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Post Betway & bet365 Exits: 7cric, The Future Of Online Betting In India

Major players in this industry, including bet365 and Betway, have suddenly pulled out, citing the high 28% GST levied on offshore gambling companies as the reason for their decision. Their exit, while creating a ripple of concern across the industry, also opens the door to a multitude of questions regarding the future trajectory of online gambling in India.

7cric, The Future Of Online Betting In India

India's growing online gambling business has been hit by a financial takeover that has changed everything and made the big betting companies think about where they stand. 

The recent increase in the tax on Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) from a meager 18% to a staggering 28% has not only sent shockwaves across the sector, but also created a narrative of difficulty and endurance for businesses treading these economic waters.

The government of India, with an eye on the burgeoning $1.5 billion industry, has cast a financial net, aiming to reel in a 28% tax from the revenues of online gaming companies.

This move, while seen as a substantial hurdle, has also painted the industry in a new light, revealing both its vulnerabilities and the steadfast resolve of some players within it.

The tax hike, though met with a chorus of disapproval from industry stalwarts, has unveiled a myriad of perspectives and responses from the gaming community and its leaders. 

Roland Landers, the CEO of The All India Gaming Federation, has labeled the move as both "unconstitutional" and "irrational," reflecting the sentiments of a sector that now finds itself grappling with a significantly altered financial framework.

However, beneath the surface of fiscal challenges and potential pitfalls for customers, lies a deeper concern – the ethical and social implications of online gambling, especially in a nation where the fervor for cricket is unparalleled and where gaming apps are often championed by revered sporting legends.

#WayTo7: A Symbol of Steadfastness Amidst the Exodus


Major players in this industry, including bet365 and Betway, have suddenly pulled out, citing the high 28% GST levied on offshore gambling companies as the reason for their decision. 

Their exit, while creating a ripple of concern across the industry, also opens the door to a multitude of questions regarding the future trajectory of online gambling in India.

The departure of such pivotal players from India gambling arena leaves behind more than just a void; it leaves behind a series of implications that could shape the industry’s future. 

The legislative ambiguity, stemming from the amendment to the Information and Technology Act 2000 and the varied state laws on online betting, crafts a complex and somewhat nebulous regulatory environment for operators.

Moreover, the exit of these major entities could potentially stifle innovation and investment in the India gambling market, reducing the influx of new gaming technologies and marketing investments that have traditionally benefited the industry.

Despite the economic turmoil, 7cric has emerged as a rock of stability in the turbulent India market. 

By continuing to serve this market despite the tax increases, 7cric has not only demonstrated its resilience but also underlined its commitment to ensuring the continued vitality of the gaming community in India.

In the face of adversity and amidst the echoes of concern from various quarters, the future of online gambling in India hangs in a delicate balance. 

While some operators may perceive India's market as a high-risk venture, others may discern an opportunity to carve out a niche, provided they can navigate through the fiscal tempest with a steady hand and a resilient spirit.

As a breath of fresh air, 7cric has arrived to provide gamers in India with a safe and reliable online gambling platform, on which they can enjoy a wide variety of exciting games. 

7cric comes to the forefront, boasting trustworthiness and safety. 7cric has established itself as the go-to site for online gamblers in India, thanks to its dedication and the high ratings it has received on review sites like TrustPilot and ScamAdviser.

Proven Trust: Positive Reviews on TrustPilot and ScamAdviser

7cric doesn’t stand without evidence. The trust and security of this platform are validated through positive reviews scattered across various online review platforms, such as TrustPilot and ScamAdviser. 

With a score of 4.6/5 on TrustPilot and an impressive 95+/100 on ScamAdviser, 7cric has demonstrated that they are more than just an ordinary online gambling platform.

7cric on TrustPilot: A Hub for Sharing Authentic Experiences


TrustPilot is recognized as a review platform that provides a space for consumers to share their experiences regarding a product or service. 

People in India frequently utilize TrustPilot because this platform is considered to have high credibility and can provide a realistic overview of a business or service through authentic reviews from actual users.

