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Pregnenolone Benefits, Dosage, Cycles, Side Effects, Before And After Results

Pregnenolone is derived from multiple hormones including estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, progesterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).



Pregnenolone is a natural hormone that plays a crucial role in the production of other hormones, including estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol. This article will explore the benefits and risks associated with supplementing with pregnenolone, as well as its potential uses in the treatment of certain conditions. 

Pregnenolone levels in the body naturally decline with age, and supplementing with pregnenolone is thought to help combat the effects of aging. Click Here to Buy Pregnenolone today 

Aging is inevitable and it comes with a plethora of deteriorating conditions. You usually become fragile when it comes to memorizing a few things at once or some of us seem devoid of energy which leaves us fatigued and unmotivated. Depression is a common thing we keep on experiencing upon hormonal fluctuations and this isn’t fictional at all.  


Some supplements can restore the quality of life and brings back youthfulness by reversing aging thing. Some of these supplements have naturally occurring hormone-like Pregnenolone which we are going to discuss today.  

What is Pregnenolone? 

Pregnenolone is derived from multiple hormones including estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, progesterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).  Click Here to See Pregnenolone prices 

Pregnenolone is synthesized by cholesterol directly and serves countless functions in the body. By the age of 70, the secretion of Pregnenolone decreases up to 60% with other levels of hormones are also compromised.  


Doctors around the world find apt ways to restore the youthful aura by helping with estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and DHEA replenishment. They do this by using the identical molecules of such hormones and only limited times do they use Pregnenolone.  

The reason is Pregnenolone supplements are molecularly similar to the actual Pregnenolone secreted in the body naturally. Only natural selection of ingredients are allowed to mimic the Pregnenolone hormone for which they use Wild Yam extract mostly that is grown in tropical regions of the world such as Mexico.  

Pregnenolone Benefits 

Pregnenolone supplements are being used for direct results which sometimes may not appear as they sound.  

Most of the time it’s for maximum immunity for men and women who are going through rough patches like andropause or menopause.  

Here are a few benefits of taking the Pregnenolone supplement.  

  • Better Cognition and Memory 

Pregnenolone is a neurosteroid that is essential for multiple brain functions especially ones including learning, memory, and concentration. From the very start, the Pregnenolone hormone is linked to the development of the central nervous system and other cognitive factors depend on it. According to a few users, taking a Pregnenolone supplement has a dramatic effect on your cognitive system as it increases the growth of neurons in the brain.  


Enhancing the production of Myelin is something Pregnenolone does and this fatty layer responsible for insulating the nerves and boosting their effects leads to some huge new synaptic formation and works as a neuroprotector.  

  • Reduce Mood Disorders, Depression, and Anxiety 

In clinical science, low levels of Pregnenolone is associated with depression and anxiety attacks- taking Pregnenolone supplements can solve this problem and have nurturing mind-boosting effects. People who have used Pregnenolone hormone-based therapy also reported it helped them control their emotions and reduce negative emotional responses.  

  • Improved Sleep Quality 

Speaking of deep sleep, Pregnenolone stimulates this phenomenon in people suffering from sleep disturbances and insomnia. Taking deep sleep every day is linked to a better mood, fewer anxiety attacks, and even better memory.  


  • Cortisol Reduction – Weight Loss and Better Immunity 

When the levels of cortisol rise, it may portray negative effects on the immune system and even the entire endocrine system. Cortisol hormone in excess shuts down the immune system and also suppresses metabolism which results in weight gain most of the time. 

Pregnenolone reduces the production of cortisol hormone and reduces the chances of stress and weight gain. In turn, it also activates the immune system which restores testosterone levels and speeds up the metabolism to melt away the fat tissues.  

  • Reduction in Menopause and Andropause Symptoms 

When the body has sufficient levels of Pregnenolone, it keeps on converting into male hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone which reduce the symptoms of menopause in females and andropause symptoms in males.  


Pregnenolone for Men 

As we already know, testosterone is the key hormone for men that looks after their physical, mental, emotional, and male health. From building muscles to having a vigorous, testosterone does everything by affecting men’s life.  

In 2023, millions of men taking testosterone supplements to achieve suitable levels of this particular male hormone which is also used as an effective tool for bodybuilding.  

The reason why the body cannot produce enough testosterone is unknown, but Pregnenolone supplements ensure the body gets what it needs to produce these important hormones. Once the levels of testosterone rise, there are many things men can do.  


Pregnenolone in bodybuilding – Not the best ones, but some bodybuilding supplements have pregnenolone in them as a combination therapy to overcome inflammation and provide better blood circulation to the muscles. Pregnenolone supplements are designed to inhibit muscle fatigue by reducing inflammation and improving endurance.  

