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Sleep Slim Tea Reviews (2023) Pure Organic Ingredients That Work or Fake Hype?

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Sleep Slim Tea Reviews (2023) Pure Organic Ingredients That Work or Fake Hype?

Sleep Slim Tea is a sleep support supplement that helps with weight loss and comes in the form of a tea that comprises multiple ingredients that have been found to offer weight loss benefits in scientific studies. The formula addresses weight loss from the root cause, which mainly concerns your metabolism rates and eating habits. However, Sleep Slim Tea improves your sleep quality, hence its name.

Sleep Slim Tea
Sleep Slim Tea

Awareness of the dangers of obesity is spreading like wildfire in the modern internet age, but few people are taking the initiative to control their weight gain. Unfortunately, most people are more concerned about the appearance changes it causes than health risks. But studies suggest that even slender individuals might be obsessed from inside the body. The most accessible weight loss solutions are also not viable for most people due to a busy modern lifestyle and lack of resources and the finances to implement them.

However, the supplement manufacturers PureLife Organics have upped their game and now engage health experts in their manufacturing process to create solutions that rival the capabilities of pharmaceutical drugs. This review breaks down the formulation of one of the more supreme weight loss supplements, Sleep Slim Tea.

What is Sleep Slim Tea?

Sleep Slim Tea is a sleep support supplement that helps with weight loss and comes in the form of a tea that comprises multiple ingredients that have been found to offer weight loss benefits in scientific studies. The formula addresses weight loss from the root cause, which mainly concerns your metabolism rates and eating habits. However, Sleep Slim Tea improves your sleep quality, hence its name.

The supplement is made in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified environment to ensure that the product emerges with exceptional quality that matches other supplements in terms of potency and safety.

The Formulation Behind Sleep Slim Tea

Sleep Slim Tea comprises natural herbs and plant extracts, with multiple health benefits besides their primary weight loss and sleep advantages. These ingredients include Ashwagandha, Calcium, Magnolia Bark Extract, Magnesium, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Ginger Root Powder, L-Glycine, Cardamom, Turmeric, Black Pepper Extract, and Chamomile.

How does the Sleep Slim Tea supplement Work?

Sleep Slim Tea offers a multi-angled approach to weight loss by boosting your metabolism, suppressing your appetite, and increasing your sleep quality and time spent in the phase. Weight gain occurs when you consume more calories than you burn. Poor sleeping habits can cause havoc to the metabolism. One publication states, “Sleep deprivation, sleep-disordered breathing, and circadian misalignment are believed to cause metabolic dysregulation and the increasing prevalence of metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes.”

Sleep Slim Tea targets the three weight-loss factors by increasing your sleep quality. It leverages the effects of traditional and modern sleep remedies from natural herbs grown under purely organic conditions. It facilitates weight loss by boosting your ability to burn more calories than you consume. For instance, it increases your metabolism rates to support your body’s ability to burn calories. It also suppresses your appetite to reduce your food intake, which translates to less caloric consumption. Studies also support that sufficient sleep helps the body’s ability to manage a healthy weight.

How do Sleep, Metabolism, and Appetite affect weight loss?

Sleep, metabolism, and appetite are co-related because lack of sufficient sleep reduces your metabolism rates and increases your appetite for sugary foods. Research shows that the human body performs self-repair during sleep, a process in which it creates energy by consuming calories.

When you are deprived of sleep, your body stores more calories leading to weight gain. Lack of sufficient sleep may also interfere with your hormonal balance, which may cause uncontrolled appetite and reduced energy cycles.

Sleep Slim Tea Ingredients

PureLife Organics includes several organic ingredients labeled gluten- and GMO-free, soy- and dairy-free, and vegan-friendly. These ingredients are:


This essential mineral supports a healthier inflammatory response and sleep quality. Its benefits allow a fat burning, a calmer and relaxed body to fall and stay asleep all night and to feel rested and rejuvenated the following day.

Magnolia Bark Extract

Magnolia Bark is a powerful supplement prepared from the bark, leaves, and flowers of the Houpo Magnolia Tree. The extract was added as a potent sleep promoter because of its ability to relax the mind and body through increased GABA activity. GABA is a vital neuro­trans­mitter that helps the brain shut down, allowing the body to fall asleep throughout the night. Research also shows that Magnolia Bark supports getting the body into a deeper, restorative sleep needed for improved health and fat burning.

Tumeric 4:1

This specific Turmeric 4:1 variation was included as maximum strength turmeric to provide additional potency to speed your transformation. The variation allows for profound belly fat loss while sleeping and overall health benefits.


