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Reviewing The 21 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

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Reviewing The 21 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

Are you ready to grow your online presence and ensure your Instagram profile stands out above the crowd? Join us for a look at the best sites to buy active Instagram followers.

Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers
Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram has quickly become the go-to social media platform for influencers and brands. 

Developing a solid Instagram marketing strategy is a must — Insta makes it easy to connect with your target audience and build brand awareness. Its exciting ecommerce features make Instagram especially valuable to small businesses and larger brands. 

There’s a catch, of course. Growing your Instagram follower count is insanely difficult if you don’t already have a huge audience. 

Buying genuine Instagram followers can help you overcome this problem, but only if you know which social media growth agencies can be trusted. 

Are you ready to grow your online presence and ensure your Instagram profile stands out above the crowd? Join us for a look at the best sites to buy active Instagram followers. 

Best Rated Sites to Buy Insta Followers Right Now

1. Twicsy

Twicsy has been one of the most popular Instagram services for years. The “secret” to their success is out there for all to see — Twicsy has built up a massive network of genuine Instagram users who help you supplement your quality content and clever hashtags with social proof. 


Any brand or Instagram influencer searching for high-quality Instagram followers at affordable prices will be thrilled by Twicsy’s reliable service and quick delivery times. The Instagram followers Twicsy matches brands with are real people who regularly make Instagram posts. Boosting your engagement rate and building brand awareness has never been easier!

A closer look at Twicsy:

  • Twicsy offers multiple follower packages tailored to your needs. High-quality followers may be the right choice for your Instagram profile. If you want real active followers who spend most of their time on IG, that’s also an option. 

  • Small business owners and up-and-coming influencers may only need 100 or 250 new followers. Twicsy can deliver these small follower batches, but you’re also in the right place if you need thousands of active Instagram followers.

  • Growing your follower count is vital if you want the Instagram algorithm to start boosting your content. However, increasing your engagement rate is another important goal. Twicsy helps by supplying Instagram likes and views at low prices.

What’s more, Twicsy is backed by strong customer reviews and has years of experience. Its friendly customer support team, available 24/7, is another big plus — especially if you’re looking for a custom follower package to connect with your target demographics.

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid understands that modern Instagram users check brands’ profiles before they’re willing to hit that “follow” button and has built its service around delivering quality followers who stay with your account over time. 


Staying away from shady sites that use fake Instagram followers (bot accounts) because they don’t have a reliable follower network is your most important task if you want to buy Instagram followers. Buzzoid only works with real people who are active on IG and willing to give you the exposure you need to gain organic followers. 

A closer look at Buzzoid:

  • Buzzoid offers two kinds of followers — high-quality Instagram followers and premium followers. Premium followers are highly active and have large follower counts. Buzzoid’s rates are affordable in both cases.

  • Buzzoid has an additional option for Instagram influencers and brands aiming for steady growth. Choose the managed growth package if you want to go trending and reach the explore page, but you also need to build brand awareness over time.

  • Buzzoid is the only Instagram growth service that can offer up to 20,000 real Instagram followers with near-instant delivery times.

  • Brands looking to boost engagement rates can also buy Instagram likes and views from  Buzzoid. These likes and views roll in quickly because Buzzoid’s follower network is always active!

In addition to this impressive range of quality services, Buzzoid has a top-notch customer support team that’s always ready to cater to your needs. This social media growth service accepts multiple payment methods, including PayPal and credit cards.

3. Rushmax

This US-based Instagram growth service has been America’s number-one site to buy cheap Instagram followers for over a decade. Rushmax is a fantastic choice for anyone needing active Instagram followers who stay around, including small businesses and successful Instagram influencers.

Its responsive customer support team makes attaining organic growth easier than ever before. In addition, thanks to the quality services Rushmax offers, you can expect your newfound success to cross over to your other social media accounts.

