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Slavic Mail Order Brides: Get Your Slavic Bride On Top Dating Sites

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Slavic Mail Order Brides: Get Your Slavic Bride On Top Dating Sites

Slavic mail order brides can be the best wives, but how and where to find them? Discover more about them with this detailed guide on Slavic brides.

Slavic Mail Order Brides
Slavic Mail Order Brides

You’re into hot and charming Slavic brides, aren’t you? There is nothing to be surprised about, as these women are renowned for their drop-dead beauty. But don’t think that they’re limited to their charm and appearance, as Slavic women stand out with their wits, passion, and other great features worth admiration.

This detailed guide will help you understand everything you need to know about getting a Slavic mail order bride. Let the notion of mail order brides not disturb and confuse you anymore, as we are here to help you navigate the world of hot Slavic brides.

Top Slavic Dating Sites

🥇SofiaDate – An amazing website with great communication tools, search filters, virtual gifts, and high levels of security.

🥈UkraineBride4You – One of the top dating apps offering a wide range of Slavic mail order brides interested in Western men.

🥉MeetSlavicGirls – With this professional platform, dating charming Slavic brides has never been so easy and interesting.

❤️BravoDate – Just a few clicks will be enough to meet your ideal wife from a Slavic country on this fantastic dating platform.

❤️TheLuckyDate – A large user base, amazing profile quality, and detailed profiles make this online dating platform an indispensable tool for dating Slavic women.

❤️AmourFactory – One of the top international dating sites with professional online dating services allowing you to find Slavic girls.

❤️JollyRomance – A great online dating platform connecting single Western men with women from Slavic countries.

It’s not just a typical article where you’ll get answers to questions ‘Who or what are Slavic mail order brides,’ but you’ll get deeper insights into understanding Slavic ladies better. Buckle up and get ready for a journey.

Top countries to meet Slavic girls

Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic

Top cities to find a Slavic woman

Warsaw, Kyiv, Minsk, Sofia, Prague

Top dating sites to meet Slavic brides

UkraineBride4You, SofiaDate, MeetSlavicGirls

Is it legal to marry Slavic women?


Marriage success rate

Higher than 80%

The average cost of a Slavic Bride

About $10K

Who Are Slavic Mail Order Brides

There are so many things associated with mail order brides, be it Polish, Ukrainian, German, or Thai mail order brides. They represent the modern practice of finding a partner for commitment and marriage.

It happens that understanding the essence of a modern Slavic mail order bride is a task that can elicit questions and even trigger some myths and misconceptions. This motivated us to shed some light on Slavic brides so that you can know more about them.

The term mail order bride is somewhat outdated and often associated with being sold or bought. In fact, there’s no such practice. Nowadays, the term is just about connecting people with potential partners through various means, mainly online dating websites.

The next thing you might think of is whether it’s legal or not. Of course, it’s legal. There’s nothing illicit or immoral when it comes to connecting with Slavic women for marriage. It’s just a faster and more practical way of finding the right person for committed bonds with a chance for marriage.

But what motivates these women to become mail order wives? We bet this is the next question that’s on your mind right now. One of the main reasons is a chance to find a better life partner. Secondly, it’s about discovering new opportunities beyond borders.

So, what kind of people are these Slavic brides for marriage? They’re modern, resilient, open-minded, and strong-willed, not to mention that they’re brave enough to go beyond myths and stereotypes in search of their happiness. Why wouldn’t you date such charming ladies? 

Slavic Culture And The Unique Features Of Slavic Women

There are so many myths about a typical Slavic wife, but let’s be honest – who hasn’t dreamed about having a charming Slavic wife who’s great in the kitchen and your life? Well, sexy Slavic girls continue to be popular choices among Westerners, so let’s reveal what’s behind such popularity:

  • Brave ladies. A typical Slavic girl might seem fragile and weak, but you better not rush with your judgments. Actually, Slavic women are known for being brave. They’re not shy or reserved. Ladies in Eastern European countries are even initiative when it comes to dating and creating bonds.
  • Socially and politically aware. Slavic countries have a complex political landscape that has shaped the people living in these countries, and thus, it’s quite common to come across ladies who are not only knowledgeable about politics but also quite active in it.
  • Traditional values. Globalization has knocked at the doors of every nation and country, and getting more modern has become inevitable. But for Slavic ladies, it’s just an opportunity to combine modern and traditional values, which makes them ideal life partners for Western men.
  • Great cooks. Sarma, potato pancakes, zhurek, chvarci, pierogi, bortch, etc. are among the most popular dishes. If you’ve not heard about them, you miss a lot. Fret no more, as your future wife from a Slavic country will fix that thanks to her excellent culinary skills.
  • Charming looks. Does appearance matter? Of course, it does. Any Slavic country can take pride in its lovely women who are slim, appealing, and elegant. Just look up the names of sexy Slavic women like Liza Kovalenko, Katya Kotaro, Veronica Bielik, and Sasha Bo.
  • Knowledge of languages. In Slavic countries, it’s common for ladies to speak more than one language. In some Eastern European countries, the younger generation is getting more fluent in English. So, you can easily meet a Slavic lady speaking English fluently.
  • Smart and erudite ladies. Bilingualism isn’t the only pride of hot Slavic women. They’re also renowned for being smart and erudite. Better education opportunities, high literacy rates, and increased interest in continuing education among ladies in Slavic countries are quite common nowadays.

