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Testol 140 Review 2023: Is Testolone Real Rad 140 SARM

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Testol 140 Review 2023: Is Testolone Real Rad 140 SARM

This article will discuss all the advantages and drawbacks of the popular SARM, Testolone, RAD 140. It will further highlight a natural alternative to RAD 140 to make your bodybuilding regimen valuable and your experience safe.

Testol 140
Testol 140

SARMs, aka Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, come across as equally promising anabolic compounds against those synthetic hormones. However, as they are tissue-selective, many assume that their safety profile is comparatively friendly to anabolic steroids.

This article will discuss all the advantages and drawbacks of the popular SARM, Testolone, RAD 140. It will further highlight a natural alternative to RAD 140 to make your bodybuilding regimen valuable and your experience safe. Click Here to Visit official Testol140 website

The introduction of SARMs was nothing short of a revolution in the bodybuilding community, which aggressively seeks perfection all time. It was more of an alternative to detrimental steroids that have been swallowing lives against the muscle-building needs of bodybuilders.

Yes, SARMs are, in fact, a friendly option to jack up fibrous muscular growth, sculpt the body, and enable hysterical strength. However, these substances are only safe as we draw a comparison between them and not in general.

That is, SARMs—the investigational drugs—also promote side effects and lead to liver injury as their aftereffects.

What is RAD 140?

When it comes to the best SARMs that novices and professionals trust for their muscle-building needs, RAD-140 takes the lead. It is strong, it is quick, and its effects are simply stable.

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Essentially, it is a non-steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator that works as powerfully as some anabolic steroids. Hence, its effects are relatable to anabolic steroids, as is its mechanism to generate gains.

According to medical professionals, it binds to the muscle receptors and lifts up testosterone, ensuring a positive protein balance. As a result, it turns extremely effective in supporting your muscle hypertrophy (enlargement of mass), strength, and cutting needs, alike.

Now, primarily, RAD 140 is not some dedicated drug that intends to assist you with your recreational goals. It is a therapeutic medicine, similar to anabolic steroids, that claims to offer medical advantages to some people.

These individuals deal with health conditions that affect their bones like osteoporosis, muscles like cachexia, or blood count like anemia. Hence, it is a versatile drug with powers simultaneously catering to several areas of health as well as fitness. However, as promising as it may sound, RAD 140 Testolone does have a fair share of negative traits.

Research on RAD 140

Since SARMs are relatively new in comparison to anabolic steroids, they still have the status of "investigational drugs". Hence, the results of human trials and research projects encompassing RAD 140 are scarce. However, there is animal testing to assess its potential as a muscle-building tool and its role in weight loss.

Radius Health, a global biopharmaceutical company based in the United States, was the initial developer of RAD-140. While experts are probing into its long-term effects, it penetrated into the medical fraternity for its utility in androgen-replacement therapy.

According to these experts on animal studies, its anabolic powers are stronger than testosterone propionate. A 28-day test on monkeys reveals a whopping 10% boost in their fat-free skeletal muscle, signifying its phenomenal powers.

Overall, RAD140 is all about a serious transformation with a leaner, denser, and quality bulk, but at a cost. Today, the Biotechnology Company Ellipses Pharmaceuticals possess the license of RAD 140, a SARM that you can procure for research and not recreational purposes.

How RAD 140 works?

RAD 140 encompasses a mechanism that directly relates to the workings of anabolic steroids. However, the difference between the two is Testolone’s standard, tissue-selective nature.

It binds to muscle and bone receptors that cause a rise in the level of testosterone. Through this artificial stimulation, the body begins to undergo the following changes:

  • Increased preservation of nitrogen: Nitrogen has a role in the growth you seek in your body's musculature and RAD 140 strength gains. It essentially contributes to the making of amino acids and proteins that the muscles need for repair after workouts. Through the higher storage of protein, the muscles overcome those micro-tears and proliferate, leading to those enlargement effects with time
  • Activate lipolysis: As the SARM has a stronger affinity for binding, it also promotes lipolysis, which is all about shedding fat. At the onset of the process, the body gradually loses the volume of fatty tissues and appears lean and dense. These fat loss effects are significant, making RAD 140 an equal contributor to your bulking and cutting progress

Rad 140 benefits

Testolone gained popularity for its body-recomposition properties.

