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Paint By Numbers - The Best Paint By Numbers Kits For Adults

Unearth the joys of paint by numbers, the ultimate user-friendly art hobby and learn how to embark on your painting journey with the best kits to buy.

Paint By Numbers

Love the precision of cross-stitch? Have a fondness for creative artworks? Brace yourself for your next favorite pastime: Paint by Numbers.

Even though this art form has been around for decades, the calming and therapeutic benefits of paint by numbers have led to a renewed interest in recent times. Whether you're new to painting by numbers or contemplating revisiting this hobby, delve into our guide to get acquainted with this simple yet gratifying activity suitable for both kids and adults.

What is Paint by Numbers?

Paint by Numbers is the technique of painting an image by filling in pre-numbered areas with corresponding colors. Each kit comes with a detailed outline, so there's no guesswork. Just match the number with its respective color and watch your artwork come alive.

Aside from being entertaining, this hobby also enhances mindfulness and relaxation. It’s a wonderful way to unwind, especially for those who might feel intimidated by freehand painting. From simple designs to intricate landscapes, there's a template for every skill level. Paint by Numbers isn't just confined to wall art, either. You can find themed card kits, bookmarks, and fabric projects.

Essentials for Paint by Numbers:

For a seamless experience, it's recommended to buy a complete Paint by Numbers kit. However, if you're considering a DIY approach, ensure you have the following:

Canvas board: You can sketch your design or upgrade an existing piece.

Paints: Opt for acrylic for its quick-drying properties and vibrant finish.

Paintbrushes: These come in various sizes, catering to different areas of the painting.

Reference guide: It's a handy tool, especially for complex designs.

Sealant (optional)t: This protects the painting and maintains its vibrancy.

Essentials for Paint by Numbers:

Must-Try Paint by Numbers Kits:

Keen on exploring this craft? Check out our selection of top Paint by Numbers kits for an enjoyable artistic journey.

Custom Photo Paint By Number Kit

1. Custom Photo Paint By Number Kit : Upload your own photo to create a paint by number kit from your memories. These make the perfect gift!

Brown Stag Paint By Number Kit

2. Brown Stag Paint By Number Kit : A beautiful card design of a brown deer under a tree.

London - Big Ben Tower Paint By Numbers Kit

3. London - Big Ben Tower Paint By Numbers Kit : A beautiful London sunset with the iconic Big Ben in the background.

Sunset Over The Lake Paint By Numbers Kit

4. Sunset Over The Lake Paint By Numbers Kit : For those ready to take on bigger challenges.

White Horse Paint By Number Kit

5. White Horse Paint By Number Kit : Add a splash of color to your home with this beautiful white horse kit.

...and many more.

Whether you're a seasoned artist or someone just starting, Paint by Numbers offers a range of designs and difficulty levels, ensuring everyone has a chance to create their own masterpiece.

Paint by Numbers: Reasons for Popularity

The reasons why paint-by-numbers for adults and children are popular now are as follows.

· Paint by numbers need no previous experience to engage in. Anyone can choose a paint-by-number kit and start the hobby quickly.


· There are numerous paint-by-number options to choose from various manufacturers. This easy accessibility makes it a popular hobby.

· The painting activity on its own is very de-stressing and relaxing. The users of paint-by-number kits have reported a calming and meditative experience while engaging in this hobby.

· The positive impact of paint-by-number kits on cognitive abilities is pretty high. The hand-eye coordination, motor skills, attention to detail, focus, etc., benefit highly from this activity.

· For artistic people, paint-by-numbers is a great way to experiment with various brushing and painting techniques.

Paint by Numbers: Tips and Techniques

If you are a beginner in paint by numbers activity, here are some tips and techniques to master the hobby.

· It is advisable to start painting from the top section and proceed later. This way, you can avoid any accidental smudging of the paint.

· Another helpful tip is to start filling in the bigger sections first. It is much easier to paint bigger areas. Once you get used to the process, you can fill in the smaller areas which need more accuracy.

· It is recommended to fill either the darkest or lightest spots first. Because when you fill a light section right after a dark section, you may get the latter’s residue in the light section. You can avoid this by painting dark areas together or light sections together.

