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Popular Types of Interior Themes your Dream Home Needs

Here are some popular interior themes that will help you get an idea of what you want for your dream home:

Popular Types of Interior Themes

Bricks and cement just make the structure of the house, the real beauty of a house is seen from the inside. This is why people focus a lot more on interior decorations. They want their interiors to have everything that they have imagined or dreamt of. 

Moreover, unlike the yesteryears, today it’s easy to find great interior designers in your town or city. Whether you are looking for interior designers in Bangalore or any other city or even town, you will have no problem finding them. However, the only thing you need is to have some rough design ideas in your mind. 

Here are some popular interior themes that will help you get an idea of what you want for your dream home: 

1. Art Deco Delight 

Art Deco Delight exhibits the exuberance and glamour of The Roaring ’20s and takes you down in history to America and Europe during the 1920s and 1930s. The pure geometric forms with their bright colours symbolize the technological and industrial progress of the time. One of the popular buildings designed using the same style is the Chrysler Building in America. 

2. Bohemian Beauty 

Bohemian style, also known as Boho décor is a socially unconventional interior design. It infuses your home interiors with the life and culture of different parts of the globe. A unique feature of this creative and carefree theme is that with Boho décor, no two rooms of your home will look the same. Since there is no set pattern you can also mix different patterns and colours that would excite you. 

3. Classical Reflections 

Classical Reflections emerge from Classicism, an art period in Europe that ranges from the 17th to 19th century. Most of the inspirations are taken from Greco-Roman culture. This timeless interior theme has its own flavour of traditional classical styles. Some of its unique features include order, symmetry, balance, use of natural colour and elegant fibres. Another characteristic of this theme is having a focal point, such as a large mirror, or painting, in the room. 

4. Contemporary Cheer 

Contemporary cheer or style fundamentally refers to the current designs. It is a fusion of simplicity and subtle sophistication that use straightforward silhouettes and deliberate use of textural fabrics. This theme keeps continuously evolving and can provide some of the most popular home interior trends that are also comfortable and liveable. 

5. Elegant Country 

The Elegant Country theme is a combination of elegant design and a rustic outlook. With the oozing rustic charm, you get a cottage feel, while the elegant design gets people talking about your dream home. With floral displays and animal-style prints, this theme focuses on bringing the outdoors inside your home. 

6. Hollywood Glam 

Hollywood Glam-themed home interiors take you back to the “Golden Age” of Hollywood. It is a conspicuous depiction of the majestic and iconic style of the period from the 1930s to the 1960s. With bold contrast of colours, rich fabrics and metallic & glass accents, these design provides a dazzling look to home interiors. 

7. Industrial Edge 

The Industrial Edge theme gives your home a touch of an old warehouse or factory look. This no-nonsense design is bare and utilitarian with minimal décor and furnishings. In this design, mostly neutral colours are used with liberal use of whites, blacks, beiges and browns. The unique characteristic of the theme is simplicity with elegance. 


8. Mid-Century Modern 

As the name suggests, this design rose to popularity in America in the mid-20th century. Some of the unique design elements of this theme are clean lines, vibrant colours and muted tones. It also includes a combination of natural and manmade materials by integrating indoor and outdoor motifs. 

9. Minimalist Musings 

The main idea behind the Minimalist Musings theme is “less is more”. The foundations of this design are laid by simplicity and toned-down décor. However, this design creates a layer of warmth and richness with its sparing design elements. In addition, it also makes your room larger than usual. 

10. Nautical Escape 

If you are a beach person, the Nautical Escape theme is for you. Two of the primary colours for this design are blue and white. While the shades of blue add to the coolness, white complements and even outs the cool tone in the entire room. In addition, this design also demands proper ventilation and adequate sunlight. 

Key takeaways 

Now that you are well aware of all these styles, you can go ahead and choose the one you like. However, you have to be careful while choosing interior designers to implement your design. Not every designer is skilled and talented enough to reproduce these designs from paper to your dream home. 

This is where Asense Interior Bangalore comes into the picture. With a great team of experienced and talented designers, we can make your dream home design a reality. You can have a look at our portfolio to get a better idea. 

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