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Psychic Phone Readings, Top 5 Phone Psychic Hotline To Call For Free Readings In 2022

Phone psychics are spiritual guides who help people walk towards a better future. Learn more about the best phone psychic readings hotlines to call for accurate future predictions on love, career, destiny and everything in between.

Psychic Phone Readings
Psychic Phone Readings

Psychics have been around for years now. If you want to get into the specifics, they date back to the 1900s. However, during the pandemic, the online psychic reading industry experienced massive growth like never before. Phone psychics are the spiritual guides people turn to when they feel like they won’t be able to make it through the difficulties without getting shattered.  

The number of experienced phone psychics available on online platforms today is the highest the spiritual industry has ever experienced. However, the increased number also feeds the doubt that they might not be authentic. To make sure that the online psychic industry stays to be a safe space for people, phone psychic reading sites follow strict hiring procedures. 

If you have been recently introduced to the spiritual world, you might have come around various phone psychic reading sites. If you have decided to give phone psychic readings a chance but can’t really figure out which psychic website to go with, we are here to help.  

Here, we’ll discuss all things psychics. Whether you want to know how the top free psychic websites hire psychics, how you can book a consultation online or the things you should know before booking a phone psychic reading, we have got you covered!  

Read on to find yourself the best psychic reading hotlines to call for accurate psychic predictions.  

The Best Sites for Psychic Phone Readings 2022 

1. Kasamba – On the top of the list, we have Kasamba, which offers clients phone, chat, and email reading sessions. To book a phone psychic reading, you have to sign up on the psychics site or application with relevant information. Bringing convenience to the online psychic network, Kasamba takes strict measures to maintain the authenticity of the spiritual world.  

2. Psychic Source – A team of psychics that can help people unlock a promising future. With the financial psychic readings offered by the phone psychics of Psychic Source, you can expect to improve your finances and create a savings plan that can ensure a safe future. You can ping, email, video call the psychic to discuss all the problems you are facing in your professional life.  

3. California Psychics – California Psychics fulfills the desires of clients to bring necessary advancements in their lives. The psychic portal offers a fast and secure psychics site and a downloadable app that users can find on Google Play and App Store. Apart from customer-centric psychic reading services, credibility, experience, and security, the psychics site offers various pricing plans to choose from.  

4. Keen – Experienced psychics of Keen understand that it’s not easy to move on from a relationship and find a partner who can be the lead character of your love story. With free psychic love reading offered by phone psychics of Keen, users can expect to bring back consistency into their relationships. 

5. Mysticsense – Bringing forward a team of phone psychics and chat psychics most known for offering authentic and anonymous psychic readings. With options to choose between email, text, call, and video sessions, the psychics site is amongst the few psychic websites that offer users to choose between an array of communication modes.  

Top 5 Psychic Phone Reading Sites and Specialties that Make Them Popular  
Choosing a good psychic reading platform is no walk in the park. When you walk into a psychic reading session, you basically put all your trust in the psychic. And, to ensure that your experience becomes worthwhile and you are able to find trusted real psychics, you have to consider a lot of things while choosing a psychic reading website.  

To make the process easy, here we have listed all the specialties that make the top free psychic reading online website different from their competitors.  

Let’s dig in.  

1. Kasamba – Brings Together a Team of Qualified Phone Psychics 


Finding the right psychic can be a little difficult. But, Kasamba makes it easier, thanks to the advanced filtration system and the option to choose between various communication channels. People dealing with relationship problems are usually the ones that sign up on Kasamba for free psychic readings.  

The pandemic took a toll on many couples. Couples not only came around issues during the pandemic but many parted ways. Kasamba became more popular during this time because many couples turned to the platform to seek solutions.  

Apart from resolving relationship issues, the phone psychics of Kasamba are great at resolving problems related to career, finances, personal life, and more. If we specifically talk about psychic love reading, cheap psychics offer free psychic readings to help people look for love and move on from a past relationship that left them broken.  

The chat psychic reading website offers reliable psychic predictions and guidance so that the customers can build relationships where they find comfort, love, trust, and understanding. The website offers flexible payment plans to ensure that users are not just able to find solutions but are able to do that at an affordable price.  

As far as security is concerned, Kasamba is one of the most famous psychic reading platforms from the security perspective. The perfect psychic reading site has many cybersecurity professionals working for them to ensure that hackers are not able to steal your data and sell it on the dark web.  

Specialties and Features – Why Kasamba Is a Top Choice for Millions of Users? 

