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Top 10 Photo Sharing Apps For Families (Secure & Safe)

Secure free photo sharing sites for families - top 10 free and paid apps that will store your memories forever.

Top 10 Photo Sharing Apps

Do you remember when you looked through paper albums together with your family and friends? Those times are gone. Nowadays, everyone stores photos online. If you are someone who hates receiving dozens of photos in your social media or messenger apps, we can recommend looking into photo sharing apps.

The apps that we are going to talk about in this article allow you to store and share photos. One of the most important features is that all the best photo sharing app for families allow you to share specific photos with certain people. Another great feature is that your favorite and friends can view shared media files on all devices.

#1 Mylio


Features: Import and share photos, editing tools, face recognition, sort media files by date,

Pros: Smart family photo sharing app that saves time, allows users to share specific photos with certain people, compatible with all devices, high security level, offline access.

Cons: May take time to get used to the app’s interface, limited free storage.

Mylio is probably the best family photo sharing app, as it is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS/iPadOS, and Android. It has a lovely interface that allows you to import photos quickly and share them with your loved ones. One of the perks of Mylio is that the app automatically organizes photos by folder and date. The app also allows users to post photos on social media and photo sharing websites.

Mylio understands that family photos are priceless. The “People” tab allows you to tag people and even pets. The app is pretty accurate and will help you to identify your ancestors. This is the family picture sharing app you would enjoy using since it is packed with clever features. Download the Mylio app for free and text its tools. Having a huge collection of photos is not messy anymore!

#2 Google Photos (Free)

Features: Store, organize, and share media files, share with certain family members or friends, other users can add photos, search for specific files by people, date or keyword.

Pros: Lots of free storage, user-friendly interface, access files from desktop and mobile devices,

Cons: Basic edition tools.

Google Photos is an outstanding photo sharing app with a whopping 15 GB of free storage. This is really impressive since not many photo apps provide such a big amount of space to store your media files. Just like Mylio, Google Photos allows users to create albums and share them with their family and friends, as well as allow others to contribute to almonds and add their memories.

The app uses various search capabilities and finds photos by people, date, city, themes like “sea”, “forest”, “snow” and any other keyword you can think of to find specific files. Google Photos is powered with the “Assistant” that turns your media files into collages, animations, movies, albums, and photo books.

However, expect the Google Photos app to only edit your pictures somewhat. The app provides basic editing tools like filters and changing the size.

#3 Daily Kiddo (App)

Daily Kiddo
Daily Kiddo

Features: Create albums, share photos with nearest and dearest only.

Pros: Safe, secure, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, automatic notifications when new photos are posted.

Cons: Compatible with iOS devices only.

Daily Kiddo would be the best private photo sharing app for family who has a child. If you have just welcomed a newborn, the Daily Kiddo app can become your assistant. Parents go crazy about taking photos of their babies and sharing them with family members. However, it takes time to go to your phone’s gallery, “tick” the files you want to share, and then send them to each family member individually. Daily kiddo allows you to create an album and share it with people who look forward to seeing the pictures of your child.

This clever app will notify everyone automatically when new photos are posted. It is private and secure; it is like social media but for the dearest ones only. Access the Daily Kiddo app through iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices anywhere.

#4 SmugMug (Paid)

Features: Upload, store, and share photos, post to social media, create portfolio, custom watermarks, sell printed and digital photos, control downloads and orders.

Pros: Great for creating a professional portfolio, selling your work, and expanding a business.

Cons: Limited features in the free version.

SmugMug is another popular app to share photos with family members.

photo-sharing and online portfolio service. The app allows users to upload and share photos, as well as showcase their portfolios on smartphones. Simply upload all photos from your mobile device to a SmugMug account and enjoy a better organization of files.

With SmugMug, you get full control over privacy: choose who can see the photos and what photos can’t be seen by anyone. However, if you want to share your memories, post them to social media straight from the app.

The app is also known for its portfolio feature since it allows users to personalize and present their media files professionally. So, SmugMug can be a perfect tool to showcase your work if you are a professional photographer. There is also a purchase option. Choose to sell your photos printed or as digital downloads with custom watermarks.

The app has four paid plans, each catering to different needs. If you are looking for a simple app to store and share your memories with your family and friends only, probably SmugMug

is a comprehensive option for you. However, if you aim to sell your work, expand your business, and take full control of your client downloads and orders, then this is the number one app.

#5 Moment Garden

Moment Garden
Moment Garden

Features: Upload, store and share photos, allow other to access albums via email link.,

Pros: Compatible with Android and iOS devices, fun way of “planting” memories in a garden, printing a ready photo book, great for documenting milestones, suitable for parents.

Cons: The interface may look a bit simple, no editing tools.

Moment Garden app is a baby journal and a photo book perfect for families with kids. This app will help you keep your most precious memories safe and allow you to share them with loved ones. Shared moments will be presented in a timeline format. So, start planting memories and milestones as soon as you bring a newborn home, so in years, you can all sit together and view cute pictures.

Once photos and videos are completed, they will be sorted by date. You can also write a text and share your memories. Choose people you would like to see your files and share the link via email.

