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Older Women Dating Sites - 10 Best Sites for Dating Younger Men

Bored with singles your own age? Perhaps it’s time you used older women dating sites. Many older women dating younger men find their age-gap dream here.

Older Women Dating Sites

Over two hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin first published “Advice to a Friend on Choosing a Mistress,” which explains to younger men why an older woman always makes for a better lover.

Ever since that Founding Father first put the thought into our minds, we’ve been swooning at the thought of older women dating younger men!

Younger guys are interested. Older women are intrigued. Say, why not just try it already? Plenty of dating websites can bring both of you together for a rendezvous. 

That’s why we created this top-notch list of older women dating sites. 

We’ve included a variety of sites, including real romance as well as just hookups. Zoosk came in at #1 but not for the reason you think - read on and discover all dating sites for older women.

Older Women Dating Sites – First Look

We’ll discuss these 5 dating sites to meet older women, plus 4 more:

The Best Older Women Dating Sites

1. Zoosk – Best Mature Woman Dating Site



  • Many over 35 users
  • Filtered searches
  • Video streaming community
  • Multiple ways to search
  • About 40 million users


  • Limited free preview
  • Not exclusively for older younger dating


  • $11.66/mo for 12 months
  • $10.83/mo for 6 months
  • $13.32/mo for 3 months

Zoosk represents the perfect compromise between looking for your fantasy date and actually finding a real relationship. It’s not a site just about serious dating, but it’s not exactly a hookup site either. 

In fact, Zoosk’s biggest demographic is between the age of 35-50. The next biggest demographic is 20-30. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? A great place to find this age gap kind of relationship! 

The Zoosk Live! Video community is one of the best features. You can follow popular people or hang out in a room with just a new best friend. Get prompts, talk about your date, and describe your ideal date. 

This is a great place to meet older or younger partners in a low-pressure environment. Hit it off with a younger man or older woman and keep messaging each other on the main Zoosk online dating platform. 

In short, Zoosk will learn that it’s the best older women dating site to help younger men find a dream date – whether for one night or for a lifetime. 

2. Adult Friend Finder – Best Place to Find Older Women Dating Younger FWBs

Adult Friend Finder


  • Many younger men into older women 
  • Group discussions on age gap relationships
  • Nonjudgmental community of friends
  • Video streaming shows & intros
  • 90 million members


  • Limited free preview
  • Pricey


  • $19.95/mo for 12 months
  • $26.95/mo for 3 month
  • $39.95 for 1 month

Adult Friend Finder is an NSFW site and may give you more hot older women dating younger men content than you can handle!

But even though the dating site is for adults only and does allow users to post nudity, don’t underestimate the friendship aspect of the site. You don’t just surf profiles. You get involved in a large community of people who feel the same way you do and have some of the same attractions. 

The site has discussion groups for issues of the day and live chat rooms that let you explore your age-difference relationship in peace. 

There are no judgments here, and quite frankly, many older women might be interested in dating younger men, if they see you commenting on those threads. 

Adult Friend Finder is a carnival of delights and the most social media-friendly site. It’s not just for hooking up since you can make friends with these people, add them to your social network, and hear about their day-to-day lives. 

It’s a nice friends-with-benefits site, and caters to people looking for an age-gap relationship. 

3. Ashley Madison – Boost Your Lives with an Older / Younger Partner

Ashley Madison


  • Short-term dating & one-night stands
  • Older married women 
  • Privacy tools like photo blur
  • Priority Man profile boost
  • Women join for free 


  • Very competitive for a younger person
  • No serious romance here


  • 1000 credits for 25 cents a credit
  • 500 credits for 30 cents a credit
  • 100 credits for 49 cents a credit

Ashley Madison is not gamy enough to suggest you’re going to fall in love on their site. No, but it dangles the older women dating younger men fantasy in front of you with erotic imagery, suggestive language, and even very specific promises of married intimate encounters. 

Does it really work, though? According to Ashley Madison users, yes! Younger men do find older women to date, although the ratio is usually 3-1.

So, younger guys? Be prepared to be patient and bring your wittiest remarks and the hottest photos. 

As for the women, be patient with the tons of messages from guys and learn to sift through the best ones through filtering. 

Ashley Madison also has some nice features like privacy tools for anonymous intimate encounters, making it ideal for younger men looking to fulfill an older married woman's fantasy.