These are qualities that make it a broad-spectrum SARM, one that benefits the overall bodybuilding area quite impressively.

RAD 140 increases testosterone, which is the powerhouse, the hammer that forces muscular growth and fat loss in the body. Moreover, here are some RAD 140 results that you get to experience during its typical 4-6 week long cycle:

  • Bigger pumps and size enhancement
  • Substantial muscle-hypertrophy effects
  • Rapid and efficient fat loss
  • Dry gains and increased endurance
  • Raw power and vascularity

Rad 140 cycle and dosage

It is common to refer to Rad 140 as an entry-level SARM. In fact, many who follow RAD 140 doses belong to a beginner to mid-level of fitness.

This is because the growth they get to experience at the beginning of the Testolone cycle is substantial. On the contrary, advanced bodybuilders are more into substances, focusing on maintaining their gains or the quality of their mass.

The maximum length of the Rad 140 cycle is 6 to 8 weeks, while the minimum is 4. By the time you reach the end of the Testolone cycle, the muscular development and gains become slow but steady.

Unlike many steroids, it is an orally bioavailable chemical composition that does not require injections and syringes but easy-to-swallow pills. The concentration for beginners is 8–10 mg a day. However; they can carefully step up to an advanced dose of up to 30 mg a day limit.

Similarly, Rad 140 dosage instructions revolve around 20-30 mg a day for mid to advance level bodybuilders.

Is Rad 140 legal?

RAD 140 is not a dietary formula or nutritional supplement.

Hence, it does not have the formal approval to assist you with your sports or body-enhancement needs from the FDA.

Precisely, it is a drug with potential risks and the possibility of harming your liver while bypassing. And so, it does not meet the safety criteria required for FDA approval. Moreover, international sports agencies like WADA also disapprove of substances that provide an athletic edge to ensure doping-free sports. Considering this, Testolone is no exception.

So yes, it is illegal to use RAD 140 unless you seek it for research purposes.

Is Rad 140 safe?

The anabolic nature of Testolone always fuels doubt about Rad 140 side effects.

Rightly so, there are side effects, just as any anabolic compound carries and generates with unsupervised, prolonged, and increased doses.

Rad 140 before and after depict the true picture of how effective, yet perilous the consumption of this SARM is. Surprisingly, animal research suggests that Testolone is comparatively safer than testosterone replacement therapy, but human trials and experiences suggest otherwise.

According to this, it fuels the risks of:

  • Liver stress and toxicity as it bypasses the organ after getting into the bloodstream
  • hepatocellular-cholestatic liver injury
  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol abnormalities
  • Atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction
  • Testosterone imbalance
  • Man boobs and liquid retention
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Hair thinning

Overall, there are too many benefits as well as too many side effects of using Rad 140. It turns into a deadly combination that may be effective for your fitness but is too hazardous for your health. Hence, health experts and many bodybuilding enthusiasts discourage Rad 140 and encourage its natural counterpart in place.

What is Testol 140?

Also known as the natural alternative to Rad 140, Testol 140 is a promising solution to quench your thirst for Testolone . Essentially, it serves as an all-natural solution for enthusiasts who wish to benefit from the powerful muscle growth and fat loss tendencies of Rad 140 but are keen to dodge its side effects.

Yes, Testol 140 is the answer to a safe and fulfilling bodybuilding experience that is friendly to your goals as a beginner or advanced-level bodybuilder. It completes the bulking or cutting regimen to complement, speed up, and enhance the results that follow intense training.

Testol 140 is a product of CrazyBulk, a committed bodybuilding brand that has a name for delivering quality fitness solutions. This nutritional formula by CrazyBulk is a non-prescription, natural SARM that drives you to your desired transformation without any risks.

