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New Meme Coin Tamadoge Announces $100k Free Crypto Airdrop

Tamadoge is the newest addition to the same ecosystem as Dogecoin, and it's practically a meme coin 2.0. It's the first meme coin blockchain project to feature a metaverse, an NFT store, P2E, and actual token utilization.


Tamadoge is the newest meme coin project making a massive buzz in the crypto community. It's the first meme coin featuring a metaverse, a built-in NFT store, and other popular blockchain features. Even though the project is not live, investors can purchase native TAMA tokens on presale until October 2022. 

However, Tamadoge has plenty of surprises in store for its community. It just announced an airdrop-style crypto giveaway worth $100,000 for all investors who hold on to their tokens until the prize draw. The project has already raised over $2 million in presale, which makes it one of the most promising cryptos of 2022. Let's see what Tamadoge offers in more detail and what you must do to become eligible for the giveaway.  

How To Enter The Tamadoge Crypto Giveaway 

There are a few steps you have to take to enter the Tamadoge TAMA meme coin giveaway. First, you must go to the official Tamadoge website and buy at least $100 worth of TAMA tokens. The giveaway will take place on September 10, so you have to invest in Tamadoge before that date. 

Then, you have to go to the official giveaway page powered by Gleam.io, one of the leading names in business competitions. Finally, enter the required information, including your email, Facebook, Google+, or Twitter credentials. This step is crucial, as the information you provide will be used to record your entries while you complete the nine required tasks.  

The tasks include joining the Tamadoge Discord community, following the project on Twitter, and Telegram, sharing it with friends, etc. It shouldn't take you more than a few minutes to check the entire list, after which you enter into the prize draw. The $100,000 worth of TAMA tokens will go to only one lucky winner. If you win, the meme coins will appear in your crypto wallet. 

The giveaway aims to promote token presales, and Tamadoge will reward the luckiest token holder with millions of TAMA tokens. The platform plans to hold giveaways regularly, so make sure to join the official Tamadoge Telegram group to get the latest news first. Let's take a closer look at Tamadoge and its unique features. 

About the Tamadoge Meme Coin Project 

For those who don't know, the first meme coins were created as a joke to make fun of people who invest in cryptocurrencies. Of course, that was over ten years ago, when cryptos were still an emerging market. However, things changed as years went by, and some meme coins became real digital assets.  

Tamadoge is the newest addition to the same ecosystem as Dogecoin, and it's practically a meme coin 2.0. It's the first meme coin blockchain project to feature a metaverse, an NFT store, P2E, and actual token utilization.  

Shiba Inu was supposed to be the "Dogecoin Killer," but the lack of utility didn't allow it to surpass DOGE. However, the creators of Tamadoge are well aware of the issues of previous meme coins, so they created a platform that can stand next to other popular metaverse projects. 

The project used the recognition of the Doge ecosystem as leverage to attract investors, and so far, the plan is working like a charm. Tamadoge still hasn't hit the markets, but it's already the most valuable meme coin you can buy. Many say that it's the future of meme coins, and rightfully so.  


The Future Of Meme Coins 

In simple terms, Tamadoge has the potential to outperform all meme coins so far and become the best-designed meme blockchain project on the market. Unlike many other meme coins built on the Binance Smart Chain, Tamadoge is built on Ethereum. Therefore, the platform's native token, TAMA, is an ERC-20 coin so that it can be listed on popular CEXs such as Binance, eToro, Crypto.com, CoinBase, and many others.  

Besides being more flexible than any other meme coin, TAMA tokens also have better utilization. They are used for all transactions within the Tamaverse. That includes all purchases in the NFT store and transactions between users. Moreover, there are only 2 billion TAMA tokens, half of which are available for purchase. The rest is used to improve liquidity, while another 5% will be burnt to diminish the supply and drive the price higher. 

The project focuses on quality and utilization rather than quantity. After all, it has to compete with thousands of other altcoins on the markets, and if it wants to rise above others, it has to offer better features. Once it goes live, the project will be the first meme coin set in a vibrant metaverse, even though Shiba Inu is also developing a virtual reality called The Shibaverse. That said, the Tamaverse will become available in Q4 2022, while Shiba Inu's project has no release date yet. 

