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StrictionD Reviews - Is Striction D Good For Diabetics?

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StrictionD Reviews - Is Striction D Good For Diabetics?

In this all-in-one Striction D review guide, we come up with in-depth and exclusive facts about the healthy habits sugar control product with the concluding point whether it is worth the purchase or not. So, let's start with a quick overview of Striction D.


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High blood sugar levels indicate many risky diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and weight gain. People often try to control it using traditional medicines and prescription medicine, but it is usually less likely to reverse; they might help lower the symptoms but don't help much. Also, the side effects of diabetes medicine are overwhelming.

Striction D comes into the market as organic support to help keep blood sugar levels in optimal ranges (already normal). It contains natural ingredients clinically proven to help diabetic conditions and overall health. Nevertheless, is it safe, and what are the terms and conditions to use?

In this all-in-one Striction D review guide, we come up with in-depth and exclusive facts about the healthy habits sugar control product with the concluding point whether it is worth the purchase or not. So, let's start with a quick overview of Striction D:

A Quick StrictionD Review

Product Name 

Striction D 


Blood Sugar Nutritional Support 


Healthy Habits  

Striction D Official Website 

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Primary Function  

Maintenance of healthy blood sugar level 

Special Feature 

  1. Vegan friendly 

  1. All-natural high-quality ingredients  

  1. Gluten-free 

  1. GMP certified  

  1. GMO-free  

  1. Clinically researched and third-party tested 

  1. Made in the USA  


  1. Reduce triggers of raised blood sugar level 

  1. Decreases insulin resistance  

  1. Helps in the maintenance of blood sugar level 

  1. Helps to lower high blood pressure  

  1. Support vibrant aging 

  1. It assists in weight loss 

  1. Improve overall wellness 

Best For  

Anyone above 18 and want nutritional support to optimize high blood sugar levels. 

Not Recommended For 

  1. People with low blood sugar level 

  1. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies 

  1. People under serious medical conditions and treatment 

  1. Under 18 years 

  1. Animals  

  1. Medically serious patient  


2 capsules in a day 


  1. You should stay within the recommended dosage.  

  1. The product should keep away from the reach of kids.  

  1. Store it in a dry place. 

  1. Consult a healthcare expert before using it. 

Legal Disclaimer from the Company 

  1. It’s not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. 

  1. It’s not evaluated by the FDA. 

  1. It is not an alternative to medical treatment.  



Money-Back Guarantee  

  1. 365 days on the official website 

  1. 60 days on Amazon 

  1. 30 days on eBay, and Walmart 

Overall Rating  


Where To Buy? 

StrictionD Official Website 

Review of Striction D Pros and Cons



It is a natural and vegan formula. 

It’s over-priced.  

It efficiently regulates blood sugar levels. 

It’s not a substitute for medical treatment.  

Easy-to-take capsules 


The supplement's results may vary from person to person.  

The low profile of adverse effects. 

It is not recommended for kids, animals, and people who’re on medication. 

Made in the USA at an FDA-approved facility using the finest ingredients. 


365 days money-back guarantee available  


88% 5-star rating 


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StrictionD Reviews Consumer Reports: Striction D Reviews and Complaints

Striction D has received an overall 88% positive rating across all platforms. People are very satisfied with the outcomes and recommend it to anyone looking for natural support for their blood sugar management.

Consumers have reported a significant drop in their AC1 after using this product; additionally, some users have reported that it gives them an extra energy boost.

2% StrictionD consumer reviews were neutral; they weren't sure if it was helping them, but it wasn't affecting them as well.

As per 10% of negative ratings and complaints, most users were dissatisfied with the results. Some users also complained about side effects while using it. One user also stated that it interacted with his diabetic drugs and caused huge discomfort.

A Short Introduction of Healthy Habits Striction D

Striction D
Striction D

Striction d supplement is the advanced nutritional support for diabetes or pre-diabetics patients. It is intended to reduce the triggers which may cause high blood glucose levels. It is a veg capsule made of 5 premium naturally sourced agents. Moreover, it is free of GMO, additives, preservatives, and chemicals that can change the human metabolic rate. Unlike other diabetic drugs, it is 100% natural and supports overall wellness.

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Why Should I Take StrictionD If My Blood Sugar Levels Are Already Normal?

If your blood sugar level is already in the optimal range, then you can take it to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes.

