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In this issue, we take a dispassionate look at what makes a killer and under what conditions a person is compelled to commit the unspeakable: the act of murder.

Issue Date : 19 December 2022


What Makes People Kill? A Peek Inside The Minds Of Killers

What drives people to kill? Is this the province of special people or are we all capable of it?


Understanding A Killer: Who Is A ‘Psychopath’?

Who is a ‘psychopath’ and, if he/she exists, how might we stop creating more of him/her?


The Making Of A Murderer: Is There A Murderer In Us All?

Does nature or nurture make a killer? Does the outdated yet still overused category ‘psychopath’ hold any water at all?


Reading Unsound Minds: Rise In Violent Crimes Necessitates Research In Forensic Psychiatry

Indian law and the criminal justice system have no real understanding of mental health and how to deal with psychopathic crimes or criminals. This not only jeopardises society at large but also curtails the fundamental rights of those with mental illnesses.


Cold-blooded Murderers: The Notorious Hall of Infame

Of all the cold-blooded murderers worldwide, the Zodiac killer of California, whose identity is still a mystery, remains the most audacious for his chilling messages


Behind The Killer Minds: What Makes A Killer?

If psychologists are to be believed, a certain type of person kills. But is that credible at all?


Does Popular Culture Inspire Crime Or Is It The Other Way Round?

Crime stories, movies and shows, based on true crimes or purely fictional, have inspired both law breakers and keepers


What It Means To Murder And How We Ought To Understand It

Murder shows us the fragility of human life and our need to value it


Crimes For Sport: Why Do Athletes Throw It All Away In A Moment Of Madness?

Sportspersons have a long and gory history of murderous misdemeanour. We look at some of the cases


There Is Normalisation Of Violence Across The Country: Filmmaker Ayesha Sood

Ayesha Sood, director of Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi speaks to Rakhi Bose of Outlook about the challenges in documenting violent crime, the politics of the news cycle and why some cases get more attention than others.


The Toxicity Of Romance: Demystifying A ‘Psychopath’

In contemporary times, love is being used as a tranquilizer and an escape from loneliness, where the other’s aggressive tendencies are perceived as strength and markers of masculinity


Congress Reinvents Itself In Himachal, Victory Goes To Grassroots Cadre Not Gandhis

Though the Congress has been routed in Gujarat by the BJP, its impressive win in Himachal has given it a cause to cheer


As Congress Gets Destroyed In Gujarat, Aam Aadmi Party Has Its First Roar

The Gujarat Congress has been decimated to the extent that it may not qualify even for a leader of opposition’s post in the State Assembly.

Art & Entertainment

The Bogeyman Of Bihar: The Complex Life Of A Notorious Criminal

Neither the book nor the TV series engage with the complexities of class, caste, gender and region that went into the making of Chandan Mahto


Diary: The Capital Name Game

Musings on how countries named their capitals


Men’s Role Key To Check Violence Against Women

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, an annual campaign by the United Nations from November 25, seeks to counter violence against women and girls