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Nebula Psychics Review (2023): Real Experience, Features & Prices

What are Nebula psychics, and how can they help me improve my life? This Nebula review will help you find happiness and peace of mind.

Nebula Psychics

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💰Average cost per minute  

30 credits for 1 minute 

📞Communication types 

Live chat 

🔥Welcome offer 

$14 free credits for your first reading  

👥Number of psychics 


🔮Reading types 

  • Tarot reading 

  • Angel card reading 

  • Astrology reading 

  • Aura reading 

  • Crystal reading 

  • Numerology reading 

  • Oracle reading 

  • Palm reading 

  • Rune reading 

  • Spiritual reading 

  • Pendulum reading 

  • Dream reading 

⭐Star rating  

3.4 (7 reviews) 

Nebula, founded in 2019, makes the hunt for quality tarot readings and palm readings easier as it rivals other psychic websites in its niche. Nebula psychics, going strong for almost four years, can provide you with a sense of clarity during your first psychic session. With its original approach to chat readings and an advanced communication mode with online psychics, Nebula is a go-to place for accurate predictions and psychic insights. Forget divination readings that make you feel skeptical about standard psychic services—this Nebula review will prove you wrong.

Nebula psychic readers can provide the best of both worlds as they start a private conversation in the psychic's chat room and help you reveal hidden truths with a generous introductory offer of $14 credits. You will find that Nebula's astrology readings are on par with the psychic consultations provided by its competitors. As most Nebula astrology reviews highlight the website's commitment to secure payments and customer privacy, we are here to show you how to get exclusive insights with the help of this multi-feature service.

Nebula pros & cons

✅ Pros:

  • Credit-based payment system
  • 100 ($14) free credits for astrology readings
  • 24/7 customer support team
  • Daily horoscope reports
  • Nebula Rewards program
  • Chat room for online readings
  • 93.4% accuracy rate
  • 300+ experienced psychics
  • Psychic sessions at $1/minute
  • 100% refund guarantee
  • Get Matched psychic tool

❌ Cons:

  • Contact methods limited to chat readings
  • Psychic advisors not always accessible

Nebula—legit or scam?


The screening process for Nebula psychics and an easy advisor search make Nebula a credible source for love psychic readings and free astrology sessions. Is Nebula legit? Secure payment methods and 100% customer satisfaction are valuable additions to the legitimacy of the service. Despite Nebula's moderate market exposure, as it was only launched in 2019, it has already made a giant step forward in terms of customer refund policies and the complete privacy of its users.

A universal approach to tarot readers and astrology experts makes it possible to study each psychic's profile and calculate the cost of each reading. You can be sure that the Nebula payments will be processed swiftly, with the users charged only for the readings they consented to. The support team will regulate each refund on a per-case basis, which means that your request will be satisfied if you have legal grounds. 

Facts about Nebula

  • Established: 2019
  • Number of psychics: over 300 psychics
  • Total number of visitors monthly: 356.4K
  • Trial offer: $14 credits
  • Special features: live chat, matching tool

Nebula real customer reviews analysis

Nebula real customer reviews

Star rating: 3.4 (Trustpilot), 5 (Sitejabber)

Number of reviews: 7 (Trustpilot), 3 (Sitejabber)


Customer reports indicate the authenticity of a psychic site, and this Nebula review is not an exception. Out of 7 customer reviews on Trustpilot, positive reports prevail. The same can be said about Sitejabber reviews, which are predominantly favorable. Below, you will find a breakdown of what clients think about Nebula's free psychic readings:

What users like 👍: Most users on Nebula appreciate the unique birth chart provided by astrology readers, as well as love & relationship predictions that prove to be life-changing and transformative. The welcome offer of 100 credits is what draws some of the users to the site. Honest rates for online psychics make Nebula an exceptional place for online readings. The site's smart use of private chat rooms and personalized astrology horoscopes are additional plus points for customers.

What users dislike 👎: Customer support and the inability to watch videos from psychics seem to be the main sources of trouble for Nebula users. While a few customers point out technical difficulties on the site, others claim that the support team did not respond in time, which resulted in them losing money. The absence of clear rules on refunds could also be attributed to Nebula's weak points.

Types of Nebula psychic readings


We all know that planets and constellations can correlate with what is happening in our lives. Nebula, focused on astrology readings, will have its psychics create your birth chart to have a better understanding of your situation. Is Nebula astrology legit? Over 250 astrologers work on the platform, with 10+ years of experience confirming their credibility.