7cric on ScamAdviser: The Guardian of Online Security


Meanwhile, ScamAdviser serves as a guardian of online security, providing information about the safety of a website, whether it’s scam or legit. 

With a high score on ScamAdviser, 7cric shows that their website is safe to access and use for online gambling, providing peace of mind for players who do not want their personal data to fall into the wrong hands.

7cric: Upholding Player Trust with Integrity

There is a reason why 7cric has been successful and stayed in business in this market. It is evident that they are serious about offering the greatest service because they have earned gamers' trust through the positive reviews that they have received, particularly in India. 

This achievement is inextricably linked to 7cric's dedication to upholding its reputation for honesty and openness across all of its services.

7cric not only announces its existence as a substitute for Betway in India with the hashtag #WayTo7, but it also maintains the relay of trust that has been built up so far. 

7cric Shines Brightly, Offering a Spectacular Gaming Haven for Online Players in India

7cric stands out as a bright star in the sea of online gambling sites because it provides its customers with an unparalleled and amazing gaming experience. 

After the departure of industry heavyweights Betway and bet365 from the market in India, a breath of fresh air has arrived in the form of 7cric, which offers a slew of perks aimed at making players' lives easier. 

7cric raises the bar for online gambling in India in every respect, from the breadth of its game selection to the depth of its payment options to the consistency of its enticing bonuses. #WayTo7

7cric's greatness is demonstrated not just in words, but in the actual experience provided to each player who signs up. 

When it comes to gaming, this platform has it all: a wide selection of games, helpful customer service, and quick, safe financial transactions. 

By focusing on customer satisfaction above everything else, 7cric has established a reliable gambling environment.

What makes 7cric so remarkable to its gamers is discussed in greater detail below. Let's investigate why 7cric has emerged as the platform of choice for so many gamblers in India, given the abundance of other options.

A Broad and Engaging Variety of Games

7cric, in all its majestic splendor, provides a wide variety of games, assuring that each player will be able to discover their very own treasure trove of excitement and pleasure. 

Everything, from the pulsating energy of Live Casino to the dynamic world of Sports Gaming, the mystery enshrouded Lottery (Satta Matka), the quick joy from quick Games, and the spinning appeal of online slots, are all beautifully wrapped in one exciting platform. 

The alliance between 7cric and illustrious game suppliers including Evolution, SPRIBE, JILI games, Ezugi, Kingmaker, and BetB2B and Sexy Casino provides players with a passport to a world filled with excellent and reliable gaming experiences.

#WayTo7: Soaring High with Aviator SPRIBE at 7cric


One of the famous games in India is Aviator game by SPRIBE. Aviator by SPRIBE has gracefully emerged as a game that easily steals the show, not merely offering a delightful play but also a golden ticket to splendid prizes.

Plus, 7cric's extra-appealing bonuses have made this game even more popular, winning over gamers all over the country.

While the internet is always full of new and interesting online games, Aviator by SPRIBE not only stands out, it rises above the rest, offering not just a game but a journey that begs players to explore its fascinating paths. 

The players are drawn in not only by the excitement of the game, but also by the tantalizing thought of what could happen after the next bet, another "jump," or another strategy move.

Getting Acquainted with Aviator Spribe

Aviator Spribe is much more than a simple video game. It's a blend of excitement, strategy, and of course, the possibility of achieving significant victories along the way. 

The players are offered the opportunity to win money by predicting when the plane would crash, and the game takes its cue from the image of an aircraft in flight as its source of inspiration.

After the players have placed their wagers to begin the game, the airplane will begin its ascension, gradually increasing the players' earnings as it goes. 

However, the plane could go down at any time, and the key to winning the game is to figure out when to 'jump' out of the game so that you don't lose before the plane goes down.

RTP and Payment Methods: Winning Strategies in Aviator

With an enticing Return to Player (RTP) of over 97%, Aviator Spribe offers players a fair and transparent percentage of return. This high RTP means that players have a larger chance to secure a sum of money over an extended period.