  • A free of cost downloadable application available on App Store and Google Play 

  • Fast, secure, and frequently updated website with a quick signup procedure  

  • Keeps customer’s identity a secret 

  • Offers free to the fresh joiners   

  • Features love psychics to help people overcome the difficulties they face in their relationships  

  • Follows strict procedures to maintain the reliability of phone psychic readings  

  • Provides accurate psychic predictions   

  • Uses psychic mediums  

  • Only hires the best psychics with high ratings and great customer reviews 

  • Competent psychics with experience in multiple areas  

  • Offers multiple communication channels to make the online psychic reading experience better and convenient for customers  

  • Features a great number of diversified psychics who have experience in almost all areas  

  • Expert psychics offer free psychic reading online through text, email, and call  

  • Offers free of charge daily horoscope for everyone to benefit from  

  • Offers live customer support  

How to Book a Psychic Reading on Kasamba? 

Booking a consultation on Kasamba is as easy as it can be. To speak to psychics on Kasamba, the users have to go to their website or mobile application. By clicking on the “Try Now” button available on the homepage, they are taken to the registration form, where they have to enter their email, password, and screen name.  

After registering on the website, users can go through the list of chat psychics. As every psychic is rated by customers, you’ll be able to quickly find yourself a good match. To book the free psychic reading online consultation, the users have to click on the “Let’s Chat” button placed beneath the psychic’s name and picture.  

Discounted Offers – What Does Kasamba Offer to its Users to Make Enhance their Experience? 

For fresh joinees, the psychic reading website offers a 3-minute long trial. That’s not it. Users are also offered a flat 70% discount on their first consultations to ensure that they are able to discuss their issues with the psychics at the best price possible.  

>> Start a Free Phone Reading Session with Kasamba Gifted Psychics 

2. Psychic Source ​​​​​​​ – Phone Psychics that Offers a Varied Range of Spiritual Readings 


Financial freedom is extremely important, especially if you don’t want to live an ordinary life. Whether you are considering to make a career change or switch jobs, we recommend you to take a chat psychic reading on Psychic Source to be sure of your decision.  

The pandemic forced many of us to make career decisions that we didn’t want to make. Where some people were laid off from work, others could hardly make money due to the lockdown. In such crises, many people signed up on Psychic Source to have psychics take a look at their financial lives and suggest ways they can walk towards a more financially stable future.  

People often say that money can’t buy you happiness. Well, the Bugatti La Voiture Noire for sure can. If you don’t want financial anxiety to eat you up alive, talking to psychics from Psychic Source might help.  

The difference between a psychic portal and a good psychic reading service is that the latter offers secure readings, a varied set of psychics to choose from, and accurate psychic predictions.  

Other than phone psychic readings focused on career and finances, the cheap psychic reading site can also help people work on their relationships, mindset, and health.  

Specialties and Features – Why Psychic Source Is a Top Choice for Millions of Users? 

  • A cheap psychic reading platform that focuses on readings related to career and finances 

  • Make profound career decisions and change the outlook of your finances with the help of psychics from Mystcisense  

  • Download the mobile application from App Store or Google Play to create a savings plan that can help you achieve your long term financial goals 

  • Speak to the psychics to take a step closer to a happy life  

  • Guarantees 100% satisfactions  

  • Psychics near me available at all times  

  • Users can turn to the blog to know whether or not psychics are real and how chat psychic readings have been helping people build a life they can be proud of for the last few decades  

  • New joiners can use the 75% discount on the first bookings to check whether or not Psychic Source is a trusted cheap psychic reading site  

  • An active customer care representatives team that offers emergency support to whoever faces issues while booking a reading on the site  

  • Offers a 100% refund if the psychic reading doesn’t satisfy the users 

  • Apply filters to find the most competent psychics in no time  

How to Book a Psychic Reading on Psychic Source? 

To start using Psychic Source to enjoy cheap psychic readings, customers have to fill in the registration form along with their email addresses. By accepting the terms, they will be eligible to take consultations on the cheap psychic reading platform. There are various pricing plans and communication channels Psychic Source offers. Users have to choose the psychic based on the communication channel and experience to get the spiritual healing to begin.  

Discounted Offers – What Does Psychic Source Offer to its Users to Make Enhance their Experience? 

The new joiners of the platform get a flat 75% off on their first bookings. The lowest psychic reading rates are $1. To help customers seek quick solutions to problems at budgeted rates, the good psychic reading platform also offers a trial that lasts for 3 minutes.   

>> Start FREE Phone Reading Session at Psychic Source  

3. California Psychics ​​​​​​​ – Helping People to Live the Life they Have Dreamed of  


Whether you have started a business that hasn’t experienced success yet or you have to make a career decision that you are scared might bring more money problems into your life, taking a cheap psychic reading from California Psychics can help.  

Other than finances, there are various subjects that the phone psychics touch upon. Whether your mind is bombarded with questions or you can’t seem to adopt healthy habits, the phone psychics of California Psychics are always available to provide you with solutions that can turn the tables around for you.  

At California Psychics, users are offered text, email, call, and video psychic readings. To help you deliver the best services, the portal follows strict hiring policies. The cheap psychic reading site offers secure consultations. Customers of California Pyshics have access to dozens of articles, videos, and podcasts that are based on different types of phone psychic readings and how California Psychics has brought advancements to the psychic industry.  

