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Real Anavar Steroid: For Fat Loss, Bodybuilding (+20% OFF)

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Real Anavar Steroid: For Fat Loss, Bodybuilding (+20% OFF)

In this article, we’ll discuss how to find real Anavar online, what are the benefits of taking it in the first place and what Anavar brands you should reach for.

Real Anavar Steroid
Real Anavar Steroid

There are a lot of steroids you can try on your way to the perfect body, whether it’s a bulky beast or a shredded god(dess) you’re working to become. And Anavar is among the top picks for powerful progress in bodybuilding. 

Anavar gives a strong boost in muscle hardness and mass while burning fat. But not everything labeled as “Anavar” will give you the effect — “legal alternatives” won’t do much for your body. The real steroid is the way to go because original substances contain quality ingredients that actually work. 

So when hunting for Anavar for sale online, do your research so that you don’t end up buying some crappy substitute. Even if it’s marketed well, you still get a different substance than the real Anavar steroid while most likely, paying more.  

But worry not, here we’ll discuss how to find real Anavar online, what are the benefits of taking it in the first place and what Anavar brands you should reach for. 

In this article, you’ll learn: 

  • What is Anavar and how is it different from Oxandrolone? — all you need to know about the steroid 

  • The benefits of Anavar for bodybuilding — why it’s worth giving a try 

  • Where to buy Anavar online? — a trusted source of real steroids 

  • Anavar stack & cycle — everything about Anavar administration 

  • Anavar after cycle therapy (PCT) — what to take after your cycle 

  • The best Anavar for sale — top 4 brands 

  • Side effects of Oxandrolone — what they are and how to prevent them 

  • Anavar results in bodybuilding — before and after 

What is Anavar (Oxandrolone)? 

Anavar is a potent anabolic agent, basically a steroid, synthesized to simulate the effects of testosterone and approved by the FDA. Today, Anavar is one of the most popular and safest steroids for bodybuilders. 

It is also referred to as Oxandrolone or Oxandrin, which are the names of the synthesized steroid itself. Anavar, in turn, is the market name of the steroid, so these are basically different names of the same substance. 

First reaching consumers in 1962, the steroid was initially targeted as a corticosteroid medication for catabolic diseases since it helps gain muscle density after muscle atrophy caused by a medical condition. 

But Anavar’s powerful effects on the human body were soon realized, so it quickly found popularity in bodybuilding. Being an anabolic steroid more than androgenic, it is suitable for both men and women to gain muscle or lose fat. 

The benefits of Anavar for Bodybuilding 

Anavar enhances everything in your body, from how you look to how you feel. This anabolic steroid gives is perfect for gym rats and athletes looking to build a stronger and more defined physique through body recomposition. Here are the benefits you’ll get from Oxandrolone: 

  • suitable for females — Anavar’s androgenic-to-anabolic ratio is 1:10 (, meaning that it makes significant anabolic effects with much lower androgenic impact and therefore is safer for women than some other steroids 

  • facilitates muscle growth and adds strength — Anavar enhances nitrogen retention, which means that you’re building more muscle cells (, hence you build lean muscle mass and strength as you take Oxandrolone along with lifting weights 

  • decreases body fat — because you gain more muscle with the help of the steroid (, your metabolism speeds up and you lose both body and visceral fat 

  • gives an energy and performance boost  — Anavar enhances phosphocreatine synthesis, therefore helping to store adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in your body, which means your body stores more energy for longer periods of time (, allowing you to push harder during your workouts 

  • speeds up muscle recovery — Oxandrolone stimulates protein synthesis (, which helps not only build muscle but also repair quicker, so you’ll experience less fatigue both in and out of the gym 

  • facilitates bone growth — the steroid stimulates collagen production (, which means it can help improve improper bone growth and relieve bone pain 

  • resists liver metabolism — Anavar doesn't breakdown in the liver (, so your body absorbs more of the active substance, ultimately assisting your bulk 

  • enhances vascularity — on Oxandrolone, you experience the perfect combo of growing huge muscles and losing the extra fat, which means the muscles start pushing your veins towards the surface while a lower body fat percentage makes them extremely visible under your skin 

  • comes in a safe oral form — you don't risk developing a chronic infection as you inject Anavar, like it is with some other anabolic steroids 

By targeting lean muscle mass, strength, fat loss, energy levels, performance and overall appearance, it’s no wonder that Anavar has earned well-deserved recognition in the bodybuilding community. 

Where to Buy Anavar Online? 