It is also important to note down the timing since Pregnenolone supplements are taken before the workout or in the middle of the workout.  

Pregnenolone for Women 

Females are more prone to hormonal fluctuations or imbalance which brings them into further complications of menopause.  

Pregnenolone acts as a mother hormone in most females which does multiple things to keep the levels of essential hormones sustained. Pregnenolone is indeed used to treat various menopause symptoms which will lead to the following benefits.  


  • Improved brain functions 
  • Improved memory and cognitive skills 
  • Augmented immune system 
  • Improved mood and relief from depression 
  • Improve joint and bones mobility 
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and fatigue 

When using Pregnenolone supplements for women, the main goal is to equip the body with such nutrition so it produces internal pregnenolone hormone to boost other steroid hormones. You can buy Pregnenolone for females available in many forms i.e tablets, topical creams, and injections.  

What Does Pregnenolone Do? 

Pregnenolone is a complete precursor of steroid that exhibits a wide array of functions in the body.  

It has anti-inflammatory effects and maintains muscle gain and immunity with protection against inflammation of neurons. You can count on Pregnenolone for fighting off some psychiatric conditions like autism, depression, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.  


Pregnenolone is produced naturally in the central as well as peripheral nervous system – the reason most people call it neurosteroid which is a type of steroid synthesized in the nervous system. As a neurosteroid, Pregnenolone has different cellular functions which it does by binding to certain receptors and affecting the gene transcription process.  

This process will interact with a plethora of neurotransmitter receptors and thereby alters the neurotransmission. In other words, experts suggest neurosteroid has the potency to modulate a variety of brain functions.  

What is Pregnenolone Used for? 

For a long time, Pregnenolone was considered an anti-aging compound for females and an alternative to hormone replacement therapy for males. Pregnenolone takes part in the synthesis of many hormones in the brain which leads to energy gains at times so the person won’t stop feeling energetic and fresh. However, there is no scientific explanation if Pregnenolone is effective enough for all those phenomena.  


In addition, Pregnenolone is also used for fatigue and depleted energy levels.  

In Alzheimer’s patients and individuals with impaired cognitive functions, Pregnenolone dosage improves their condition by increasing their quality of life. Some experts suggest pregnenolone is also used to treat various skin disorders such as psoriasis and scleroderma. 

How Long Does it Take for Pregnenolone for Work? 

It’s likely to experience Pregnenolone results within a few days after taking it. The first week you’d notice remarkable energy levels, better mood, and enhanced mental clarity, those effects will stay for several weeks until you start experiencing, quality sleep, and improved skin health.  


For those taking Pregnenolone supplements for correcting hormonal fluctuations, it may around longer than 3 weeks to see the results.  

Ladies will see the first effect of the Pregnenolone compound within a week after taking the supplement. The timeline to see the maximum results can also vary from one person to another which also depends on the quality of the supplement.  

How to Increase Pregnenolone Naturally? 

It would be a wise choice to avoid Pregnenolone supplements and start focusing on increasing its levels naturally.  

A few things you can do are: 

  • Eating Right 

Bringing some vital changes into your diet is the simplest way to increase pregnenolone levels naturally. Start with consuming the healthy fats which encourage the body to synthesize pregnenolone naturally. In the list, you can add avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, fish, and flaxseeds. Your diet must have a large portion of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids. Adding anti-inflammatory foods to your diet plan is the best choice you could make. Other than that, adding seeds, nuts, tomatoes, and other healthy stuff will empower the adrenal gland to secrete a free form of pregnenolone.  


  • Stress Management 

Stress increases cortisol levels which is a sort of antagonist for Pregnenolone. Living in a stress-free environment is the best thing you can do to deviate your mind from harsh realities. But our life is comprised of bundles of stressful things and scenarios, so the best option is to learn how to manage them.  

Stress can be managed through different means one of which involves aromatherapy, in this process, essential oils are used like peppermint, sandalwood, and lavender oil. There are also deep-breathing exercises and yoga which will restore adrenergic gland stimulation.  

  • Getting Enough Sleep 

Taking enough sleep is very important and this may solve so many health problems. According to scientific research, a normal person should get 6-8 hours of sleep every night. You could facilitate the sleep cycle if you are not falling asleep easily, the trick is to have a warm glass of milk with a spoon of honey. Performing exercises every day can also be useful to induce sleep at night. Sleep is essential because Pregnenolone levels increase naturally during sleep.  


  • Choose Supplements Wisely 

It doesn’t mean you only have to buy supplements with pregnenolone inside, a few supplements with Vitamin B5, B6, D3, and K Vitamin are beneficial to many people who want to increase pregnenolone levels naturally. Natural supplements with herbal extracts are good choices to manage stress levels and induce muscle-building features that are packed with herbs like Ginseng and RhodiolaRosea.  

