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StormLikes Review: Is It Legit? Read Before Buying Instagram Likes

Unlock the truth about StormLikes! Is it legit or a scam? Get the inside scoop with our comprehensive review before buying Instagram likes.



When you search for the best places to buy Instagram likes, you will come across StormLikes for sure. But, before you choose this site to buy likes for your Instagram posts, you should rethink. Particularly, we recommend you read this critical review post on this platform.

Our top 3 recommended alternatives for buying Instagram Likes

What Do Users Say About StormLikes?

You know that you can know about the real value of a company when you do one thing. It is to read the reviews from real users of the service. Here are some reviews from real users:


Disappearing Likes and Followers


Some users of StormLikes claim that whatever you buy from this platform will disappear after a month. This happens to all products offered by this platform. They can be likes, followers or subscribers. You are looking for long-term results. So, you intend to buy Instagram likes.

Has Not Delivered What I Paid for


Some users have stated that they were not provided with what they paid for. Yes, some stated that they paid for 200 likes but only 100 were delivered. Some users stated that they paid for 100 followers and around 25 followers alone were delivered.


Likes and Followers from Fake Accounts


Some users of StormLikes have expressed that this company delivered likes and followers as promised. However, many of the accounts from which they got the likes and follows were deleted by Instagram. This has been done by Instagram sensing them as fake accounts. So, rather than hiring StormLikes, you can look for other StornLikes alternatives.

So, these reviews from real users of StormLikes very well show how dependable this service is. Indeed, you can learn about the alternatives to StormLikes here. Nevertheless, before that, you should know why we do not recommend StormLikes.

Why is StormLikes Not Recommended?

  • Uncertain Adoption of Algorithms
  • Social media algorithms continue to evolve.

Automation tools might face issues with adapting to these changes.

Most users feel that StormLikes is not adopting the latest algorithms. In turn, they were not able to achieve the popularity they expected for their Instagram account.

Authenticity Concerns

  • Many users of StormLikes have expressed their concerns about the authenticity of the followers and likes they bought.
  • Many have expressed that the comments they bought from this platform look AI-generated.
  • When this happens, there is a greater chance of your being banned.

Lack of Personalization

  • Many people have expressed that they are not able to get a personal association with StormLikes.
  • The reason is that the reply emails from this platform are auto-generated.
  • It means that the company does not intend to provide a personalized experience to customers.


Platform Policies

  • Many users of StormLikes have stated that this company does not abide by the rules of Instagram.
  • When this happens in your account, there are chances of your account being banned.

In short, StormLikes carry many drawbacks. When you choose a platform to buy Instagram likes, you should check the safety of the platform. With the details mentioned above, you know that StormLikes carries many drawbacks. So, the safety of your funds and even Instagram Account is at risk. It means that it is time for you to look for StormLikes alternatives. Read on to learn more:

The Best StormLikes Alternatives


Now, you wish to find the best alternatives to StormLikes. You can come across the reviews of a few alternatives to StormLikes:

1. BuzzVoice (Top Recommended)

The first alternative to StormLikes that we would like to recommend is BuzzVoice. The platform assures instant delivery of likes. Also, you can stay assured that the likes you buy will be delivered. Non-delivery of likes they bought is one of the biggest concerns expressed by people over StormLikes. But this will not happen with BuzzVoice. Here are the reasons we recommend BuzzVoice against StormLikes:

Why Do We Recommend BuzzVoice?

Different Instagram Services

  • BuzzVoice stands as the best choice to buy Instagram likes.
  • The reason is that not only likes for your Instagram posts, you can buy other things as well.
  • Under this single roof, you can buy comments, views, followers and automatic engagement for your Instagram Posts.
  • Do you run an IGTV? If so, you can buy likes, comments and views for your IGTV from BuzzVoice.
  • Not only Instagram but also this social media engagement service offers other things. They are likes, followers and comments for other social media platforms.


Instant Likes and Real Likes

  • Do you wish to achieve instant popularity on Instagram? If so, the instant-like service from BuzzVoice will help.
  • On the other hand, if you wish to grow your Instagram slowly yet steadily, you can opt for real likes.
  • When you choose to buy Instant likes, you can choose any package that starts from 100 to 50,000 likes.
  • You can choose a suitable package.
  • On the other hand, if you need real likes, you can choose one of the many packages.
  • You can buy as less as 50 real likes and can go up to 5000 likes.