The Aviator payment options in 7cric were developed with the player's convenience in mind. Players may quickly and safely make deposits and withdrawals using a variety of payment methods such as credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

Only at 7cric: 200% Spribe Aviator Welcome Bonus


7cric not only introduces Aviator Spribe to the Indian online gaming stage but also offers an irresistible welcome bonus: a 200% Spribe Aviator Welcome Bonus up to ₹15,000! 

This gives players the opportunity to commence their adventure with additional funds, providing more room to play and win.

Reload and Fly Again: Secure up to a 75% Reload Bonus

And if that’s not enough, 7cric also offers a reload bonus of up to 75% on Aviator, with a maximum value of up to ₹20,000. 

This means that even if your plane has crashed, 7cric provides you with extra fuel to take off again and try once more, enhancing your chances to reach new heights and secure even larger victories.

The Unique and Engaging World of Baccarat at 7cric

The next one, we have Baccarat by Evolution. Have you tried it? If so, you're in for a treat with Baccarat by Evolution on the 7cric platform.

This timeless card game, adored globally, now comes with a contemporary and innovative touch by Evolution Gaming.

Not only does it provide an authentic and realistic gaming experience, but it also includes a multitude of engaging features that are certain to keep players interested.

Baccarat by Evolution boasts a competitive RTP (Return to Player) of 98.94%, providing a reasonably high winning probability, ensuring fairness and transparency for its players.

How to Play Baccarat by Evolution

Playing Baccarat is straightforward and easy to grasp. Players are given the option to place bets on the "Player", "Banker", or a "Tie". Once the bets are placed, cards are dealt to both the "Player" and "Banker".

The objective of the game is to predict which hand will come closest to a total of nine points. Players can also indulge in various side bets to enhance their winning potential.

Intriguing Details and Features of Baccarat

Multi-camera action, live chat with the dealer, and a look at your betting history are just a few of the interesting features that make playing Baccarat by Evolution at 7cric such a pleasure. The game is also available in a number of different flavors, giving players extra variety and replay value.

#WayTo7: Exclusive Bonuses and Promotions at 7cric

Much like the Aviator game mentioned above, 7cric also offers enticing promotions for Baccarat by Evolution. 

One ongoing promotion is the "Up to 75% Reload Bonus," where players can obtain a bonus of up to ₹20,000. Also, there's the "100% Evolution Welcome Bonus," offering players the chance to claim up to ₹15,000 daily with limited claims.

Savoring the Fun and Profits at 7cric

So, what do you think? After exploring a few of the featured games at 7cric, and of course, the tempting bonuses, you must be eager to give them a try, right?

7cric continues to be a favored destination for online casino players in India. Whether it's Baccarat by Evolution or Aviator, each game offers a different kind of fun and experience for its players.

#WayTo7 is not just a hashtag but a symbol of transition that leads players into a world of fun and profitable gaming at 7cric. If you wish to explore more exciting games and attractive bonuses, you can directly visit the 7cric website.

How To Join 7cric? Try This 6 Easy Steps!


Ready to give these games a shot? But you're feeling unsure because you haven't signed up yet? Don’t worry, just follow these 6 easy steps:

1. Starting Point:

Simply visit the 7cric website or download the app. Your register begins with just a click!

2. Sign Up, Your Way:

Spot and click the 'Register' button. It’s your gateway to fun and games at 7cric.

3. Detailing the Basics:

A form will pop up, asking for some details. Fill it out, ensuring every bit is accurate to keep things smooth down the line.

4. Double-Checking:

Next up, verify your account. A quick check now means a smooth ride later on.

5. You’re In:

That’s it! Your account is ready, and you can play the game right away!

6. Claim Your Welcoming Gift:

Don’t miss out on your welcome bonus! A small deposit of ₹500 and it’s all yours to enjoy as you explore.

Effortless and Swift Monetary Transactions with 7cric

The financial sections of an online gaming platform should be quite straightforward, and 7cric does a wonderful job at it. 

7cric provides a diverse assortment of payment options because it is aware that the player's preference for a gaming platform is heavily influenced by how easily financial transactions can be completed. 

Engage with a wide range of payment alternatives such as the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), NetBanking, Google Pay, PayTM, Local Bank Transfer, Visa, and Mastercard. 

