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ProDentim Reviews: Advanced Oral Probiotic Formula Or A Scam?

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ProDentim Reviews: Advanced Oral Probiotic Formula Or A Scam?

ProDentim is an innovative and advanced dietary supplement specifically formulated for promoting and maintaining oral health. Unlike other oral supplements, it is all-natural, vegan, and free of any genetically modified agents.


Most ProDentim reviews on the internet are promotional or affiliate-based, so it may be difficult to figure out authentic and honest information. Here we come up with thorough and genuine ProDentim reviews from real customers. 

ProDentim advanced oral probiotics are the natural dental health supplement chemically composed of 3.5 billion strains of pro bacteria and a proprietary blend of 5 scientifically proven plant-based ingredients. 

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It is a vegan formula specifically composed for repopulating the mouth with beneficial bacteria and restoring the mouth microbiome. However, is it necessary to take supplements for oral health when you can have the nutrients and pro bacteria from home-available food and diet? 

Moreover, is ProDentim safe and legit? In this article, you will get unbiased and accurate answers to your queries regarding oral probiotic supplements. 

ProDentim Advanced Oral Probiotic Prominent Features 

Product name 

ProDentim Advanced Oral Probiotics 


Oral Health Supplement 

ProDentim Official Website 

Visit Here  


Repopulate the mouth with probiotics, Restore the microbiome of the mouth, Increase the strength and whitening of teeth, improve breath and make it fresh, prevent tooth and gum disease, boost mouth immunity, promote overall health of mouth. 

Key Features 

Vegan, 100% safe, all natural ingredients, GMO-free, Gluten-free, GMP approved, easy to use, clinically approved, no habit forming, budget-efficient, 60 days money-back guarantee  


Bad Breath Gone, One Day DetoxHollywood White Teeth at Home 

Best for 

Anyone above 18  

It's Not For 

Anyone under 18Pregnant womenBreastfeeding mothersUnder medical conditions and treatment 

Mode of Consumption 

Take by mouth  


1 tablet in a day (or as recommended by doctor) 

Refund Policy 

60 days unconditional money-back guarantee 

What Is Prodentim Advanced Oral Probiotics? 

ProDentim is an innovative and advanced dietary supplement specifically formulated for promoting and maintaining oral health. Unlike other oral supplements, it is all-natural, vegan, and free of any genetically modified agents.  


Not only this, but it is also composed thoughtfully to improve oral health with every dose and maintain it for a long run. It consists of 3.5 billion CFU probiotic strains and five additional nutrients directly extracted from the plant sources. 

This oral health supplement comes in the form of soft gel-like tablets that instantly dissolve in the mouth, where its minerals and chemical agents get assimilated quickly into the teeth and gums. Nonetheless, it does not contain any artificial filler, preservatives, stimulants, or flavors.  

It was formulated by Dr. Drew Sutton MD, who focused mainly on the formulation of a natural product to promote dental health

But does Prodentim really work? It is clinically formulated with science-backed ingredients and thoroughly tested by third-party labs. Moreover, it has 100% customer satisfaction and gives result guarantees. 

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Science Behind ProDentim - How Does ProDentim Oral Supplements Work?  

Scientists reveal that people with healthy mouths have a considerable amount of probiotics in their mouths. However, due to the regular use of toothpaste and chemical mouthwash, the gums may lose their strength, leading to tooth and gum disorders. 

ProDentim is clinically formulated of efficient 3.5 billion probiotics strains along with 5 plant-based nutrients that are scientifically researched and proven for oral health in the form of soft chewable candies. 

The active ingredients from the ProDentim candy dissolve and assimilate efficiently throughout the mouth. It helps to restore mouth health, helps sinuses stay open, and supports the respiratory tract. 

ProDentim Ingredients List 

ProDentim candy produces the best results due to its science-backed ingredients and careful formulation. It is clinically composed of over 3 billion CFU probiotic strains, natural strawberry flavors, MCC, and essential oil as additives and preservatives. Below is the ProDentim ingredients list and how they help you to keep your dental health in optimization. 

