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Monopoly Live Casino Game Review - Where To Play This Evolution Game In The UK With Bonuses

Love playing Monopoly as much as we do? Then check our Monopoly Live casino game review to discover its top features and leading UK casinos offering it.

Monopoly Live Casino Game

Monopoly may have been invented over 100 years ago, but Evolution’s live casino game brings a modern twist to this age-old classic.

You can’t find this game just anywhere, though. In our Monopoly Live casino game review, we’ll reveal the best and safest UK online casinos hosting it, including PlayOJO, and really explore whether it’s worth playing at all.

Ready to pass GO, collect your winnings, and dominate the board? Let’s dive in!

Best UK Sites to Play Monopoly Live

Now that you know where UK players can access the game, let’s check out the pros and cons of the Evolution Monopoly Live casino game as well as its top features.

Monopoly Live Casino Game Pros:

  • Thrilling bonus games

  • Captivating graphics

  • Intuitive interface

  • Easy to learn 

  • Above average 96.23% RTP

  • Interactive elements, such as Mr Monopoly

  • Available at plenty of top UK casinos

Monopoly Live Casino Game Cons:

  • Limited strategies to use

  • The pace of the game may be occasionally slow

Nowadays, there are many variations of Monopoly as a live casino game. However, Monopoly Live truly takes the lead, being one of the most popular launches of Evolution Gaming. 

In this article, we will discuss the main features of the games, dive deeper into our review of Monopoly Live, and guide you to the best live casinos that offer the game, including PlayOJO.

So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

>> Play Monopoly Live with wager-free bonuses [PlayOJO]

Monopoly Live Game Main Features 

  • Game Studio: Evolution Games

  • RTP: 96.23%

  • Bet Range: £0.10 to £100

  • Bonus Features: 3D Monopoly World bonus feature is activated if you have placed a bet on the specific 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS. The Bonus game lasts for a minimum of two dice rolls if the wheel lands on 2 ROLLS, and a minimum of four rolls if it lands on 4 ROLLS. 

  • Available at: PlayOJO & Luckland

How to Sign Up and Play Monopoly Live Online in the UK?

Monopoly Live Casino Game
Monopoly Live Casino Game

Below, we’ve detailed how UK players can join one of our featured casino sites and Play Monopoly Online live.

Step 1: Find a Reputable Live Casino

  • Visit the best live casinos mentioned in our article.

  • Choose your favourite live casino (we recommend PlayOJO).

Step 2: Sign Up and Play Monopoly Live

  • Go to the PlayOJO home page.

  • Click on “Join Now.”

  • Complete all three steps of the registration process.

  • Read the terms and conditions.

  • Finalise registration.

Step 3: Verify Your Live Casino Account

  • Go to your email inbox.

  • Find an email from PlayOJO.

  • Follow the instructions.

  • Verify your live casino account.

Step 4: Claim the Welcome Bonus and Start Playing Monopoly Live

  • Go to PlayOJO.

  • Log into your live casino account.

  • Go to the Cashier’s page.

  • Make a deposit and claim the welcome bonus.

  • Start to play Monopoly Live!

Why Is PlayOJO the Top UK Site to Play Monopoly Live?

For a number of reasons, PlayOJO is the best casino website to play Monopoly Live casino games.

So, let’s explore some of the features that make this online casino Monopoly Live stand out:

PlayOJO Bonuses: You can use the site's substantial welcome bonus with bonus spins to improve your gaming experience and explore the slot machines PlayOJO offers. Since this is a wager-free bonus, anything you win can be withdrawn or used to play Monopoly live. T&Cs apply.

Customer Service: PlayOJO also excels in the field of customer service. A devoted support staff is on hand around most hours of the clock to help players with any issues on the website. Their well-informed and amiable staff ensures your gaming experience is seamless and fun.

Easy Banking: This site accepts a wide variety of payment options for fast and secure transactions, including eWallets like PayPal and debit cards.

No Withdrawal Fees: You may withdraw your winnings without any extra costs because PlayOJO does not impose any withdrawal fees. This is a big benefit because many online casinos take such fees, which lowers your winnings. Plus, you can withdraw as little as you want, though anything below £5 may have fees attached.

Wide Selection of Live Casino Games: As detailed in our PlayOJO UK casino review, many live casino games, such as Monopoly Live, are available. PlayOJO offers a wide selection of other popular casino games, including blackjack and roulette, for players like you. If you want to take a break from the live tables, you’ll find many of the best UK online slots. There's always something fresh to try — you won't get bored, thanks to the diversity of games available.