Each of these options has been precisely developed to weave a transaction journey that is streamlined, quick, and secure for every player. 

When you use 7cric, your monetary dealings are not simply transactions; rather, they are experiences that are harmoniously tuned, guaranteeing that your attention is kept on the exhilarating adventures that are waiting for you in the gaming environments.

Welcoming You with Never-Ending Promos and Bonuses!

Who can resist the allure of promotions? 7cric, with a keen understanding of player desires, is renowned not merely for its diverse gaming options but also for its enticing array of ongoing promotions and bonuses!

Presently, online gamblers are greeted with a myriad of platform choices, yet 7cric manages to shine brightly as a prime selection, especially among players in India.

The primary reason? A constant stream of varied, innovative promotions and bonuses that are not only appealing but also straightforward to claim!

A Fresh and Diverse Promotions

7cric keenly understands that maintaining player interest and loyalty is pivotal, and introducing fresh innovations is crucial. Therefore, this platform perpetually offers varied and freshly minted promotions. 

For instance, the New Product Launch promotion offers attractive bonuses for players trying out new products like CP Satta Matka, Sexy Casino, and Ezugi Casino. 

With just a deposit of ₹500, players can reap equal or even more bonuses!

Moreover, for those who enjoy playing with charming live dealers, there are promotions like Play and Win on Ezugi Casino and Sexy Casino, offering you a chance to win up to ₹777. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Appealing Bonuses for Both New and Existing Players

Whether you’re a new player or a veteran, 7cric always has something in store for you. For newcomers, there’s a variety of Welcome Bonuses to choose.

From tailored to your interests, such as the 100% Evolution Welcome Bonus or the 200% SABA Cricket Welcome Bonus, both offering bonuses up to ₹15,000!

In the meantime, players with previous experience don't need to worry about losing out on the action because there's a Reload Bonus of up to 75% available across a variety of games.

This includes SABA Sports betting, live casino, and Aviator, which may award bonuses of up to ₹20,000 each and every week.

Simple and Instant Claiming Process

Sometimes players might feel deterred by lengthy and complicated prize-claiming processes. But worry not, as 7cric ensures that the process of claiming promotions and bonuses is uncomplicated and instant. 

This platform understands that players value a simple and rapid process. Therefore, all promotions and bonuses are designed to be easily accessible and claimed by all players, whether they are experienced or just joining in.

A Pillar of Support with Responsive and Ever-present Customer Assistance 24/7

Players can immerse themselves in a worry-free gaming experience, knowing that assistance is perpetually within arm’s reach. 

With a customer support team that is not only responsive but also perpetually available 24/7, all player inquiries and challenges will be addressed with speed and professionalism.

Accessibility and User-Friendliness

Understanding the essence of accessibility and user-friendliness, 7cric is crafted to be accessible across various devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, and this was accomplished by making both the website and the mobile application available.

This was done with the understanding that accessibility and user-friendliness are of the utmost importance.

7cric guarantees that your gaming experience will be optimal, smooth, and entertaining regardless of the device you use to play it, regardless of whether you use Android or iOS. 

Players are able to play their preferred games with a minimum of interference thanks to interfaces that are intuitively designed and navigation systems that are uncomplicated.

Thorough Preparation: The Key to 7cric’s Success

The meticulous planning and preparation that goes into 7cric's strategies are two of the qualities that set the company apart from its rivals and put it in a position of strength. 

The people who are responsible for the platform have carried out extensive research and development work in order to produce a gaming environment that is welcoming, safe, and pleasant for all of the players. 

They have methodically prepared a number of factors to guarantee that every player feels appreciated and protected, including the security of user data, the integrity of the game, and the quality of customer support.

Security and Trust as a Priority

In addition to putting a priority on delivering an entertaining gaming experience, 7cric places a significant emphasis on ensuring users' safety and maintaining their faith in the platform. 

The platform ensures that both the user data and the financial transactions are protected from any kind of unwanted access by utilizing cutting-edge data encryption technology and strong privacy regulations. 

Also, 7cric is dedicated to providing a play environment that is both honest and open, making certain that none of the games hosted on the platform are subject to any type of foul play or manipulation.

