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Real Dianabol And Trenbolone Steroids In USA: DBulk and TBulk Cycle For Muscle Mass Gain

The idea of having DBulk and TBulk dosage or using them as a stack is to experience anabolic effects with zero side effects. Anabolism is like the enhancement of androgen hormones in the body which facilitate the muscle-building process and other performance-related applications.

Real Dianabol And Trenbolone Steroids

Starting with Dianabol and Trenbolone which are the most celebrated anabolic steroids for bulking; their purchase is currently not possible since they were banned by the FDA. Should we concentrate on finding the best alternatives to these anabolic steroids, comparing their efficacy and safety profile so that we get the best one for the bulking cycle?

The idea of having DBulk and TBulk dosage or using them as a stack is to experience anabolic effects with zero side effects. Anabolism is like the enhancement of androgen hormones in the body which facilitate the muscle-building process and other performance-related applications. Click here to buy Dianabol and Trenbolone Stack for Mass gain

Chugging on protein shakes and eating a plethora of protein is not always enough for maximum results when it comes to bulking cycle. Bulking is not about only gaining muscles but it is about composing the body in such a way that you feel healthy and not dangerously ill which most likely happens with anabolic steroids.

Most bodybuilders focus on the intake of several compounds which is a good thing only if they are not steroids related. There are indeed components hard to find but they work when it comes to achieving some wonderful bulking cycle results.

Luckily, we did half of the work by finding the best pair for muscle mass gain. DBulk and TBulk are sort of muscle-building supplements that you won’t find at GNC or Walmart because they are over with those mediocre supplements we have been hearing about. What’s special about Dianabol and Trenbolone alternatives is all mentioned below, but first, let’s see how the cycle for muscle mass gain is actually done.

Best Steroid Cycle for Muscle Gain

DBulk Dosage for muscle mass gain is 3 capsules per day, beginners may stick to 2 capsules per day depending on their workout goals. Since DBulk is a natural supplement for Dianabol-like results, it’s unlikely to develop any sort of side effects unless recommended dosage exceeds. Click here to buy muscle gain steroid

Similarly, TBulk dosage is 3 capsules per day before a workout. You can switch the 2 supplements for two different timings, taking them together is also reported to work effectively. If you notice nausea or headache-like symptoms it's better to take TBulk before a workout and DBulk in the morning.

DBulk and TBulk cycle length can go up to 12 weeks but it’s better to finish 10-12 cycles first and see the difference. Giving 1.5 weeks off is generous and will help you get recovered from muscle fatigue.

In a typical Dianabol and Trenbolone cycle, a beginner starts with 20 mg oral Dbol pills dose daily while receiving 150 mg injectable Tren steroid once a week. Not to mention the injectable site can show signs of inflammation which appears as soon as the day ends.

About DBulk

DBulk is a natural alternative to Dianabol introduced by Brutal Force for newbie and novice bodybuilders at first. DBulk is also popular in multiple bodybuilding communities as a nutritional supplement for muscle mass gain and testosterone elevation. Click Here to Buy Dianabol Steroids

According to Brutal Force sources and public reviews, DBulk is a risk-free choice for anyone looking for Dianabol steroid from the black market. It’ 's because it mimics the exact mechanism of Dianabol which is to accelerate protein synthesis and supports overall body health. The fitness and muscle-building supplements do not aim for making you bulkier but they also offer protection from cellular damage and natural catabolic effects.


Legal steroids is a broad term under which DBulk comes as a legal alternative to Dianabol, only a few supplement manufacturers claim to offer a money-back guarantee in case you receive no results using their supplement and Brutal Force is one of them.

There are over thousands of reviews about Brutal Force DBulk and other supplements that cover a broad range of anabolic steroids. Created with 100 percent safe and natural ingredients for quality anabolic results, there is no doubt about merging DBulk with TBulk and expecting amazing results.

DBulk Ingredients

DBulk ingredients are reviewed on many online platforms and we are talking about multiple sources including Reddit where people are sharing their opinions about the benefits of each ingredient used in DBulk supplement.

  1. TribulusTerrestris

TribulusTerrestris is a plant that contains saponin compounds which are similar to steroidal compounds. The studies on TribulusTerrestris give us an idea that it boosts testosterone levels and maintains anabolism during workouts. Results have shown testosterone kick-starts the protein synthesis which is unarguably involved with muscle mass gain. TribulusTerrestris contains around 45% of saponin which makes it extraordinary effectively.

