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Start Green Investing With This Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrency Set To EXPLODE By 30x

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Start Green Investing With This Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrency Set To EXPLODE By 30x

In this article, we will discuss the enormous potential tat this token has, but we will also mention the D2T, $TARO, $RIA, and TAMA tokens that are enjoying enormous popularity!


The IMPT project has easily reached the $14 million milestone with the highly successful presale of its native token. The platform met its goals almost a month ahead of schedule, making it one of the hottest new presales on the market.

This is a very important achievement for this Ethereum-based platform that will use blockchain technology, but also the NFTs, with the goal of establishing a decentralized market where carbon credits can be purchased.

In this article, we will discuss the enormous potential tat this token has, but we will also mention the D2T$TARO$RIA, and TAMA tokens that are enjoying enormous popularity!

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The importance of the IMPT project and its presale

With the increasing need to set some new standards for preserving the planet and doing what we can to help this goal, the IMPT project seems to arrive at the right time. This project will connect individuals and businesses with socially responsible brands that will work together toward reducing the carbon footprint.

The investors will be able to buy, sell and retire carbon credits via the IMPT platform. These carbon credits will be minted into NFTs with the goal of preventing any kind of fraud. The fact that the blockchain is used means that the ecosystem will be transparent and stable. This way, addressing the environmental changes becomes fully efficient.

The projects unique eco-friendly approach to cryptocurrencies is attracting new investors in massive numbers. Early investors always gain the most, especially with transparent projects such as this one, because it is clear just how big of a gain could be.

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IMPT’s IEO On Uniswap Set For December 14th

The presale was supposed to have three stages, but since IMPT tokens are selling faster than expected, the massive interest among investors pushed the project’s development into hyperdrive. Therefore, IMPT will makes its first DEX appearance on Uniswap on December 14th. Early investors will be able to claim their tokens from December 12th, and the first DEX listing will be followed by two CEX listings on LBank and Changelly Pro in a week. IMPT tokens are expected to explode after the DEX/CEX listings, so make sure to invest right now to get the highest returns.

Highly optimistic IMPT price prediction

Despite being in the initial phase of the presale, the fast selling of the coins just shows in which direction the price could go. This is the reason why the investors are highly motivated to join in and get the significant portion of coins that could explode by 30x and bring very lucrative gains in the near future.

According to analysts, the success of the presale is a significant sign of success, and by the speed at which the coins are being sold, the presale might end a lot sooner than planned. All the new coins that get listed on the exchanges skyrocket, which is evident by looking at TAMA, which went through the presale like a knife through butter!

D2T Third stage of the presale will be over soon

Dash 2 Trade is a platform for cryptocurrency investors that provides essential information and features to help them make informed decisions about which projects they invest in. The most helpful tools at Dash 2 Trade are presale and listing alerts because they will keep investors informed about the most relevant and newest information about the crypto market.

Time is of the essence when it comes to the crypto market, which is why investors will surely find these alerts useful. Not only that, but there is an option to backtest the wanted strategy in order to see what kind of performance it could have achieved and decide accordingly. The native token that powers this platform is D2T which is on presale now.

Even though Dash 2 Trade was supposed to have nine presale stages, its unique features are required right now, which is why the platform will end the official token sale after stage four. Dash 2 Trade will unroll its features one at a time, starting with the revolutionary all-in-one dashboard in about a month. If you wish to take advantage of all the features that this platform has to offer, this is your chance to buy the tokens at the lowest price they will ever have!

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RobotEra Presale progresses quickly

RobotEra is a metaverse platform that allows players to enjoy the company of robots and also use the planet's resources in order to build the world of their dreams and renew the planet destroyed by war. The interesting thing about these robots is that they have human emotions and intellect. This is why they represent seven ideologies that will spice up the overall experience of the players. Since this is a play2earn platform, there are plenty of opportunities for the players to earn through market transactions, mining, land management, and many others.

Good performance in responding to challenges will mean rewards for players. Players who are keen to personalize the game will be delighted to see original work made by them displayed in museums within the platform's metaverse. You also have the chance to co-create a metaverse world with the NFT communities but also earn while having fun and exploring everything that this platform has to offer. This platform's token is $TARO, and it is now available for purchase on presale. This is a great chance to secure your tokens at this low price, especially considering that token prices will rise in the future because of its incredibly appealing features!

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RIA Presale is almost done

Calvaria is a very appealing gaming platform inspired by Mexican mythology. The players of this highly interesting game will get the chance to lead the army into battle and polish their skills while making progress in the game.

Calvaria has raised a lot of dust from the moment it appeared because the creators behind it provided two versions of the game that will be available to the players - play to earn and free to play. This means that everyone who wants to get involved will get the chance to choose the option they would prefer.

Since it will be available for playing on both PCs and mobile phones, it seems that everything is covered, and there are plenty of opportunities for investors to try out and explore. There is an ongoing RIA presale which is slowly coming to the end of the fifth stage. This means that if you wish to take this chance and buy $RIA tokens at the decreased price, there is very little time left, so you better hurry up!

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How is TAMA positioned now?

The Tamadoge ecosystem is pretty new to the market, and since it appeared on the market on July 25th, it has managed to attract the attention of investors worldwide. The presale was over in less than two months when $19 million were raised. The experts predicted that the price of TAMA tokens would rise quickly once it gets listed on the exchanges, and we are seeing that the predictions are becoming a reality.

With lots of exciting things planned on the Tamadoge platform, future players are anxious to see what will happen next. Tamadoge Arcade is announced to become available very soon, and we can also expect that the AR (augmented reality) app will also be available to players ready to explore something new.

It is definitely evident that investors are now taking a different approach to overcoming the difficult situation regarding the world economy and the price dips of the most reputable coins. The increased interest of the investors to invest in a meme coin with utility simply makes the opportunities of earning a lot more versatile, which will make overcoming the difficulties on the market a lot easier. With the highly optimistic price rise predicted by the analysts, it becomes clear why most crypto enthusiasts are focused on TAMA.

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With the whole world realizing just how important it is to preserve our planet, the efforts of the crypto market to follow this trend show the necessity of joint efforts. With Ethereum Merge, which was implemented with the goal of decreasing energy use, many other cryptocurrencies followed and are making an effort to do the same.

IMPT token is surely taking a huge step towards this goal, and is about to become available on its first CEX/DEX listings on December 14th. Dash 2 Trade platform will attract investors who would like to upgrade their skills, while $TARO and $RIA tokens will be appealing to metaverse enthusiasts. TAMA is achieving one goal after another, and investors are in a rush to invest in these tokens before the price increases. If you wish to invest, waste no time and take the necessary steps!


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