AskNebula.com has helped people find true love and empowered them for many decades. If you need clarity in your love life or want to find out if your partner is a match made in heaven or a recipe for disaster, Nebula's love readings will be helpful.


Tarot cards are a great way to gaze into the future and gain intuitive advice on any life situation, which seems to be the goal for many Nebula psychics. At sites like Nebula, featuring 180+ tarot experts, you can find an advisor that will provide you with structured tips on how to improve your life and heal your past wounds.


Nebula opens doors to psychic mediums that can provide you with messages they deliver from the beyond. If you need someone who can alleviate your concerns and help you get closure and move on with your life, a conversation with the psychic mediums will bring you reassurance.


Fortune telling practices will give you an opportunity to receive wise counsel from gifted psychics. With some psychics having hundreds of customer reviews to support their claims, it becomes easy to learn the secrets of fortune telling and advance in life.

Past life

Like angel readings and dream analysis on popular psychic sites, past life readings will open up a path on a journey of soul healing. Using various tools to glimpse into the unknown, past life sessions may help you uncover the hidden truths.

Nebula pricing & discounts

Nebula pricing & discounts
  • Welcome offer: $14 credits
  • Standard pricing: 30 coins/minute—100 coins/minute
  • Basic package: $19.99
  • Weekly subscription: $9.99
  • Yearly subscription: $49.99
  • Lifetime subscription: $119.99
  • Payment methods: credit/debit, VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Maestro, Verve, PayPal
  • Refund policy: per-case basis (refunds will be delivered in Nebula credits)

How to use Nebula?

Login/registration process on Nebula

Find the Sign Up button and decide if you want to register using your Google account or enter your email and password. The website will ask for your date of birth so they can create personalized horoscopes for all users.

How to search advisors

At the top of the Nebula page, you will see four sections optimized to make your search easier. You can search the advisors by:

  • Psychic readings (tarot, angel, astrology, aura, etc.)
  • Specialty (medium, healing, clairvoyant, pet)
  • Topic (love reading, fortune reading, past life reading)

Once you've narrowed down the list of psychics with the help of a search filter, you will see advisor previews without having to open the psychic's full profile.

Psychics' profiles

You can click on the psychic profiles you like and study the psychic's information before you commit to live psychic chats. The aesthetic of each profile is unmatched: there is a reader's photo, their online status, name, years of experience, star rating, expertise, pricing, and reviews listed on the site. There are also customer reports helping you decide if they are the best match.

Communication methods

You can talk to the psychic advisor by finding the Start Chat button. You will also know the psychic's per-minute rate to determine the cost of a future reading. Once you have enough credit balance, you can start chatting. Nebula psychic reviews mention that the platform has chat online readings available as a communication option. This might be a limited choice compared to other sites, but it’s good for maintaining your privacy.


Nebula security and confidentiality

Nebula is all about security, so don’t be surprised that all live readings performed in the chat room are anonymous. No personal information will be exposed to third parties and outsiders. Messaging options you can access on the site provide an added layer of protection, with the privacy policy extended to your payment details. AskNebula.com takes confidentiality seriously, so the content of your readings will be kept undisclosed.

Nebula mobile application

Nebula mobile application
  1. Nebula on Google Play: 3.9, 41.8K downloads
  2. Nebula on App Store: 4.7, 143.6K downloads

This Nebula app review will explore the main benefits of using the app, which is available on both iOS and Android:

  • Love compatibility features. The love compatibility test will determine whether your partner is a perfect match.
  • Astrology coach in your pocket. Nebula reviews inform us the app has an interactive guide on how to interpret your horoscope sign and see what the future holds for you.
  • Focus of the day. The app will highlight the focus of the day, aka the most significant moments today, tomorrow, next week, or next month.
  • Deep dive into the zodiac sign. What do your palm lines say about you? What do you know about polarity and modality? If this is something that captures your interest, download the Nebula app for a detailed study of your sign and natal chart.

Top 5 Nebula psychic advisors

Inessa Steward

Inessa has over 10 years of experience and 400+ readings conducted on Nebula. With an individual rate of 5.0, she is one of the top-rated advisors, specializing in tarot readings, energy readings, numerology, and life readings. Inessa can establish a connection with the spirit and render messages that come from the other side. A certified psychologist for 5 years, Inessa believes that reality is not what it seems and can be magical to color our way through life.


