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Ostarine Cycle Length & Dosage: Complete Guide On Using Ostarine SARM (Men & Women)

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Ostarine Cycle Length & Dosage: Complete Guide On Using Ostarine SARM (Men & Women)

We will cover how Ostarine works, along with its effects & benefits for bodybuilders.

Ostarine Cycle
Ostarine Cycle

If you’re thinking about using SARMs then Ostarine is the name that you will come across usually first, and most frequently. But what does a good Ostarine cycle look like, and what’s it best used for?

I’m going to guide you through everything you need to know right now about using Ostarine successfully.

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We will cover how Ostarine works, along with its effects & benefits for bodybuilders.

I’ll also talk in detail about creating a potent Ostarine stack, using Ostarine post cycle (PCT), when to take Ostarine, cycle length, dosage range, and how Ostarine can also be great for women as well as men.

Let’s Talk About What SARMs Are

A SARM is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, meaning that it works as an agonist at the androgen receptor sites in muscle and bone tissue only.

By mimicking testosterone at the receptor sites in this tissue, it tells the muscles to harden and grow, much faster than can be achieved naturally. Other benefits of SARMs, through mimicking the message of testosterone in the body, include accelerated fat burning, higher levels of energy, and better mental determination.

The more potent in its composition, and therefore anabolic in its effects, that a particular SARM is, the more dramatic the benefits are.

Now Let’s Talk About What MK 2866 Ostarine Is & How It Works

Ostarine, also known by the name Enobosarm, and the alphanumeric MK-2866, is a non-steroidal SARM.

It is the mildest of the androgenic SARMs. However, although people claim it’s not going to deplete testosterone levels, its mechanism of action in the body is literally that of an androgenic Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator.

At low doses you’ll be fine, but as the dose increases, then yes, Ostarine can start to deplete testosterone levels.

Ostarine is thought to be an earlier and weaker version of what was developed into Andarine, and the pair do share the common characteristics of:

● Protection of lean muscle mass in a calorie deficit

● Ability to grow and harden muscle mass

● Ability to burn calories faster and more efficiently

● Stronger muscle tissue, ligament tissue, and bone

● Better levels of determination and focus

Both Ostarine and Andarine do therefore closely mimic high levels of testosterone in the body, but Andarine does it more efficiently and with more aggression, that translates into lower levels of natural testosterone production.

So, it’s important to note that because Ostarine mimics the effects of testosterone in the body, that it can deplete testosterone supplies. Only at higher doses, but it’s possible for the body to think it has more testosterone than it’s really carrying, and for it to start to chop back your natural production.

Ostarine Benefits & Results: When Should You Use It?

Because it’s mild, Ostarine won’t send strong enough signals to your muscle tissue to grow. Therefore, it’s not good for bulking.

But what Ostarine does do is to send signals which protect the muscle tone, by hardening them and telling them to grow a small amount. Even in a calorie deficit, it can achieve the protection of muscle tone, and even develop it slightly. Therefore, Ostarine is a perfect cutting agent.

Best used as the base for a cutting stack, you’ll be able to burn fat more efficiently than you can naturally, and protect your gains for a few weeks in a calorie deficit so that you can reveal your hard work.

Optimum Ostarine Cycle Length

Because Ostarine is only mild the androgenic at higher doses, then the cycle length of using on its own can be open-ended.

However, I would never advocate more than 10 weeks using any bodybuilding chemical before giving yourself a really good break.

Also if you’re sensitive to testosterone drop, or have low testosterone, then even moderate doses of Ostarine could take them down a little further. People who tell you the Ostarine is non-androgenic and doesn’t potentially cause testosterone production drops are telling you a lie.

So, on its own, I would suggest the optimum Ostarine cycle length would be around 10 weeks. That’s plenty of time from mild cutting cycle.

But if you are using it stacked with other SARMs, then if they are androgenic SARMs then you would probably opt for a slightly shorter cycle length of around eight weeks.

Ostarine Dosage: How Much Ostarine Should I Take?

Because SARMs are research chemicals that have never been through human trials to get to authorized for use in humans, then all we have to go on is early trial data and anecdotal knowledge from bodybuilders.

Ostarine is one of the most widely tested on humans though, having been through phase 3 clinical trials for several potential uses.