Many times in life, people find themselves surrounded by more problems and fewer reasons to be happy about. To help you step out of the worst that life throws at you, the chat psychics use the psychic medium to enhance the readings.  

California Psychics has been around for years now. It is one of the portals that managed to experience instant success. Because of how strict they are with their hiring, the authenticity rates of the readings have never gone below 100%.  

Specialties and Features – Why California Psychics Is a Top Choice for Millions of Users? 

  • Uses psychic mediums to enhance the offer users more accurate answers 

  • Offers a free of cost mobile application that can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play  

  • More convenient than looking for a psychic near me  

  • Users can explore the blog to learn how California Psychics work and in what ways have the readings helped people  

  • New joiners get $1 + 5 free minutes by applying the code “ADD5” on the site 

  • Guarantees 100% satisfaction  

  • Offers free of cost daily horoscope that people can read on both the website and application  

  • Offers different plans  

  • Allows users to ping, email, voice call, and video call the chat psychics  

  • Provide financial guidance so that the people can achieve their long term goals and fulfill their dreams  

  • Has put together different discounted packages and plans to improve user experience 

  • Uses different tools to help people regarding various issues that they might be facing in life  

  • Secure financial gateways  

  • Easily operated psychic reading portal  

  • Offers round the clock customer care  


How to Book a Psychic Reading on California Psychics? 

To get started on California Psychics, you have to visit their registration page, enter your details, and accept the terms and conditions. After signing up, you can apply filters on the site to find a reliable and credible match.  

Discounted Offers – What Does California Psychics Offer to its Users to Make Enhance their Experience? 

The fresh users of California Psychics get $1 + 5 free minutes that they can avail of by entering the code ADD5 on the website. The lowest prices are $1, which are significantly lower than in-person psychic readings.   

⇒ Speak to Phone Psychics at California Psychics to Change Your Luck  

4. Keen Psychics ​​​​​​​ – A Team of Phone Psychics that Motivate People to Make Better Choices in Life  


Want to speak to top rated psychics that can help you adjust to the changes that your life has recently experienced? Psychics from Keen Psychics might be able to help you.  

Sometimes to improve your life, you have to change the way you perceive things. It’s not easy for many people to follow an optimistic approach in life. However, doing so is important because it surrounds your mind with positivity and gives it the chance to slow down and catch a breath of fresh air.  

If it has been difficult for you to think positively, book a psychic reading on Keen Psychics. Apart from helping people follow a positive approach in life, the phone psychics of Keen Psychics also help people build relationships with a strong foundation. 

The honeymoon period in relationships doesn’t stay for long. There’s no way you can keep your relationship safe from arguments and problems. If you are having a hard time understanding your partner or are looking for help to stop looking for love so that it finds you, phone psychic readings on Keen Psychics are the way to go.  

Some couples have a lack of understanding, while others have communication issues that create a gap between the partners, there are different relationship problems that can make people feel frustrated and bothered.  

To help you with that, the psychic portal offers free psychic reading online that focuses on love and relationships. Other than that, you can use the local psychic platform for financial, health-related, personal life, and other solutions.  

Specialties and Features – Why Keen Psychics Is a Top Choice for Millions of Users? 

  • Uses psychic mediums to give you the most accurate and reliable readings and psychics predictions 

  • An extended 10 minute trial is charged at $1.99 on the platform  

  • Offers quick solutions to the problems you might be facing on the platform  

  • Follows an uncompromising hiring procedure  

  • Features a blog where various information articles and videos are posted to help people understand the complexities of life and ways local psychics can help them  

  • Guarantees 100% satisfaction 

  • Customers can request a 100% refund if they don’t feel satisfied with the service  

  • An easy to operate, safe, and fast psychic reading website  

  • Helps people realize that it is important to appreciate the people in life and celebrate each moment like it might be their last  

  • Speak to the psychics to know if there’s someone in your life who is trying their best to dull your sparkle  

  • A free and frequently updated application is available on Google Play and App Store for people to enjoy chat psychic readings everywhere where there’s internet 

How to Book a Psychic Reading on Keen Psychics? 

Similar to other free psychic reading online sites, to enjoy discounted offers offered by Keen Psychics, you have to drop in your relevant information on the registration page. After signing up, you can explore the list of online psychics available on the site and find a competent reader.  

Discounted Offers – What Does Keen Psychics Offer to its Users to Make Enhance their Experience? 

The online psychic reading world is trusted by most people. However, there are some people who feel that chat psychic readings are only a time of waste and money. To prove them wrong and enlighten them with the benefits of chat psychic readings, Keen Psychics offers a 10-minute extended consultation.  

⇒ Connect With Real Phone Psychics From Keen Psychics at $1.99 

5. Mysticsense ​​​​​​​ – A Newer Addition to the Psychic World that Offers Video and Phone Sessions