Monopoly Live Casino Game Review for UK Players

Monopoly Live Casino Game
Monopoly Live Casino Game

Evolution Gaming's online casino game Monopoly Live combines the traditional Monopoly board game with real-time dealer activity and augmented reality components.

First launched in 2019, this live casino game has quickly become one of the most popular titles published by Evolution, and it still proudly holds its top place today. 

There are dozens of features that make this live casino game stand out. Among those features are the simplicity of the gameplay, easy-to-understand rules, incredible graphics, and thrilling bonus rounds that make every minute spent worth it.

So, before you play Monopoly Live at the best live casinos in the UK, let’s quickly explore what makes this Evolution game stand out from the pack and why we recommend it to seasoned players and new UK gamblers.

Let’s dive right in!

Monopoly Live Gameplay: 5/5

The captivating gameplay of Monopoly Live is one of its greatest benefits. You get the impression that you are a part of a genuine game show thanks to the lively atmosphere created by the live presenter.

The game is centred around a vertical wheel with several segments indicating numbers and unique bonus features, including Chance, 2 Rolls, and 4 Rolls. A live host operates it.

As the wheel spins, players wager on the portions they think the flapper will stop on.

Participants enter a virtual Monopoly board where they roll dice for bonus rounds if the wheel hits a bonus section. Larger winnings are possible because of the multipliers and other prizes that these bonus rounds may offer.

The interactive aspects of the game, such as live chat and augmented reality visuals, add to its fun factor. Even though it's a simple game, Monopoly Live keeps players guessing and building tension as they wait to see how each spin and bonus round turns out.

Nonetheless, players should be mindful of the possibility of losing because the game's luck-based nature leaves little opportunity for strategy.

Furthermore, you need a reliable internet connection to play games without interruption.

All things considered, players of casino games — specifically table games — and fans of Monopoly will find Monopoly Live to be an entertaining and engaging gaming experience.

Some players have praised Monopoly Live due to its simple gameplay, which attracts both new and experienced players. However, some players have reported that the gameplay is too simple and does not excite the pros significantly.

Monopoly Live Game Graphics and Sound: 4.95/5

Monopoly Live boasts excellent graphics, providing an aesthetically captivating and absorbing play experience. The exquisitely crafted virtual Monopoly board perfectly captures the spirit of the beloved board game.

The animations are fluid, and the colours are vivid, which enhances the game's overall fun.

Additionally, the live host makes it easy to fully dive into your online gambling experience at the live casino game.

What we found equally impressive is the fact that the live casino game tries its best to mimic the original board game and display its elements in a digital form.

The realistic and captivating environment created by the sound effects in Monopoly Live enhances the gameplay experience.

Every auditory component of the game, from the sound of the dice rolling to the audience's applause, has been thoughtfully designed to immerse you totally. The anticipation is heightened by the lively and uplifting background music.

Monopoly Live Bonus Rounds: 5/5

The Monopoly Live bonus round, which is activated when the wheel stops on the "Bonus" segment, is another benefit of the game.

Players can play an entertaining bonus game or get cash rewards in this round. The element of mystery added by the random cash prize function keeps players on their toes and amplifies the excitement of the game.

When the spinning wheel lands on a particular section, such as Chance, 2 Rolls, or 4 Rolls in Monopoly Live, the bonus round begins.

Players move onto a simulated Monopoly board after the bonus is activated, rolling dice to move forward and maybe notch win multipliers or cash rewards. Instant cash or multipliers for the subsequent wheel spin can be won by landing on the Chance segment.

Additionally, players can move across the board and gather rewards from different properties by using the two or four virtual dice rolls that are awarded to them in the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls segments.

Some of these properties activate bonuses or unique occurrences, while others give varying payouts or multipliers.

We truly enjoyed each moment of the Monopoly Live bonus round as it quickly became apparent that most people chose it precisely for its generous bonuses.

Monopoly Live RTP: 4.9/5

When selecting a live casino game, it's crucial to take Monopoly Live's Return to Player (RTP) percentage into account.

This Monopoly gambling game boasts a high RTP of over 96%, which means that for every $100 wagered, you can expect $96 to be returned to you over a prolonged gaming session. This is higher than many slots, making it a good choice for players who want to stretch their bankroll.

