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The Best Arthritis Supplement 2023

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The Best Arthritis Supplement 2023

On top of that we expect to see a good value proposition so that you're getting the best joint supplements for your dollar!

Best Arthritis Supplement
Best Arthritis Supplement

Despite the fact that arthritis affects almost 1 in 4 people, it is still a condition that there is no cure for. An autoimmune disease that occurs naturally, it causes the cartilage in the joints to break down and will lead to the bones rubbing together and people experiencing severe pain and mobility issues.

While some people will use prescription pain medications to treat their symptoms, others will turn to things like eating healthy foods or undergoing physical therapy. One of the very best options though are dietary supplements made from one or more naturally occurring substance.

With so many different joint supplements on the market though, each made of many unusual ingredients, the question is, what is the best joint supplement for you? Well, in this article, we will show you a range of products to help arthritis sufferers find the absolute top one for them.

How Do We Rate the Best Supplements for Arthritis Pain?

The main thing we're looking for is that the ingredients are well backed, and correctly dosed for treating arthritis pain. This means that there must have been multiple clinical trials and meta-analysis done to prove them. We're also looking for companies that are fully transparent in their formula, follow FDA guidelines and have positive customer reviews on third party sites to show that they are trustworthy. On top of that we expect to see a good value proposition so that you're getting the best joint supplements for your dollar!

The Best Arthritis Pain Supplements

FlexAgain - Best Overall (Winner)

Physio Flex Pro - Best Without Omega 3

U.S. Doctors' Clinical Arthro-7 - Best For RA

Nuzena - Best Budget Option

Solgar No 7 - Most Popular

Animal Flex - Runner Up

FlexAgain - The Best Joint Supplement For Treating Arthritis Symptoms Overall


FlexAgain is a truly fabulous joint pain supplement that is comfortably among the very best arthritis supplements on the market. It is made of nothing but optimal doses of a varied range of proven, high quality, ingredients, which can provide and amazing variety of joint health benefits, without interfering with blood thinning medications like some supplements can. There's a couple of reasons that it stands out above everyone else.

Firstly it is by far the most comprehensive joint supplement on the market right now, covering off pretty much everything that can fit into a combined supplement. Secondly their money back guarantee means there's functionally no risk with trying them out (we did test this and they did honor it, refunding us within 24 hours). Lastly they're actually very good value, offering 4 times as much of the active ingredients as their nearest competition at the same price point, honestly we couldn't really find any fault with the company or the product.

Click here to visit FlexAgain Official Website

FlexAgain consists of 1,100 mg of omega 3 fatty acids, 15 mcg of vitamin d, 70 mcg of vitamin k, 250 mg of ginger and blue galangal extract (standardised to contain 75mg of hydroxymethoxyphenyl), 100 mg of bromelain, 500 mg of curcumin extract, 100 mg of resveratrol, 50 mg of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), 400 mg of glucosamine sulfate, 250 mg of chondroitin sulfate, and 100 mg of boswellic acid.

The omega 3 fatty acids can protect cartilage and encourage its growth, lubricate the joints, and help to ease arthritis pain (1). Vitamin k has been shown to be particularly useful for treating osteoarthritis, specifically knee osteoarthritis (2).

Turmeric, resveratrol, and boswellic acid all have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This allows them to reduce joint pain and joint swelling, and prevent joint damage and help to repair any that is already there (3)(4)(5).

Supplementing with vitamin d does not alleviate pain in the joints itself. However, it will stop you from becoming vitamin d deficient. As a vitamin d deficiency can negatively affect your joint health, making sure you keep your vitamin d levels high can stop a problem before it begins (6).