Does It Help Low Sugar Levels?

Striction D blood sugar support does not assist in raising low blood sugar. It only acts to lower high blood sugar levels. The manufacturer advises their customers to monitor their blood sugar levels frequently so that they do not have critically low sugar levels.

Is It a Must-To-Have?

It is not a must-have; you can control your blood sugar level with healthy and moderate eating and lifestyle changes. If you have this, it is also not a waste because it can help as a good support system for metabolizing blood sugar and preventing unwanted spikes.

Do Blood Sugar Control Supplements Really Work?

As per American Diabetes Association, blood sugar control supplements have little influence on correcting or maintaining a healthy glucose level. Nevertheless, they need to be made clear if it can help a person. However, they prefer a healthy and well-balanced diet over dietary supplements.

How Striction D Works?

Striction D improves the body's primary function of making, using, and metabolizing blood insulin, which helps lower the blood glucose level and reduce the related symptoms. The following are the factors that contribute to its action mechanism:

Boosting the Production of Insulin Hormones

The problem of high blood sugar in the insulin results when the insulin fails to metabolize the glucose in the blood leading to elevation in the bloodstream. StrictionD is intended to produce stronger insulin molecules to efficiently metabolize the sugar or carbs present in the bloodstream.

The ingredients in this product, such as Ceylon Cinnamon, are responsible for the increased secretion from beta cells. It also helps in the steady flow of insulin levels in the blood, which helps prevent elevation of blood sugar level. Moreover, it helps greatly in removing the toxins from the pancreas, which also triggers to make more insulin molecules.

Help Improve Sensitivity

StrictionD contains bioactive ingredients which help in the production of enzymes helpful in the processing of insulin hormones. It helps improve insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin resistance; consequently, it helps manage blood sugar over time. Regular dosage may help prevent diabetic symptoms when combined with a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Helps Metabolism, and Immunity Strength

Another factor that makes Striction D an effective product is its role as nutritional support. It helps boost metabolism and immunity strength; therefore, a person with diabetes or a high blood glucose level may have a low risk of discomfort symptoms.

Is StrictionD Cure for Diabetes?

Striction D is a useful product to lower blood sugar but is not a cure for diabetics. Also, it is not an alternative to medical treatment for diabetics. Moreover, if you are on diabetes medication, you are advised to ask your doctor before adding this supplement to your diet.

StrictionD Cure for Diabetes
StrictionD Cure for Diabetes

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Striction D Ingredients Review: Striction D Facts

Striction D capsule comprises 5 natural and antioxidant-rich ingredients derived from only plant-based sources. Unlike other supplements, it is free of chemically modified agents, habit-forming compounds, and chemically inactive ingredients.

The following is the list of Striction D ingredients and how they help manage blood sugar:.


Striction D contains 0.75 mg of thiamine as Thiamine Hydrochloride. Thiamine is also known as vitamin B1. It is a powerful antioxidant that has a primary role in converting carbohydrates into glucose, and glucose metabolism. Thiamine therapy is a highly efficient and effective treatment option for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (1) (2) .


It contains 0.75 mg of zinc as zinc amino acid Chelate. Zinc amino acid Chelate is a form of zinc attached to the amino acid; it helps increase the absorption and bioactivity of zinc molecules. This form of zinc supplement is particularly efficient at reducing diabetes inflammation and improving blood sugar levels (3) (4) .


Striction D serves 200 mcg of chromium as Crominex ® (stabilized trivalent chromium). Crominex is the advanced version of Chromium with a high ability of absorption and effectiveness. It helps greatly improve insulin sensitivity, carbohydrate metabolism, and muscle mass improvement. It also helps to keep the lipids and triglycerides in the normal range (5) (6) .

Ceylon Cinnamon

Striction D contains 500 mg of Ceylon cinnamon, a cinnamon native to Sri Lanka (Cinnamomum verum bark). Ceylon cinnamon is clinically more potent than cassia cinnamon. This ingredient is high in antioxidants, antibacterial agents, and anti-inflammatory compounds. It has been successfully shown to lower blood glucose levels and enhance lipid metabolism in diabetic patients. (7).

Corosolic Acid

Single serving of StrictionD contains 240 mcg of corosolic acid derived from banaba extract. Banaba extract and corosolic acid are both highly medicinal. They are widely used in supplements or therapies to improve insulin sensitivity, lower triglyceride levels in the blood, and increase cellular glucose uptake (8) (9) .

