green Crack — Afghan Kush, Apple Pie and More.

And for the cheapest dried flower, the red, yellow and blue flower strains sell for as low as $120 an ounce.

Spectrum Therapeutics has plenty of options for Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains and many are sold for around $8 a gram; there are pricey strains and cheaper options too. Select strains are available in pre-rolled formats, and there’s a craft option, though these strains are sold for $11 to $12 a gram.

Spectrum Therapeutics also carries an abundance of products for members who want smokeless medicines; consumers can get THC gummies from TWD in mixed berry flavour, and a few options for chocolate bars.

Online Dispensaries in Canada Vs Recreational Online Stores

Provincial online recreational cannabis stores are much more efficient and less expensive than they were when cannabis legalization first arrived. Still, online dispensaries provide high-quality cannabis products at a lesser cost, even for the same brands. Depending on where you live, medical cannabis dispensaries may significantly outperform your provincial online store.

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)

The OCS is the provincial online store for the province of Ontario. At the launch of legalization, the OCS ran out of its most popular products in quick order, and because the online store was the only legal cannabis option in the province, prices were high and delivery times could take weeks.

Today, the OCS has speedy delivery times and a variety of great craft brands, and yet problems persist. The best dried flower strains from the OCS can sell for upwards of $14 per gram, and strains frequently go out of stock for weeks, if not months. The best products and brands from the OCS can be found through online medical dispensaries in Canada.

BC Cannabis Stores

BC and Ontario had similar recreational cannabis rollouts, with the online provincial store as the only legal cannabis store. Parts of British Columbia still lack physical cannabis stores — for consumers in these areas, the options are the BC cannabis store or a medical dispensary.

The BC Cannabis stores feature a range of products, from affordable and premium brands, and in small containers or bulk bags. Prices are affordable, but the same products are sold through online medical dispensaries for less. As well, some of the best craft brands from other regions of the country are only available in BC through a medical dispensary.

Societe Quebecoise du Cannabis (SQDC)

The SQDC is the online provincial website for Quebecers who want to purchase legal cannabis; the store is more affordable than some of its provincial counterparts, although most of the dried flower strains on the SQDC are sold on behalf of value brands.

Consumers in Quebec cannot access many of the leading craft brands through the SQDC — these brands are only available through medical online dispensaries.
Alberta Cannabis

Alberta has a number of great cannabis brands available through Alberta Cannabis. The website locks all product information behind a sign up and in order to get access, consumers must first turn over their personal information: name, birthdate, physical address, phone number, and the website logs their IP address.
This heavy handed approach to personal data is a bit over the top for just reading about the products and it makes it difficult to compare prices. Consumers have great products and brands once they sign up, but these same products are sold through online medical dispensaries and often at a lower price.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis is cheaper and more convenient than buying through recreational cannabis stores, and it’s also more trustworthy than any products from the legacy market. Of the online dispensaries in Canada — only Budder-Weedz offers ounces of single A dried flower for as low as $69.
Budder-Weedz makes premium cannabis affordable too, and the portfolio of dried flower strains is vast enough to compete with any of the competition. For the best products and brands all under one banner, look to Budder-Weedz for your cannabis needs.

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