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Career Selection and Predictions

Career selection with proper career counselling & Guidance can be aptly done with the effective use of astrology

Career Selection and Predictions

Career selection with proper career counselling & Guidance can be aptly done with the effective use of astrology, says Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, while divulging the finer details of horoscope reading. While speaking to Outlook, he explained the astrological methods to guide on best career selection, which career benefits the most. The excerpts of the conversations are as below:

How is astrology helpful in career selection and career guidance?

Dr. Bajrangi: The fifth house of the horoscope gives us an idea of the extent of excellence in education a native can achieve. Till where the native will study is seen through the seventh house. The tenth house in birth chart is the house of career for a native.  The eleventh house is the house of income. The Astrologer, who gives the career guidance, works out a clear path that traverses from the fifth to the eleventh house. This clear path broadly means that the native should study the fields where he has to work eventually and sufficiently earn.

Is Career Guidance different from Career Counselling?

Dr.Bajrangi: Yes! The career guidance and career counselling are a shade different. When someone approaches with a clear slate-like mind and is interested to know the subjects or the career to choose, he generally falls in the career guidance category. And if someone comes with a predetermined mind that may be influenced due to peer pressure, family pressure, or social pressure, a complete Astrological  career Counselling has to be carried out.

Can you explain how astrology helps in choosing the best career options?

Dr.Bajrangi: You must have noticed that one reads engineering and later opts for marketing or reads surgery and lands on doing petty jobs. There is a hidden ‘Dhan Yoga’ or ‘Wealth Yoga’ in horoscope that only gets activated if one chooses the right career. An able Vedic astrologer can easily sense which career will activate the hidden wealth Yoga in the birth chart. When the career choices are figured out from the horoscope, then the corresponding courses to study are easily read through holistic horoscope reading.

What to do if career aspirations are not supported by birth chart?

Dr.Bajrangi: This happens many times, and which is why career guidance & counselling is very imperative. Through Astrological career counselling, the balance between career goals and career aspirations is worked out. The native is made to understand what career is best for him. If need be, online career counselling is also conduced.

Can astrological methods suggest the best career options after 12th.

Dr.Bajrangi: Astrological reading is always reading the future and correcting the present. So, if one comes and inquires about the best career options after 12th, the reading for him is of the future, and the corrections like what subjects to read as per birth chart or what skills to acquire are told for the present. I draw deep interest in carving out the career options after 10th class. This helps the students in choosing the correct subjects from the very beginning.

This means career options in commerce, career options in arts, career options after 12th arts, career options after 12th PCM can be easily worked out.

Dr.Bajrangi: Yes, very quickly. One should know how to use the Shodash Chakras and to time the events as per the Vimshotarri Dashas and Gochar(Transit). If used and applied correctly, astrological tools are very helpful in selecting the best career as per your birth chart what most education guides and counsellors fail to provide. May it be evaluating career options in commerce or assessing career options in arts or judging career options after 12th arts or evaluating career options after 12th PCM, astrological tools seldom fail.

Can astrology help if someone selected a wrong subject.

Dr.Bajrangi: There are instances when a native has read those subjects that will rarely help him or her in career building. It becomes the Astrologer’s duty to suggest the best career options and the means to achieve it. For this, the Astrologer should also be well versed with all the streams. In my website, I have provided a career calculator with the ability to distinguish between thirteen hundred career options.

Is there a specific planet seen for career selection?

Dr. Bajrangi: No & many astrologers err here. Actually it is combination of planets responsible for career selection & not a specific planet.

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Dr. Vinay Bajrangi is a leading Vedic astrologer who can be reached out at https://www.vinaybajrangi.com/ for online career reports or call his office  9278665588 / 9278555588.