Other Ingredients

StrictionD also contains the following ingredients in small amounts:

  • Hypromellose
  • Rice flour
  • Magnesium
  • Stearate (vegetable)
  • Silicon dioxide

What to Expect From Striction D?

Strictiond manufacturers claim that with every dosage, you can get the following benefits:

Blood Sugar Levels in Normal Ranges

It is obvious, StrictionD is formulated to control the blood sugar level in the optimal range even if it is already normal. Moreover, it should allow the body to use insulin efficiently. It is maybe beneficial for diabetes and prediabetes conditions.

Healthy Blood Pressure

StrictionD should help to avoid hypertension, often known as high blood pressure. Although it is not the primary function of this product, some of its ingredients, such as cinnamon and magnesium, are particularly effective for improving heart and blood pressure health.

Improved Heart Health

Strictiond's ingredients are heart-healthy. It reduces serum triglycerides, helps lipid metabolism, lowers blood cholesterol, and regulates high blood pressure; in this way, it should support heart optimal health. However 2% of Striction D consumers report that it has hindered their heart health.

Reduced Inflammation

Striction D ingredients such as Ceylon cinnamon, zinc, and thiamine are exceptionally good at reducing inflammation. It should benefit your general health, regulate blood sugar, and reduce diabetes-related inflammation.

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Is Striction D Safe?

Striction D is safe and has a low risk of side effects.

As, it's made with risk-free and naturally sourced ingredients. Moreover, it is free of genetically engineered chemicals or allergens such as dairy, gluten, soy, milk, and egg. Furthermore, it is tested and approved by third-party labs as safety insurance. More importantly, it is manufactured in the USA at FDA-approved laboratories, which are considered the best in quality and safety.

Striction D Side Effects

Although StrictionD blood sugar capsules are considered risk-free, still abusing them can cause side effects. The following are the common effects of the Striction D dosage:

  • Mouth dryness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Weight loss

These symptoms are usually mild and go away once your body adjusts to the new addition of dietary supplements. However, discontinue its use and consult a healthcare doctor if the symptoms are severe.

The following symptoms also require urgent medical attention:

  • Hypoglycaemia (Low blood sugar level)
  • Fainting
  • Confusion
  • Vitamin loss
  • Allergic reaction (hives, difficulty in breathing, skin rash)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Interaction with other medicines
  • kidney disease

StrictionD and Metformin: Is It Safe?

StrictionD and Metformin
StrictionD and Metformin

Striction D supplement is not recommended to combine with diabetic and blood-thinning medicines, including Metformin. If you are on Metformin therapy and want to include Striction D in your treatment plan, consult your healthcare provider.

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Is It Better Than Other Supplements in the Market?

There is a wide range of health supplements marketed as diabetes cures. These drugs claim to cure type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes from the inside out and to do so for good. The FDA is outraged by the health companies ' statement, and they have named ten companies that are illegally selling dietary supplements as blood sugar support and diabetic medicine, including some well-known brands: Pharmaganics LLC, Holistic Healer & Wellness Center Inc, Live Good Inc, Nuturna International LLC, and Ar-Rahmah Pharm LLC.

Here one thing is to mention; Striction D does not claim to cure diabetes; instead, it is intended to support blood sugar levels in normal ranges by using all-natural and safe ingredients. Unlike other health supplements, it doesn't contain hidden ingredients or chemically hazardous agents, which do more harm than help. But, it costs higher than other supplements on the market.

Unlike other blood sugar supplements, Striction D has a maximum 5-star rating and positive consumer feedback. According to Striction D reviews on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and health forums, it seems to be a good formula for supporting blood sugar levels.

StrictionD WebMD

WebMD has made it super clear that supplements cannot cure diabetes (11), though they do not mention StrictionD. However, they also mentioned that some health supplements might aid in the remission of diabetic symptoms; but before using them, consult your healthcare provider.

Striction D Reviews

Healthy Habits Online Store

Striction D Reviews







Where to Buy Striction D?

You can buy Striction D from online retailers. It is available at the Healthy Habits online store, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. However, make sure to only buy from authorized retailers.

If you are looking for striction d near me, you can select one of the following options:

Visit StrictionD Official Website and Get Special Discount Today.