What You Should Know: Common Mistakes on Online Betting

The next important thing you should know about online betting is here. Let’s have a heart-to-heart about online betting, shall we?

It’s a universe that whispers promises of big wins and even bigger adventures, but it’s not always as simple as it appears. 

Today, let’s wander through the often unnoticed missteps that quietly linger in the corners of the online gambling world.

1. Paying Attention to the Small Details:

It's tempting to gloss over the terms and conditions, isn’t it? But here’s the thing: the subtle details hidden in those lengthy paragraphs can significantly shape your betting journey.

Understanding the nuances of bonuses and getting a handle on withdrawal limitations can shield you from unforeseen surprises later on.

2. The Delicate Path of Recouping Losses:

The desire to reclaim what has been lost is a complex yet risky route that many players have navigated with growing difficulty. 

When emotions are high, it's all too tempting to make snap decisions that only worsen a financial situation. Remember that remaining cool is not only prudent, but also necessary.

3. Maintaining a Firm Grasp on Your Finances:

When participating in online betting, your best friend will be responsible for money management. 

In the frequently unpredictable world of betting, instituting and adhering to a strict budget not only helps you keep your spending under control but also brings a much-needed degree of discipline to the activity.

4. Avoiding Personal Biases:

It’s a natural inclination to let our emotions guide our decisions, especially when it comes to betting on our favorite teams. But allowing personal biases to influence your betting decisions? 

That’s a recipe for missteps. Keeping a clear, objective mindset, backed up by reliable data, is your ticket to making choices that are informed, not impulsive.

5. Upholding the Essence of Responsible Gambling:

The joy of a win can often overshadow the importance of responsible gambling. Setting limits, using platform tools to manage your activity, and knowing when it’s time to step back are all vital in keeping your online betting journey enjoyable and balanced.

6. Valuing the Importance of a Good Strategy:

While luck may play a part, the importance of a well-thought-out strategy cannot be overlooked. Engaging in thorough research, understanding betting odds, and adopting a systematic approach not only enhances your chances of success but also acts as a safeguard against significant losses.

In conclusion, the world of online betting is not only filled with possibilities and openings, but it is also replete with obstacles that can trip up even the most experienced player. 

Players may enjoy all the highs and lows this world has to offer without falling prey to its hidden dangers if they are mindful of these common mistakes and navigate the betting landscape by making choices that are educated and conscious.

A friendly reminder that gambling ought to serve more as a source of entertainment than as a means to an end. So, gamble in a responsible manner at all times.

7cric Paves the Way for a New Epoch in iGaming, Ensuring a Secure and Engaging Player Journey

7cric has carefully knitted its way into the colorful fabric of the iGaming industry, creating a hub where gamers from all walks of life can come together to enjoy themselves in a safe and welcoming environment. 

The #WayTo7 is more than just a hashtag; it's a promise to provide each and every gamer who chooses 7cric with a gaming experience that is unparalleled in terms of its commitment to player security, player satisfaction, and service excellence.

7cric has not only constructed, but masterfully molded, an iGaming platform that invites players to explore a world where their happiness and security are important. 

This is possible because of the firm foundation laid by careful planning and an unwavering attention on user experience.

Both the website and the 7cric app are built around the idea that everyone should have easy access to the world of online gambling, where every wager, every turn of the card, and every second of the game is wrapped in an experience that is both satisfying and satisfying.

7cric assures that all players, regardless of their device, are welcomed with open arms into a world where their gaming needs are not only satisfied, but exceeded, by an abundance of alternatives and unwavering support. 

Beyond lip service, the dedication to security and trust is woven into the very structure of the platform, protecting users' personal information and financial transactions while also guaranteeing an atmosphere free from fraud and unfair advantage.

When it comes to what gamers should anticipate from their gaming platforms, 7cric not only raises the bar, but also completely transforms the competitive landscape of the iGaming industry. 

A commitment to a better, safer, and totally pleasurable gaming trip, where every player may find a moment of joy, a moment of victory, and a continuing journey of dependable and exciting gaming experiences, #WayTo7 is more than just a promise.

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