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The Top 5 Best Nutritionist & Dietitians To Take You Forward In Your Health & Fitness Journey

Meet these top 5 best Nutritionist & Dietitians to kickstart your fitness journey.Their expertise will guide you in the right direction allowing you to see quicker & long-lasting outcomes.

The top 5 best nutritionist & dietitians
The top 5 best nutritionist & dietitians

 Having the guidance of experts always keeps us on track & works as a great motivator in our fitness journey. Their expertise will guide you in the right direction allowing you to see quicker & long-lasting outcomes. Meet these top 5 best Nutritionist & Dietitians to kickstart your fitness journey.

1. Dietitian Garima Goyal
Going by the Moto of ‘Creating healthy lives’, Dietitian Garima Goyal wants to create a healthy world where people are fit and aware of the food they eat. She has worked towards transformation of many lives with 100% success rate with personalized counselling and diet plans for each client. She understands your everyday routine, likes and dislikes. Your complete information is collected regarding anthropometric measurements, medical history and current health status and diets are planned accordingly. Instead of making an entire shift in your daily diet, she just modifies your routine and makes a diet plan that suits the best. Be ready for the transformation you have always wanted with Dietitian Garima Goyal.

2. Jasleen Kaur, Holistic Health coach & founder at Heal with Jasleen
Jasleen Kaur, Holistic Health coach & Founder at Heal with Jasleen specialising in PCOS, thyroid disorders & gut health is the millennial nutritionist addressing an entire generation of women’s health given the number of lifestyle diseases have almost tripled in over a decade. Her mission is to bring into limelight the combination of Functional nutrition combined with Ayurveda, macrobiotics & TCM to address all channels of healing through food & lifestyle as medicine. Jasleen has an extensive education background with an MBA & Holistic healing. The knowledge reflects as she has not only successfully healed herself from PCOS & Hashimoto’s, but is also helping over 1000s of women globally do the same.

3. Dietitian Tauqeer Zehra, Founder, GoNutriWay
Tauqeer Zehra Sayed is a Mumbai based dietitian and is the founder and head of Dietitian at GoNutriWay (a well-being company) At the age of 26, this young health enthusiast started her journey. A graduate from SNDT University and masters from Mumbai University in Nutrition and Dietetics, she began her private practise in 2019. A firm believer of traditional and balanced diet, She provides consultations for various health conditions like Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD, Cancer
and many more. She is also an OncoNutritionist, a Diabetes Educator and a Child Nutritionist.

She also holds diploma degree in Physical fitness and Weight Management. At present, she is an educator of Food Science at RJ College Ghatkopar. Her research papers have been published in leading international journals of Food and Nutrition. A member of Indian Dietetic Association. She has also been a part of a few Government research program as well. Zehra is invited as a guest speaker at many schools, colleges, and corporate offices in Mumbai.

4. Ritu Khaneja, Dietitian & Nutrition Expert, Founder, RightKcalories
Ms. Ritu Khaneja is an experienced Dietitian & Holistic Nutritionist based out of New Delhi. RightKcalories was started by Ritu in 2017 with the sole purpose of providing accurate information about lifestyle disorders to the masses, as she believes one can only prevent it if he/she is well aware of it in advance. After working in renowned wellness centres as a professional Nutritionist & Dietitian, Ritu gained experience in the field and started her journey with RightKcalories and improved the health and nutritional status of over 4000 plus clients. Recently, she has opened a one stop transformation centre by her own name. It’s a combination of diet, wellness and grooming. As she believes one should feel beautiful from inside out. She aims to make her clients best version of themselves.

5. Dietitian Akanksha J Sharda
Akanksha Jain is a Delhi based Nutritionist who completed her Master’s in Social Work from Amity University, Noida. In 2016, she completed her Diploma in Diet and Nutrition from Karnataka State Open University. She has been a Nutrition Advisor to Rotary International Club District 3100. She was also a diet consultant under Dr. Mohsin Wali who was the former honorary physician of former president of India Dr. Pranab Kumar Mukherjee. Akanksha’s career as a nutritionist reached a turning point when she was appointed as the diet consultant for UP Yoddha in Pro Kabaddi for Season 8. Akanksha has also worked as a Nutrition consultant to female children at UDYAN Care and as a social worker at PRERNA NGO, AIIMS, Delhi. She has also conducted online seminars on health and nutrition in Amity University. Akanksha has done many certification courses for her professional growth such as Sports Nutrition from Medvarsity, International sports and Nutrition from Udemy, Diploma in REBT Mindset Life Coach from Udemy and Holistic Wellness Coach from Udemy.

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