Ginger extract and blue galangal extract have both been seen to greatly reduce pain in the joints on their own, but the International Arthritis Foundation suggest their effects are even more potent when they are paired together (7)(8). More importantly standard ginger compounds require 3 grams to be within the effective range, this is because of their hydroxymethoxyphenyl content (the active ingredient in ginger and galangal). It's been shown in trials by eurovita that 30mg is the equivalent to 3 grams of ginger, and FlexAgain contains 75mg hydroxymethoxyphenyl, meaning that it would cover the 4 gram dosage currently being trailed for RA.

Chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate, and MSM is another extremely popular combination used to relieve pain in the joints. Both glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are particularly useful for treating arthritis pain and other arthritis symptoms (9).

The MSM and bromelain then round off the formula by boosting the effects of all of the other ingredients that it contains, while also helping to directly enhance joint function themselves (10)(11).

This diverse range of active ingredients and ways in which it can improve joint health makes FlexAgain comfortably one of the best joint supplements for arthritis symptoms and pain, and it can provide immediate pain relief for virtually everyone, no matter what is causing the problems with their joints.


  • All of the active ingredients in the formula have been proven to improve joint health in a range of different ways
  • Each ingredient is present in its optimal dose, to ensure maximum efficacy, without any side effects
  • Offers benefits beyond its ability to reduce pain, including enhancing immune system and heart health
  • Can provide significant pain relief, protect cartilage from breaking down, and boost joint health and functions
  • Will help to stop you from developing a vitamin d deficiency
  • Can treat both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis


  • Being such a new product means that customer reviews are limited
  • FlexAgain won out by a long way and we highly recommend this product.

Click here to visit FlexAgain Official Website

Physio Flex Pro - Joint Supplement To Treat Osteoarthritis Without Omega 3

Physio Flex Pro is another of the best supplements for arthritis sufferers around, only this time it focuses on osteoarthritis and is said to be especially good for knee osteoarthritis.

The Physio Flex Pro formula consists of selenium, glucosamine hydrochloride, bromelain, turmeric extract, ginger extract, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, and black pepper fruit extract.

Many of the Physio Flex Pro ingredients are used in FlexAgain so offer the same benefits, but the lower doses do mean they don't deliver them quite as effectively. The only differences and what makes it specifically targeted at osteoarthritis is the selenium and black pepper fruit extract.

Selenium is one of the most powerful anti inflammatory chemicals and is well equipped to reduce inflammation, which is the main thing that causes people to develop arthritis.

It will also stimulate synovial fluid production and the repair of any damaged cartilage, alleviating joint stiffness and enhancing joint lubrication and flexibility (12).

Black pepper fruit extract is added as it is as an absorption enhancer. This means its presence will improve the efficacy of all of the other ingredients in the supplement's formula (13).

The one major issue for many people with Physio Flex Pro though is its price. As it is very expensive and there are more well-rounded joint supplements available for a lower price, it certainly won't be for everyone.

That said, if you are solely trying to combat osteoarthritis, it could certainly be worth a try.


  • All of its ingredients are proven to treat joint pain and support joint health
  • The formula is specifically designed to help with osteoarthritis, particularly knee osteoarthritis
  • Can promote cartilage growth and joint lubrication and flexibility, while reducing joint inflammation, pain, and stiffness


  1. All of the ingredient dosages are lower than in the very best arthritis supplements, such as FlexAgain
  2. Very expensive
  3. Not as well rounded as some other joint supplements

U.S. Doctors' Clinical Arthro-7 Healthy Joint Support - The Best Joint Supplement To Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

U.S. Doctors' Clinical Arthro-7 Healthy Joint Support is another joint supplement specially formulated to help with arthritis pain, only this time it focuses on rheumatoid arthritis.

Its GMO and gluten free formula contains vitamin c, collagen, CMO (cetyl myristoleate), lipase 30, MSM, turmeric, and bromelain.

The vitamin c and collagen both have anti-inflammatory properties which, when combined, are a great way to reduce joint inflammation and pain.

The collagen then stimulates cartilage and connective tissue growth, to repair the damage and ease the pain caused by arthritis and prevent either from getting worse, while the vitamin c enhances your overall health (14)(15).

