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Role Of Moon In Different Houses

The importance of Moon in a birth chart is well understood from the ancient times when Sages used to focus on Surya Kundli and Chandra Kundli along with the main Janam Kundli. You need authority, power, mental and physical health, but also a balanced psychological mind. That is what is bestowed to you by Moon. 

Astrologer Vinay Bajrangi

Moon, as a planet in the horoscope, plays the most important in the most difficult times. Suppose someone has temporary job loss, business loss, a relationship issue, or diseases, and your Moon (mind, temperament, and inner strength) is not good. In that case, you are likely to feel directionless/add to your miseries. One can handle the worst situations if your mind, your thought process, and your inner instincts are in your control. But if you have a weak Moon, you tend to depend on what others say, and your decisions and actions are likely to be influenced by others than using your own wisdom. This can be your relationship with females, eating habits, sleeping habits, clothes you wear, and many similar personal decisions. Now that is the biggest issue with a poor moon position in your chart. If Sun bestows power and authority, Moon governs your mind and thought process to best use this power and authority. Moon represents what you are intrinsically – means yourself in the true sense. 

The importance of Moon in a birth chart is well understood from the ancient times when Sages used to focus on Surya Kundli and Chandra Kundli along with the main Janam Kundli. You need authority, power, mental and physical health, but also a balanced psychological mind. That is what is bestowed to you by Moon. 

Role of Moon in birth chart 

Role of Moon in a horoscope starts from a very early age in your life. Moon in the birth chart signifies many things like intelligence, diseases, general happiness, heart, and women in your life (apart from Venus) that care for you. Importance of Moon in birth chart is also to show the nourishment you get at the beginning of your life. In fact, role of Moon in birth chart and its placement is a total summary of all your good and bad deeds of your previous birth(s).  

Now, do not go by emotions or sentiments but try to understand some effects of the weak/ good position of Moon in birth chart. 

1. What if you have an unstable mind, lack of concentration power, temperament is too emotional, low immunity, and above all, lack of confidence and an image of a dithering person to the outside world? You feel depressed and always tensed. You don't do it intentionally, but a weak Moon in your first house makes you like this. 

2. Sometimes, your decisions are more dominated by your mother, other females, or your overall family members. You don't have good relations with them: Moon in your fourth house is troubling you. 

3. A weak/debilitated Moon in the 3rd and 11th house can have a question mark on your relationship with siblings. You may not have very cordial relations with them or may make major decisions under their influence. 

4. The same way, a weak Moon in the 10th house can dither you at the workplace in handling professional matters, and sometimes others influence your decisions in your professional life.

5. Are you not able to grasp the point of intelligence?

6. Do you not have a good sleep or general happiness in your life?

7. Are you not able to make impartial decisions? 

8. Can you not judge the partial or impartial attitude or actions/decisions of others on you in your life? 

9. A good placement of Moon helps a person retain a good facial look throughout life until a late age.  


Role of Moon in astrology

Moon in astrology is the second most important planet after Sun to impact human life directly. Moon is nearest to the earth among all other planets, and there negative/positive impact of Moon is immediate on human life. The role of the Moon in astrology is seen two ways. 

One is the overall role of Moon in astrology. Here, even Medical Science has identified the role of the Moon in human life. It is taken as a most important planet to see a person's psychological health, especially retarded ones or people in mental asylums. The role of Moon in astrology can be understood when ancient sages used to focus on Chandra Kundli. Moon Nakshatra is used to know good Muhurat and Naamkaran, and the position of all main planets from the natal Moon is seen for different astrological analysis and predictions. 

Second, the role of Moon is seen from the position of the Moon in different houses. So, let us glance at the role of Moon in different houses in a horoscope.

Effects of Moon in different houses

Having understood the role of Moon in human life, and the role of Moon in Astrology, have a brief glance at role of Moon in different houses, as below. One can read detailed impact/effects on this topic on role of Moon in different houses
Moon in First House

The first house or ascendant represents your physical personality, vitality, and health and sets out the map of your entire life. Moon, however, shows emotional connections and responses. 

So, the Moon in first house gives health-consciousness, a beautiful and youthful appearance, and a fair complexion with a chubby and round face.

The people with Moon in 1st house are very caring, supportive, and empathetic people with motherly or feminine instincts.

Debilitated Moon in the ascendant/1st house gives over-emotional nature, and the mother remains the main driving force in their life while they can never get out of her influence. 

Moon in Second House

The second house represents family, accumulated wealth, possessions, feelings, emotions, and younger siblings.

Moon in 2nd house symbolizes fluctuations which means the native though belonging to an affluent family, can face frequent ups and downs in financial conditions.

The person with Moon in 2nd house is too much attached to his wealth and possessions. He is very emotional about the wellbeing of the family.

They are very creative and have a very sweet voice. Thus, they can be great singers or songwriters. They may, however, be troubled with eye diseases.

