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Render Network (RNDR) And Sandbox (SAND) Suffer Slumps, While a Resilient Pikamoon Continues To Shine

Render Network (RNDR) and Sandbox (SAND) price decline isn't good news to anyone in their ecosystems. But, the news of Pikamoon’s continuous success might be the redemption they need.


Render Network

The volatility of the crypto market means the chances of a project suffering a setback are as high as that of it making profits. It has been a rocky past few weeks in the crypto market for Render Network and Sandbox investors. However, in the same period, a resilient Pikamoon (PIKA) maintained its positive momentum and has enjoyed an influx from RNDR and SAND investors among others. 

This article looks into these recent trends to pick out factors responsible for Render Network (RNDR) and Sandbox (SAND) slump and why Pikamoon (PIKA) wouldn't stop shining.


Render Network (RNDR) Developer-friendly Platform Struggles to Hold on to Investors


Render Network's rapid climb on the ladder of success into being one of the top 50 crypto projects comes from the unique utility it offers. This project offers blockchain-based distributed GPU rendering. With this utility, developers can save time and money on GPU rendering. All they need to do is to collaborate with other creators.

Render Network’s utility focuses more on developers. And despite its recent positive momentum, the gains haven't been the biggest compared to what many investors would have made investing in another mind-blowing alternative like Pikamoon (PIKA). Pikamoon is a perfect blend of optimum value for investors, ease for developers, and utilities for consumers, affording each group their needed benefit.


The Sandbox (SAND) Trades in the Red Zone

The Sandbox (SAND) is a gaming project that allows players to buy, and trade virtual lands and create an immersive experience with other gamers. Its potential might sound attractive. Yet, The Sandbox has not lived up to expectations following its continuous drop in price which has led it to trading in the red zone currently.

SAND’s price performance in the past 7 days has been negative, leading it to a 3.15% drop in value. For analysts, this is a sign that the token might be headed for a downtrend. 

Pikamoon (PIKA): The Play-to-Earn King That Continues to Shine

Not many Play-to-Earn (P2E) projects can match the quality of Pikamoon Adventure's Pikaverse game. Pikamoon offers a unique GameFi experience where players earn PIKA tokens or NFTs by accomplishing various in-game tasks. 

Successful completion of adventurous quests and treasure hunts results in crypto rewards, which can be easily converted to real money on the in-game marketplace with the help of Transak .

Why do Analysts believe Pikamoon (PIKA) Will Continue to Shine? 

  • Loved By Crypto Experts and Whales 

Pikamoon is a favorite project among the elite in the crypto world. And this project maximizes the support that comes from this preference to drive more growth. Pikamoon grows in credibility and gets that boost it needs to set it on course to disrupt the GameFi world as it has begun from its presale.


  • Managed by Trusted Hands

The Pikamoon team is a group of trusted professionals who have gone through enough. Pikamoon believes a team tasked by the community and investors to keep up the growth and profits must be credible. 

And to ensure a trusted team, these professionals must go through certain measures like KYC verification and audits by Coinsult , a leading blockchain audit firm before they can become a part of this core team. This move gives investors the confidence of assured long-term investment security.

  •  Set for Endless Growth and Shine

Pikamoon adds continuous initiatives to ensure it keeps growing. One solid instance of this growth has led to the project setting aside 10 billion of the 50 billion tokens minted for development in particular areas. Pikamoom is one project that will keep growing and delivering endless profits.


Pikamoon Presale Continues to Shine 

Pikamoon presale started strong from the first phase of the ongoing presale, recording an early six-figure sell-out. Now, in its third and final phase, PIKA trades for just $0.0006, which is a good entry price for investors.

The success began early and hasn't stopped at all, and there's more to come. Now, top industry analysts see a further 10,000% rise coming before the year ends. Be a part of the next wave of profits by buying $PIKA now.


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