Calcium, when in short supply in the body, can cause disrupted sleep patterns, especially during your deepest sleep phase. According to a study, adding and getting these calcium levels back to normal can help you restore a natural course of sleep.

Ginger Root Powder

Ginger Root, in studies, plays a significant role in fighting obesity, heart disease, diabetes, carb digestion, and insulin secretion, inhibits oxidative stress, which causes cellular aging, and has anti-inflammatory properties; ginger root also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure all from its phenolic compounds, such as gingerols and shogaols.

Ashwagandha 2.5%

Ashwagandha was added to the PurLife Organics Sleep Slim Tea as it may help reduce anxiety and stress, support restful sleep, and improve cognitive functioning in specific populations.

Cinnamon Bark Powder

Cinnamon regulates blood sugar. Studies have proven the effect of cinnamon on controlling blood sugar and the reduction of BMI and belly fat.


Research by the Ajinomoto Group has shown that taking glycine before bedtime helps the body reach deep sleep more quickly. This is why glycine enables you to fall asleep and improves sleep quality.


Chamomile is an herb that can aid in relaxation and enhances sedation. It is typically used as a “bedtime tea” Chamomile is regarded as a mild tranquilizer and sleep-inducer that supports inducing sleep.


A study using obese rats found that cardamom could prevent obesity and improve glucose intolerance, inflammation, and oxidative stress in the liver of a high carbohydrate and high-fat diet.

Black Pepper Extract 4:1

When combined with the turmeric listed above, it boosts the other potent ingredients in Sleep Slim Tea by as much as 2000%.

How Should One take Sleep Slim Tea?

Sleep Slim Tea comes in powder form, which you can mix into your favorite beverage prepared as hot or cold tea. The formula has a delicious taste that will keep you looking forward to your next dosage, helping you maintain consistency, which is key to the formula's effectiveness. The manufacturer recommends taking only a single cup of the formula once daily. Preferably after the last meal of the day.

How safe is Sleep Slim Tea?

Sleep Slim Tea has not been tested as a formula, but its components are based on high-authority studies in which their health benefits are confirmed. According to most customer reviews, the formula has no serious side effects.

PureLife Organics claims that the formula is designed for consumption by adults of all ages. But it is always advisable to consult with your doctor before resolving to take any supplement. You should also be cautious to follow all manufacturer instructions correctly to avoid any side effects and ensure that you get the most out of every dose. It is also advisable to avoid taking any drug or supplement concurrently with substances that may interact undesirably.

Is Using Sleep Slim Tea for Everyone?

PureLife Organics Sleep Slim Tea, like other supplements in that Sleep Slim Tea is not considered safe for pregnant women or nursing mothers without a doctor's recommendation. You should also seek a doctor’s advice if you take other medication, as their interaction with the formula may be undesirable.

Nonetheless, healthy adults can take the formula recommended by PureLife Organics without experiencing any undesirable outcomes. Sleep Slim Tea is not a prescription-based drug.

Purchase Sleep Slim Tea

Consumers ready to get a better night of sleep and lose weight simultaneously can purchase PureLife Organics Sleep Slim Tea from its official website. The company behind the tea beverage supplement also offers, with each three and six-container purchase receive, a free Eat Sleep Burn System by Dan Garner to speed and complement weight loss efforts. The prices for Sleep Slim Tea are as follows:

  • One Container $59.95 + $7.95 Shipping Fee + For an additional Container of Sleep Slim Tea for $77.95 total.
  • Three Containers $39.00 Each + Free US Shipping + Free Eat Sleep Burn, + Immediate Access to Bonus Programs
  • Six Containers $29.00 Each + Free US Shipping + Free Eat Sleep Burn, + Immediate Access to Bonus Programs

The free bonus programs include Dan Garner's 28-Day Metabolic Reset and his Limitless Potential System and 21 days of access to Dan’s award-winning online coaching.

The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. Customers are asked to contact the customer support team or ClickBank for order or product concerns by sending an email to:

  • Product Support: [email protected]
  • ClickBank Order Support: https://www.clkbank.com/#!/

Final Word

PureLife Organics Sleep Slim Tea is a quality supplement potent enough to support rapid weight loss without complementing an exercise routine or diet program. The formula combines some of the most popular ingredients in the supplements industry. Still, Sleep Slim Tea leverages the advantage of accurate clinical doses as recommended to offer more health benefit effects than resembling formulas.

Sleep Slim Tea is a quality product worth every penny, from the quality of ingredients to the team of experts involved in its production. Every dose of Sleep Slim Tea takes you a step closer to your body goals. The sooner you start taking Sleep Slim Tea, the sooner you will start enjoying its benefits of improved sleep and weight loss from enhanced metabolism.

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