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Santoku Knives Review [UK]: Japanese Santoku Knives For Sale In United Kingdom & USA

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Santoku Knives Review [UK]: Japanese Santoku Knives For Sale In United Kingdom & USA

The Haarko is a high-quality Santoku kitchen knife made of top-notch materials. Ergonomic stainless steel knife with a hole in the blade for easy guiding. This combination is a must-have item in the kitchen.

Santoku Knives
Santoku Knives

The Haarko santoku knife is a highly sharp, versatile kitchen tool . It is made with traditional manufacturing methods and modern techniques. 

The Haarko is a high-quality Santoku kitchen knife made of top-notch materials. Ergonomic stainless steel knife with a hole in the blade for easy guiding. This combination is a must-have item in the kitchen. 

Haarko is predominantly utilized as a supplementary cutting tool for chopping, carving, and sectioning difficult-to-slice food items like fruits, veggies, fish, and tough meat. The sharp blade ensures both safety and ease while cooking. A sharp blade requires less force to cut, as it dulls gradually, according to the supplier. Avoid blade slipping during cutting. 

Haarko is a Japanese Santoku-style kitchen knife. It's stainless steel. This is a unique and captivating substitute for the usual general-purpose kitchen knife. Haarko knives are mainly utilized for cutting and preparing food items. It's a hybrid of Western and Japanese knives ideal for slicing meat, seafood, vegetables, and sticky meals. Haarko is a smaller, lighter, and more compact kitchen knife than traditional ones. The manufacturer states that this kitchen knife is made of high-quality stainless steel. Third-generation bladesmithing specialists handcrafted it, as reported. 

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Materials and Parts of Santoku Knives 

The Haarko knife comprises these parts: 

The knife: Made of Japanese steel for superior quality and longevity. 

Its oak wood handle provides security, convenience, and comfort. 

Expert bladesmiths of the third generation utilized renowned high-end Japanese steel to fashion impeccable and long-lasting knives. Handmaking each knife requires many steps, energy, time, and thorough testing. 

Materials and Parts of Santoku Knives 
Materials and Parts of Santoku Knives 

Technical specifications  

  • Sheepsfoot blade with a straight front edge and a curved back spine that lacks a pointed tip. 
  • No bolster. 
  • Balanced weight. 
  • A slicer knife with a thinner blade for finer slicing. 
  • Lighter to hold. 
  • Bevel on both sides - Surface ground to form a knife edge exists on both sides. 
  • Features a Granton edge for non-stick performance. 
  • Stainless steel- sharp-edged material. 
  • The curve's angle is 68 degrees. 
  • 252 grams/ 0.5 pound in weight. 
  • Width – 8 inches. 
  • Sharp Edge Length – 6.3 inches. 
  • The oak wood is used for the handle. 
  • The blade and handle length is 28cm (11 inches). 

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Features of Santoku Knives  

Handle: Haarko knives boast a durable stainless steel blade with ultra sharpness. The handle is attached to these steels only after passing through a rigorous 138 steps. Its sharpness facilitates easy cutting. Haarko Santoku knives have strong blades that can endure high levels of stress, unlike many fragile kitchen knives. You can chop your vegetables, fish, and sticky food precisely and quickly. 

Index finger hole: The use of an index finger hole for precise control is a hallmark of Haarko and Huusk knives. The index finger hole ensures full control of your chef knife to prevent injury. Chefs prefer sharp knives for easier and faster cutting despite its downside. You can injure your fingers if you are not very cautious. Haarko knives added an index finger hole above the handle of the Santoku knife blade to solve the problem. Insert your index finger in the hole before using the knife every time. 

Oak wooden handle for a secure grip: Its unique texture makes the hairdo knife an ideal fit for any hand, never slipping. It won't slip off and won't cause injuries. The Haarko knife is small enough to fit comfortably in your hands. Avoid rocking while using this knife. 

Lightweight: Easy to carry and use due to its portability and lightweight. The Haarko knife is lightweight and easy to carry. It provides pleasure anytime. 

Sharpness and chip resistance are both assured: Certain knives remain sharp without the risk of oxidation or chipping. The designers of Haarko knives believed that a kitchen chef knife should not have any complications. The Santoku knife performs excellently due to its high-quality Stainless Steel blade and sturdy oak handle, offering sharpness and durability. 

User-friendly: Provides greater control compared to blunt knives and is safer to use. There will be no more accidental cuts, squashing of food, or rugged cutting. 

Ergonomic Design: Blade hole's ample space ensures ergonomic design. The curved handle and blade provide balance for a strong grip and easy cutting. Haarko knife offers a handshake-like grip design. 

Haarko knives retain sharpness for long-term use. The Japanese steel blade is extremely sharp for cutting through any food. You can sharpen it. You'll learn how to care for the blade as you keep reading. 

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Reasons to Purchase a Haarko Knife? 

Is Haarko's Santoku Chef Knife 2021 review worth it? 

Haarko knives review states that a versatile knife was created to make cooking more enjoyable. Haarko knives are ideal for households that want to prepare beautiful meals. 