The fatty acid CMO is proven to improve joint pain and lubrication (16). The lipase 30 then aids the breakdown of triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol, further lubricating the joints to keep them mobile and reduce arthritis pain (17).

The, admittedly quite large issue with U.S. Doctors' Clinical Arthro-7 Healthy Joint Support is that all of the ingredients except for vitamin c are found in one huge proprietary blend.

This is an issue as it hides the exact dose used of each ingredient, preventing us from knowing exactly what results to expect. This will certainly be off-putting for some.

However, given the reviews from other users, if you are only interested in trying to treat rheumatoid arthritis pain, it is still one of the better joint supplements around.


  • Very affordable and readily available
  • All of its ingredients have been proven to enhance your overall joint health
  • Especially formulated to promote reduced joint pain in people suffering with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Has received positive reviews from people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis pain


  • Almost all of the ingredients being contained in a single proprietary blend makes it impossible to determine how much of each is used or what benefits it will produce

Click here to visit FlexAgain Official Website

Nuzena Joint Support + - The Best Budget Arthritis Supplement

Nuzena Joint Support + is a joint pain supplement created to promote healthy joints and bones, boost mobility and cartilage production, and combat inflammatory conditions like arthritis, without costing a fortune.

Its formula contains boswellia extract, bromelain, MSM, turmeric, quercetin, methionine, glucosamine, and chondroitin. Most of these have been extensively researched and are commonly found in joint supplements, with the exception of quercetin and methionine.

An essential amino acid and a precursor to many antioxidants, methionine also has anti inflammatory properties of its own. It can boost cell metabolism, reduce inflammation or prevent it from occurring in the first place, and help to treat conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

There is also evidence to suggest that it is at its most effective when it is taken in or with glucosamine supplements, much like it is here (19).

So, while anyone seeking a significant reduction in arthritis pain will likely be better off going for stronger pain medications, people shopping for an anti inflammatory supplement on a budget will find Nuzena Joint Support + a very good option.


  • All of the ingredients can help to reduce inflammation and joint discomfort
  • One of the cheapest natural supplements for joint pain on the market
  • Far easier to get hold of than many arthritis supplements


  • With the exception of the glucosamine, all of the ingredients in the formula a present in quantities that are far lower than their optimal doses

Whilst Nuzena is OK, we wouldn't recommend it over FlexAgain , unless you really needed to save the $10/month

Vimerson Health Vegan Glucosamine Chondroitin Phytodroitin MSM & Burdock Root - The Best Vegan Supplement To Treat Arthritis

Vimerson Health Vegan Glucosamine Chondroitin Phytodroitin MSM & Burdock Root is one of the best dietary supplements to help vegan arthritis suffers deal with their symptoms and ease pain in their achy joints, as it replaces fish oil with plant based alternatives.

The fully plant based formula is created with vegan glucosamine sulfate sodium, vegan MSM, burdock root 4:1 extract, and a vegan chondroitin substitute known as phytodroitin.

Burdock root extract, the formula's only unique ingredient, is a great alternative to fatty fish oil supplements, as it is full of omega 3 fatty acids. Studies show it doesn't quite improve joint mobility and lubrication as much as fish oil, but it is a fabulous option for people who can't or don't want to consume that (20).

The first is that, as there are a small number of natural remedies to aid your joint health while only using plants, Vimerson Health have put huge doses of what they have in the product. This can be beneficial, but it also puts you at an increased risk of experiencing side effects.

Then you have the vegan alternatives like phytodroitin, which have been studied far less extensively than the traditional options. This makes it incredibly hard to accurately predict what effects it will have.

While these concerns may put off a number of people, the product has received plenty of very positive reviews, particularly from people with arthritis. This makes it one of the better joint supplements around for people who want to treat arthritis pain while on a vegan diet.