Overall, beautiful Slavic brides are not only interesting ladies to explore, but they’re also ideal for creating families.

Interesting Statistics About Slavic Brides

When exploring ladies from Slavic countries, there’s a lot you can discover. Let’s see what numbers can tell us about them.

  • Lower rates of divorce. In Slavic countries, families don’t end up in divorce as often as in other countries. In Poland, for example, there are only 1.6 divorces per 1K population.
  • Marriage in their 20s. Most Slavic women won’t rush to get married too soon, but they don’t wait until they’re 30. If you’re interested in tying knots with someone below 30, Slavic ladies are ideal for you.
  • Increasing interest in international marriages. Slavic ladies are renowned for their interest in international marriages. More than 400 K-1 visas were issued to Polish women just last year, while there were 160 K-1 visas issued to Ukrainian ladies.
  • Lower fertility rates in Slavic countries. The fertility rate is quite low in Slavic countries, with fewer than 2 kids per woman. There are many reasons behind this, and the main one is the desire of these ladies to be more successful in their careers. 
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Why Are Slavic Brides So Popular?

If you think they’re popular just because they’re hot and sexy, well, that’s not a complete answer for sure. Slavic wives are more than charming dames ready to make you happy. It’s time to get to know them better.

Emotional Intelligence

What makes these Slavic beauties so popular is their emotional intelligence. They’ll know when you’re sad and when you need emotional support. They’ll always know when they should give your space or when you need their attention. Isn’t that great?

Ideal Wife Candidates

They’re great wives, as they’ll be great supporters, kind friends, and passionate lovers. Besides, you’ll make others jealous of you, as not everyone can boast about having a hot wife, not to mention that their future mothers-in-law will adore them for sure.

Emotionally Balanced Women

What makes Slavic mail order brides different from Japanese mail order brides? Well, Japanese brides are renowned as girls who are not quite emotional. But that’s not true about Slavic women. Living with them is living with some kind of natural and healthy drama.

Interest In Foreign Men

Did you know that there are fewer men than women in some Slavic countries? This is one of the reasons why a Slavic woman might find her luck with a man from a Western country. This should motivate you to look for women on Slavic dating sites.

How To Find A Slavic Bride?

This is where things get interesting. You should know the most essential part of mail order brides is to find them, and this is where you need to be careful enough. The venture will be efficient if you know which steps to follow. So, let’s explore more.

Step 1: Finding Decent Slavic Dating Sites

Decent Slavic dating platforms are not just random websites where you can meet Slavic singles. Actually, you’ll need a platform that can offer a real chance for meeting and dating a Slavic mail order bride. 

In addition to profile quality, the website is expected to offer great communication services, a professional support team, search tools, and matchmaking. Profiles of Slavic brides should have plenty of information and media content.

Step 2: Look Through Professional Reviews

How to find such a website? Well, you’ll need to research before you start dating Slavic brides. With reviews prepared by professionals, you’ll get insights into what and how that site can help you. Overall, professional reviews will provide the following information:

  • Online services. To get closer to your Slavic mail order bride, you’ll need particular services. A good website will offer chat rooms, a chance to send virtual stickers, letters, icebreakers, search tools, and the like.
  • Security measures. We all want to date in a secure environment, so ensure your future dating website guarantees it. With reviews, you can learn how a particular site takes measures against scams and fake profiles.
  • Prices. Always check out the prices of dating sites and compare them. Choose the platform that can suit your budget, as there’s no need to overpay for the same quality.

Note that reviews will help you choose the right spot for meeting your future Slavic wife.

Step 3: Registering On A Slavic Dating Site

Let’s say you’ve selected one dating website that is ideal for you. Now, it’s time to create a new account. Registration processes are not lengthy or tiring. Thus, within a short time, you’ll have a new account on a particular website.

What’s so special about registration? The best dating sites will ask you to verify your account before you start dating hot Slavic women.

Step 4: Creating An Informative Profile

Registration is just one step closer to meeting and dating a woman from a Slavic country. The next important thing to do is create an informative profile. In general, you’ll be asked to provide information about your interests, expectations, hobbies, and so on.

Don’t forget to upload photos to make your profile appealing to Slavic ladies. Detailed and full profiles get higher chances of getting the attention of female members.

Step 5: Search, Communicate, And Date Online

Do you think that’s all? Well, no rush because you can start searching for your perfect match carefully. Finding Slavic mail order brides won’t be challenging. There are search filters, matchmaking, and other services to find a perfect match.

Then, you need to get the attention of your lady by sending icebreakers, winks, or likes. Communication will make you closer to your lady. After spending some time together online, you’ll have to consider the next step. Are you ready to move on?

