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Super Affiliate System Review: Does It Work? (Surprising)

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Super Affiliate System Review: Does It Work? (Surprising)

The Super Affiliate System, by John Crestani, has gained a lot of popularity over the course of a few years. Upon a further look, it’s not hard to see why the traction and popularity are there, and more so when there’s an increase in students' success stories. It has taken many that didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing to build lifestyle businesses that allow them to travel the world. 

Super Affiliate System Review
Super Affiliate System Review

In this thorough review, we’ll cover who John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System is for and whether it’s worth buying for those who are entering the space of affiliate marketing. With so many courses available on the internet, it can be hard to make sense of which one is the most optimal for beginners. 

This article hopes to provide some insights on the super affiliate system to steer beginners in the right direction when starting their affiliate marketing journey. 


This review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are publicly available online. Any conclusions drawn are merely the author's opinions. The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission to the author if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. The views and opinions expressed in this article are the author's own. 

The Super Affiliate System, by John Crestani, has gained a lot of popularity over the course of a few years. Upon a further look, it’s not hard to see why the traction and popularity are there, and more so when there’s an increase in students' success stories. It has taken many that didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing to build lifestyle businesses that allow them to travel the world.  

All thanks to the business model taught in the course, which in this case is affiliate marketing, as the name of the course suggests.  

Now, it’s worth noting that while making thousands of dollars a month with affiliate marketing, or even better, being able to create a full-time income with it, it isn’t an outcome that the average individual will attain.  

The average person makes no money online and any results shown in any testimonials or case studies are not average. The average person loses money and is at risk of partial or complete loss of capital. Any results students have gotten with the super affiliate system or any training program pertaining to making money online are exceptional results and by no means reflect the experience of the average individual. 

Having that said, it’s worth noting that a sizable portion of users choose to jump from one opportunity to another, never allowing themselves to develop the necessary skills to see the fruits of their hard work pay off by the end.  

However, for those sticking with the course long enough and willing to put in the hard work, while there still isn’t any guarantee or success and even complete loss of capital, there is a possibility of surpassing the average and getting to the top, thanks to the guidance of someone that’s actually in the trenches and has been making money online for several years.  

Many agree that John Crestani does an exceptional job at this - it’s easy to get stuck in the affiliate marketing jungle and the business model can be risky without the right guidance. With John Crestani’s Super Affiliate system, everything is in one place, designed to take a complete novice to earning a full-time income.  


Why Choose John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 

The alternative of trying to do this without a course by someone that’s qualified like Crestani is in this case is that it can quickly lead novices to information overload, as the information and pieces of the puzzle to making money with affiliate marketing are scattered across the web.  

The next issue is making sense of who is trustworthy because, with affiliate marketing, there are unfortunately lots of unqualified individuals that don’t have the students' best interest at heart and are looking to make a quick buck.  

Far too many will fake their credentials or expertise. That is not the case with John Crestani, as he has a track record of success, and the success stories of his program often increase.  

The Super Affiliate System is popular and rightfully so, as it provides beginners a sense of direction, as opposed to let’s say, joining a community where an instructor doesn’t have the documented success in affiliate marketing that John Crestani does, and its the blind leading the blind.  


Private Group Access 

John Crestani’s Course does come with access to a community, but what makes the community so powerful is that it’s often filled with individuals that understand the importance of investing in themselves and are serious about making affiliate marketing work for them.  

The path to going from zero to super affiliate is lengthy and doesn’t come without its fair share of hardships, that’s why there’s nothing like being led by the hand in a step-by-step process through a course that’s both easy to digest and easy to understand.  

A major plus of being in a private group where other students are as hungry as oneself for success is a sense of accountability that can be compared when going to the gym. But instead of growing muscles, students are ready to put their all into growing their financial muscles with a skill that, in theory, could serve them for the rest of their lives. Or at the very least, for as long as the internet as we know it is around. 

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Guided Throughout The Process 

The value of having a mentor by one’s side in order to progress fast in any field can’t be quantified, because the time they spend committing themselves to the success of their student is invaluable.  

And while buying the Super Affiliate System per se doesn’t mean one is buying mentorship, it does mimic some of the aspects of mentorship in the sense that it’s filled with people that have achieved the success a student in question wants to achieve and many times offer availability through a private group to those who are stuck. 


Is The Super Affiliate System Course Only For Beginners? 

Not only can the super affiliate system work for those who are new. It can also work for those that are advanced affiliates and intermediate, as the course does cover strategies for scaling profitable ad campaigns where the sky's the limit as far as potential for profit goes.  

Many times, those who get to experience the first initial small wins with affiliate marketing are stuck in the issue of scale, as scaling can be complicated. In addition, due to the nature of affiliate marketing, there’s a lot of contradictory advice, so it becomes harder for the novice.  

