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ProDentim Reviews - Is This Oral Health Supplement Worth the Hype?

ProDentim is a dietary supplement specifically crafted to address severe gum and tooth problems. It is the first probiotic soft candy that acts in your mouth rather than your gut to halt gum bleeding and tooth decay quickly.


Healthy teeth require a lifetime of maintenance and discipline. Even if everybody around you tells you that you have lovely teeth, it is still important to care for them daily to avoid any issues. This entails using the appropriate oral care supplements and paying attention to your teeth care routine "religiously." 

But the problem is that there aren't many effective supplements available and people have no idea which one they should take. 

One of the most hyped oral hygiene supplements these days is ProDentim. It has been advertised as one of the most fast-acting and effective supplements to address oral problems. 

But is it really the case? Do people who use it are happy with this supplement or not? Are ProDentim reviews positive, or are they full of complaints? Here, I am discussing everything you need to know about this oral health supplement. 

Let's begin! 

ProDentim Reviews: What It Really Is? 

ProDentim is a dietary supplement specifically crafted to address severe gum and tooth problems. It is the first probiotic soft candy that acts in your mouth rather than your gut to halt gum bleeding and tooth decay quickly. Visit The Official Website To Get 50% OFF on ProDentim 

Moreover, unlike other supplements that you just swallow, you have to chew ProDentim or let it melt in your mouth.  

The reason it is getting famous is because it claims to solve many oral health issues, support healthy inflammation, and overall health. 

But does it really do it or is it a scam?  

Well, ProDentim does work, and it sure is a legitimate supplement. It is made from top-quality ingredients whose effects were evaluated extensively by experts and highly qualified scientists. That's why it works, and people are satisfied with the results.  

Till now, ProDentim has received 95,000 customer reviews, and very few of them have mentioned any downsides of this supplement.  

Wondering how it works, and are there any side effects of ProDentim? Keep reading to know everything.  

How Does ProDentim Work? 

ProDentim functions naturally by supplying some oral probiotics in the form of soft, chewable capsules. Each chewable pill includes 3.5 billion different probiotics to maintain a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in your mouth. 

As ProDentim candy just melts in your mouth, it increases the production of saliva in your mouth. Due to this, the active components are dispersed throughout your mouth by saliva, promoting a balanced oral flora.  

There is also a role of bacteria in your teeth/gum health. Well, I'm sure you all know how bad bacteria can seriously harm dental health and even cause tooth loss. But there are some good bacteria too which help in the digestion of food and maintain the pH of saliva that lessens tooth damage. To have good oral health, good bacteria must be encouraged, and bad bacteria must be eliminated. That's exactly what ProDentim supplements do. 

To ensure that your dental health is a priority, ProDentim works on a number of fronts. It decreases the number of bad bacteria in your mouth and promotes good bacteria, which ultimately improves your oral health.  

How? Well, these capsules cause toxins to exit the mouth and the body. You can get rid of any bacteria or unpleasant odor in your mouth this way. Additionally, this will support digestive and gut health. You'll notice that your bowel movements will be easier since your body is detoxing.  

Want to know how long before you feel any effects of ProDentim? Results from ProDentim could take a few weeks to manifest, and the optimum outcomes could take 2-3 months. 

As mentioned above, the reason behind this effectiveness is the ingredients used to make this supplement. Let's find out what they are. 

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Ingredients Of ProDentim 

ProDentim offers five different probiotic strains (totaling 3.5 billion), and the reason is the top-of-the-line ingredients.  

Here's the detail of every ingredient present in ProDentim: 

BL-04 B.lactis 

Healthy people's digestive tracts contain a variety of bacteria, including the recently studied B.lactis BL-04. It has been demonstrated to control digestion, improve oral health, and lessen adverse effects, in addition to enhancing immunity function.  

BLIS K-12 and M-18 

Bacterial interference is a bacterial relocation procedure that occurs in BLIS Grades K–12 and M–18. If you take this probiotic regularly, you can increase the number of good bacteria in your mouth, which can also strengthen your immune and upper respiratory systems.  

Lactobacillus paracasei 

Lactobacillus paracasei is a specific kind of bacterium that has considerable health benefits for those with digestive system issues. We now know that a bad stomach means bad oral health. This bacterium helps both. 


Irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, constipation, colic, and diarrhea may all be helped by it. In addition, people who have been striving to follow a healthy diet for a long period can benefit from L. Cauli Probiotics. The majority of these components can be found in dairy products, including fermented milk, yogurt, and some substitutes for cheese.  

Reuter's Lactobacillus 

It has certain advantages in terms of how it promotes the health of your digestive tract, including lowering newborn colic and IBS symptoms, boosting immunity, and reducing dental plaque, nausea, and the bacteria population that causes cavities.  

Malic acid 

ProDentim contains chemicals that have undergone considerable investigation and are typically found in plants and fruits. Malic acid is one of them which has supreme significance for oral health.  

Tricalcium Phosphate 

Tricalcium Phosphate aids in lowering gum inflammation-related gum redness, swelling, and bacterial damage. It also functions as an antioxidant to protect your dental health from oxidative stress and free radical damage.  


To refresh your mouth, give you a fresh breath, and lift your spirits, ProDentim contains spearmint, much like any other mouthwash, mint, or chewing gum. Your mood is naturally lifted, and headaches are also lessened by this mint.  