If you’re looking for a place to buy Anavar online, beware of random websites and products marketed as “legal alternatives.” As we mentioned earlier, alternatives to steroids are completely different substances that are very likely not to deliver the same results as original steroids.  

So make sure to buy real Oxandrolone and not a substitute, like “legal steroid alternatives” Anavar. But where should you buy it? Well, there are some factors differentiating a reliable store from a scam. Here they are: 

  • website design — a good-looking website design matters since scammers are often blocked and have to come up with new websites, so they usually spend less time building and designing them 

  • retail vs manufacturer — pharma manufacturers don’t sell their products on their website because they’re only involved in the production, so if you see priced items on what claims to be a manufacturer's website, close the tab and keep searching 

  • brands available — if the store’s catalog is full of brands that are no-name on the pharma market, you’re looking at a scam that’s trying to sell some random product to you, which is ineffective in the best case and dangerous to your health in the worst scenario 

  • great customer support — a trustworthy business is always open to answering any questions to provide more information and help choose the right product 

Of course, it can be challenging to dig out a legit steroid store in the ocean of scams. But we’ve got one for you, and it checks all the boxes — takes good care of their customers by providing a great range of steroid products and always being there to help you choose the one you need. They offer both domestic and international shipping, which takes only up to 7 days, and guarantee to replace your order for free in case the customs seizes it. 

The store can boast an amazing list of brands for sale, including large pharma manufacturers, like Spectrum Pharma, Pharmacom Labs, Magnus Pharmaceuticals and others. You can also find both oral and injectable formulations of various steroids.  

And has prepared a generous welcome gift for our readers — 20% OFF on your first order with the coupon code BIGMAC. Now you can stock up on Oxandrolone and save some cash! 

Anavar Cycle: How to Use Anavar pills? 

Anavar comes in orals, and this gives it a number of benefits. It’s quickly absorbed by the body and almost fully consumes the dosage since the steroid is resistant to liver metabolism.  

But Oxandrolone pills come in small dosages, particularly 10mg per pill, while the recommended daily intakes during the Oxandrolone solo cycle vary from 20mg to 100mg, depending on your gender, experience with steroid intake, medical history and other factors. This means that you’ll have to take several pills during the day. 

So let’s see what a typical solo Oxandrolone cycle would look like in terms of its length and dosing. 

Anavar Cycle Length and Dosages for Bodybuilding 

Similarly to some other anabolic agents, the typical Oxandrolone only cycle lasts for 10 weeks for both men and women — taking the steroid more than that can pose serious health risks. So unless you’re instructed to take it for longer by a healthcare professional, better not to exceed your cycle length by more than 10 weeks.  

As for the dosage, it will be different for men and women: 

  • men: 60-100mg/daily for 10 weeks 

  • women: 20-50mg/daily for 10 weeks 

The reason why the daily Oxandrolone dose ranges is that it’s better for beginners to start with smaller doses and only increase it with the next cycles. So if you’re new to steroids, stick to 60mg/20mg respectively.   

But if you’ve done steroids before, and especially Avanar, you can go for a higher dose to get a powerful effect — up to 100mg for men and 50mg for women. Don’t go for higher than that though, because just like staying on Oxandrolone for more than 10 weeks, exceeding the daily dosage can cause trigger serious health issues. 

Anavar Stacking: The Best Steroids to Use with Anavar 

While Anavar has great anabolic capabilities on its own, you can get unbelievable growth by stacking it with other steroids. However, stay away from combining it with other orals because you risk developing liver toxicity. 

Instead, you can safely stack Oxandrolone with Testosterone, HGH, Primobolan, Trenbolone for sale and Winstrol for sale. For females, however, stacking with HGH and Primobolan are the only suitable options because other steroids stimulate virilization. 

Anavar and Testosterone 

Because your natural testosterone levels are suppressed while you’re on cycle, it helps to stack your steroids with test for a maximum anabolic impact. It does provoke water retention though, but this can be a good thing if you’re into that huge pumped look. 

Here's a go-to protocol for stacking: 

Testosterone Propionate:  

  • Week 1-12: 100-150mg every other day 


  • Week 1-10: 30mg/day 

Anavar and HGH (female-friendly) 

HGH is safe for both men and women and supports muscle growth on any cycle. The hormone strengthens joints and ligaments, hence minimizing the risk of injury. This one is also effective for fat loss, so the HGH stack will be a perfect match if you’re on a bulk, cutting or preparing for a competition. 