  1. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

MSM is an effective muscle growth stimulator that also takes part in speeding recovery from muscle fatigue. Rapid recovery is the most liked feature in bodybuilding supplements because it sets you free from painful muscle strains by supplying anti-inflammatory agents. DBulk per serving contains 800 mg of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane which is enough to combat muscle injury.

  1. Suma Root

Suma Root is used for many purposes where increased strength and sex drive are the best ones yet. It is also thought to elevate natural testosterone levels and supports anabolism for muscle growth.

  1. L-Leucine

Bulking supplements without protein is somehow not effective as they should be, this is why the DBulk formula has a branched-chain amino acid in the form of L-Leucine. As the most important ingredient for a bulking cycle, Leucine works for increasing muscular endurance and strength so not only the muscle recovery process is escalated but also protein synthesis.

DBulk Benefit for Muscle Mass Growth

Muscle growth and speedy recovery are the two most achievable results from the DBulk cycle. Combining it with TBulk further makes it an advanced formula to create superior effects that are not just limited to recovery and muscle growth but much more.

With clinically tested and natural ingredients like Suma Root and TribulusTerrestris, it is more likely DBulk users may notice a certain enhancement in their athletic ability and certain weight that comes from lean muscle growth. DBulk is advised to use a suitable diet and workout program which is the reason why bodybuilders use muscle-building supplements in the first place.

DBulk Side Effects

DBulk has initial side effects but these are nothing compared to Dianabol's side effects. It may sound slightly riveting but DBulk side effects only appear once you have overdosed on the supplement. Brutal Force claims with a regular 3-capsule dosage, it is 100% guaranteed that you may not experience any negative side effects which may put a hurdle between you and your fitness goals.

About TBulk (Trenbolone Acetate Alternative)

To this day, lots of bodybuilding junkies use Trenbolone acetate for mega weightlifting and bulking features. TBulk is designed to offer those results without side effects. Using Tren steroid as an inspiration, Brutal Force came up with TBulk which suitably encourages what Trenbolone offers which is high anabolism with distinct fat burn and strength levels.


Trenbolone acetate is regarded as the finest steroid for the bulking cycle which also involved a marked fat burn. These are for a highly advanced bodybuilder who preserves their lean muscle growth while cutting down the fat from those muscles. At the cost of several side effects, Trenbolone is still used by underground bodybuilders. Click Here to Buy Trenbolone Steroids

TBulk is considerably safer than taking the Tren pill, whereas the desired outcomes are the same. Muscle toning, vascularity, and whole performance-enhancing results get you in the best shape.

Brutal Force also claims that TBulk supports the immune system by aiding digestion and reducing prostate-related issues in men. That’s because the ingredients used in TBulk are prolific in terms of engaging in multiple anabolic pathways at the same time. They also mention the regular consumption of TBulk formula improves testosterone levels and reduces the estrogen in the body. Remaining estrogen in men can promote the growth of pectoral fat tissues which gives birth to the symptoms of Gynecomastia.

TBulk Ingredients

It’s important to search on your own TBulk ingredients as to how they are effective to accompany you in a bulking cycle.

  1. Beta-Sitosterol

As mentioned in many Hollywood movies currently, Beta-Sitosterol is an estrogen killer which leads to bad cholesterol reduction in the body. The plant-based steroid also supports anti-inflammatory action in the muscles.

  1. Cat’s Claw Bark Powder

To recover well from bulking cycle exercises, anti-inflammatory agents in cat’s claw powder is available which also promotes overall immunity. It’s a herbal medicine to boost nutrition in the blood.

  1. 3, 3 Diindolylmethane

You can find 3, 3 Diindolylmethane supplements over the counter, they are used to improve blood circulation in muscles and reduce the chances of inflammation in muscles.

  1. Pepsin Powder

Brutal Force introduced pepsin powder for individuals who take a very less protein diet. To overcome their protein deficiency, helps the body uses the protein efficiently and allocates them to the muscles.

TBulk Benefits

Seeing from the customer’s perspective, here are the benefits of TBulk (natural Trenbolone).

  • Lean Muscle Mass Growth

With intense workouts paid well, TBulk helps you achieve strong and quality muscle over a short period of time. These muscles are in perfect shape, do not weaken once you stop using the supplements, and are much more hardened than before.

  • Body Conditioning

Conditioning the body means toning the muscles while improving vascularity, strength, and body endurance. You may see many bodybuilders but only a few of them carries the power to lift heavier weight than themselves.

  • Improved Vascularity

Building a vascular body like Sergi Constance is everybody ulterior motive which is not possible without your veins popping up. It is possible with steroids but the way is very much dangerous from which these veins pop up. TBulk simply removes the fat layer over muscles that gives it a vascular appearance. Increasing the pumps is also associated with growing a vascular body with natural cuts.