In short, BuzzVoice can provide you with the flexibility in selecting the number of likes for your posts.


Attractive Pricing

StormLikes offers a free trial package. But, BuzzVoice does not offer such a free package. However, many users of StormLikes have stated that they were not credited with free likes in the trial package. On the other hand, from BuzzVoice, you can buy Instagram likes with instant delivery at $2.97. The attractive pricing is highly appreciated by users.


Instagram Policy Compliance

  • BuzzVoice ensures that its services stay in line with the terms of service of Instagram.
  • This is important to prevent your Instagram account from getting banned.
  • You cannot expect this assurance from StormLikes. But with BuzzVoice, you can stay confident that your Instagram account will remain safe.


2. BuySocialMediaMarketing (Recommended)

  • With BuySocialMediaMarketing you can buy Instagram likes with ease.
  • The platform offers the facility to buy both real and instant likes.
  • So, you can buy likes at your convenience on this platform.
Buy Instagram Likes

What more factors make BuySocialMarketing a better choice compared to StormLike? Let us find out here:

Why Do We Recommend BuySocialMediaMarketing?

Different Payment Options

  • BuySocialMediaMarketing accepts debit/credit card payments.
  • Above all, the platform also accepts payment in cryptocurrencies.
  • Examples include Monero, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, USDC, USDT, Ether and BTC.
  • Further, the platform allows you to use your account balance to pay for your orders.
  • You can improve your balance by funding it with the payment methods mentioned above.
  • Above all, the website offers a 5% bonus on top-ups of $100 or more.
  • Further, you can get around 2 to 3% cashback for every order you place with BuySocialMediaMarketing.


Attractive Deals

In addition to bonuses on top-ups and cashback, BuySocialMediaMarketing also offers coupon codes. Yes, for orders of different values, you can save a specific value. Here are the details of the deals:

  • GET $3 OFF - SAVE3 (This coupon can be applied on orders over $29)
  • GET $5 OFF - SAVE5 (This coupon can be applied on orders over $75)
  • GET $10 OFF - SAVE10 (This coupon can be applied on orders over $150)

Apart from saving costs, you can get the best value for the money you spend with BuySocialMediaMarketing. Thanks to the prompt service offered by clients. Be it buying Instagram likes, followers or subscribers, you can expect prompt service.


Positive Customer Reviews

  • Yes, before you hire any service, you should know what customers say.
  • Thankfully, BuySocialMediaMarketing has more than 92% of positive reviews.
  • Many users appreciated the instant service they got from this platform.
  • Many users also appreciated the promptness of the service.
  • They have appreciated the quick attention to detail given by the team.

Safe and Secure Service

  • You can stay assured of your account safety when you buy Instagram likes
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee for the likes it sells
  • The website of this company is PCI DSS compliant
  • The company does not ask for your Instagram account access
  • Also, the company does not ask for your Instagram password.


SocialShaft is yet another StormLikes alternative. This platform stands special by offering both instant and automatic likes. You will get the instant likes delivered within 5 to 30 minutes of placing your order. What makes this platform special? Let us find out here:

What Makes SocialShaft the Best Alternative to StormLikes?

Automatic Likes

  • SocialShaft offers automatic likes to your Instagram posts.
  • It means that after choosing a package for 30 days, you will get likes delivered for any new posts you make on Instagram.
  • After 30 days, you will have to place a fresh order for automatic likes.
  • The automatic likes service from SocialShaft has no everyday limit.
  • You will get likes automatically and views for 30 posts every month.



With automatic likes, Instagram algorithms will spot that your posts are liked regularly. In turn, it will start ranking your posts better.

Instant Likes

  • You need not worry that you can buy automatic likes alone from SocialShaft
  • Apart from automatic likes, this platform also offers instant likes
  • The instant likes will be delivered instantly within 5 to 30 minutes after you pay for them.