  • Week 1-12: 3 IU/day 


  • Week 1-10: 60-100mg/day for men; 20-50mg/day for women 

Anavar and Primobolan (female-friendly) 

Primobolan is one of the safest steroids out there, especially for females. Like Oxandrolone, it has low androgenic capabilities and doesn’t cause virilization in women, just like it doesn’t aromatize in men. Primobolan's effect is also long-term, so you won’t lose your results for long after the cycle. So it’s a true gem! 

Note that Primobolan comes in orals and injections — only use injectables for a combo cycle with Anavar. 


  • Week 1-12: 200mg every other day 

Testosterone Propionate (for men):  

  • Week 1-12: 100mg every other day 


  • Week 1-10: 30mg/day 

Anavar and Trenbolone 

Tren for sale is a very effective steroid for building muscle and losing fat because of its extremely strong impact on the body. While it can really make a difference when stacked with comparatively mild Oxandrolone, it’s not recommended for beginners. If you have experience with steroids though, this combo will make you look absolutely jacked.  

Trenbolone Acetate:  

  • Week 1-10: 50mg every other day 

Testosterone Propionate:  

  • Week 1-12: 100mg every other day 


  • Week 1-10: 30mg/day 

Anavar and Winstrol 

Winstrol for sale is another powerful steroid that works great with Oxandrolone — you build muscle on Anavar and lose extra fat and water on Winstrol. The result is just incredible — your muscles and veins look like they’re about to pop out from underneath your skin any second.  

But again, because Winstrol is a potent steroid, hence it’s not the best choice for beginners. 


  • Week 1-10: 50 mg/day, every day 

Testosterone Propionate:  

  • Week 1-12: 100mg every other day 


  • Week 1-10: 30mg/day 

Now that you know what stack options you have, you can decide which one to go for. If you’re struggling with figuring out which stack is the best for your goal, reach out to a-steroidshop — they’re familiar with all these and will help you find the right combo.  

And after you’ve made a decision, check out the product list on, they have an amazing range of top pharma brands in stock. When you’re ready to place your order, don’t forget to use promo code BIGMAC to get 20% OFF on your first order at A-STEROIDSHOP

Anavar Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) 

PCT is as important as the cycle itself — it supports your health and the outcomes of your cycle. Because steroid intake affects your natural testosterone production, you have to restart it after your cycle so that your body can get back to making enough testosterone on its own. 

Although your body can return to normal test production levels on its own, it will take months and can impact your health and physique. In some cases, neglecting PCT will lead to serious harm to your body because your male hormones will be unbalanced. 

With this being said, PCT helps minimize some post cycle side effects and is recommended after each cycle. So what does Anavar PCT imply?  

After an Oxandrolone stack with other steroids, it’s recommended to take a strong combo of Nolvadex and Clomid, as administrated below. 

PCT for men: 

  • Nolvadex: 20mg, 2 times a day, for 30 days 

  • Clomid: 50mg, 2 times a day, for 20 days 

But if you’re on a solo cycle, taking one of the drugs is enough to bring back your natural hormone production. 

When it comes to females, Nolvadex is the recommended drug to use to kickstart natural hormone production. The protocol and dosage are different than those for men — refer to the administration below.  

PCT for women: 

  • Nolvadex: 

    • Week 1: 20mg/day 

    • Week 2: 15mg/day 

    • Week 3: 10mg/day 

    • Week 4: 5mg/day 

Keep in mind that irregular menstrual periods may occur for more than 4 weeks after the cycle. Oxandrolone and PCT change the estrogen ratio, affect milk production and can lead to an unborn baby if you're taking the drugs while pregnant. So be sure to consult all your doctors and consider birth control before starting your cycle. 

The Best Anavar for Sale Brands: Top 4 Ranked 

Spectrum Pharma Anavar — Our Top-1 Pick 

Spectrum Pharma Anavar
Spectrum Pharma Anavar

Spectrum Pharma is our top pick and an absolute bestseller at our trusted steroid store, offers Anavar of the highest quality: 

  • 99,42% purity of the ingredients 

  • best-selling brand that is well-recognized 

  • verifiable at 

  • 100 tablets per pack, 10mg dose each 

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Pharmacom Oxandrolonos — The Most Effective Anavar 

Pharmacom Oxandrolonos
Pharmacom Oxandrolonos

Pharmacom Labs is another top-selling pharmaceuticals brand, providing premium-quality Anavar with a superb effect: 

  • 99.59% product purity for amazing value 

  • verifiable at  

  • fast shipping (up to 7 days) due to being stored in US warehouses 

  • 100 pills in blisters per pack, 10mg dose each 

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Magnus Oxandrolone — The Best Price/Value Anavar Pills 