  • Fat Burn

Some ingredients in TBulk formula exhibit fat burning process by increasing the consumption of unwanted calories in the body. You can also find fat burners otc available in GNC that do the same.

  • Maintain Health and Well-Being

With great immunity, digestion, and mental health, TBulk supports you in bringing various changes to the body. There is a personal benefit like increased sex drive and sharp mental attitude.

How DBulk and TBulk Cycle for Muscle Mass Gain is Safest?

Many clinical findings about pairing Dianabol and Trenbolone steroid claim to have the following side effect in general. They are linked to psychological, physical, and reproductive health.

General Physical Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids are:

  • Kidney Failure

  • Liver damage

  • Suppressed or compromised immune system - increases the risk of infections

  • Increased blood pressure

  • Headache/stomach pain

  • Nosebleed

  • Body and facial acne

  • Reduced joint mobility or flexibility

Psychological Side Effects of Steroids

  • Feelings of paranoia

  • Impatience

  • Aggression – also referred to as roid rage

  • Depression

  • Mood Swings

  • Hallucination

  • Violent or panic attacks

  • Obesity / increased body weight

  • Irritability

Additional Side effects of Dianabol and Trenbolone involve

  • Breast enlargement in men

  • Testicular shrinkage

  • Decreased sex drive

  • Low sperm count

In females, the side effects of anabolic steroids are:

  • Facial hair growth

  • Male pattern baldness

  • Enlarged Adam’s apple

  • Deep voice

  • Enlarged clitoris

  • Infertility

The side effects of anabolic steroids are dangerous and permanent which means every genetic design plays a major role for them to gain the best results. Not every male or female could get the benefits from steroids because the risks evaluated from them are way more possible to happen than the other way around.

The purpose of anabolic steroids in bodybuilding is to boost the results quicker which seem to occur late normally. Vials and needles are used to inject steroids like trenbolone which again could increase the risk of hepatitis C and Aids.

Best Steroid Stack for Muscle Mass Gain

Stacking is considered the best option for bulking cycle especially since professional athletes are rumored to stack many bodybuilding steroids for simultaneous and rapid results. Sarms are the also androgen compounds used in stacks to maximize the rate of muscle growth. Click here to buy muscle growth steroids online

Once again, using the steroids in stack can be dangerous and increase the development of many illnesses. Without knowing the risk versus benefit ratio it’s not advised to take anabolic steroids under any condition. Stacking is also available with legal steroids such as TBulk and DBulk, combining them actually means stacking them in a cycle for muscle mass gain.

Final Conclusion – Safest Steroid Cycle for Bulking!

Bulking phase requires a lot of protein-based diet and the right type of ingredients that your body needs. Steroids do not really fulfill those needs but they rather provide artificial and synthetic testosterone-like components which are basically risky for health.

Dianabol and Trenbolone are two very best for a bulking cycle, especially trenbolone is used to prevent water retention, unlike other steroids which cause it. Bodybuilding goals are too many and depending on your lifestyle and diet, you can invite multiple benefits to take place by using the right supplement.

TBulk is reviewed as the strongest and closest supplement to steroids without taking risks and dangers. The risks are mostly involved in the bulking cycle because of the high anabolism the body requires and bodybuilders take steroids accordingly.

You can either buy TBulk or DBulk together which is simply the best option for muscle mass gain. Or you can also go look for Brutal Force bulking stack if you are to attempt the advanced level bodybuilding.

DBulk and TBulk Cycle FAQ’s

No. Brutal Force products are legal steroid alternatives. They use very powerful, but completely legal ingredients to mimic the effects of real steroids. This means you get all the benefits of real steroids, legally, without the dangerous and unpleasant side effects.

Absolutely! Only 100% safe, natural, and legal ingredients are used in every Brutal Force product. Our products are manufactured in an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility under the strictest quality control conditions using only the purest, highest quality ingredients.

No. Because Brutal Force products are steroid alternatives that use only safe, natural, and legal ingredients, you don’t need a prescription to order any of our products.

We recommend TBULK for both bulking and cutting. It recreates the effects of the versatile steroid Trenbolone which aids in both muscle growth and fat burning. It also gives great vascularity.

Supplements alone won’t create great physiques. Brutal Force products are designed to be used alongside a suitable training and nutrition program. If you are already following a nutrition plan that’s suitable for your goals, you don’t need to change your diet.

We ship Brutal Force almost everywhere worldwide.


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