Step 6: Visiting And Meeting Your Lady In Person

The most important step is to move from online dating to offline. Visiting your lady in her country is just about establishing serious bonds. Some dating platforms offer services that will help you meet your future Slavic bride and arrange your first real-life date.

Step 7: Getting Married To A Slavic Woman

How many times should you visit your partner before you can consider marriage? The more, the better. Your frequent visits will help you apply for a K-1 visa, which is also a fiancé visa. The most important part of getting this visa is to be able to prove that your relationship is genuine.

When you’re ready for marriage, it’s time to bring your lady to your country after getting a K-1 visa. Within 90 days, you’re expected to wed officially so that your bride can apply for citizenship in the future.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Slavic Bride?

Buying a wife is a venture that you need to be ready for. You need to plan the budget accordingly. Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that getting a mail order bride can be a costly venture. You’re expected to spend on offline and online dating.

Online Dating Expenses

Let’s say you’ve picked BravoDate to meet your future partner. The site offers a credit system, meaning that you’ll need to purchase credits to benefit from online services. Here are the prices of credit packages that you can consider:

  • $9.99 – 20 credits;
  • $19.99 – 50 credits;
  • $44.99 – 125 credits;
  • $69.99 – 250 credits;
  • $149.99 – 750 credits.

These credits will be spent on live chat, sending letters, exchanging stickers, and the like. The site will offer virtual gifts.

Offline Dating Expenses

Online dating will gradually shift to offline dating, so at some point, you’ll need to consider offline expenses. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Two-way ticket. The prices here will vary from region to region, but on average, it will cost you more than $1,200.
  • Accommodation. If you’re visiting one of Polish mail order brides in Poland, the prices for accommodation can be about $800 for 2 weeks, while it can be cheaper in Belarus.
  • Food and transportation. Going to restaurants, spending time in some popular bars, and traveling across the country can be higher than $1,500 for 2 weeks.
  • Entertainment. Spending time in fancy places, going to museums, etc., might cost you about $400 overall. This can be higher if you’re planning to buy some expensive gifts for your lady.

Your offline venture can cost you about $4K, yet if you’re planning to bring your future wife to your country, this will cost you more.

How To Avoid Slavic Mail Order Bride Scams?

When seeking Slavic girls for marriage, your discretion is a must. Scams are everywhere, and you need to be careful. Let’s consider how you can be safe when dating on Slavic mail order bride platforms.

Never Rush To Send Money

One of the most common ways of being scammed is to get convinced to send money to a lady online. How does it work? Any fraudulent person pretending to be a Slavic mail order bride might come with an excuse to ask for money from you. This excuse can be unexpected emergencies, making you believe her and send money. So, the best tip to avoid is not to rush to share money.

Be Careful With Everything That Develops Fast

Imagine you’ve just registered and plan to create a new account. You’ll receive messages of ladies confessing they like you and want your attention. How come? This is it. No need to believe profiles confessing their love and sympathy without even knowing you.

Don’t Share Any Sensitive Information

Some scams are not interested in asking for money from you. They’re more professional, and they want to get some sensitive information like your bank account or credit card details. With such information, fraudulent people will access your money. In some cases, they can access photos and videos that can be used to blackmail you.

Avoid Users Who Are Not Consistent

Let’s say you’re visiting a profile saying she’s not married, has no children, is at the age of 23, and knows English well. While communicating, you’ll spot that information might not be consistent. She’ll be communicating in poor English, or she can say she’s been married before. Such inconsistencies will signal that you’re dealing with a scam profile.

Avoid Clicking Suspicious Links

Some people might want to convince you to chat on some other websites. They’ll come up with various excuses, and they can even say it’s much cheaper to date somewhere else. You’ll receive a link that you’re expected to click. Don’t even think about clicking. This can lead to serious problems like receiving a harmful virus or getting hacked.

Pros And Cons Of Getting A Slavic Mail Order Bride

Before you meet Slavic brides, let’s consider some benefits and setbacks of Slavic girls you need to be prepared for.


  • A Slavic mail order bride is someone who can make you happier, and more inspired as a person.
  • She’s someone who won’t spend your money on everything she wants, as she’s good at planning a family budget, so no unnecessary purchases.
  • Your sweetheart will be liked by your parents, relatives, and friends, as she knows how to be a good, social, and interesting life partner.
  • A woman from an Eastern European country is someone who doesn’t like complaining, so she’s more rational and emotionally balanced, making her a calm wife.
  • A typical Slavic girl has a mesmerizing look, sexy body, and elegance, making her a better wife candidate for you.


  • It happens that women coming from other countries might feel homesick, which is quite okay and expected, so you better support her in such times.
  • Not every Slavic mail order bride can speak English fluently, so the language barrier can be one of the disadvantages of living with a Slavic woman.
  • Cultural differences can be challenging at the start of your relationship, but you can overcome such a problem by communicating with your partner.
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Final Thoughts

Slavic brides have always been popular, and now that you know more about them, it’s time to start looking for your future Slavic wife.


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.