Fortunately, with the Super Affiliate System, novices are unlikely to face that problem as they are learning from someone that’s a professional affiliate marketer.  

Following the wrong advice on affiliate marketing can be dangerous and set someone’s business back for several years, all because they took the wrong advice. And at the end of the day, it ends up being more costly than not paying for a legitimate mentor. Ironically, the idea of not paying for a course or mentorship ends up becoming more harmful for the newbie affiliate.  

While marketing in itself isn’t a science, it does help to approach it as such as many of the super affiliates today that ride yachts, fly in first class or travel to exotic locations worldwide did have to go through a rigorous process of trial and error to get to where they are today.  

It’s smart to learn from one's own mistakes, but wiser to learn from others' mistakes, something the super affiliate course could help many do.  

One learns to avoid many of the pitfalls and roadblocks that keep novice affiliates from transitioning to intermediate, and from intermediate to advanced.  

In an ideal scenario, where it once had taken struggling beginners years to get where they wanted to be, it instead just takes a few months, if even that. Those who want to skip a lengthy and stiff learning curve could benefit strongly from what John Crestani’s program has to offer.  

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Why Affiliate Marketing Is Preferable Than Any Other Business Model 

Many novices want to have as little overhead and complications as possible. Affiliate marketing in theory, is one of the easiest business models there is.  

Affiliates don’t need to create their own products to make money and can start making money right away after launching a successful ad on either social media, search engines, native advertising and so on. 

As long as an affiliate gets someone to buy from their link, they get a percentage of the commission of the product’s price, without affecting the original price of the product to the end user.  

On top of that, it’s possible to do affiliate marketing without needing to talk to anyone, which can sound like a dream to introverts that like the idea of making a substantial amount of money without the need for human interaction.  

Talking to others can be intimidating, and remaining in the zone of comfort is what many prefer, but not so ideal from a personal development point of view. 


Affiliate Marketing Can Take Years To Master, But Doesn’t Have To 

It’s a hard fact that most don’t make any money with affiliate marketing and most even lose money. And many give up before their last attempt.  

Even when an individual does everything right, there will always be variables outside of our control that in one way or another can prevent someone from making money. That isn’t just exclusive to affiliate marketing but any business model suffers from this.  

No one can guarantee anyone’s success. But at the very least, individuals can take steps to increase their likelihood of success. And one sure way to fast-track the process is to actually practice a craft and get feedback. But the practice has to be done correctly, in this case, ads have to be run correctly in order to see results.  

Fortunately, John Crestani’s course does, as previously mentioned, get rid of many of the problems many new affiliates face when entering the space, such as information overload, as affiliates can comfortably watch the training materials condensed in one place at their own paste and do corresponding assignments to ensure they are retaining information taught in the course.  

Those who purchase the super affiliate system get lifetime access to the program, so those who are overwhelmed by a busy schedule could still benefit greatly from what’s taught inside. 

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What Does The Super Affiliate System Course Teach? 

Everything from the A-Z to mastering affiliate marketing. Once someone takes the course, they are supposed to have everything at their disposal to know everything they will ever need to become a full-time affiliate.  

And while it’s impossible to cover everything the training program offers, here are some reasons on why the super affiliate system differs from so many other courses and what’s worth highlighting. 

  • It teaches proper selection of offers, to make sure affiliates send clicks to offers that are likely to lead to sales and conversions. Offer selection can be difficult, but the methodology of the course teaches novices how to select an affiliate offer they can promote that will have the most potential for the strategy they are using. 

  • Everything about tracking, optimization, and scaling. Tracking software helps affiliates determine which variables of one campaign make it most profitable, whether it’s a certain device that resulted in more sales for the affiliate, the browser the visitor used, etc. This information can later be used to create an ad with a winning combination to make a campaign result in a positive result of investment for every dollar put in. This is of course a simplified explanation but the training will go more into detail about this. 

  • How to run campaigns on native advertising platforms. One of the major benefits of native ads in conjunction with affiliate marketing is that these platforms tend to be more affiliate friendly and flexible. Some of the biggest affiliates run their most profitable campaigns on native advertising platforms as these platforms are less prone to ban affiliates as opposed to the more common traffic sources, such as social media. 

  • Copywriting. The skill that allows affiliates to create words that cause people to buy. Copywriting is an invaluable skill sought after by major companies and is very likely to always be in demand. Everyone wants more sales after all.  

All this may sound complicated, but the reality is that it can become relatively simple, and while the skill is taught in the super affiliate system can take weeks, if not months to get a grip of, it’s a skill that can pay off in the long run and allow someone to live a location independent lifestyle while generating a full-time income.  

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But due to how in-depth this program goes, practically being an easy-to-digest library of information, everything is done in a step-by-step manner, so novices won’t be overwhelmed by advanced strategies that, due to their complexity, dissuade beginners from continuing.  

