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ProDentim Reviews 2022 - Fake Hype Or Real Customer Results?

ProDentim is a dental probiotic supplement created for people suffering from frequent dental issues. According to the official website, it provides vital support to teeth and gums and saves them from damage. It comes in an easy-to-consume capsular form, and only one capsule a day is enough to show its results.


ProDentim is a dental probiotic supplement created for people suffering from frequent dental issues. According to the official website, it provides vital support to teeth and gums and saves them from damage. It comes in an easy-to-consume capsular form, and only one capsule a day is enough to show its results. But how often do you see someone using a supplement for dental health? More importantly, what makes you believe that the product actually works? 

Surprisingly, many people are looking for dental health boosters because dental treatments and professional appointments are very expensive. So avoiding them in the first place is better than paying hefty money later. Even those who follow an ideal hygiene practice, i.e., brushing, flossing, and mouthwash, are sometimes subjected to a high threat of tooth decay and inflammatory gums. It indicates that regular hygiene is not enough, and they need something that immediately acts and saves them from disease progression.  

ProDentim is one of these products that are easily available and currently in stock. It offers improved dental, digestive health, and immunity. But how to be sure this product is a safe choice for you? Does it really work? Continue reading this ProDentim review to find all details.  

ProDentim Reviews 

ProDentim is an oral health formula that provides probiotics and nutrients to the body. Every capsule adds 3.5 billion different strains, each playing a distinctive role in the microflora of the body. Usually, probiotic strains are recommended for gut health and weight loss, but the microflora is not just confined to the gut but also extends to the oral cavity. Just like the gut, the oral microbiome is equally important in maintaining health. In case of a disturbance using a probiotic strain is highly useful, especially when the body is on the verge of dental decay. 

Working of the ProDentim formula is very simple, and the user is expected to take one capsule with a glass of water at any time of the day. In addition, the microbiome supplement also protects against allergies, respiratory illnesses, bad breath, inflammatory gums receding gums, and many other related conditions. It is nothing like any product you have seen before and offers complete oral healthcare without going to a dentist or spending hundreds of dollars. 

Though individual results may vary, regular use of ProDentim pills offers the following; 

  • Healthy and beautiful teeth 
  • No more yellow stains  
  • Healthy gums  
  • Better immunity  
  • Allergic control  
  • Improvement in sinus function 

How Does ProDentim Work? 

As mentioned before, every capsule offers 3.5 billion CFU (colony forming units) of probiotic and prebiotic bacteria to the body. This value is significantly high and sufficient to start making changes to oral health. The company has also added some plant-based ingredients, such as mint, for more benefits. 

Usually, it is difficult to eat probiotic-rich fermented food every day, plus you may not get the exact same probiotic strains from one same dietary source. It is better to take a supplement offering the necessary probiotic strains so that you do not have to plan your daily meals or eat the same bland food every day. Besides, using supplements takes no time, and it is easy on budget compared to changing the whole diet.  

Do not let the word bacteria confuse you, as these bacteria inside the ProDentim formula play a beneficial road for the body. They are already a part of the human microbiome, but many times, this balance is lost due to any environmental or dietary change. Using a supplement re-creates this balance allowing the body to take control over the vital functions again and lowers the risk of disease progression.  


Additional Benefits Of ProDentim Pills 

Here are some additional features that make ProDentim a worthy product.  

  • 100% natural formula 
  • Very easy to use  
  • Non-toxic and non-GMO product  
  • No sedative effects  
  • No addictive potential  
  • Free from gluten and soy  

ProDentim Ingredients Information  

The company has already shared the details online, including the ingredients, values, and dosage. This information helps a new user decide whether this product is worth it or not. The product label shows the following ingredients inside.  

  • inulin powder (from chicory root)- 100mg  
  • Proprietary probiotic blend (Lactobacillus paracasei, lactobacillus reuteri, and bifidobacterium lactis BL-04)- 20mg (3.5 billion CFUs) 
  • Streptococcus salivarius- 20mg 
  • Others- microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), natural strawberry flavor, and peppermint essential oil 

Here is a list of ProDentim ingredients with supposed benefits.  

  • Lactobacillus Paracasei (Supports healthy teeth, gums, and sinus health) 
  • Lactobacillus Reuteri (Anti-inflammatory effect, improves oral health) 
  • B. Lactis BL-04 (Recreates microbial balance in the oral cavity, respiratory tract, immunity boost)  
  • BLIS K-12 (immunity boost, enhance beneficial bacteria in the oral cavity, delay dental decay and disease progression) 
  • Inulin (dietary fiber, appetite control, aids in probiotic bacterial growth) 
  • Malic Acid (prevents yellowing of teeth, clears the stains, dental whitening) 
  • Dicalcium Phosphate supports ideal dental health)  
  • Spearmint (detoxification, anti-inflammatory, freshens the mouth) 
  • Peppermint (anti-inflammatory, improves gums health, immunity boost) 

How To Take ProDentim Pills? 

ProDentim comes in the form of chewable capsules, and there are 30 of them in every pack. The daily recommendation is to take only one capsule. It cannot be consumed with alcohol and caffeinated drinks, so avoid it. The best is to take the daily dose early in the morning so the effects can last all day. 