  • Burdock root extract is full of omega 3 fatty acids, so it is the perfect plant based alternative to fish oil
  • Very reasonably priced
  • All of the ingredients are proven to help reduce joint pain and inflammation, while boosting bone, connective tissue, and joint health
  • The entire formula is completely plant based and vegan friendly


  • Some of the ingredients are present in doses that are so high that they put the user at a much greater risk of experiencing side effects
  • The vegan ingredients have considerably less research into them, meaning both the positive and negative effects of the supplement are much harder to gauge

Solgar No 7 - The Most Popular Supplement For Arthritis Pain Relief

Solgar No 7 is a fast-acting joint supplement produced by an incredibly recognisable brand in Solgar and sold in countless natural health stores across the globe.

Its stated goals are to boost joint mobility, comfort, flexibility, and health, while also benefitting bone, cartilage, and connective tissue health and your body's natural range of motion.

Its formula is made using boswellia serrata extract, turmeric root extract, white willow bark extract, ginger root extract, UC-II standardized cartilage, pepper spice complex (cayenne powder (capsicum annuum [fruit]), bioperine black pepper extract), and vitamin c.

Most of these ingredients have been seen in a number of the other supplements that we have looked at on this list. However, white willow bark extract and cayenne powder are both new.

White willow bark extract is commonly used in traditional medicines around the world, as it is rich in a natural chemical similar to aspirin called salicin. This is said to ease bone, muscle, and joint pain, and treat arthritis symptoms, fevers, flus, and many other ailments (21).

Solgar No 7 is sold incredibly widely and certainly can offer some benefits, and the claim that it can start producing results in as little as seven days is particularly enticing.

That said, as there are concerns over its main ingredient, this supplement may be best suited to people who are desperately seeking some quick arthritis relief from a natural product by a brand that they recognise.


  • The majority of its ingredients have been proven to benefit your joint health
  • Every one of the ingredients is completely natural
  • A small serving size is ideal for anyone who can't or does not want to swallow pills


  • All of the proven ingredients are present in doses that are far lower than optimal
  • Its most abundant ingredient, white willow bark extract, has no clinical evidence to support its claimed benefits

Difference Between Supplements For Rheumatoid Arthritis And Osteoarthritis

It's worth noting that dosages of supplements for joint pain relief do vary quite drastically between the two conditions, and they vary again for athletic injuries. As a rule of thumb however, rheumatoid issues generally require a higher dose to support joint health. For example as little as 1-2 grams of ginger have been shown to reduce inflammation in OA sufferers, but 4 grams is the effective dosage for RA. Meaning there's quite a vast difference between the two and supplements designed for one, may be ineffective for the other.

What About Arthritis Creams?

Arthritis pain relief creams can be particularly effective in the short term, especially when paired with arthritis supplements. A lot of the best supplements for arthritis are designed to be combined with joint pain relief creams.

Is Fish Oil Better Than Algae For Arthritis Pain?

Fish oil and algae are relatively similar in terms of the split of EPA and DHA (the two fatty acids which have been shown to relieve joint pain, because simply put, the fish get their omega oils from algae. Land based plant oils however are primarily made from AHA which is relatively ineffective, the reason for this is that the body has to break this down and convert it into the usable EPA and DHA.

Final Thoughts On The Best Joint Supplements For Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain can severely impact a person's way of life but, if you combine supplements with a healthy diet, there are ways to ease the pain and even reverse the damage. While there are a range of great arthritis supplements out there, none are close to being as good as FlexAgain.

It features nothing but high quality, clinically proven ingredients in their optimal doses, which allows it to repair damaged cartilage and connective tissue and lubricate the joints. This will ease any arthritis pain and give you the chance to live a perfectly healthy, happy, pain free life.

If, for whatever reason, you feel that it is not the right joint pain supplement for you, then one of the other options on this list almost certainly will be. However, for everyone else, we would highly suggest you give FlexAgain a try and see the amazing benefits it can offer for yourself.

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