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The Dermalyn Aesthetics Debunks Myths Around Permanent Makeup Via Their Master Classes

Dr. Muskan Tyagi, an internationally recognised clinical aesthetician, permanent makeup expert, and a clinical cosmetologist is the woman behind the establishment of the exceptional dermatologic clinic, Dermalyn Aesthetics.

Dr. Muskan Tyagi
Dr. Muskan Tyagi

Permanent makeup is a cutting-edge cosmetic skin care treatment that includes injecting natural pigments into the skin's dermal layer. It is a groundbreaking cosmetic technique for both men and women that is aimed to enhance facial features fand skin color, as well as conceal scars and pigmentation irregularities. This new-age treatment is stealing the spotlight and revolutionising the cosmetic universe. From microblading, to permanent eyeliner, the catalog of permanent makeup is becoming more prominent and making their place in the life of beauty junkies. Tracing its roots in the life and time of queen Cleopatra, permanent makeup works as a magic wand and gives the look you want around-the-clock whether it’s an enhancement of lips, eyebrows, eyes, or scar revision.
Dr. Muskan Tyagi, an internationally recognised clinical aesthetician, permanent makeup expert, and a clinical cosmetologist is the woman behind the establishment of the exceptional dermatologic clinic, Dermalyn Aesthetics . The clinic delivers world class services in the domain of skin, hair, lasers and permanent makeup. With her years of experience and extensive knowledge of the cosmetic realm, the specialist is busting the myths around permanent makeup. Though, there is no doubt that before moving towards permanent makeup everyone might get suspicious of the after-effects that this technique brings with it. Thus, debunking the myths, Dr. Muskan Tyagi is sharing her profound learning on the permanent makeup that everyone needs to know.
Permanent makeup, to put it another way, is a cosmetic treatment that uses semi-permanent pigmentation of the dermis. Dermapigmentation and micropigmentation are other terms used to describe this procedure. It is an aesthetic technique that fills in your features, corrects misshapen eyebrows, and gives the smooth skin that you normally get with foundation. Its scope has expanded with its use in the creation of artificial eyebrows and the enhancement of the breast areola in patients who have undergone chemotherapy for breast cancer or breast surgery. The myths that need to be addressed are as follows:
Myth 1: Permanent Makeup is painful
It isn't even close to being painful. To alleviate pain, a topical numbing medication is applied before each procedure. The pain depends on the skill and experience of the artist performing the procedure. As hand pressure is the most precise and gentlest way to implant permanent color into the skin, it is very crucial to see if the procedure is taken care of by the expert.
Myth 2: It's like a body art
PMU isn't the same as, or even close to body art. Pigments are used in permanent makeup to highlight and define your features. PMU employs pigments to implant coloured pigments into the most superficial layer of the skin, unlike a tattoo, which uses ink and different equipment. Moreover, PMU is semi-permanent and stays for 2-3 years unlike tattoos which last a lifetime.
Myth 3: Feathering, 3D brows, and microblading is different
False, They're all exactly the same. This technique is performed using blades to pigment the skin further making the eyebrows more noticeable. Over the last few years, there appears to have been a glamorous mist rising around the brow industry, with beauticians from all over the country claiming to offer the latest and best in cosmetic brow treatments. And, surprise, it's basically microblading with a fancier moniker.
Learn from the experts:
While debunking the above myths, renowned expert of the skincare industry, Dr. Muskan Tyagi has introduced a master course in Microblading & Micropigmentation that educates the people with detailed theoretical knowledge and hands-on training. The course entails comprehensive theoretical knowledge and all the 15 techniques of microblading & micropigmentation over faux skin and over 37 hours of rigorous practice sessions.
The topics that will be covered under the program are Introduction to Skin & PMU, Latex Practice, Hands-On Live model Practice, Step By-Step Instruction, Pigment Selection, Mixing , Colour Theory, Client Consultations , Aftercare & Healing, Marketing strategies & profile, Handling & Usage of Microblading tool, and a lot more.
You can also become an Internationally certified Permanent Makeup Artist with a Masters Course in Microblading & Micropigmentation by Dermalyn International Academy. The learners can attain several benefits from the esteemed program including Internationally Recognised Certificate, Free Refresher Course, 180 Days Free Access to the Premises for Practise & Clients, Monthly Nurturing/Revision Sessions , Job Opportunities, and much more.
With the mission to create skilled permanent makeup artists that are being trained with the latest techniques rendering the most beautifully healed results. If you also want to become expertise in the cosmetic industry then you can enrol with Dermalyn Aesthetics. The duration of the course will be 5 days and students can enjoy unlimited access for practice after enrollment. No academy gives access to premises after training but Dermalyn Aesthetics wants the student to learn and become the expertise of it. Visit the experts of Dermalyn Aesthetics if you want to explore the magic of the cosmetic industry and become a connoisseur of it.