But let’s be honest. This is for hookups and one-night stands, not serious age-difference dating!

4. eHarmony – A Mature Women Dating Younger Site for a Long-Term Relationship



  • Older women & younger men matchmaking
  • Serious relationships based on matching values
  • Most marriages of any dating site
  • Chemistry predictor for everyone you meet
  • Private video chat 


  • Long-term contracts
  • Pricey


  • $7.96 for 24 months
  • $11.96/mo for 12 months
  • $18.36/mo for 6 months

eHarmony is probably the most serious-minded of all older women dating sites, especially when it comes to promoting serious and long-term relationships. 

However, for many people, age-gap relationships are not just about intimacy. Some younger men admire the intelligence and maturity of older women. Some older women love the confidence and the idealism of a younger man. 

If you’re after love and true chemistry, eHarmony can help you – even if you want to date someone older or younger. 

eHarmony matches people together according to shared “core values,” and it’s the only online dating site that uses this algorithm. You won’t just meet someone that’s attractive. 

The site even predicts your chemistry with other users, so you’ll have a good idea of what you have in common before the date even starts. With the “Virtual Date” video feature, it’s one of the most trusted websites with a great track record for romance. 

5. Elite Singles – Where Life Experience & Success in Business Matters!

Elite Singles


  • Beautiful older women executives
  • Hot young men 
  • Long questionnaire for matchmaking
  • Wild card suggestions
  • 12 million members


  • Free members get next to nothing
  • Not friendly to the underemployed


  • $44.95/mo for 6 months
  • $57.95/mo for 3 months
  • $59.95 for 1 month

Elite Singles is not so much about the age difference but about the mild melding of intellect, professionalism, and, most of all, the determination to succeed. 

Office romances may be doomed, but let’s face it – having a corporate crush is pretty common today. 

There might be something to be said for falling for an older woman in a suit, executive chairman of a top brand. Or a hot young entrepreneur with a weakness for mature women working in marketing. 

Hey, Elite Singles gets your vibe. Here is where people go to date other successful singles. It’s a fine dating site for business singles who work all the time and have to plan their dates like a business meeting. 

The business dating site gives you matches and the ability to find wild card dates based on your preferences. 

If you want an age-gap relationship based on real compatibility, join the elite!

6. Silver Singles – Best Site to Meet a Down-to-Earth Mature Woman

Silver Singles


  • High over 50 demographics
  • No one has to be rich!
  • Mature & younger dating is OK
  • Most members have degrees
  • Matchmaking & a few wild cards


  • Free members get nada
  • Not as many young singles


  • $12.95/mo for 6 months
  • $17.95/mo for 3 months
  • $29.95 for 1 month

Silver Singles was never meant to be an older women dating site. But lo and behold, since it didn’t stop younger men from flirting with older women, and vice versa, things just kind of happened that way. 

Yes, 90% of Silver Singles are over the age of 50, and most of them have college degrees. 

But who’s going to stop that handsome thirty-year-old man from messaging a fifty-year-old woman? Who’s going to stop that pretty 45-year-old single mom from flirting with that twenty-year-old? 

Silver Singles looks and feels similar to Elite Singles, which is owned by the same network. But whereas Elite Singles brings together professional singles, Silver Singles brings together mature older women looking for younger partners. 

Since many older women are looking for a serious relationship, it’s not honest to say that Silver Singles is just about fulfilling fantasies. The site takes dating seriously, regardless of age. 

It’s one of the better sites for Boomer and Gen X romances, even if that romance is with some younger and charming millennial! 

7. Seeking – Site for a Rich Older Lover to Find Someone Years Younger



  • Luxury dating with wealthy people
  • Impress mature women
  • Rich cougars can find younger men
  • Verification options
  • Women join free


  • If you’re broke, you croak 
  • Some rude people on occasion


  • $15/mo for 3 months introductory offer
  • $19.99/mo introductory offer
  • $274.99 VIP Diamond Package

Seeking is commonly known as the luxury dating website – one where rich people look for beautiful people to go on an expensive date. 

But let’s admit what we all know. Some of these rich, luxurious men are younger, and they don’t go for women their age. They like hot older women!

But surfing the dating profiles of Seeking, you’ll notice that there’s a pretty good mix of rich younger men seeking older women AND older wealthy women seeking younger men. 

