Thursday, May 26, 2022

Osaka Group: Getting You There, And Safely Back Home

Osaka Group is established and led from the front by Dr. P.B. Boss and Mrs. Bincy Boss, a dynamic duo who advocate social growth, national welfare and humanitarianism. These ideologies are strongly imbibed in the employees of Osaka Group.

Osaka Group: Getting You There, And Safely Back Home
Dr. P B Boss, Founder & Chairman, Osaka Group

 “The world is a book and those who don’t travel have only read a page”- Saint Augustine.

The primary need for man to travel was survival. Migrations of our ancient ancestors were brimming with tremendous hardships and life-threatening risks. The prospect of a consistent food supply, safe and habitable climatic conditions, shelter from hunters and predators, were powerful motivators to endure the risks and set out towards the promise of a better tomorrow.

Domestication of work animals and the invention of the wheel made these migrations faster and marginally safer. Over the centuries, the progress of technology and invention has restructured the face of travel by leaps and bounds. Discoveries of new cultures and civilizations, offered a myriad of unique and much desired local produce and goods of immense value. And this gave birth to travel for trade and commerce.

It has been documented that the ancient Greeks and Romans of wealth and affluence, frequently travelled to their summer homes in Pompeii and Baiae. Excessive and luxurious villas served them all aspects of comfort and leisure. 

Today travel has become not just a necessity, but a way of life, and comparatively a far safer and faster endeavor. In 1992 Air France set a world record by circumnavigating the globe within earth’s atmosphere, in under thirty-three hours in the Concorde.

Tourism has now become a great economic engine in most countries. The United Nations (UN) reported that this sector employs one in every ten people on earth, and provides livelihood to hundreds of millions. 

Indian tourism has been responsible for contributing to 12.75% of total employment while generating over 87.5 million jobs in the economy. In the pre-Covid19 era, the Indian tourism sector produced over 29.9 billion USD as foreign exchange earnings.

We have many reasons to travel, besides for professional and business demands. People travel to strengthen existing familial bonds, make new acquaintances, solidify religious and spiritual faith or most importantly rediscover themselves. Getting out of a mundane comfort zone, and plunging headfirst into a multitude of refreshing and first-time experiences, is a proven cure-all for the soul. 

Simplify your trip
Safe, easy and fast is the byproduct of our technological evolution. Although certain trips can be created at the touch of a button, there are those that require a multitude of documentation and the fulfilment of regulations. A minute omission or an innocent oversight could pose a mood killing obstacle to well made plans.
To avoid any untoward violations, legal encumbrances and a generous serving of stress and anxiety, it is wise to avail of the professional services of Travel Agency firms that specialize in ensuring your travel plans are airtight.

Osaka Group
“Even the tallest trees are able to grow from tiny seeds” – Paulo Coelho

A humble beginning in 1993 as Osaka Air Travels, a small travel agency, by executing right decisions at the right time, introducing product verticals, and maintaining a high quality in customer relations, has transformed into Osaka Group.

This leading travel management company has flourished in the travel industry for twenty-eight years, and currently boasts six different companies under the Osaka Group banner. Five of these companies are aligned to furnish innovative products and services, exclusively in the travel trade. Osaka Edu Care the sixth company provides a high-end overseas education consultation on a global front.

Osaka’s Kochi branch is reputably Kerala’s biggest travel management office space, along with successfully established branches is Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi.

The Offering

Osaka Group has got you covered for everything and anything that you would possibly need for ANY travel engagement.

They offer passport services, visa acquisition, travel insurance, domestic and international ticketing, travel packages, forex currency exchange, student fund transfer, etc. to name a few. 

However, what they wear on their sleeve is their dedication to customer satisfaction, and the tangible warmth in every customer interaction. Constantly striving to deliver excellent services has made Osaka Group achieve the following: 
•    Topmost visa submission agent through VFS in Kerala.
•    Topmost walk-in Customer handling agent.
•    Pioneer agents in Travel Trade.
•    All Travel services under one roof.

At the helm

Established and led from the front by Dr.P.B.Boss and Mrs.Bincy Boss, a dynamic duo who advocate social growth, national welfare and humanitarianism. These ideologies are strongly imbibed in the employees of Osaka Group. They give credit to a secret sauce in their operations that has enabled them to achieve consistency in service delivery, and successful growth.

Osaka Group's Secret Sauce
•    Superlative Quality of Customer Relations.
•    Consistent Quality of Service.
•    Service based on Ethics & Sincerity.
•    Adapting to changes in the world, restructuring and redesigning our business Model.
•    Standing by and supporting the Travel Fraternity.
•    Professionalism in each act we engage in.

The road ahead 
A geographical expansion is in the pipeline, with plans to open branches in Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad & Chandigarh in 2022. 
Osaka Group treats their Human Resource as their most vital asset, with the intent to provide their staff with the world’s best workplace to engage in. They constantly guide and assist them to handle the growth, maintaining consistency in standards. 

Osaka Group will be introducing an industry’s first one-of-a-kind portal, A GLOBAL TRAVEL HYPER MARKET in the name Osaka connect dot com with twenty-four travel services and products on a single platform.

Without a doubt the highly motivated team of Osaka Group, are gearing up for the digital transformation of the business, and strive to bloom into a MNC by 2025. Their tireless efforts aligned to realize their vision of Osaka group as the industry’s leading brand by 2030.