Magnus Oxandrolone
Magnus Oxandrolone

Magnus Pharmaceuticals, one of the biggest pharma manufacturers out there, offers both affordable and effective Anavar pills

  • globally recognizable brand originated in India 

  • verifiable at  

  • fast shipping (up to 7 days) available due to being stored in US warehouses 

  • 100 tablets per pack, 10mg dose each 

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Canada Peptides Anavar 10 — The Biggest Discount 

Canada Peptides Anavar 10
Canada Peptides Anavar 10

Canada Peptides, another big player in the pharma production market, provides Anavar pills of amazing quality: 

  • 98.99% purity of the product 

  • verifiable at 

  • fast shipping (up to 7 days) available due to being stored in US warehouses  

  • 100 pills in blisters, 10mg dose each 

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Now that you know what brands to reach for when you want to buy Oxandrolone online, beware of fake products that don’t have any anabolic effect but cost you a fortune. Remember that legit stores like A-STEROIDSHOP.WS always welcome your questions with answers and are ready to address any concerns. is a trusted partner that has earned a bunch of positive reviews despite its short time on the market, all thanks to its great brand range, original products, fast shipping and amazing customer service. 

So if you’ve made up your mind on which brand to choose for your first pack of Anavar, is there for you. And don’t forget to use your coupon code BIGMAC to save 20% on your first order! 

Oxandrolone Pills Side Effects & How to Prevent Them? 

Like any other potent anabolic steroid, Oxandrolone pills have some side effects on the human body. It’s important to know potential side effects and medical conditions to make an informed decision before starting to take Anavar. Here are some of them: 

  • cardiovascular issues  

  • heart attack  

  • liver failure 

  • withdrawal symptoms (unusual tiredness, low libido, etc.) 

However, some of the side effects you can experience when taking Anavar are preventable, or you can at least minimize the risk of their development. 

1. Heart health. Cardiovascular issues and heart attacks as potential side effects of Oxandrolone are associated with dropping levels of HDL (a.k.a. good cholesterol) and increasing levels of LDL (a.k.a. bad cholesterol) during your steroid cycle. So it's important to monitor your cholesterol level closely. 

You can balance out your cholesterol levels by taking 5,000 mg of Omega-3 ( and 3,000 mg of Lecithin ( daily during your cycle. 

2. Liver. Liver problems, in turn, can occur as a result of improper steroid intake. Because steroids affect some natural processes in your body and your local poison control center, some markers like nitrogen retention and enzymes participating in amino acid metabolism can increase. Then, liver disease and liver tumors would develop. 

But these drastic side effects can be managed by sticking to some simple basics of taking steroids: don't exceed recommended dosage and cycle length and don't stack two oral steroids. These rules alone will help keep your poison control center healthy and minimize the chance of developing liver problems. 

3. Withdrawal symptoms. Lastly, you may experience some mild side effects after the end of your cycle. These can range from fat gain to low libido and unusual tiredness caused by improper post cycle androgenic ratio. 

If you're having serious symptoms, contact your doctor promptly to run certain laboratory tests. Otherwise, give your body some time to go through the withdrawal side effects and get back to its natural processes on its own. 

As you can see, there are ways to reduce the side effects of Anavar on your body without sacrificing the insane benefits the steroid gives. 

Anavar Results in Bodybuilding: Before and After 

Similarly to other anabolic steroids, Anavar stimulates protein synthesis and gives a crazy muscle gain and strength boost for your bulk. But what really makes a difference in going on the cycle is that it makes you shredded and veiny, like you’re about to explode with massive stiff muscles — a dream look of everyone who’s serious about bodybuilding. 

Oxandrolone is also safe because it comes in oral form and is resistant to breaking down in the liver, as well as it gives an insane energy boost because it facilitates ATP storage. 

Anavar Before and After Women 

Anavar has relatively low androgenic capabilities, which makes it suitable for women. Female bodybuilders can benefit from the fat-burning ability of Oxandrolone to get a lean and fit physique with no fear of going through virilization. 

Final Words: 

Anavar is a powerful and one of the safest steroids with anabolic effects that will bulk you up and lean out, giving you a crazy rugged physique. The steroid is produced by many pharmaceutical brands, our top picks among which are Spectrum Pharma and Pharmacom. 

Spectrum Pharma
Spectrum Pharma

You can buy both at, with a 20% off deal on your first order using the code BIGMAC at the checkout. 

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