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The Future Of Meme Coins: Top 9 Best Meme Coins For Long-Term Crypto Investments In 2023

In this article, we have listed some of the best meme coins for long term investments in 2023.

Best Meme Coins for Long-Term Crypto Investments

Meme coins have proved all the doubters wrong, with investment performance that has rivaled some of the biggest projects out there. 

As a result, those looking for the largest returns should now consider the best meme coins as part of their strategy if they want to capture the opportunity these projects sometimes present. 

With that in mind, here are some of the best meme coins as long-term investments this year:

  1. Shiba Memu (SHMU)
  2. ApeCoin (APE)
  3. Floki Inu (FLOKI)
  4. Pepe Coin (PEPE)
  5. Wojak Token(WOJAK)
  6. Dogelon Mars (ELON)
  7. Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE)
  8. Samoyed Coin (SAMO)
  9. Blur (BLUR)

Each project on the list was selected by looking at four essential points: market cap, ease of access, long-term utility, and hidden value, and what's exciting is that each of these meme coins has something special. 

They're not just another face in the crowd — they've got that spark that could make them take off this year.

1 — Shiba Memu (SHMU): Ultimate combination of AI and memes

Shiba Memu is turning heads across the crypto-sphere as it quickly climbs the ladder of best meme coins for investors in 2023. What makes it unique? Shiba Memu is not just another digital token; it’s a rising star with great promise.

The secret ingredient for Shiba Memu's success is the intelligent combination of AI and blockchain technology. SHMU isn’t your average meme coin that banks on internet fame; Shiba Memu is offering something real, and its unique ability to market and improve itself using AI is a first among meme coins, and that’s making many crypto experts sit up and take notice.

Shiba Memu has also built a strong community by selling tokens early, and this early support from a dedicated community means there's a solid base helping it grow and get the word out. The strong and growing community movement sets the stage for Shiba Memu to be one of the big players in meme coins for 2023.

During the presale event, Shiba Memu implemented a clever approach of increasing token prices daily, creating an enticing opportunity.

Starting at $0.011125 and soaring to an impressive $0.0244 this remarkable surge of 119.33% holds the potential for excellent returns on investment for early participants. 

Serious investors are taking immediate action to seize this opportunity and maximize their rewards.

So, for those watching the digital currency space, Shiba Memu is one to watch, and with the power of AI, a clear plan, and community support, this new kid on the block is on a path to mark its arrival in the mainstream. 

For investors looking for the next big thing, Shiba Memu offers more than just a quick moment in the spotlight; it’s geared up for real, meaningful growth — for 2023 and beyond.

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2 — ApeCoin (APE): Driving Web3 forward

ApeCoin has established itself as a candidate for one of the best meme coins over recent years in the crypto world, capturing attention with its link to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, the famous collection of NFTs. 

What makes ApeCoin special is its role as the official currency within the Bored Ape Yacht Club community, but it doesn’t stop there; ApeCoin aims to support various sectors in the Web3 space, including art, gaming, entertainment, and events, both online and in the real world.

Having the backing of the Bored Ape Yacht Club is significant. The club is well-respected and has a dedicated community, and this connection gives ApeCoin an edge, as it comes with built-in support and credibility. With ApeCoin, community members can facilitate transactions and engage in decentralized networks and services.

ApeCoin’s decentralized ecosystem is a fascinating experiment on how much ongoing utility such a project can deliver. It could prove to be a solid long-term investment, as growth over time could see the value of APE increases significantly over the coming years. 

3 — Floki Inu (FLOKI): Best meme coin for charitable donations

Floki Inu is a cryptocurrency that stands out with its community-centric approach, known as the Floki ecosystem. 

The ecosystem is an impressive blend of practical use, community engagement, and meme culture, and the vibrant community, dubbed “Floki Vikings,” counts over 475,000 members worldwide. They have set their sights on propelling Floki Inu to the forefront of cryptocurrencies through energetic social media campaigns and meme creation.

Not just a meme token, Floki Inu has taken a lead role in offering practical solutions. The ecosystem includes a 3D NFT Metaverse, decentralized finance (DeFi) tools, a cryptocurrency education platform, NFTs, and a merchandise store. This evolution from meme to utility is a remarkable shift in focus for a project that started relatively unfocused.

What also sets Floki Inu apart is its commitment to effecting real-world change — with a global vision in mind, the project is focused on building state-of-the-art schools, beginning on each continent and extending to underdeveloped countries, and some Floki schools are already operational in Central America and West Africa.