Buying Tips: You can select your preferred purchasing platform. However, StrictionD sellers on the Healthy Habits web store and Amazon are reputable and have a better sales history than eBay and Walmart. Moreover, check for discounts, coupons, and codes before placing orders for any product. On receiving the package, check the expiry date and bottle seal. If the product is old, expired, or the seal is broken, immediately contact the seller and ask for a return.

Striction D Cost

Striction D's original price for one bottle is $69.95, but it is also available at huge discounts and affordable rates on other platforms. For example, the same bottle is available at Amazon for 15% off with free shipping, and if you are approved for Amazon Prime, you can get it for $0! (one-time offer). Price lap is also available at Walmart and eBay, but the refund conditions and other policies may differ.

The following is a detail of Striction D pricing across various platforms:


Prices (excluding tax*) 

Shipping Cost  

Delivery Days  

Refund Available  

Healthy Habits Online Store 

  1. 1 bottle: $69.95 

  1. 3 bottles: $139.89 

  1. 6 bottles: $251.82 

  1. 12 bottles: $419.76 

  1. $6.97 (within the U.S.) 

  1. $25 (within Canada) 

  1. Free shipping over the purchase of $99 

3 to 6 business days 

365 days 100% refund available  


1 bottle: $53.88 

Free shipping  

5 to 8 days 

60 days refund available  


1 bottle: $53.88 

Free Shipping 

5 to 8 days 

30 days return available  


1 bottle: $39.99  

Free Shipping 

2 to 4 days 

30 days return available 



Depends on the services provider  

 Depends on retailers and delivery providers  

Usually no 

If you only want to buy one bottle, go to eBay or Amazon, where it is available at the lowest prices and with the best policies. However, if you intend to order more than one bottle, you should purchase it from the official website, as purchasing it as a package allows you to save up to 50%.

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What if It Doesn't Work for You?

Striction D would require 90 days of regular use for visible results. Nevertheless, if you are dissatisfied with the results and want your money back, you can request a refund 365 days after the purchase date on the official website, 60 days on Amazon, and 30 days on Walmart and eBay.

For refund requests from the official website, call them at 800-604-6766. They will provide a 100% refund without any conditions; unlike other platforms, they will not require you to return their bottles or pay additional charges.


Can Supplements Help Prevent Diabetes?

Natural or nutritional supplements are less likely to prevent or cure diabetes. Only a few diabetic supplements may help manage its symptoms and improve your endurance.

How Long Does It Take for Blood Sugar Pills to Work?

It depends upon many factors, including the user's age, gender, condition, overall health, and type of pills. Usually, a sugar pill provides noticeable effects within 48 hours of medication.

Can Striction D Work on Diabetic Dogs?

Striction D is not intended to help diabetic animals. If your dog is diabetic, consult a veterinarian before adding any supplement to your dog's diet.

Does Any Website Have Striction D for Sale?

Amazon has a 15% discount on the Striction D, while Healthy Habits online store has 30, 40, and 50% discounts on Striction D packages, which means you can get it at $34/bottle instead of $69.

Where Can I Buy Striction D?

You can buy Striction D through their online store, official website, and e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Walgreens, etc.

What Are the Most Common StrictionD Complaints?

The majority of people complain about its negative impact on their heart’s health. People reported chest pain, heart palpitation, and dizzy spells. Some users also complained that it raised their blood sugar rather than lowered it. People were also unhappy with the high prices. They also advised users to only buy it after discussing it with a doctor.

How Much Is Striction D Enough?

2 capsules in a day are enough doses of Striction D. It is recommended to take the first dose with breakfast and the second dose with dinner.

How Can I Naturally Reduce My Blood Sugar Level?

You can naturally manage your blood sugar level with the following tips: reducing your carbs intake, lowering your stress level, hydrating yourself, increasing your fiber intake, having enough sleep, and taking a magnesium-rich diet.

Did Shark Tank Invest in Striction D?

Yes, Shark Tank invested $150,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the Dr. Sisskind company. This investment helped this business a lot. They have improved themselves, expanded their marketing strategies, and boosted their sales, increasing till now.

Final Recommendation

As per the Striction D reviews, it is a decent blood sugar capsule that can help with blood sugar management and overall health. Furthermore, when combined with a healthy lifestyle and nutritious eating, you will be eternally grateful. However, you must consult a doctor before adding new supplements to your diet plans to avoid unwanted effects.

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