Lactobacillus Reuteri 

Lactobacillus Reuteri is an efficient probiotic, naturally found in the skin and gut. It helps to fight against inflammation and supports a healthy mouth environment. Essentially, it is an efficient pro bacterium to restore the mouth and stomach probiotics level.  

Lactobacillus Paracasei 

Lactobacillus Paracasei is another very important strain of oral probiotics. It is chemically added to the supplements to increase their clinical results and faster recovery. Just like L. Reuteri, L. Paracasei helps with inflammation and floods the mouth with beneficial bacteria. Moreover, it allows sinuses to stay open and free. Therefore, it aids significantly in refreshing the breath and supports nose, mouth, and throat health.  

B.lactis BL-04® 

B.lactis BL-04® is a natural strain of anaerobic pro-bacteria. It is well-documented to be added to oral health supplements since it dramatically boosts the mouth's immune system and balances the beneficial bacteria. It is exceptionally helpful for overall wellness; particularly, it supports the respiratory tract. 



Inulin can be drive from chicory plant industrially  

Inulin is a prebiotic fiber added to the ProDentim to fuel the pro bacteria, increase its effectiveness, and drive the results. It is of vital importance to support good bacteria throughout the body. Moreover, it also suppresses the growth of obligate anaerobes, which are generally associated with the malodor. Instead, it supports the acidogenic bacteria, which can help restore the mouth flora and increase its longevity.  

Malic Acid 

Malic acid is naturally found in some fruits and vegetables. ProDentim uses Malic acid sourced from the strawberries to increase the teeth's luster and as a natural flavor. Also, it can increase saliva production and prevent mouth dryness.  

Tricalcium Phosphate 

Tricalcium phosphate is the salt of calcium phosphate naturally found in animal milk and as a rock in Israel. It is generally added to the health supplements to ensure that other nutrients dissolve readily. Moreover, it helps to increase the strength of bones, muscles, and teeth.  


Peppermint is one of the most commonly used home remedies to cure gum disease and tooth aching. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties. ProDentim manufacturers use peppermint essential oil as a natural preservative. 

Is ProDentim Safe and FDA Approved? 

ProDentim advanced oral probiotics supplements are 100% safe. But, how can a drug company claim it does not have any side effects? It is due to the careful selection and formulation of ProDentim supplements.  

They have used only the vegan sourced minerals and nutrients; it does not have any GMO agents, fillers, artificial flavors, or stimulants. It is made in the USA FDA-approved facility. For insurance, it is clinically tested and approved by 3rd party labs.  

Overall, it is vegan, GMO-free, GMP approved, easy to use, and risk-free, with 100% results guarantee and customer satisfaction.  

ProDentim Candy Health Benefits 

ProDentim probiotics contain a balanced amount of healthy nutrients that can help you improve your overall health. Below are the few health benefits of ProDentim mouth health candy: 

  • It dramatically improves and maintains gum and teeth health. 

  • It balances the microbiome of the mouth. 

  • It helps teeth whiten and shine.  

  • In addition to restoring the mouth flora, it also increases the life of the bacteria in the mouth. 

  • It helps sinuses stay open and free. 

  • It supports nose, mouth, ear, and throat health. 

  • It increases the immunity of the mouth. 

  • Also, it supports respiratory tract function. 

  • It helps to keep the breath fresh. 

  • Moreover, it helps detoxify the mouth and prevents the risk of mouth cancer.  

  • It naturally prevents the mouth from pathogens and harmful bacteria. 

  • It repopulates the mouth with probiotics and prebiotics.  

  • Apart from these, it helps to prevent the risk of allergies, teeth and gum disorders, and promotes digestion health as well. 

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ProDentim Side Effects 

ProDentim is medically formulated of only natural and safe ingredients, with the insurance of zero-side effects. Moreover, to prove their safety and health guarantee, they have run their products through a number of lab tests and clinical trials.