Friday, Jul 01, 2022

Saurav Agarwal: A Data Science Expert Trailblazing Change In The Realm

Saurav Agarwal has always been fascinated by what is happening in the technology world. As a result, he reads whatever new information is available on this subject to keep himself informed and intrigued.

Saurav Agarwal, Data Science Expert
Saurav Agarwal, Data Science Expert

There is no doubt that AI & data science is appealing not only because of the work but also because of its benefits and privileges. The post of data scientist has become one of the trendiest jobs of the decade, with millions of job openings worldwide in A.I. Companies are leveraging data scientists' insights to stay one step ahead of their competition while keeping overhead expenses low in today's data-driven world. Big enterprises often hire data scientists. One such name in the realm of data science that is diligently skyrocketing towards success is Saurav Agarwal, a Data & AI Architect working for a large A.I product-based company and leading their professional services team in India.

The Onset

Saurav started his journey right from college, where he was involved in developing websites for Tech Festivals and other small businesses. Still, his real passion for Data & A.I. started after joining the professional field. Realizing data is such a potential disruptor, he started learning about it from anywhere and everywhere. He then worked extensively experience in A.I., Data Science, and Business Intelligence roles across industries; he has over ten years of experience implementing Big Data Engineering, Analytics, IoT, and Machine Learning products and solutions on large-scale enterprise data systems. He also holds experience working on various projects ranging from proof of concept to client production environments. This vast experience helps him in wearing the hats of educator, mentor, blogger, and author of publications in this field.

The inspiration that led to the inception

Saurav Agarwal has always been fascinated by what is happening in the technology world. As a result, he reads whatever new information is available on this subject to keep himself informed and intrigued. The biggest inspiration comes from the hunger for knowing more about Tech and bringing a change by applying the knowledge. "I read journals and research papers regularly and make sure that whatever I learn is used to construct an end-to-end solution so that I have a full understanding of the field," Saurav said. Talking further about the same, Saurav Agarwal stated, "My colleagues, juniors, students, and all those amazing minds working diligently in A.I & data science, developing new things, and changing the world for a better tomorrow motivate me."

Struggles and Strategies

When it comes to landing a job in data science, Saurav believes that the first step is to find out what type of work you want to do as a data scientist – whether you want to be a Data Engineer, a Machine Learning expert, a deep learning, or a NLP/ Conversational A.I champion. Currently, the Data & A.I. industry is disrupting quickly; we often see a new platform, new software, or a new chip being released for working exclusively on Data & A.I. Unless one learns something new every day, they might lag behind. As a result, it is critical to conduct a thorough study on the various career roles available in this industry. Then, based on your preferences, attempt to identify the right companies working in those disciplines and see if there are any openings.

Strategy and vision for future

The strategy that Saurav Agarwal follows is that rather than learning through Chinese whispers, he prefers to learn through veterans' experiences and guidance. He envisions advancing his career by leading a huge team to disrupt the industry with A.I. and Data creators-led initiatives. These activities might be as simple as posting information on LinkedIn, making YouTube videos to share your experience Or working for larger cause in a high impact Data / A.I project.

A piece of advice to all aspiring data science professionals

The desire to learn from the massive data that the world generates per second, according to Saurav Agarwal, should be the motivation for becoming a data scientist. Data can show you what has happened in the past as well as what will happen in the future. If you're interested in this, he feels data science is your field. Prepare yourself for a demanding and challenging workload if you wish to pursue a career as a Data Scientist. Data science jobs have some of the most stringent education requirements in the I.T. business, with around 40% of these jobs requiring an advanced degree today.

The technological landscape is experiencing a massive change that requires constant zeal to learn and persistence to work hard. Saurav Agarwal proves this with his impeccable work and background.