Even peppermint has the ability to lessen headaches brought on by foul odor, dental decay, and sensitivity. Your oral health will be enhanced by its cooling and numbing effects.  

When all of these top-quality ingredients show their effect, oral health is improved!  

But there's more to it.  

ProDentim supplements can induce much more beneficial effects.  

Health Benefits of ProDentim 

Here are some health benefits of this supplement you should know: 

  • It eases discomfort in the upper palate, gums, and teeth. 

  • It lessens inflammation brought on by particular foods or an increase in harmful bacteria. 

  • You become inundated with beneficial bacteria that help with dental cleanliness and wellness. 

  • Due to its powerful formulation, cavities and tooth decay are treated. 

  • Your teeth's black particles can also be removed by this supplement. 

  • ProDentim aids in the entry of beneficial bacteria into your stomach. 

  • Your gums and nerves are nourished, which lessens sensitivity and discomfort. 

  • This supplement guards against ulcers on the gums and mouth walls. 

  • The use of ProDentim stops the enamel from flaking. 

  • It stops children's teeth from falling out at an early age. 

Now, it's time for some to-the-point Pros and hidden cons of ProDentim. 

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Pros and Cons of ProDentim 

After reading the ProDentim reviews from different platforms, these are the Pros I have shortlisted: 


  •  It can increase your teeth's resistance. Your gums and teeth will grow stronger than they were previously. 

  • Your breath will always be better, thanks to it. 

  • Chances of occurring any oral disease will be minimal. 

  •  Probiotics are advantageous for digestive health as well. 

  • It increases your general resistance to infections and other issues. 

  • Since you will have better gum and digestive system health, you will start feeling better and lighter. 


Wondering why there aren't any health side effects in the cons? Well, I have made a separate section about this.   

Is ProDentim Safe, Or Does It Have Side Effects? 

ProDentim is absolutely safe. Most users won't experience any adverse effects at all from this product because it is manufactured using high-quality ingredients that have undergone extensive testing.  

Additionally, the tablets are produced in a facility that adheres to strict safety and hygiene guidelines by using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This guarantees the effectiveness and security of this solution. 

However, the manufacturer advises customers to stop the use of ProDentim and seek medical advice to make sure the supplement is safe for them if they develop any moderate negative effects.  

Generally, adverse effects arise if you take the supplement in high doses. Excess of everything creates complications, and ProDentim is no different. That's why it is critical to consume it in the right quantity.  

ProDentim Dosage Details 

ProDentim comes in packs of 30 soft tablets, and the recommended daily dosage is one tablet a day.  

Note that this daily dose should only be taken orally with a glass of water, juice, or shake, as desired. Do not mix it with any food or beverage recipes. 


It can be consumed at any time of the day; however, using it on an empty stomach will yield the best benefits. So, take one tablet early in the morning. Do not exceed the advised dosage since doing so may cause unintended side effects. 

Additionally, if you are currently taking medication or daily supplements, avoid using this product. For additional information about using probiotics, speak with the nearby healthcare facility. 

Where To Buy ProDentim? 

ProDentim is currently exclusively offered on the supplement's official website. If you see your nearby store or any other platform selling it, then chances are it is either fake or more expensive than the one you can get from the official website.  

Can I Buy ProDentim on Amazon? 

According to reports, Amazon is offering ProDentim vitamins for much less money than the company's official website. There are chances that the supplements you may buy on Amazon are fake versions of the real ProDentim. The ProDentim manufacturer asserts that they have not given their approval for ProDentim to be sold on Amazon or any other e-commerce site. The fake supplements sold on Amazon won't be as reliable and secure as the genuine ProDentim. 

So, it would be best if you only buy ProDentim from the official website only.  

ProDentim Prices 

If you have decided to buy ProDentim after reading so many good things about it, then the next thing you might want to know is how much it costs.  

Well, here's a tip before I tell you the prices. Purchasing in bulk could be a smart move because doing so lowers the ultimate price per item.  

The Price Of ProDentim are: 

  •  Purchase one bottle of ProDentim for $69. 

  •  Purchase three ProDentim bottles for $59 each. 

  • Purchase six ProDentim bottles for $49 each. 

The majority of credit cards—Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express—as well as PayPal are the payment options permitted on the website.  

Currently, all offers include free shipping to addresses in the United States. That's why I didn't include them in the prices. But if you buy ProDentim from another source, the prices and delivery charges may differ.   

There is another advantage of buying from the official website- The Refund Policy! 

ProDentim Refund policy 

ProDentim's maker provides a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee for the dietary supplement. If you consistently take one supplement a day and still feel no effect, then you can contact ProDentim to complain. 


You can contact customer support by email at within 60 days to get your money back. The manufacturer will then refund you for each bottle you purchased. But judging from ProDentim reviews and customers' responses, it is clear that very few had to avail of this offer. 

Final Verdict 

All-inclusive, taking care of oral health is super important if you want to have a good social and personal life. There are lots of supplements for this, but ProDentim is one of the best on the market. It is crafted using the topmost ingredients only that lead to stronger teeth and better gum health. Plus, it also induces several other health benefits like a smooth digestive process, increased immunity, reduced bad bacteria population, and many more.  

If you don't experience these effects, you can just ask the manufacturer for a refund. But after reading ProDentim reviews, it is evident that this supplement does work like a charm, and people are really happy with it. 

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