· It is always better to take a small amount of paint to apply. You should avoid drowning the brush entirely in the color. This would lead to the dripping of the paint.


· Although following the instructions can give you a flawless picture, you can always try your ideas on the image. Having fun during the activity is more important than strictly sticking to the rules.

Paint by Numbers Kits: Buying Guide

As mentioned before, there are a wide variety of choices to select from when it comes to paint-by-numbers kits. Here are some things to look for when purchasing a paint-by-numbers kit for you or your kids.

1. Themes

· The final outcome is based on the theme of the painting. So, choosing the theme for your paint-by-numbers kit is essential.

· If you want the painting for yourself, themes that suit your home or work interior and wall colors are suitable.

· If you want to gift the kit, it is better to get themes like landscape. Landscape paintings are pretty interesting to do. They involve a good deal of colors. They also provide a colorful outcome in the end.

· Choose a kit provider who has both beginner-friendly and advanced themes available.

2. Sizes

· The standard size of a paint-by-numbers canvas is 40 cm x 50 cm.

· Many manufacturers offer various sizes and shapes of the canvas.

· Size variety allows you to find the right one for your personal requirements.

· If you have a compact living space, a standard-sized painting kit will be suitable.

· Size variety is also essential for collectors of paint-by-number products.

3. Level of Difficulty

· You should always be very clear about the difficulty level of your paint-by-numbers kit.


· There are complex designs and beginner-friendly designs in the market. If you are engaging in the painting by-numbers hobby for the first time, it is advisable to pick a relatively less complicated design.

4. Quality

· Finding a quality paint-by-numbers kit is crucial.

· You should check for the quality of the canvas and the paints.

· The canvas should be sturdy enough to avoid any wear and tear.

· The stretcher bars of the canvas should be made of high-quality wood. Quality stretcher bars avoid the bending or breaking of the canvas.

· The paints should be premium-quality acrylic paints. Acrylic paints dry quicker and last longer. They are also available in a wide variety. The colors always appear pretty vibrant.

· It is advisable to check user reviews before purchasing.

5. Personalization Options

· Picking a paint-by-number provider who has personalization options available would be ideal.

· Many manufacturers allow buyers to pick any random picture they like to make into a paint-by-numbers image.

· Although this feature could cost some extra money, it would be a great gifting option.

Best Paint by Number Providers and Products

As discussed earlier, a large number of manufacturers are now engaged in the production of paint-by-number kits. But only a very few maintain the high quality that most customers expect to have. Here are some bestselling products from some of the best manufacturers for you to try out.

Paint-By-Number.com Ready-to-Paint Kits

Paint-by-number.com is one of the most reputed online dealers of paint-by-number kits globally. The website offers an impressive collection of ready-to-paint kits in a wide variety of themes.


Their collection of kits spans from portraits to landscapes and animals to abstract prints. The website offers about 2,500 quality products under the ready-to-paint kits category. The website has put in place multiple filters like price, availability, size, and detail for the buyers to find the ones they like more quickly.

The number of paints comes under the detail filter. There are two models available on the website based on the number of colors used. They are:

· Delicate- Uses 24 paints

· Lifelike- Uses 36 paints

· HD- Uses 42 paints

They are also available in a variety of sizes. The bestselling sizes among them are as follows.

· 20cm x 30cm

· 30cm x 40cm

· 40cm x 50cm

· 40cm x 60cm, etc.

There is also a customization option available in this category. Customers can make custom kits by uploading the picture of their choice and the size that they need to print it on. Customers have provided rave reviews on these affordable custom kits and have reviewed that they are the best of their kind.

Paint-By-Number.com Mystery Box

The mystery box is another exciting product from paintbynumber.com. This is a perfect gifting option for any age group. The website will randomly choose a paint-by-number canvas for the mystery box.

The buyer can choose the number of paints for the canvas. The website will only pick a canvas from the selected number of colors. The canvas will have 30cm x 40 cm dimensions. This makes the perfect gifting option due to the surprise element in it. Not even the buyer would be able to know the content of the box.

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