Monopoly Live Casino Game Overall Score: 4.95/5

Based on our detailed review and research of the renowned live casino game, Monopoly Live, it is safe to say that we understand the hype behind it.

The simple gameplay of the live casino game and the thrilling and fun bonus game contribute majorly to the rise of Monopoly Live's popularity.

While some players argue that the gameplay is too simplistic, we believe this simplicity makes Monopoly Live accommodating to players of all levels of experience and expertise.

Guide to Playing Monopoly Live Casino Game in the UK

Where Can I Play the Monopoly Live Casino Game in the UK?

Many UK sites are hosting the Monopoly Live Casino Game, but PlayOJO is the best online casino for UK players to play Monopoly Live.

This UK live casino provides a smooth and intuitive gaming experience, casino bonuses, top-notch customer support, and a vast assortment of live casino games.

Not only that, but you can also find exclusive and special promotions at PlayOJO that are specifically catered to your own playing patterns and styles, called Kickers.

These promotions get updated frequently and allow all players to embark on a whole new adventure and discover new online casino games and live casino features that they may have never experienced before.

Such highlights make PlayOJO the best online casino in the UK overall.

How Can I Win Big on Monopoly Live?

There is no one trick to winning big on Monopoly Live.

In the online casino Monopoly live game, winning large amounts of money requires both skill and luck. Even if chance has a big part in how the game turns out, knowing the gameplay and the regulations might help you make wise choices.

Moreover, properly utilising the cash awards and bonus rounds can improve your odds of coming out ahead.

How Do You Play the Monopoly Casino Live Game?

To play the Monopoly casino live game, you must wager on various areas of the Monopoly wheel.

In the beginning, the live presenter spins the wheel, and the position of the wheel and the dice rolls decide the result.

You will be paid out in accordance with your wager if the wheel stops on the section you bet on. When the wheel ends on the "Bonus" section, the bonus round begins.

One of the bonus games is the 3D bonus round. Landing on one of the four dice parts will trigger the round, and each player gets two to four rolls at a time.

Afterwards, Mr Monopoly will appear on the board, so make sure you are aware of all the rules in order to follow the bonus round accordingly. 

How Long Does a Game of Monopoly Live Last?

Monopoly Live can last anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes.

But be aware that the Monopoly gambling game's length might vary based on a number of factors, including how quickly players pick things up and how many players there are.

The online casino Monopoly live game version is more exciting and offers more chances to win big if it lasts longer.

Best Casino Games Like Monopoly Live

If you’re a fan of UK live dealer games or want to try something similar to the online casino Monopoly live version, here are some similar games worth checking out:

Monopoly Big Baller
Monopoly Big Baller

In this unusual Monopoly themed live game show set on a riverboat cruise, numbered balls, bingo cards, a live game host, loads of fun and thrills, and spectacular augmented reality animation come together.

Launched by the same developer as Monopoly Live, Evolution Gaming, the live casino game is widely available on major online casino platforms and we recommend it to anyone who enjoys bingo games.

Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is one of the most popular and simple live casino games offered by Evolution Gaming. It especially appeals to those who enjoy slot games and betting.

Described as an unequal game of chance played using a super-sized money wheel, the live casino game features a host who assists you in spinning the wheel as you place bets.

While the game is quite simple and shorter in nature, it comes stacked with exciting win multipliers.

For more information, read our Luckland review and grab bonuses before playing Dream Catcher.

Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal Live
Deal or No Deal Live

Modelled after the popular TV show Deal or No Deal, this live casino game provides almost the same rules and guidelines as the show we all used to watch back in the day.

This live casino game is live 24/7, offering non-stop fun to anyone who wants to test out their luck.

Like the well-known Deal or No Deal TV game show, the player eliminates lower-value cases, hoping to trick the banker into offering a more significant sum of money for their own case.

Ready to Try Your Luck at the Best Monopoly Live Casinos in the UK?

The thrilling and captivating Monopoly Casino Game brings the beloved board game to life.

For lovers of the Monopoly game series and those who enjoy trying out unique casino offerings, Monopoly Live is worth playing because of its amazing graphics, captivating gameplay, and opportunity to win significant cash prizes.

Additionally, PlayOJO is the top casino site for playing Monopoly Live, with a large assortment of live casino games, wager-free bonuses, and first-rate customer support all offered here.

We hope you have fun spinning the wheel, and don’t forget to always play responsibly!

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