The blockchain project is bound to create turmoil in the crypto markets, as it's already fully KYC'd on CoinSniper and audited by Solid Proof. That means it has excellent security features, which tends to be a problem among new cryptocurrencies, especially altcoins. Tamadoge is raising the bar for all other meme coins on the market, so it's one of the best new crypto releases to follow in 2022. The TAMA token presale is on the way, so you have the perfect chance to become an early investor in one of the most promising crypto projects in the past few years. 

Tamadoge Features 

The core of the Tamaverse revolves around digital pets. It's inspired by a popular hand-held digital game from the 90s called Tamagochi. Like in the original game, the goal is to take care of your pet and ensure it's happy, fed, and healthy as it grows. You must feed and pet it regularly, take care of it if it's sick, etc.  

You can also use your pet to play one of many available games and levels to generate Dogepoints. The players with the most dogepoins at the end of the month get more TAMA tokens as rewards. As mentioned above, TAMA coins are used for all transactions within the Tamaverse, and there is no transaction tax, which is always a nice touch.  

Members of the Tamaverse can spend their time in the virtual world, where they can hang out, compete against each other, complete challenges, trade, and purchase items from the native NFT store. According to the platform's roadmap, new exciting features are planned for 2023, and considering the huge buzz that keeps building around it, Tamadoge might become the "King of Memes." The community keeps growing daily, and so does the number of investors. Over half of the tokens available in presale have been sold already. That says more about the project's potential than anything else. Let's look at the most prominent features in more detail. 

The Play-to-Earn Mechanism 

Like many other metaverse projects, the Tamaverse also uses the Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanism to reward active users with TAMA tokens. Every time you play a game or battle against other players and win, you earn Dogepoints and appear on the global monthly leaderboards. The first few players with the most points at the end of the month receive TAMA tokens as rewards. 


The prize pool depends on the monthly trade volume of TAMA tokens within the metaverse. 65% of all tokens used are sent to the prize pool, which is then divided between the most successful players. The Tamaverse features multiple games and levels, with more to come after the official release.  

Tamadoge Pets - Usable NFTs 

Tamadoge Pets are the core of the project, and they double as NFTs. You can buy, sell, trade, and upgrade them using TAMA tokens. In addition, the Tamadoge NFT Petstore offers a large selection of pets, foods, accessories, and other items you can use to improve your pet's stats and get a competitive edge.  

As your pet grows and becomes stronger, it can complete more complex tasks, resulting in more Dogepoints. After the official launch, you can try a few types of pets, but many more will be added later on as the project evolves.  

The Tamadoge coin presale began on July 25, 2022. It will last until October, when the project will enter a general presale if the tokens aren't sold out. There are no private sales or a vesting period, so everyone who buys the tokens in presale automatically becomes an early investor. 

To buy the tokens, you need to go to the official Tamadoge website. TAMA tokens are available for $0.01, with a minimum investment of $150. Therefore, you will get precisely 15,000 tokens for $150, which could be worth 100x times more after the official launch.  


The presale accepts payments through debit/credit cards, but if you have a Trust Wallet or MetaMask, you can also use USDT or ETH tokens. Connect your wallet to the platform and select the number of tokens you want to receive.  

Tamadoge Roadmap 

The latest project in the Dogecoin ecosystem has a lot to offer as it is, but it plans on adding even more exciting features in the future. After the presale, the platform will introduce the Tamadoge NFT collection, allowing users to choose their pets and start playing through the first few levels.  

However, the first Tamadoge Prototype Battle app will become available by September, giving users a sneak peek into the platform's main features and design. Next, all TAMA pets will get a 3D model version in early 2023, as the platform plans to introduce full augmented reality (AR) support by the end of the same year. Once it goes live, users will be able to have fun with their virtual pets while looking through their smartphones, similar to how Pokemon GO worked a few years ago.  

Wrapping Up  

Tamadoge is one of the most exciting crypto projects in the past few years, and it's destined to replace DOGE as the King of Meme coins. TAMA tokens are available in presale right now, and if you buy at least $100 worth of tokens, and join the official Tamadoge groups, you could win another $100,000 in tokens. 

It takes only a few minutes to complete all requirements, and once you enter the prize draw, you only have to wait until September to see if you're the luckiest TAMA token holder. Even if you don't win the prize, you can still expect impressive returns once the tokens hit the markets.  

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