  • You can stay assured of the safety of SocialShaft
  • The platform will not ask for your Instagram password
  • You will have to provide only the link to the post for which you need likes
  • Above all, you can split the likes into multiple posts


Free Likes

  • SocialShaft offers free likes that stand out from StormLikes
  • Yes, the 20 free likes that this platform offers works
  • You can understand their service better from these free likes

4. InstaMama

You can buy active, real and cheap Instagram likes from InstaMama. You can maximize your credibility and reach on Instagram. In turn, you can expect genuine engagement. The team at InstaMama is devoted to delivering authentic likes from active users. In turn, you can boost the online presence of your business.

Why Rely on InstaMama Than StormLikes?

Gradual Delivery of Likes

  • When you get all the likes you buy delivered instantly, your account might look fake
  • So, InstaMama offers the service of delivering likes gradually
  • This feature makes InstaMama special as most services do not offer gradual delivery


No Ban On Your Account

  • InstaMama has gained the trust of most of its customers.
  • The processes that this company follows are crafted with the utmost care
  • The company makes sure that your Instagram Account will not face any ban.
  • InstaMama gives the utmost importance to security
  • For this purpose, the company gets likes from influencer marketing and social media ads

So, you can stay confident that your account will not be banned when you buy Instagram likes from InstaMama.

Different Payment Options

  • InstaMama prioritizes safety and comfort for users
  • So, the company offers a convenient credit card payment option
  • The company does not store your card information
  • InstaMama follows instant payment processing
  • Your order will be initiated swiftly and will be fulfilled without any delays


Now, you know the best StormLikes Alternatives. You might have some questions in this regard. You can find the answers to some of these questions here:


1. Should I Use My Instagram Password to Buy Likes?

No, trustworthy social media engagement services do not ask for your Instagram password. If a platform asks for your password, you should be cautious enough and get away.

2. Should I Buy Instagram Likes?

Yes, the reason is that you cannot get instant popularity on Instagram. It takes time to attract likes. When you buy likes, they will give an initial boost to your account. When your posts have a higher number of likes, they will naturally attract more audience. In turn, you can gain further popularity on Instagram.


3. Can I Divide the Likes to Multiple Posts?

Yes and no. The reason is that some platforms give this facility. But, some do not. They say that the entire likes you buy will go only to a particular post.

4. What Are the Benefits of Using StormLikes Alternatives?

StormLikes alternatives, including BuzzVoice, BuySocialMediaMarketing, SocialShaft, and InstaMama, prioritize user satisfaction by delivering real and high-quality engagement. They focus on complying with Instagram's terms of service, ensuring account safety, and providing reliable services.

5. How Do StormLikes Alternatives Ensure Account Safety?

StormLikes alternatives prioritize account safety by implementing stringent security measures. They refrain from requesting Instagram passwords, adhere to platform policies, and source engagement from authentic accounts, reducing the risk of account suspension.


6. Do StormLikes Alternatives Offer Free Trials?

Yes, StormLikes alternatives like BuySocialMediaMarketing and SocialShaft offer free likes trials. This allows users to experience the service's quality before making a purchase, showcasing their confidence in the effectiveness of their engagement offerings.

7. What Should I Look for When Choosing an Instagram Likes Service?

When selecting an Instagram likes service, prioritize those with positive customer reviews, prompt delivery, authentic engagement, and compliance with Instagram policies. StormLikes alternatives such as BuzzVoice, BuySocialMediaMarketing, SocialShaft, and InstaMama excel in these aspects.

8. Can I Trust Customer Reviews for Instagram Likes Services?

Yes, customer reviews are valuable indicators of a service's reliability. StormLikes alternatives have received overwhelmingly positive reviews, reflecting the satisfaction of users with the quality, safety, and effectiveness of their Instagram engagement services.


9. How Long Does It Take to See Results After Buying Instagram Likes?

Results vary, but many users report immediate positive outcomes when using StormLikes alternatives. Services like BuzzVoice and SocialShaft offer instant and real likes, providing users with flexibility based on their preferences for rapid or steady Instagram growth.

10. What Steps Can I Take to Grow My Instagram Organically?

- Growing your Instagram organically involves creating compelling content, engaging with your audience, using relevant hashtags, and collaborating with others in your niche. StormLikes alternatives support organic growth by delivering real engagement, enhancing your account's credibility over time.



For many reasons discussed above, StormLikes is not a safe platform to buy Instagram Likes. Rather, you can choose to buy them from one of the StormLikes alternatives discussed in this post.

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