Pregnenolone Side Effects 

Pregnenolone-reported side effects are real and they may appear in every person who used Pregnenolone supplements in the past.  

  • Acne- skin inflammation 
  • Sleep problems 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Agitation 
  • Gastrointestinal issues 
  • Restlessness 
  • Anorexia 
  • Tremor 
  • Sweating 
  • Palpitation 
  • Hair loss 
  • Mood Swings 
  • Muscle pain/fatigue 
  • Sinusitis 

Since Pregnenolone is not an approved drug, the complete list of side effects hasn’t been finalized fully.  


This means there may be more side effects we don’t know about as the clinical data about Pregnenolone safety and effectiveness is not enough.  

Pregnenolone Over the Counter for Sale 

Finding the exact over the counter option for Pregnenolone is difficult, but you could go for the supplement which works similarly.  

Even diet and exercise aren’t enough at times for people who want to attain a body transformation or to avail high-grade physical stamina to work out.  

STENA 9009 is the Crazy Bulk latest supplement which is made for the previous Sarm users.  

Sarms are targeted forms of steroidal hormones that can be used for so many things like suppressing appetite, burning fat, building muscle, and getting a wholesome body endurance. When we thought of Pregnenolone over the counter option, Stena 9009 seems to be the most promising option that men and women can use.  


About STENA 9009 – Over the Counter Pregnenolone 

If you are looking for overcoming hormonal fluctuation and want to lose a moderate amount of weight, Stena 9009 is the right choice for supplementing your body. Crazy Bulk legal Sarms like Stena 9009 is proven to work in many studies. Especially the supplement improves ATP activity which quickly enhances endurance and delays fatigue onset.  

For men and women who are constantly struggling to lose weight and achieve a healthier body shape, Stena 9009 shows them how it can be done with the appropriate mixture of herbal ingredients which makes the best combination of natural herbs such as Pregnenolone alternative otc.  


In 2023, STENA 9009 is a popular cutting Sarm alternative that many people are using to get the benefits of the cutting cycle. STENA 9009 formula is specialized in performing wholesome fat oxidation and preserving muscle mass as a part of its mechanism. Meanwhile, no side effects are observed by the users.  

How STENA 9009 Formula Works? 

Since there are only 100% natural ingredients in Crazy Bulk supplements including Stena 9009 as well, the benefits overrule the side effects in almost every user. Stena 9009 results depend on the type of workout you are planning.  

Here is how Stena 9009 formula works.  


  • Stimulation of thermogenesis to improve fat metabolism 
  • Enhance nitric oxide production to improve blood flow 
  • Halt the inflammation in muscles 
  • Amplified energy levels with high-grade stamina 

What Benefits You Can Achieve Using Pregnenolone Over the Counter Alternative? 

STENA 9009 isn’t a complicated mixture of essential elements, however, Pregnenolone is which is why it hasn’t been approved by the FDA. Benefits of Stena 9009 include: 

  • High-Speed Metabolism 

Improving metabolic speed is necessary to burn away the stored fat and calories which improves the body to flush out excessive toxins.  

  • Muscle Building 

A number of STENA 9009 users experienced mild muscle growth which helped them become leaner in certain aspects. It’s because Stena 9009 ingredients increase mitochondrial acidity in the body which generated more oxygen supply and ATP in the muscles.  


  • Speed-Up Recovery Time 

Quicker recoveries are essential to overcome muscle fatigue and certain inflammatory inducers during a workout. Stena 9009 delivers an agreed amount of blood supply which could speed up recovery time in users.  

  • Enhance Stamina and Strength 

Your strength levels determine how much time you are going to spend at the gym, clearly, it also makes up for the body's stamina. STENA 9009 contributes to speeding up the metabolism which further fastens up the process of calorie burn and in turn supplies you a vigorous physical stamina.  

Conclusion to Pregnenolone Reviews and Over the Counter Version 

High Pregnenolone symptoms may be difficult to handle which often rise because of the use of illegal supplements. You can get various benefits from using Pregnenolone supplements but there is a lack of scientific evidence and positive reviews from customers.  


Apart from some, many Pregnenolone users in the past now urging others to buy its over-the-counter alternative instead. That’s because the Pregnenolone side effects for men and women appear within a short time which might change the fact you can use it without hazards.  

Crazy Bulk STENA 9009 is the only over the counter alternative to Pregnenolone because it offers similar benefits of cutting down fat, increasing endurance , and many others.  

You can also witness your body being changed in unique ways as you start using Stena 9009 instead of Pregnenolone.  

The reasons are simple, Pregnenolone is a mother to all hormones in the body but its synthetic and natural versions are very likely to work in males. Stena 9009 on the other hand, works for men and women both regardless of their past body shape, size, and biological health.  


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