Floki Inu also boasts a high level of accessibility as it operates on both Ethereum and BNB chains, which means that it is available for purchase on more than 100 exchanges worldwide.

4 — Pepe Coin (PEPE): Best meme coin for older memes

Pepe the Frog, initially a lighthearted cartoon character created by Matt Furie, gained internet fame as a meme on platforms like 4chan and Tumblr, spawning versions such as “Sad Frog” and “Smug Frog”. 

The character’s trajectory took an unfavorable turn in 2015 when it was appropriated by the alt-right, which led to the creator, Furie, distancing himself from these uses and taking legal actions against entities that used Pepe.

In an interesting twist, Pepe underwent a renaissance during the 2019 Hong Kong protests, where it emerged as a symbol of freedom and resistance, and this use received the creator’s endorsement and aided in reclaiming some positive associations for the character.

It was perhaps inevitable to see Pepe the Frog evolve into Pepe Coin, an entrant in the meme coin market, and in terms of social mentions,

Pepe Coin trails only Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. It has adopted a cheeky persona, claiming to “make meme coins great again” and suggesting it's time for it to take the lead over Shiba-based coins by labeling itself as “the most meme-able of meme coins.”

Despite its popularity, Pepe Coin’s website disclaims that the coin has no intrinsic value and should not be purchased with expectations of huge financial returns — a sentiment reminiscent of Dogecoin. 

However, with a market capitalization approaching half a billion dollars, Pepe Coin is signaling its aspiration to reside among the leading meme coins for investors who think it can continue to grow.

5 — Wojak Token (WOJAK): Building on the popular meme

Wojak Token is a meme coin inspired by the Wojak meme, known for its popularity across some social media circles, especially among cryptocurrency and finance enthusiasts, and the token represents a creative extension of the meme.

The information available on Wojak Token’s website is limited, and investors should be mindful of this lack of transparency, especially when understanding the token's practical applications and value. 

However, for those willing to take the risk, Wojak could be the next meme coin to go viral and see prices surge, making it an interesting option for investors.

Sitting at the intersection of meme culture and the world of cryptocurrency, Wojak Token may warrant consideration for inclusion on the riskier side of a well-diversified investment portfolio.

6 — Dogelon Mars (ELON): Interesting space-themed meme coin

Dogelon Mars, with the ticker ELON, is an interesting meme coin project that combines a space-themed narrative with cryptocurrency, and the intriguing narrative, revolving around interstellar adventures and Mars colonization, sets it apart from other projects.

The asset has a significant following, particularly on social media platforms like Twitter, and the community engagement is bolstered by comics that narrate Dogelon’s space odyssey.

Dogelon Mars is gaining traction in the crypto market, as evidenced by its market capitalization and trading price, and the asset's website offers a streamlined guide for potential investors, explaining how to acquire ELON tokens using Ethereum.

Dogelon Mars stands out for its novel blend of storytelling and cryptocurrency, appealing to those looking for an unconventional investment opportunity that has the potential to grow significantly over the long term.

7 — Baby DogeCoin (BABYDOGE): Best meme coin for dog charities

Baby Doge Coin, a digital asset built on the BNB Chain, merges meme culture with a charitable mission focused on canine welfare. A distinct feature of the token is the redistribution of 5% of each transaction to its holders, incentivizing long-term holding in order for holders to benefit from transactions elsewhere.

Possessing a very supportive following, Baby Doge Coin's community is a key aspect of its identity. With over 1.5 million Twitter followers and an active Telegram group, the community passionately supports the token’s cause. Baby DogeCoin has also now ventured into the realm of NFTs and developed Baby Doge Swap, which offers some of the lowest swap fees on the BNB Chain.

The project's social impact is evident through its charitable contributions, including significant donations to dog welfare organizations and collaborations to facilitate donations in Baby DogeCoin. 

This special element means Baby Doge Coin embodies a blend of community engagement, technological innovation, and charitable impact, making it an intriguing token for those interested in contributing to a larger purpose through cryptocurrency.

8 — Samoyedcoin (SAMO): Best meme coin on Solana

Samoyedcoin, commonly referred to as SAMO, is a cryptocurrency that came into the spotlight in 2021 during the rise of meme coins and the growth of Solana’s ecosystem. Initially just a fun meme coin, SAMO has evolved into a community-centric digital currency aimed at supporting and promoting the Solana ecosystem.

