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OPD Coverage Under Healthcare Plans - Benefits And Inclusions

OPD coverage under healthcare plans is designed to offer financial support whenever you seek healthcare assistance, not just in case of getting admitted into a hospital

OPD Coverage
OPD Coverage

When planning for medical emergencies, we often tend to save or plan for in-patient expenses like healthcare plans that cover hospital room fees. However, we often overlook the importance of an OPD (Outpatient Department) cover or outpatient treatment cover. Over time, however, outpatient costs can add up and have a significant impact on your savings. With medical costs rising every day, getting OPD coverage can prove more beneficial than you may initially realise. 

What is OPD Coverage?
OPD coverage under healthcare plans is designed to offer financial support whenever you seek healthcare assistance, not just in case of getting admitted into a hospital. The cost of medical expenses such as doctors’ consultation fees, diagnostic lab tests, X-rays in case of fractures, etc. generally come under OPD coverage. Thus, it is a sound idea to get a plan that can shield you from the financial burden of these medical expenses. Read on to learn about the benefits of choosing a healthcare plan that offers OPD coverage and the inclusions that you could benefit from. 

Benefits of OPD Cover in Healthcare Plans
Opting for OPD coverage has several advantages that might change how we perceive our medical expenses as a whole:

1.    Provides financial support: Oftentimes, we avoid consulting a medical professional for seemingly minor ailments as that can lead to an added cost. In such cases, getting OPD coverage can prove significantly beneficial in bringing about a change in your approach towards health issues that could turn out to become bigger concerns if you ignore them. When you know your consultation fees can be covered, you are more likely to visit a doctor rather than ignoring a potential health concern.

2.    Covers minor surgeries: Even minor surgeries can sometimes be expensive. OPD covers take care of such surgeries and treatments by supporting your final bill. 

3.    Provides access to specialists: OPD covers can make specialists more accessible to you and provide you with the best possible treatment, even for minor injuries. 

4.    Covers pre-existing illnesses and frequent OPD visits: OPD covers also provide financial assistance for pre-existing ailments and frequent visits to the doctor. If you have been suffering from a health issue for a prolonged period that requires frequent doctor consultation, your OPD cover can support that aspect of your treatment. 

OPD Covers Under Healthcare Plans
OPD covers can be your saviours in many aspects. So, it’s important to choose the right one for you. OPD plans somewhat vary according to which healthcare plan you choose but would largely cover the following:
●    Doctor consultations
●    Diagnostic tests
●    Pharmacy bills
●    Minor surgeries
●    OPD treatments

Outpatient Healthcare with Kenko
Kenko is a healthcare provider that partners with health and wellness services to offer unique healthcare plans at extremely affordable rates. With a focus on outpatient healthcare, Kenko’s plans offer:
●    Pharmacy bills
●    Doctor consultations
●    Diagnostics tests
●    Preventive care
●    Dental care
●    Mental health care
●    Vision care
●    At-home care

Kenko’s healthcare plans start at just 299 and are designed for all kinds of people irrespective of their age and income. 
OPD expenses in India account for nearly 62% of the total medical care expenses. Hence, it is high time that we include the management of outpatient costs in our financial planning. Kenko can assist you in managing these expenses with healthcare plans starting at just 299. To know more about Kenko’s healthcare plans .