If you need someone to shape a future where everything works out in your favor, Erato is your lady. She is a certified psychic expert with 20 years of experience in astrology and psychic predictions. Erato can read your horoscope sign and assist you in finding new love or making an investment. She is calm and collected and always reminds her customers that the choice is theirs—she can only show them the way.

Lady Aurelia

Lady Aurelia is a 5-star expert that can help you open up in psychic reading phone chats. Initially drawn to the world of dreams and dream meanings, she later discovered the fascinating symbolism and metaphorical sense in the cards. Lady Aurelia will perform energy healing rituals to restore your well-being. She is a professional energy psychic that can tap into the subtle energies of your body and help you access your inner magic.

Love Insights by Gloria

Looking to the stars for guidance? You've come to the right place! Gloria is a psychic professional that will always lead with facts. She is an astrology and relationship expert ready to provide you with a deep analysis of your situation. Gloria will tune into your soul's vibrations and help you solve problems with your partners, colleagues, and friends. She makes no empty promises as she asks for your name and time of birth to create an astrology chart just for you.

Medison Magician

Medison has 1699 readings in her profile, with 19 years of experience being a good indicator of her authenticity. Her mission is to help you find a way and reunite with your soulmate. Anyone looking for love that lasts should ask Medison to work her magic, as her knowledge of tarot and astrology is enough to conduct the best tarot readings ever. You can always rely on Medison to immerse you in her positive energy and fill you with gratitude.


What should I expect from an online psychic reading on Nebula Psychics? 

If you want your reading to be secure and confidential while having a money-back guarantee for using the service, Nebula is the right choice. You will receive a legitimate reading with psychics making a detailed analysis of your issue and providing insightful comments on how you can improve your life and shape a better future.

How to find my trusted advisor on Nebula?

If you are determined to find your trusted advisor on AskNebula.com, you need to use the compatibility feature that will match you with the psychic that seems the best fit. You can also browse the psychics by topics, reading themes, specialties, and ratings. Each psychic will have their full information displayed in their profile, including years of experience and the number of reviews included.

Is there customer support on Nebula?

Nebula's support is geared towards helping customers as best as they can. According to Nebula users that had questions about Nebula free credit and privacy policies, the team had responded within an hour. To resolve your issue with maximum efficiency, you need to use the contact form and state your problem, as well as your name and the date of your order.

Can Nebula read my horoscope?

If you want to receive a comprehensive astrology reading that will not force you to spend all your budget on a fortune teller, you can trust Nebula. A team of expert astrologers will take their time to look into your natal chart and deliver a detailed astrology report based on your time and place of birth.

Does Nebula Psychics have a refund policy?

Since Nebula wants to maintain a solid reputation among customers, you can be sure that it will go out of its way to provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To ask for a refund, you have to state the details of your complaint in the request form and send it to customer representatives.

Is Nebula a scam psychic website?

Since Nebula is encrypted to make your stay confidential, it can never be considered a scam psychic website. It is fully targeted toward legitimate readings that are protected from any interference or information leaks. Since the platform uses chat rooms for communication, an added level of security is established.

Final thoughts

If you are ready to open a new page in your life and make the future look promising, this Nebula review will prove that the platform's psychics know their craft. Specializing in astrology and love readings that will help you explore new angles of the relationship, they will provide chat psychic sessions with a high level of privacy and a welcome offer of 100 credits. We believe that a hallmark of a trusted psychic service is the transparency of its payment methods and customer reports, and Nebula has it all, with top psychics making the readings worth the investment.

Nebula alternatives

Keen is rightfully considered one of the best psychic sites out there. It combines a welcome offer of 3 free minutes and 10 minutes for $1.99 with a convenient matching tool for finding reputable psychics and a customized mobile app for on-the-go readings.

3 minutes of free readings and 50% off your first reading are a great incentive to stay loyal to Kasamba even if you have never visited the platform before. Throw in 3 million happy customers, a downloadable app, and guaranteed security payments to top off the deal.

California Psychics can easily win a psychic contest of the most reliable platforms around. It offers a special deal that allows you to save on readings ($1/minute) and three introductory packages you can buy after you complete registration (affordable, popular, premium). You can also use the Karma Rewards program to earn points for your next reading.

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