From this we can put Ostarine doses into three brackets:

● Ostarine mild dose up to 20 mg

● Ostarine midrange dose up to 40 mg

● Ostarine strong dose up to 60 mg

As long as you’re not taking Ostarine at strong doses then you won’t ever have a problem with testosterone drop.

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Ostarine Cycle Results: What Can Be Achieved In A Single Cycle?

Ostarine is mild, but if you cut aggressively, by cutting out calories and working hard, then Ostarine will protect your gains and maintain your strength and endurance levels.

You’ll be able to push yourself harder and faster, workout longer, and burn more calories. Also, you’ll tone up and harden your muscles as well.

It’s not dramatic though. This is especially the case during your first cycle. But it will be noticeable. You’ll be able to push yourself harder than you would naturally in a calorie deficit.

Plus, because your body is being told to burn more calories because it thinks it’s got elevated levels of testosterone and endurance, then you will do so.

Over a single cycle you can definitely reveal your muscle tone, and at higher doses of Ostarine, you can definitely harden that muscle tone as well. It’s tough to put a figure on how much fat you can burn, but many pounds of fat have been lost by a lot of people doing this.

In my case, I noted after my first cycle of 12 weeks that I was nine pounds lighter, and the way I looked was just noticeably more sculpted and defined. I will say though that it’s significantly milder than Andarine, which does pretty much the same job.

Andarine will not only protect your gains, but it will harden and sculpt your muscle tone even at low doses of around 30 mg per day.

Plus, Andarine will give you dramatic increases in strength and endurance, burn a ton more calories, and that higher doses even grow your muscle tone in a slight calorie deficit.

Remember though that Andarine will significantly deplete your testosterone levels, requiring PCT after you have used it. This is the case with Ostarine, which is why people often use that. You just don’t have the sides to worry about post cycle.

Creating A Potent Ostarine Cutting Stack

Now you understand how Ostarine works, and what it’s best used for, let’s talk about actually using it to cut fat and tone up.

You can use Ostarine on its own, and it will work well up to a point. But because it’s mild, it will take an awful lot of work and a high dose to get the most out of it.

As with all SARMs, it’s far better to create a potent stack . This means you get multiple benefits from multiple SARMs what only putting in one amount of hard work.

The Ostarine & Cardarine cutting stack is the “classic” cutting stack that most people use, both men and women.

At its simplest, this is what it consists of:

● 25 mg – 50 mg Ostarine per day

● 10 mg – 25 mg Cardarine per day

● 8 – 12 week cycle

● 4 – 8 week gap between cycles

● PCT supplement not required

As you can see, there’s a big variance in that. I’ve tried to show the average ranges for beginners, women, and people using this classic stack at stronger doses to cut fat aggressively while maintaining muscle tone, and even hardening it. If you’re a guy who really wants to cut and make progress, then you’ll be using figures in the higher end of the scales I’ve just mentioned.

For a male beginner, you’ll be at the lower end of the spectrum. For your first cycle, I’d use the lowest figures I’ve mentioned. That will give you an idea of how well it works without pushing yourself too hard.

Now let’s talk you through more advanced stack, that’s not only protects your muscle gains in calorie deficit, but can actually tone and sculpt them as well.

We are using Andarine for this, but only at moderate doses. We don’t want it to be hideously suppressive of testosterone production, and we don’t want to try and force our body to pile on larger and harder muscle tone when we are trying to also lose fat.

This is a great starting point for a more potent cutting stack:

● 25 mg Ostarine per day

● 10 mg Andarine per day

● 25 mg Cardarine per day

● Eight-week cycle

● PCT required

You can obviously change the dosage ranges, and lengthen the cycle by a couple of weeks if you feel you can.

But you have to be aware that Andarine can be very suppressive. You’ll need a PCT supplement if bringing it into an Ostarine stack.

Nolvadex will be fine for this. In fact, if you are using high doses of Ostarine then you should be using moderate doses of Nolvadex during PCT anyway.

The moderate amounts of testosterone production drop, around 50 mg of Nolvadex per day for the first week will be fine. Then drop to 25 mg per day for the next three or four weeks and you should be fine.

When & How To Take Ostarine

When it comes to SARMs, the real decision is whether you take it once per day, or multiple times per day.