SAMO is built on Solana’s blockchain, which is known for its fast transaction speeds, cost-effectiveness, and environmentally friendly nature. This positions SAMO favorably when compared to other meme coins, particularly those on chains that cannot compete with Solana’s performance

Like most meme coin projects, one of SAMO's strengths is its dedicated community. This community is not just about trading; it’s about educating newcomers and fostering support among its members. This means that the community is the bedrock for SAMO, playing a significant role in its development and adoption.

For those considering investing in SAMO, it is available on centralized and decentralized exchanges and even has a range of NFTs that can be purchased on many platforms.

Samoyedcoin represents a unique combination of community spirit and technological savvy within the cryptocurrency space, explicitly focusing on bolstering the Solana ecosystem — making it an attractive choice for investors looking for the best meme coins and who believe in both the project and Solana.

9 — Blur (BLUR): Best meme coin marketplace

Blur.io is an inventive platform that integrates the worlds of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and meme coins. Unlike conventional meme coins, primarily seen as speculative assets, Blur offers an NFT marketplace, combining practical use with speculative investment.

Central to Blur is its NFT marketplace, which caters specifically to professional traders, and this focus on functionality tailored for professionals is a departure from the usual meme coin platforms, which are often centered on community interaction.

Community engagement, however, is noticed by Blur. The platform has a BLUR initiative that has already allocated many BLUR tokens to incentivize active participation and foster a sense of community among its users.

What also sets Blur apart is its commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The platform facilitates quick transactions, allowing traders to respond to market changes promptly, and the absence of marketplace fees contributes to enhanced profitability. These features cater to the pragmatic and profit-focused members of the meme coin community.

Blur also incorporates advanced portfolio management tools, providing users with analytical insights to assist in making informed trading decisions, and this is a notable contrast to the often impulsive nature of meme coin trading elsewhere.

Supported by a group of reputable backers, Blur.io adds credibility to the meme coin space. Combining community engagement, utility, and institutional support, Blur is an interesting choice for those looking for the best meme coins and could have good long-term investment potential.

Methodology for Identifying the Best Meme Coins

Identifying top meme coins for investment involves an in-depth examination of several vital factors.


It's essential to assess the accessibility of a meme coin across various exchanges. Easy accessibility facilitates buying and selling, making a meme coin more attractive to investors, and coins available on multiple exchanges provide flexibility in trading according to market trends.

Market Capitalization

Market-cap indicates the market value of a meme coin and is calculated by multiplying the total number of coins by the current price. A higher market capitalization generally suggests stability and popularity, reflecting investor trust and hinting at potential growth.

Long-term Utility

Meme coins with real-world applications or problem-solving capabilities will likely have greater long-term success. For example, coins that are fundamental to the operations of a blockchain network or offer innovative features can hold more value over time, and the utility often mirrors the inherent worth and future performance of a meme coin.

Underpriced Opportunities

The best meme coins could presently be undervalued despite having strong growth prospects. Pinpointing such opportunities can provide substantial returns but demands a keen market understanding and meticulous analysis of the coin's underlying features.

By considering these elements, investors can choose the best meme coins — combining stability with high return potential. This structured approach weighs both the current performance and prospects of a meme coin, enabling a well-rounded analysis, and such a method is beneficial for investors aiming to make informed choices in the fast-paced cryptocurrency market.

What Other Advice Should Investors Follow?

When venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies, investors should consider a few critical factors.

Set a Budget

Establishing a clear investment budget is crucial. It helps prevent impulsive decisions and allows for a well-diversified portfolio, considering the volatile nature of the crypto market.

Assess Risk Tolerance

Understanding your risk tolerance is vital, too. You can choose between established cryptocurrencies with lower risks or explore lesser-known options with higher potential returns but an increased risk.

Evaluate Real-World Applications

Assessing a cryptocurrency's real-world applications and use cases provides insights into its long-term value. Understanding if it is for transactions, smart contracts, or other functions helps determine its demand and relevance.

Consider Security and Compliance

Scrutinize the security measures and compliance with regulations of a cryptocurrency, as a secure and compliant cryptocurrency is more likely to be a stable and reliable investment choice.


Among all the subcategories of cryptocurrency, meme coins offer token holders a unique blend of entertainment and investment opportunities. 

Within this diverse landscape, Shiba Memu (SHMU) emerges as an up-and-coming contender, as what sets it apart is its innovative utilization of AI technology for self-marketing and optimization, indicating substantial growth potential and long-term utility.

As the world of meme coins continues to expand and evolve, Shiba Memu looks set to lead the pack, combining advanced technology, active community engagement, and the allure of meme culture — with all these factors positioning Shiba Memu for significant success in the near future.


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