It can be the ideal go-to resource for affiliates when they get stuck, but it doesn’t end there. Since, considering those who join the super affiliate system have access to a private group, they can get the direct feedback they need to go from a struggling affiliate to a winning affiliate.  

In addition to the feedback they can get from others, a major plus is that students of the super affiliate system have access to weekly webinars where they can get their questions solved.  

The program consists of 6 weeks of training. Some individuals may take longer to finish this, which is completely understandable and expected.  

Fortunately, what’s taught inside the super affiliate system can also be used as a normal advertising skill for those looking to up their game in advertising and learn how to advertise on major social media platforms and search engines profitably.  

This isn’t a program that should be rushed as the information contained is valuable and should be carefully studied if one wants to see the most optimal results.  

In addition to teaching traditional affiliate marketing where merchants pay affiliates a percentage of the sale, the program also covers CPA marketing.  

CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition, meaning an affiliate can get paid a commission simply by getting visitors to fill in a form on a page, or completing a survey. So in theory, affiliates can make thousands of dollars out of visitors without the need for these visitors to purchase anything.  



With something so easy to navigate and available for beginners at the time they get stuck in their affiliate marketing journey, the current price of the super affiliate system compared to what affiliates get is a steal. There was a time when the price was five thousand dollars to join the program.  

As of right now, the price is $997, and it seems like it’s a one-time fee. However, there’s no guarantee this heavy discount will always remain in place, there’s always a risk for the price to increase, so we believe it’d be an intelligent decision to get it now as it’s at the lowest price it has ever been.  

Quality training often requires an equivalent price in proportion to the value shown in the training. In this case, what’s taught inside the training are invaluable skills that come at a fraction of what it would normally cost on many other courses. Based on thorough observation and review, this is one of the most, if not the most comprehensive affiliate training programs we have spotted on the web to this date.  

The alternative of going in circles without having a sense of direction and failing for years doesn’t sound as attractive when one instead considers the better option which can give a beginner the possibility of shortcutting a stiff learning curve. More so considering the technical barriers and challenges that come up when trying to do affiliate marketing on one own.  

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Up To Date Information 

One of the greatest aspects of the super affiliate system is that it’s up to date, and videos can be seen in a high-quality format. Due to the constantly changing landscape of affiliate marketing, it’s critical to have access to up-to-date information.  

As previously mentioned, lots of affiliate marketing guides on the internet teach outdated information that might’ve worked years ago but no longer does.  

The combination of being part of a private group, as well as learning from those who are considered the best in the industry is what can give the beginner affiliate a significant competitive edge as opposed to the counterpart that doesn’t have the knowledge or access to the strategies taught in the super affiliate system.  


What Are The Overall Pros and Cons Of The Super Affiliate System? 

John Crestani’s program is often considered ideal for beginners and here are some of the pros and cons of the program. 


  • Easy to follow and digestible information through step-by-step guides. 

  • Learn valuable, in-demand skills that are applicable for the foreseeable future. 

  • Learn from experts who’ve been in the affiliate industry for years. 

  • Accessible anywhere, at any time, at one’s own paste. 

  • Suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced affiliates. 

  • Up-to-date course and constantly updated. 

  • Very comprehensive and in-depth - everything an individual needs to become an affiliate marketer from the ground up. 


  • Not ideal for those who are not serious or willing to put in the work to become a super affiliate. Lazy individuals who aren’t committed to their own success are the least likely to see results. 

  • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so while results can happen rapidly, by no means does it represent the average result individuals will get with this program. 

It’s worth noting that John Crestani does care about the success of the students joining the program. That’s why the super affiliate system has a money-back guarantee system, should someone decide the program isn’t for them.  

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How Many Hours a Day Do I Need To Make This Work? 

While there never is any guarantee that this will work and while results will always vary, It’s understandable that individuals have different schedules and disposable time to devote to learning such a valuable skill as affiliate marketing correctly.  

But lots of the students seem to dedicate around 2 to 3 hours every day, in order to make what’s taught inside the super affiliate system work. But this can of course vary from person to person, as everyone has different priorities.  


Verdict - Is The Super Affiliate System Worth It? 

For someone that is serious about learning the skill of affiliate marketing, I have yet to see another program as comprehensive as this one.  

That’s not to say there isn’t, but based on the number of success stories and testimonials of exceptional students, this program seems to be one of the best choices for beginners to learn affiliate marketing and the A-Z on how to operate the business in a way that results in profits. It’s also suitable for those that want to be hand-held throughout their journey to make affiliate marketing their full-time career.  

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Earnings Disclaimer: 

As with any business, your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any income at all and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. There is always a risk of a total loss of capital and by no means is the author implying any guarantee of income as a result of choosing to join the program.