The results can be slow at first, but they start acting and showing results within a few weeks. The best effects can be seen somewhere between three and six months. But ProDentim pills can be used for a longer time, too, as there are no long-term risks attached, and this product is safe for everyone.  

Stick to the standard dosage guidelines and do not experiment using this supplement. Do not take supplements and medicines together, and avoid mixing this supplement into any food or drink. Often these products can interact and cause severe side effects that no one wants, so avoid them in the first place.  

Based on the information shared online, ProDentim is an independent product that does not need any dietary or lifestyle change to work. But it is a probiotic formula, and you can also get the same probiotics from the diet. If such drastic dietary changes are not possible, you can take help from a probiotic supplement. But the efficiency of results is based on what you eat throughout the day. Prefer eating healthy and avoiding eating junk, high-carb, and sugary foods. Not only will you see better results from ProDentim pills, but you also experience a complete body transformation, including weight reduction and immunity boost.  

Is ProDentim Safe? 

The undesirable effects of ProDentim depend upon how people use it. Usually, the risk of side effects with natural products is very rare. Plants have been used in treatments for centuries, and modern research confirms their remedial effects. It is not a possibility for them to show undesirable results unless they are wrongly used. So, any product with natural ingredients carries no risk unless the user overdoses or mixes it with other products. 


Like most other dietary supplements, ProDentim is also recommended for adult users, so no person below 18 years should use it. Also, it is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women for obvious reasons. Patients with underlying medical conditions and taking daily medication should also avoid a new supplement unless their doctor approves. In case of any confusion or uncertainty, talk to your nearest provider and learn about probiotics' safety. 

Where To Buy ProDentim? Pricing And Discount  

ProDentim is available online on the official website (prodentim.com ). There is no other way of buying it, as the company has no dealer or merchandiser involved. The purchasing takes place through the official website, and the orders are sent to the customer through priority shipping.  

The price seems fairly reasonable, and you can buy one bottle of ProDentim for $69.99 only. This price reduces when you buy more bottles, plus free shipping for a limited time. Here are the details on ProDentim bundles.  

  • Get One Bottle- $69 + Free US Shipping 
  • Get Three Bottles- $177 + Free US Shipping 
  • Get Six Bottles- $294 + Free US Shipping 

There or 30 doses in each bottle, and this one bottle would last for one month. You would need at least three or six bottles for a complete health boost. These are chewable tablets that you can use without water too. 

Most people prefer buying only one bottle first to see how a supplement affects oral health. Buying in bulk is better in terms of saving money plus the availability of ProDentim is also an issue. You may never get this product in time again as there is no information on restocking available. Due to high sales, this product could be out of stock at any time. So it is better to buy a bundle pack and store it for a few months. It has a good shelf life and can be stored for a long time without any changes in the composition and effects.  


ProDentim Money-Back Offer  

The company values the concerns of new customers, which is why it offers a 60-day money back guarantee on all orders. This money-back guarantee applies to every single purchase made through the official website without signing up for it. Any customer can ask for a refund if ProDentim fails to impress him within 60 days of the purchase. There are no questions asked in the reversal procedure and it is very simple.  

The company has an active customer support team focused on helping people with product and refund-related questions. For more information, talk to a customer support representative and follow up accordingly. If you do not like this product for any reason or find it a very long commitment to make, you can still get the refund. The only condition that the company imposes is that the product must be purchased through the official website. Also, the refund requests reaching the company after 60 days will not be facilitated, so watch the timeline carefully. 

Drop an email with your name and contact information, and a representative from the company will get in touch with you. 

Email: contact@prodentim-product.com 

Bonuses With ProDentim Orders 

To make this even better, the company is offering a bonus product for customers buying three or six bottles. These bonus items are two PDF books that are automatically added to the order, and you do not have to add them to the cart separately. 

Bonus #1: Bad Breath Gone One Day Detox 

The first e-book explains the significance of the detoxification process, suggesting its potential role in bad breath and nasty bacteria in the oral cavity. Next, it tells how simple dietary and eating choices can improve dental health and recommends some amazing herbs and spices that serve as detoxifying agents improving the effects of ProDentim. 

Bonus #2: Hollywood White Teeth at Home 

The second bonus is another PDF book explaining how to get Hollywood celebs like teeth with minimal effort and extra expenditures. It teaches various remedies and tricks you can do at home while using the ProDentim supplement.  

With every bulk order, the customer is given instant access to these PDF books. These books can be downloaded on any electronic device, and if you are not into digital books, you can print them and read them later. Just to be clear, you will not receive anything in your mail except the supplement bottles. 

ProDentim Reviews - Conclusion  

ProDentim is a product that you can trust with your money and health. The ingredients label shows that it has probiotics, prebiotics, and many other ingredients with oral health benefits. It may sound unbelievable that a dietary supplement can change your oral health, but it is true. 

Coming from a legit company, this product has no negative reviews or risks attached. It is high in demand, and the company is already running on low stock. It has a 60-day money back guarantee on the purchase, so there is no financial risk. If there are no results, you can return the product and get your money back from the company or continue using it till you see the results.

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