A closer look at Rushmax:

  • Want to buy Instagram followers now? Rushmax lets you choose from two follower types based on your needs. High-quality followers are extremely affordable and can help you go viral. Premium followers make Instagram posts daily and have large follower counts.

  • You can count on fast delivery times whether you order 100 or 5,000 genuine followers from Rushmax.

  • Of course, Rushmax can also help your quality content stand out. Buy Instagram likes and views here for low prices!

4. iDigic

iDigic is a leading provider of cheap Instagram followers — but this social media marketing platform doesn’t compromise on quality just because it has low prices. Brands ready to do what it takes to develop their social media accounts know that buying fake Instagram followers is risky. iDigic only works with real users to give you the boost you need without flagging the Instagram algorithm.

A closer look at iDigic:

  • iDigic has been providing high-quality followers since 2011. It’s still going strong because this service is reliable, offers fast delivery times, and has very reasonable rates.

  • The new followers you order from iDigic drop quickly, whether you pick smaller batches or want a lot of followers to join your account today.

  • New followers get you off to a great start. Want to capitalize on that success? Buy Instagram likes and views from your genuine followers, so future fans and customers see your Instagram profile is bustling with activity.

iDigic makes multiple payment methods available, has amassed a serious collection of positive customer reviews from the influencers they’ve helped in the past, and has an excellent customer support team.

5. InstaPulse

InstaPulse is another good Instagram growth service for small businesses and influencers looking to buy cheap Instagram followers, likes, and views. Your new IG followers are real people with varying levels of account activity. InstaPulse has fast delivery times and is reliable. 

6. The Social Hive

Buy Instagram followers from the Social Hive to grow your online presence by creating social proof. This Instagram service stays away from bots. Your new followers have real accounts. The explore page is within reach once you have a solid follower count — if you keep uploading quality content.

Instagram influencers and brands looking for active followers can rest assured that their new followers drop within 24 hours of placing an order.

7. BuzzWorx

Buying followers is becoming an essential social media marketing strategy, and BuzzWorx can deliver a large number of followers within a day. This Instagram growth service has fairly affordable prices, albeit a bit higher than Twicsy’s, but the service definitely has the potential to help you go viral. BuzzWorx doesn’t use bots, so all your new followers are active accounts run by real people.

8. DigitalBoost Co.

DigitalBoost Co. is an emerging growth service promising influencers and businesses genuine followers for all their social media accounts. If you want to grow your Instagram profile with an influx of active Instagram followers, DigitalBoost Co. can deliver them within 48 hours.

All your Instagram posts attract more organic views when you have a large number of followers, and your Instagram account will start trending before you know it. However, without the ability to select your target audience, some of DigitalBoost’s followers won’t be relevant to your brand.

9. SocialSphere Solutions

Most top-notch Instagram services allow growing brands to buy new followers that stick around. These genuine followers check your account and may enjoy seeing your posts in their feed, especially if they are in your target audience. 


SocialSphere Solutions has a different business model. If you don’t renew your subscription every month, your new followers start leaving in droves just so that you order again. That’s a shame, but you can still inspire organic followers to join you by buying Insta followers from SocialSphere Solutions.

10. TrendVibes Agency

Influencers who want to become Instagram sensations can also buy IG followers from TrendVibes Agency. Unlike some other sites, this growth agency doesn’t rely on fake accounts. The new followers you buy from TrendVibes drop quickly, and this agency has affordable rates.

11. SocialLift Marketing

SocialLift Marketing makes building brand awareness and leveraging the power of social media platforms easier by delivering cheap followers quickly. All IG followers SocialLift Marketing matches you with are real people. 

12. The Social Society

There’s no doubt that Instagram is more competitive than ever. You need a high follower count to entice Instagram users to hit that “follow” button, and the Social Society can bring you a large number of followers within 24 hours. 

This social media growth agency offers a responsive customer support service via email, and some Instagram users will appreciate that it’s possible to pay with PayPal.