The promising Testol 140 is available in oral pills and is a multi-faceted formula containing no anabolic or synthetic compound. It brings natural ingredients like zinc, vitamin B6, fenugreek, and vitamin D3 in medically-relevant strength to the table ensuring you:

  • Naturally grow and balance the level of testosterone
  • Efficient recovery for muscle hypertrophy effects
  • Speedy and continuous increase in size
  • Curbs protein breakdown and boosts protein deposition
  • Higher fat burning and muscle shredding
  • Replacement of fat with quality muscle tissue
  • Intense strength and muscular endurance
  • Lackluster performance and sculpted deltoids

Testol 140 benefits

To understand what comes with Testol 140 as a package, it is essential to know that Testol 140 is a pure testosterone booster. It is an incredible blend of natural T enhancers that support your body in creating and adjusting this crucial hormone.

Once the body tunes in to elevate endogenous hormones without synthetic supply or stimulation, the following Testol 140 results emerge:

  • Higher muscle bulk: Similar to Rad 140, this nutritional sports booster largely works to build fibrous muscle mass. This is done by enabling an efficient muscle recovery that involves healing wear and tear and proliferating muscle cells. With regular weightlifting and conscious eating, it fuels as much as 12 pounds of lean mass within a 4-week span
  • Fat and weight loss: The rise in testosterone is effective for muscle definition as well as maintaining a healthy weight. The hormone essentially regulates fat breakdown for the body to get rid of unnecessary fat. Testol 140 further maintains body composition while protecting the muscle during the catabolic state
  • Dramatic strength: besides working for muscle fullness and weight loss, Testol 140 has a role in ensuring hyper-strength. The natural SARM facilitates the transformation of fat reserves into energy so that you do not fall short of power or aggression in the gym

How Testol 140 works?

Testol 140 houses a bunch of natural testosterone boosters to overcome testosterone deficiency or lift up its levels safely. This may stem from the need to upgrade your fitness or your health, as healthy testosterone largely influences both.

With testosterone in action, you get to experience your desired muscle fullness, fat loss, and higher strength through the following pathways:

  • Active metabolism: Testosterone has a direct connection with your metabolic performance. It validates by the fact that as men begin to age and their bodies experience a gradual decline in their production, they start to gain weight. The anabolic hormone basically helps their bodies handle fat in a more efficient way. With its growth, they can maintain a healthy fat percentage while the muscles carve through the elimination of intramuscular fat
  • Increased protein synthesis: the muscles require a never-ending supply of protein to grow, develop, and maintain. As you strive to bulk up, your requirements for protein automatically double, which Testol 140 accommodates through increased nitrogen retention. Nitrogen supports the growth of amino acids, which then supports the making of protein through protein synthesis. The domino effect of which is efficient muscle recovery and growth
  • Higher Red blood count: Red blood cells are what supply the muscles with the spark they need to increase the workout volume. Testol 140 grows red blood cells that deliver high oxygenated blood to make ATP and train harder before the deposition of lactic acid that jams activity

The overall mechanism of Testol 140 is safe and promising in mimicking the properties of Rad 140. The versatile tool uses an incredible approach in delivering impressive gains and that too, without impairing the quality of health!

Testol 140 ingredients

Testol 140 contains ingredients that possess medical approval as dietary supplements. These constituents are rigorously and neutrally tested on an individual level and in a synergistic blend to maintain optimum safety standards.

The formulation takes place in FDA-approved and cGMP-certified settings, keeping a strict eye on the product’s purity and quality.

The natural ingredients, or testosterone boosters, that give Testol 140 its power to influence your bodybuilding dynamics are:


The nutrient is indispensable to overall wellbeing and fitness as it assists a plethora of processes in the body. In addition to supporting the performance, strength, and contraction of muscles, it regulates blood circulation and blood sugar. Magnesium also has a role in creating protein while enabling your body to increase free and total testosterone


From encouraging healthy immune performance to thyroid functioning, zinc takes care of all. However, its presence in Testol 140 is mainly for testosterone and to reap its countless health and fitness effects. As per research, the essential mineral is twice as effective for men as it is for women. This is because it boosts the amount of serum testosterone and regulates its level for a positive influence

Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 is more of a need for the development of our brain and nerves. Not only that, the imperative vitamin is essential to ensuring the healthy performance of proteins and fats in our system. Of course, the inclusion of vitamin B6 is more for its fitness properties, than for improving your nutrient profile. It essentially repairs muscle, boosts nitric oxide, and facilitates the growth of red blood cells. Moreover, as it curbs estrogen synthesis, it contributes to the elevation of testosterone