Moon in Third House

It represents siblings, friends, neighbors, close relatives, courage, short travels, skills of hands, media, and communication. 

Moon in the 3rd house gives a strong emotional bond with siblings or neighbors and makes them good writers.

The person with Moon in 3rd house has a curious mind and always looks to enhance their knowledge. They may perform well in the fields of media, sales, and advertising. 

Moon in the 3rd house makes a person travelers and love to explore. 

Moon in Fourth House


4th house represents the nourishment and care of a mother, family, domestic peace, real estate, lands, vehicles, childhood, childhood memories, and your homeland. The Moon is a karaka of the 4th house. 

Moon in 4th house is most comfortable and shows deep attachments with the mother. 

The person with Moon in fourth house is attached to his homeland and always works for the betterment of the home environment. 

It shows a very calm, subtle, and genuine behavior of the person having Moon in the 4th house.

Moon in Fifth House

5th house signifies creativity, playfulness, joy, romance, pleasure, gains, love, lovers, income, and investments. 

Moon in the 5th house gives favorable results for love matters.

Moon in 5th house enhances creativity, and the native may perform well in arts, poetry, scripts, acting, painting, entertainment, and sports. 
You feel mentally satisfied with creative works, learning new things, teaching, speculation, and occult studies if your Moon is in the 5th house. 

You share an emotional bond with your children with Moon in 5th house of your birth chart.

Moon in Sixth House

The sixth house in horoscope represents obstacles, conflicts, illness, long-term diseases, debt, legal battles, enemies, small animals, law, and medicine.

The Moon in 5th house is not comfortable and gives differences with the mother. However, it's an excellent position for advocates, service providers, and medical practitioners. 

Moon in Seventh House

The 7th house represents legal partnerships, both in business and in life. It also represents travel, sexual relationships, and other people in someone's life.


You seek emotional balance through harmonious marital, business, or social relations. 

Moon in Seventh gives a devoted and beautiful spouse with expertise in domestic and family-related matters.

An afflicted Moon in seventh may cause issues in your marriage and other legal partnerships. You may prefer to work in teams or partnerships than alone.

Moon in Eighth House

The 8th house represents longevity, sudden events, dramatic and sudden events, occult, deaths, taxes, surgeries and accidents, spouse's assets, in-laws' family and gains through unexpected means, etc.

Moon in 8th house gives emotional turbulence. The natives may be great healers, spiritual people, occultists, nurses, doctors, and mystics. 

Moon in eight gives sudden and unexpected wealth gains, but a weak Moon may create fluctuations in your joint assets. 

Moon in Ninth House

9th house represents your beliefs, rituals, cultural deeds, long journeys, and teachings of your guru and father.

The Moon in the 9th house gives higher religious, spiritual, and moral values.

Persons with Moon in ninth house have a highly sensitive brain, making them great intellectuals with knowledge in different subjects. 

However, the native may remain confused regarding his religious philosophy and hobbies with Moon in ninth house. 

Moon in Tenth House

This is a house of your career, profession, fame, reputation, karma, and aspiration, etc. 

Moon in tenth house gives a very career-oriented, professional and authoritative mother. You share a good bond with her. 

A weak or afflicted Moon in 10th house can bring hardships in one's career. Moon in tenth house gives the native an unspoken understanding and relation with his father. The native enjoys fame and a good public image.


Moon in Eleventh House

The 11th house is a house of social network, gains, wealth, elder siblings, and fulfillment of desires. 

Moon in 11th house gives good financial gains and emotional balance in the company of like-minded people. 

As it also represents elder siblings, the native gains through elder siblings and have a great attachment with them.

A debilitated moon in eleventh house may give differences with the elder siblings and emotional imbalance due to lack of gains. 

Moon in Twelfth House

The 12th house represents all foreign things, foreign travel, foreign settlement, isolated places, jails, losses, expenses, hospitals, and asylums. 

This is the house of your imagination, subconscious mind, and your hidden talents or secrets. 

Person with Moon in 12th house may become successful fantasy writer with great imaginative skills. 

Moon in twelfth house makes the natives remain interested in the illusionary world while they find an escape from the real world. The native has an introverted and isolated personality.

They are secluded and private people who wish to choose a career or work that requires them to be away from public life. They feel relaxed in a foreign land or isolated places.

Moon in the 12th house gives greater inclinations towards isolation, spirituality, psychic and mystical side of life. 

Each of the nine planets in horoscope have definite role to play at the different stage of life and circumstances. But the most important of these are Sun and Moon. In this narration, you read brief about role of Moon in different house. In the same way, must read about role of Sun in different houses. No planet is good, no planet is bad, no horoscope is good, and no horoscope is bad. One should try to spend a few minutes with a good astrologer to read the dancing tunes and role of different planets in a birth chart to take corrective actions than later resorting to mindless remedies. Anything specific, connect with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi’s office on +91 9278555588/ 9278665588. 

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