This decision will be based around when you work out, and more importantly, what the half life of the SARM is. The half life is how long it takes for half of the dose to be fully processed by the body.

Ostarine has a good half life of up to 24 hours. So it’s going to be effective all day and night, and you’ll only have to dose it once.

The obvious time to take this is when you first get up. It’s really easy to do as well.

If you’re using SARMs liquids like Ostarine and Cardarine, then simply drip the right number of drips under your tongue. Then, wait for 60 seconds for some of it to absorb, and then swallow.

If using capsules it’s even easier, you’ll just take the right number of capsules with water.

Can Ostarine Be Used During Post Cycle (Ostarine PCT)

Some people use Ostarine during PCT. They don’t actually use it as a PCT supplement though.

It’s used during PCT to enable the cutting fat and continuing performance building while recovering from heavy cycles of SARMs or steroids.

Although that may be tolerable for some people, I wouldn’t recommend it. Your body needs a break from things like this as often as possible.

Although you can cut fat and make continual progress better than you can naturally, you are potentially suppressing your testosterone supply further, and your body, especially your liver, is having to continually deal with bodybuilding supplements.

Do yourself a favor, give yourself a good break. Six weeks to eight weeks, even 10 weeks if you feel you need it. You’ve got all the time in the world to tone up, but you won’t have if you wreck your body.

Ostarine For Women: The Perfect SARM?

Women’s bodybuilding goals are usually different to men in that they want to tone and cut as much fat as possible, rather than to build muscle.

Ostarine is perfect for achieving this because it won’t mess with your hormones, and has everything you need to achieve that look.

The classic stack will be the Ostarine & Cardarine Stack for females. It’s mild, yet highly effective.

This is the sort of level you should be looking at:

● 15 mg Ostarine per day

● 10 mg Cardarine per day

● 10 week SARMs cycle

● Six-week break between cycles

● No PCT required

Because you won’t suffer testosterone drop at all, there is no PCT supplement use required with women at all.

But what this will give you is muscle protection in a cup, and at that dosage range will even hardening your muscle tone.

You are underpinning this with Cardarine, which will deliver a dramatic increase in energy availability for you, so you can work out harder and longer. The result of this will be to tone and hard your definition, cut a lot of fat, and build your endurance.

Where To Buy High-Purity Mk-2866 Ostarine

It’s a simple fact that a single Ostarine cycle can bring great results for both men and women who wish to cut fat and protect their muscle tone.

The big problem with SARMs at the minute is actually buying them in the first place. Supplies have dried up globally, and quality has gone down because of this.

Finding reputable sellers is getting tougher. You’re looking for sellers who still offer good prices for decent dosage ranges in the bottles or pills, and that have purity guarantees from independent third-party sources.

Thankfully, there are still two very good sources of SARMs out there.

1. Behemoth Labz

This is a company who despite the lack of supply around the world at the moment, still manage to obtain and produce high-purity SARMs at great prices.

There simply isn’t another range like this out there for the sheer size of it. There are literally dozens of different types powders, capsules, liquids, and premade capsule stacks.

If you’re just looking for Ostarine, then right now, 30 mL dropper bottle, dosed at 33 mg/mL, costs $72.98.

But I would point you towards something called the “Demigod stack”. It’s an Ostarine and Cardarine stack together, in a single daily capsule.

For just $149.98, you’ll get 40 capsules, or 40 day supply. Each capsule is dosed at 25 mg of Ostarine, and 25 mg of Cardarine, which is a very good dose level.

2. Chemyo

Chemyo also offer high quality SARMs that are purity tested, with the report shown on the website for your peace of mind.

The differ from Behemoth Labz in a couple of regards though:

1. They sell SARMs in 50 mL dropper bottles rather than 30 mL dropper bottles. Because prices aren’t that much higher and doses are roughly in the same range, it means you can get up to 50% more SARMs for your money.

2. They also sell high-quality SARMs powder. This is far cheaper than liquid or capsules, but you do have to deal with weighing and consuming the powder. If you’re on a real budget though, it’s a great option.

In terms of pricing, a 50 mL dropper bottle of Ostarine, dosed at 25 mg/mL, currently costs $69.99.


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