Vitamin D3:

One cannot count the benefits of vitamin D3 on one's fingers, as its qualities are sure to outnumber them. But to keep it short and crisp, vitamin D3 helps with the growth and remodelling of bones. It balances muscle contractions and assists in transforming sugar into fuel. Overall, all these effects are extremely favourable for the performance and endurance of athletes. There are some studies suggesting that the vitamin serves as an anabolic hormone in the body. There are some that also connect its deficiency with poor testosterone levels

Conjugated linoleic acid:

CLA is particularly effective for limiting fat accumulation and encouraging weight loss. However, conjugated linoleic acid is part of Testol 140 because of its propensity to induce the growth of testosterone. As per a study, it increases total testosterone in the blood by stimulating Leydig cells GPR120/ ERK pathway


In addition to controlling blood sugar, fenugreek pumps up testosterone levels in the body. As a matter of fact, many use fenugreek-based supplements to enhance their male and level up the male hormone

KSM-66 ® Ashwagandha:

This patented compound comes with extraordinary qualities, favoring your health and fitness alike. It essentially eases anxiety, curbs fat, boosts muscular mass and stamina, sharpens cognitive functions, and enhances heart health. However, the crux of its properties is its role in igniting the growth of testosterone


Along with amino acids, the patented SENACTIV offers a long list of benefits while primarily acting as a recovery booster. From increasing your training capacity to easing muscle inflammation, it turns Testol 140 into a comprehensive solution.

Is Testol 140 legal?

Yes, there is no doubt in the legal landscape about Testol 140. This is because the formula is:

  • A dietary solution encompassing naturally-resourced testosterone boosters
  • Contains all-natural ingredients that do not stress the liver
  • There is ample research that substantiates its safe nature
  • There is third-party testing that also favours its claims
  • It is not some artificial stimulant or hormone
  • It contains healthy doses of every ingredient
  • The composition is transparent and not a proprietary blend
  • There are no side effects of Testol 140
  • It includes no gluten, sugar, dairy, or synthetic sweeteners
  • Every ingredient is pharmaceutical grade
  • The composition takes place in FDA approved settings

So yes, Testol 140 is legal and highly valuable for your bodybuilding routines.

Testol 140 side effects:

Testol 140 justifies the popularity and results of Testolone Rad 140, without causing any harm to the body. It serves as an ideal bodybuilding supplement that works to enhance your physique and your performance without jeopardizing any aspect of your health profile.

Overall, there are no dangers to using Testol 140; however,

  • You should avoid any bodybuilding supplement if you are under 18, pregnant, or breastfeeding
  • Discuss the possibility of interaction with your doctor if you are taking any high-powered medicines
  • Religiously follow your doses (do not underdose or overdose), ensuring a 15-day break in between cycles
  • Do not follow a PCT, as the natural testosterone booster does not hamper your endogenous testosterone

RAD 140 VS TESTOL 140 - Conclusive thoughts:

This brings us to the conclusion of our write-up, which highlighted the problem while offering a viable way out. Click here to visit rad 140 official website

However, for one last time, let us briefly discuss why it is important for you to prioritize a natural solution like Testol 140 over a synthetic anabolic compound like RAD 140.

  • Safety: Evidently, since Testol 140 combines effectiveness with safety, it is rare to see beyond
  • Availability: RAD-140 is not available through DEA-registered pharmacies, and to avail yourself of it, you need to have a research need. You can buy RAD 140 alternative, however, from the official website of CrazyBulk without any difficulty
  • Legal: It is legal to use Testol 140 for your fitness dilemmas and needs, but not Rad 140
  • Research: There is evidence suggesting Testol 140's efficacy, whereas Testolone awaits the results of profound research on humans
  • Affordability: Testol 140 easily adjusts to your budget with an affordable price and great discounts, while Testolone costs a fortune

The answer to this comparison is wide and clear. So, step up your fitness game and smash through all plateaus for a beach-ready body with Testol 140.


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