13. SocialSavvy Co.

If you’re tired of shouting into the void, buying Insta followers from SocialSavvy Co. is another option to consider. Your engagement rate will spike, and organic followers will start coming in when you have a high follower count. SocialSavvy Co. can help you with that. If you go this route, you’ll get a mix of premium followers with active accounts and less active Instagram users.

14. BrandBuzz Agency

Can’t wait to show your target audience that your Instagram profile makes an excellent addition to your feed? You might want to buy Insta followers from BrandBuzz Agency. Like other good Instagram services, BrandBuzz will replace any followers you lose within a month. Unfortunately, BrandBuzz has slower delivery times than some other Instagram growth services.

15. SocialSharp Marketing

It’s sad but true — the Instagram algorithm won’t connect you with your target audience until you amass a decent following. Gaining your first 1,000 Instagram followers is the most difficult, and everything gets easier from there. 

SocialSharp Marketing helps you reach that milestone by supplying cheap Instagram followers, who generally arrive within a day. 

16. SocialPilot Agency

Do you need cheap Instagram followers now? Do you not have a specific target audience, perhaps because your Instagram profile focuses on broad interests like food or lifehacks? You could buy Instagram followers from SocialPilot Agency if your main priorities are low prices and fast delivery times.

However, SocialPilot Agency doesn’t distinguish between different follower types, so many of your new followers may be inactive or new to Instagram.

17. ViralVerse Marketing

ViralVerse Marketing is another well-known source of cheap Instagram followers. Has your hard work of uploading enticing Instagram posts and using unique hashtags proven insufficient? ViralVerse Marketing can boost your engagement rate by supplying new followers at low prices.

Downsides? Well, your followers drop quite slowly, and ViralVerse’s customer support team isn’t very responsive.

19. The Social Boost

The SocialBoost is one of many new Instagram marketing services that have emerged recently. They offer various follower packages and sell Instagram likes and views to Instagram users ready to take their success to the next level. In addition, they promise to send you new followers if any purchased followers desert your account in the first month. 

The Social Boost offers decent service at acceptable rates, but you can get cheap Instagram followers with larger follower counts elsewhere.

20. SocialBuzz Marketing

While SocialBuzz Marketing claims it exclusively works with real people, we’ve found that some aren’t active users. You may even get some followers who don’t have any followers of their own. Its low prices are SocialBuzz Marketing’s main selling point, but discerning Instagram influencers have better Instagram growth services to pick from.

21. SocialXcelerate Co.

SocialXcelerate Co. offers similarly cheap Instagram followers. It looks great on paper — this social media marketing site offers several follower packages, and promises to deliver anywhere between 100 and 1,000 genuine followers in hours. Its follow-through is lacking, though, because some followers don’t even have profile pics, much less quality content.

What Do You Need to Know Before You Buy Instagram Followers?

Buying Insta followers is a great way to boost your online presence. A high follower count shows your target audience and the Instagram algorithm that you’re worth paying attention to. This social media marketing strategy can quickly result in more organic followers and a higher engagement rate on your Instagram profile.

Always choose a reputable Instagram growth service when you want to buy Instagram followers, though! 

The best agencies include Twicsy, Buzzoid, Rushmax, and iDigic, and they stand out in all the best ways:

  • Quality services boost your social media accounts by providing genuine followers — real people active on the platform. They steer clear of fake Instagram followers because using bots is against Instagram’s terms.

  • Top-notch Instagram growth platforms offer a variety of follower packages and make selecting your chosen number of Insa followers easy. They might offer custom options to support your goals.

  • Instagram users should also consider the same factors they use to assess the quality of any other business, like payment options, customer support, and customer reviews.

Buy Insta followers from an untested growth service, and a large number of followers with fake accounts could damage your reputation. Use your judgment, and always use trusted growth agencies. 

Hopefully, this review has helped you decide on your next steps. Good luck with growing your Instagram presence!


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