A 10-inch long Haarko chef's knife is crafted by hand from a blend of carbon steel and stainless steel, serving as an all-purpose kitchen knife. Haarko features are distinguished by a sharp-edged point with a sloping curve. The hairdo knife's rocking motion cutting process is achieved through the use of the curve. 

In the cutting process of a haarko knife, the blade is shifted from its tip to heel in a rocking motion as the target is placed in the middle. There is constant contact between different parts of the knife and the cutting board during this technique. A Santoku knife is not used with the same technique as this. 

Food preparation becomes easier when using this chef knife. A shorter preparation time means more time to savor cooking. If you enjoy cutting vegetables, having a high-quality chef's knife specifically designed for the task can enhance your experience. 

Ownership pride is another benefit. A well-designed chef's knife can improve your cooking by aiding in proper preparation. The sharpness of Haarko chef's knife is maintained due to the quality of steel utilized in crafting its blade. 

When well-maintained, Haarko knife's razor-sharp blade eases the process of cutting and chopping while delivering comfort during use. Dull knives require extra force for usage. They slow down processes. The Japanese haar ko knife, however, does not crush the delicate cells surrounding the cut. 

Haarko Knife Care 

Proper care, including cleaning, sharpening, and storage, can greatly extend the lifespan of your Haarko knife. 


Use a clean, soft towel to dry your hands after washing. Don't use dishwashers or scourers to wash the knife, as they damage the oak handle and make it dull faster. 


Sharpening restores a knife blade's angle. You may wish to sharpen your Haarko knife while using it due to certain reasons. They include: 

Knife blades will eventually dull, regardless of frequency of use, prioritizing safety. A blunt blade poses more danger as it needs additional pressure while slicing, escalating the likelihood of slips and harm. 

Slicing with a dull knife can adversely impact the taste and appearance of food due to cell damage. 

Slicing with a sharp knife is more pleasurable than with a dull knife. 

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How do you sharpen your Santoku knife? 

To sharpen a Santoku knife, use a whetstone. Whetstone sharpening is superior to other methods. Using sharpening steel may harm Japanese knives as they are crafted from thin but sturdy steel. Sharpen using your whetstone in the following manner: 

  • Soak whetstone in water until submerged. 
  • Tilt the knife at the correct angle and use the coarse side first. 
  • Move the knife smoothly up and down the stone. 
  • Cover the entire blade, from edge to handle. 
  • Duplicate procedure on opposite edge due to knife's double beveling. 
  • Repeat the process on the finer side of the stone. 
  • Clean and dry the knife completely. 


Store Haarko knives away from pests in a wooden box or block. 

Are Haarko Knives Worth Buying? 

Yes, Haarko knives are worth the money as they are high-quality Japanese knives . Our editors and several consumers online agree with this fact. 

It is recognized globally, including in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other western and eastern nations. Haarko kitchen knife is sharp, long-lasting and cost-effective. It features a signature index finger hole for perfect grip and knife control. Haarko razor-sharp blade allows for thin and fine slices. 

A good chef's knife can make cooking easier for professional chefs and home cooks who find it to be a burden. Let your instincts, preferences, and current needs guide your chef's knife selection. Our editorial team tested and found Haarko knives efficient and reliable. Many recommend the Haarko knife, so you'll like it for sure. 

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Santoku Knife Usage Guide 

Technical expertise is not necessary to utilize Haarko. Ensure the ordered Haarkon knife is taken out of the box. Confirmation will enable the person to use it once. The hairdo knife is sharp, so use caution when handling it. Clean and store the knife in a safe, dry, and clean location like any other regular knife after use. 

It lacks a designated storage method. You don't need to regularly sharpen the haarko knife. This knife remains sharp for a prolonged time and does not lose its sharp edge easily.  

Store Santoku Knives in a block or rack to keep them sharp. Haarko Knives come in top-notch packaging. Ensure knives are returned to their box. 

Utilize the index finger hole for optimal control and precision. 

Always chop downwards; avoid rocking motions when cutting! 

Avoid exerting pressure when using the haarko knife. No force is needed; it's a sharp, precise tool. 

Avoid swaying while cutting. 

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Maintaining a Haarko Santoku Knife 


  • Use the index finger hole for better accuracy and handling. 
  • Clean the blade thoroughly to avoid food buildup in dimples. 
  • Hand wash and promptly dry the Santoku knife after every use. 
  • Cut swiftly using downward chops. 


  • Avoid applying excessive pressure when using a Santoku knife. No need for hard pressure - it's a precise, sharp tool. 
  • Haarko is not dishwasher safe. It may impact the knife's quality. 
  • Prevent rust by avoiding damp storage of the knife. 
  • Avoid rocking motions while cutting. 

Where can I purchase Haarko knives? 

You can buy the Haarko knife on the company's website and choose from several payment options without any risk to the buyer. 


  • A Santoku Knife costs $39. 
  • Two Santoku Japanese Knives: $59 
  • Three Santoku Handmade Knives: $79 
  • Haarko Santoku Knives, set of 4: $85 

Santoku Knives - Conclusion 

Haarko produces the finest Santoku knives in the current market. They are helpful for both chefs and home cooks. The price is low. 

The makers are presently providing a half-price reduction. You can buy yours on the official website. A 60-day money-back guarantee is provided if you're dissatisfied with the product. 


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.


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