Moment Garden is a free family photo sharing app. However, it will cost you if you are interested in purchasing a photo book. You can order a printed version when you finally have a ready photo book with your favorite photos.

#6 500px (Web)

Features: Upload and share photos, license and sell photos on the marketplace, create customized portfolios, engage with the community of photographers around the world.

Pros: Excellent app for professional photographers, great features for selling pictures.

Cons: Can be too complicated for users interested in storing photos only.

500px is a popular photography platform that caters more to photographers who want to showcase their work, discover inspiring images, and connect with a global community of photographers. However, it can still be used as a photo sharing app for families. The app allows users to explore, upload, and interact with photos. How? Discover inspiring photos from photographers around the world, create your own portfolio and share with other photo addicts, comment, and like others’ masterpieces. The app also allows photographers to license and sell their images to potential buyers on the marketplace.

500px is excellent for those who enjoy interaction. You will get a notification whenever someone likes your photo, writes a comment, or starts following you on 500px. The app has a strong following and friendly community, which is a massive advantage.

#7 PhotoCircle

Features: Create albums, share with chosen people only, collaborate in projects, showcase your portfolio, paid subscription for an ad-free experience.

Pros: Suitable for both individuals and businesses, available on both iOS and Android devices, secure platform.

Cons: Not enough editing tools, limited free storage.

The next photo sharing app for family you might be interested in is PhotoCircle. This photo and video-sharing app has a modern and engaging interface and all the tools to make sharing your favorite moments with your family fast and effortless. Millions of media files are shared through the app every week, which makes the app trustworthy and favorable for individuals and businesses.

Get a PhotoCircle app, create an account, and give others access to create albums and edit photos. This is a perfect app for a family or friend to “contribute” photos after a birthday party or holiday. Such a process of storing and sharing photos saves time and keeps memories alive, all in one place that chosen people can access.

With limited access, you can be sure that your media files are private and secure. With a PhotoCircle app, you have full control over your account, so you can share and close access at any time. Also, the app has an automatic backup feature, keeping your files safe.

#8 23snaps

Features: Simple way to add and share photos, update status, provide access to other users, photo books, printing option, “Time Machine” feature.

Pros: Can be used on Android, iOS and web, other users can also contribute to albums, possible to print photos, or purchase a photo book.

Cons: Not suitable for professional purposes.

23snaps is one of those family photo apps that features an easy and pretty interface and does not take a long time to get used to. 23snaps slightly looks like Facebook: you can add your private photos and share them with all your family members or certain individuals only.

Once you have created an album, give access to people you love and want to see your files. Provide access to them, so they can add photos, too, creating memorable albums. Also, 23snaps allows you to add information next to photos: your baby's height, weight and other details. As a result, you can get a lovely photo book that can be printed. The price of a photo book depends on the number of photos and design.

The added photos and videos will be automatically sorted by date, which will organize things. Another great thing we found about the 23snaps app is that it has a “Time Machine” feature where you can shake your phone and see a collection of random photos over the months or years: just an entertaining tool to remember your moments.

#9 Photo butler

Features: Security store photos, share with certain people only, see who viewed your albums, online streaming, high resolution downloading.

Pros: Great for sharing to social media platforms and online streaming.

Cons: Not enough editing tools.

If you are looking for a modern app that automatically shares your photos on social media accounts, then Photo Butler is a great option. Save pictures of high resolution and different sizes. The app allows you to create private albums and share them with specific people only. Once you share an album, you can see who viewed it. If you want your pictures to be available for others only for a certain period, set a time limit for online streaming. You do not even have to worry that someone else will see your files - the app has great security.

If you are a blogger or just want to keep your family up-to-date with your moments, whether you are on holiday or having a birthday party at home, share photos in real-time through the app. In your account, you will be able to see photos by location - a map with flags. Click on one and view all your photos from a particular place in the world. Allow your others to view your content and comment on it.

Photo Butler may remind you of a social media platform, but it is just a family album app that allows your loved ones to see special moments as soon as you capture them.

#10 Flickr (Online)

Features: Automatic backup, engage with the community, enable access for certain people, organize photos by date, theme, event, etc.

Pros: Perfect for private purposes and professional photographers interested in sharing their photos with the Flickr community, so storage limit.

Cons: Have to pay for an ad-free experience.

Flickr is a well-known picture sharing app that allows you to create albums by date and event, as well as tag people and find your favorite pictures by keywords within a few clicks. Keep your photos private until you want. You can share them on the Flicks platform and allow other users to view your memories. Once shared, you can receive likes and comments and have your photos shared with others. All your files will be automatically backed up to the Flickr platform.

Flickr is not only for keeping your photos private but also for getting inspired. The huge community of amateur and professional photographers from around the world constantly share their masterpieces.

Before choosing a family photo-sharing app, consider factors such as platform compatibility, user interface, privacy settings, and storage capacity. As you can see, there are apps that suit those who love to share pictures with their loved ones and professionals who seek inspiration and want to sell their work.


Q: What is the best free photo-sharing app?

A: Go for Google Photos, as it offers free storage. However, if you are looking for ways to create customized albums and edit your pictures, try Mylio.

Q: Does Google family share photos?

A: Yes. Once you share an album with your friends and family, they will be able to view, comment, like, and add media files from any device.

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