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The Future Of KiwiGambler: Innovations In Casino Reviews And Comparison

This is where casino affiliates come into play with some of them focussing on one target market, providing extremely specific options for players from a certain region. In today’s guide we will go through the offer of KiwiGambler that is widely known across Asia with a specific focus on the market of New Zealand.

The Future Of KiwiGambler: Innovations In Casino Reviews And Comparison

Online casinos can be found everywhere as there are new websites opening their virtual doors every day. The abundance of gambling sites may seem like a blessing to some, while others would call it a burden as it becomes a major challenge to distinguish between the good and the bad.

Word of mouth always works while other countries may limit their citizens to casinos that hold a certain licence. Most consumers, however, will use the internet to find a gambling platform that is convincing enough for them to sign up for an online account. In most countries offshore casinos are readily available making it one heck of a task to find a website that is actually worthwhile.

As the internet does not have any boundaries it may be difficult to find local and valid information. This is where casino affiliates come into play with some of them focussing on one target market, providing extremely specific options for players from a certain region. In today’s guide we will go through the offer of KiwiGambler that is widely known across Asia with a specific focus on the market of New Zealand.

Performance Metrics As The Main Driver

Casino affiliates are commercial businesses which means that they want to reach as many visitors as possible. While this might be the first choice for a lot of online businesses, it is definitely not the most consumer friendly approach. In recent years, niche markets have surged which requires a completely different approach. KiwiGambler works with a rather unique perspective to providing locally oriented reviews, while it still sticks to the broader performance metrics — providing the perfect balance for novice players. Here is how reviews and comparisons take place at today’s most sought after sites in New Zealand.

  • Market Specific: Whilst most casino affiliates focus on an international target audience, KiwiGambler sticks to New Zealand only. For Kiwis, as New Zealanders are often called, this provides country-specific options that are readily available. This also means that the reviews are tailored to the needs of New Zealanders, highlighting the portfolio, payment options, and bonuses that are actually available in New Zealand. The good thing about it is that Kiwis won’t run into the surprise that the website isn’t available in their region as this has already been checked.
  • Currency Specific: This also means that players can make their deposits in their own currency which is the way most people like to see it. This isn’t only limited to the deposits or withdrawals but is usually true for the bonuses as well. This way, gambling enthusiasts won’t have to worry about converting to their own currency. Every bonus announced on their platform is ideally available in New Zealand dollars. In case another currency is used (typically USD or EUR) this will be clearly mentioned. Some modern casinos might even work with crypto currencies which is why some recommended casinos hold their licence in the Caribbean. These are the only gambling authorities that allow their licences to work with crypto.
  • Language Specific: They speak English in New Zealand just like a lot of Indians do. But as our fellow Indians will know, every country has its own way of speaking the language. KiwiGambler is runned by New Zealanders which is why they speak the Kiwi lingo which is why ‘pokies’ are slots, ‘sweet as’ is great, ‘heaps’ is lots, and ‘chur’ — we’ll you might want to look up that one. The cool thing about this is that they understand their fellow ‘whānau’ and know what New Zealanders are looking for. And ‘ey’, some casino operators have even adapted their terminology to NZ.
  • General Performance Metrics: In addition to the specific performance metrics for New Zealand, KiwiGambler also applies the industry wide criteria which evaluate the games on offer, the payment methods, the mobile optimisation, and the overall functionality of the website. It also takes into account how well the operating company behind the casino performs and which licence they hold. Adding the general industry-wide performance metrics to the country-specific criteria is what sets KiwiGambler apart from most other casino affiliates offering their services.

Casino Reviews For Players Not For Casinos

According to the New Zealand based platform itself, KiwiGambler went ahead and decided to fill up the gap in the market as most affiliates they came across focussed on an international target group causing all sorts of problems for New Zealanders when they wanted to cash out their bonuses (currency conversions), contact the customer service department (time differences), or play the games they signed up for (unavailability in New Zealand). KiwiGambler decided in 2019 that New Zealand gambling enthusiasts were looking for a locally oriented website that took into account their specific needs. Ever since, KiwiGambler started to gain recognition among gambling fans in the country.

Their dominant position in New Zealand is also thanks to the straightforwardness of their website making it easy for visitors to read reviews, locate bonuses, and find useful gaming guides. As a leading affiliate company, it offers exclusive deals which are available for either new or existing users, ranging from sign up bonuses, free spins, and other deals. The KiwiGambler platform is updated on a daily basis and provides the latest information for players from New Zealand to find the ultimate gambling experience. No rights can be claimed due to miscalculations or mistakes in writing, as well as updated or expired offers.

Disclaimer: Online Gambling Regulation in New Zealand

Online gaming is not regulated in New Zealand and there are no local operators. There is no authority that issues gambling licences and at the time of writing there are no domestically operated online casinos. The current gambling law has not regulated online casinos but it does not prevent New Zealanders from playing at offshore casinos. Local authorities advise their citizens to stick to licenced operators and limit their expenses on gaming. Underage gambling, however, is prohibited and every gambling enthusiast who wishes to make online wagers needs to meet the minimum age requirements.

The reviews and guides found on the KiwiGambler website are tailored to the local market in New Zealand. This also means that information found on their website may not be accurate or useful for players from other countries. KiwiGambler recommends international players to find an affiliate from their region to obtain locally oriented info. The minimum age for online gambling changes per country which is why it is always advised to check for your country what rules apply. Underage gambling is strictly prohibited in any country around the world. Some countries may prohibit internet gambling for all their citizens.

KiwiGambler recommends internationally regulated online casino websites that hold at least one valid gaming licence, preferably one that is issued within the European Union (EU). It advises every player to double check the information as stated in their reviews. No rights can be derived from the contents in their casino reviews or guides. It also urges the importance of responsible gambling and stresses every player to set their limits in their accounts. Every player should have fun while making their wagers. One should also refrain from gambling if they do not feel comfortable anymore with their gambling activities.

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