Sunday, Jul 03, 2022

The Next-Generation Entrepreneur With A Vision- Vikash Chaudhary

HackersEra Founder & CEO Vikash Chaudhary believes that mentorship and opportunity creation are key to driving new talent.

Vikash Chaudhary, HackersEra Founder & CEO
Vikash Chaudhary, HackersEra Founder & CEO

 The Indian hacker culture is a booming one, with an entire new generation of aspiring hackers honing the craft and taking pride in it. Providing a much-needed pillar of support and mentorship to these upcoming experts is 25-year-old Vikash Chaudhary, who is very well-known as a cyber security researcher and has been heading a cyber security consulting firm in India for the past six years.

Leading and Transforming from the Front

Chaudhary’s firm HackersEra has a wide and varied clientele of over 500+ corporate establishments and is counted among the nation’s leading cybersecurity service providers. Under Chaudhary’s able leadership, the firm has pioneered the introduction of effective franchise practices, enabling improved efficiency and value delivery for customers in a secure environment.

Started by Chaudhary in 2015, the firm has grown from strength to strength in terms of offering cybersecurity advisory services to clients worldwide. “Across market segments, our strength lies in recognizing our clients’ business processes, culture, vision and priorities, and in providing dependable client-oriented solutions,” shares its CEO and Founder. “We also help them conceptualize, realize, and lead technology-driven market transformation initiatives to completion as partners.”

One Person, Many Impacts

When Chaudhary started his company, he had a singular vision in mind – making people more aware about cyberattacks and providing quality services to safeguard them against these ill practices. The single-person company has today expanded to include over 30+ highly experienced employees in the field of cybersecurity services. If you look at the small team’s collective experience, they have more than 100 years in their stack!

Talking about the journey and impact of his venture on those around him, Chaudhary remarked, “Over the years, we have trained over 3 million people all across the world, who have become knowledgeable experts in the field of cybersecurity. In February 2020, we inaugurated our Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia office, and by March 2021 we had made it to Delaware, USA.” The onward journey and quick expansion of Chaudhary’s HackersEra is proof of the fact that the tight-knit company’s quality services are earning much appreciation worldwide.

Through his diverse courses, Chaudhary likes to familiarise his students with the industry best practices as well, such as being prudent while engaging in online activities, remaining compliant to workplace policies, or calling out for assistance in case they come across something questionable. “90% of our courses are focussed on practical aspects, pushing our learners to understand real-world attack surfaces with ease,” Chaudhary adds.

A Mentor for the Masses

Chaudhary’s mentorship is viewed as a tremendous resource for augmenting the global security talent pool, and for good reason. The visionary entrepreneur has also authored several enlightening courses for cyber tech and security enthusiasts, including Offensive Bug Bounty Hunter 2.0, SDR Exploitation, Offensive Automotive Security, Offensive API Penetration Testing, and Offensive Thick Client Penetration Testing, to name a few. This year, he has decided to create ten or more courses in his field.

These are not the only accolades to his credit, however. Chaudhary was recently inducted into Microsoft's Top 100 Security Researchers, earning him a ranking of 51 among the world's top 100 security researchers. The tech expert is a recipient of the Fortune Hunters of New India Award 2017 presented by the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis. In 2019, Chaudhary was honoured with the ICT Rising Star Award felicitated by Chief Minister of Goa Shri Pramod Sawant. In the same year and at the same event, he was also recognised as Entrepreneur of the Year.