Seeking is not about serious relationships or hookups but defining the relationship you want. It’s also one of the most trustworthy sites in online dating because of the nature of luxury dating in general.

You can verify your ID, photos, income, and background to show everyone you’re safe and real!

This is more than just your usual older women dating younger men fantasy – this is a grand romance you will remember forever!

8. Bumble – Best Free Older Women Dating App



  • Great place to meet mature women
  • Free texting with mutual match
  • Free video chat
  • Women must initiate conversation
  • Find friends & work buds with BIZ/BFF


  • Men can’t DM without a match
  • Short time for women to reply


  • $19.99 for 1 week
  • $39.99 for 1 month
  • $25.66/mo for 3 months

Bumble is not always known as an older women dating younger men site. But surfing through that virtual dating pool, it’s easy to see how many 30-50 year-old women are waiting for a dashing young fellow to approach them. The ratio is also more balanced at 50/50/

Using BIZ and BFF mode, you can meet someone through shared lifestyle tags or meet as platonic friends or workmates first. 

Bumble’s biggest flaw is that the free version is somewhat frustrating. There are so many people that you usually don’t get seen by many people. Yes, women make the first move here, but you have to get back to your match within 24 hours, or you never see him again!

These frustrations actually make Bumble Premium a much better deal. Take back swipes, make direct contact, and postpone your time to respond to messages. 

Still, Bumble does offer free mutual match texting, so why make a buzz about it?

9. CougarLife – Best Site to Meet Outgoing & Self-Assured Mature Woman



  • Outgoing & confident older women
  • Charming & energetic younger guys
  • Themed site for age-difference dating
  • Pay just for the messages you get
  • Location searches for free


  • Only 7 million members
  • Pricey


  • 15 cents per credit for 1000 credits
  • 20 cents per credit for 500 credits
  • 30 cents per credit for 100 credits

Unlike many older women dating sites on our list, Cougar Life was specifically designed to appeal to young men dating older women and older women dating younger men. Their aim is to match “modern and self-assured women” with energetic younger men. 

People here are open-minded about age gap relationships, as well as whether you want a one-night stand, friend with benefits, or a serious relationship. The site embraces terms like “Cougar”, which refers to dating as an older women interested in a female-led relationship. 

Visually, the site looks similar to Ashley Madison, but without the stigma of being a cheating site - just outgoing cougars who like dating younger men. The biggest issue is that the site only has 7 million members, which can only give you so much dating pool to choose from. 

Still, it’s worth a look if you want to meet a cougar since this site welcomes cougars and cubs by name. 

Older Women Dating Sites FAQs 

What are the best dating sites for older women dating younger men?

The best dating sites where you can find older women looking to date younger men are sites like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison, which cater to the theme. 

However, don’t underestimate more mainstream dating apps like Zoosk and Bumble, which have a higher population of over 35 women. 

How to find an older woman to date as a young man?

If you want to find an older woman to date as a young man, then you may have to be more outgoing in general. Older women admire confidence and energy, and those qualities come naturally to a younger man.

However, if your options in person are limited, consider using a dating younger men website, such as Adult Friend Finder or Seeking.com. These sites have many older women who like to seek out younger men, as long as they’re interesting and handsome!

Is there a free dating site for older women dating younger men?

One free dating site for older women dating younger men is Bumble. 

However, in the opinion of some, the app is overrun with fakes, spammers, and ghosters. Some statistics show that at least one-third of all social media users have created fake profiles !

No wonder some people prefer using a paid older women dating younger men dating app, such as Zoosk. 

How do I meet an older woman over 50?

Older women over 50 are sometimes shy about going to bars. The best place to find an older woman is a dating app like Zoosk.

Zoosk has many mature women, more than the average dating site, as a matter of fact. You can also filter your search for women over a certain age who live within an hour of your location. 

Age is Just a Number - Try Older Women Dating Sites!

There’s a reason you’re drawn to age-difference relationships. There’s also a reason why you’re not clicking with women or men your age. 

Don’t fight your attraction – surrender to it! These ten older women dating websites are all great at what they do. 

In the end, however, Zoosk felt like the safest environment, the most respectful, and also one of the most enjoyable, thanks to the live-streaming community. 

Why not follow your heart and start “dating up” by landing the older woman / younger man dream date you’ve always wanted?

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.